9 best short excursions from Havana. Cuba.

Excursions from Varadero

Cuba is a country of pristine nature and eternal summer. Varadero resort with miles of sandy beaches, azure ocean and luxurious scenery has become the hallmark of the Liberty Island. But here and tourists do not want to linger in one place, and excursions to Cuba from Varadero allow you to get to know this beautiful country better.

Tourist weekdays in Varadero

The range of activities at the resort is extremely rich. Tourists spend most of their time on the beaches. Therefore, the local leisure is more often associated with water. Enough to swim and relax under the palm trees, people go for a walk on the ocean expanses, diving into the abyss of the sea, exploring coral reefs, visiting uninhabited islands.

On shore, too, there’s plenty to do – play golf, attend a dance party, try the local rum, watch Cubans dance salsa. Curious tourists visit the most interesting places in the city and its surroundings, the resort has where to go. Just next door is an Indian village of Guama, here in a large nursery bred crocodiles. The city’s attractions are also worth seeing – parks, museums, churches, picturesque streets and squares.

Finally, it is time to diversify your leisure time and go on a tour around the country.

Precautionary tourists book tours in Cuba from Varadero, prices are high, but the experience of local exotics is worth the money.


The main city of the country always attracts tourists. Excursions to Havana from Varadero depart daily, both group and individual. You will get acquainted with the capital and its history, see how Cubans live, learn how much the local cigars and rum cost.

So, tours from Varadero to the capital of Cuba: brief description:

  1. “All of Havana in One Day.” – A 4-hour individual tour for a small group of 3-4 people. The introduction to the capital begins with a visit to a church complex and the Russian Orthodox Church. Then you will be led through Plaza Vieja, where the local aristocracy loved to hold celebrations in honor of significant events. You will visit Hemingway’s favorite restaurant, walk through the main streets of the capital, climb to the highest building in the city, and wander along the beautiful waterfront. How much does the tour cost? The entire group must pay $67. You will be accompanied by the best guides who speak Russian well.
  2. “Havana – pirates, colonizers, revolutionaries”. The first point of the program is the bridge city Matanzas, known as the Cuban Venice. You will ascend to the observation deck of the highest bridge, taste a natural cocktail, and hear a story about the history of the city. Then you will continue to the capital, where you will be shown its colonial, historical and central parts. Tourists will walk through Hemingway’s favorite places, see the ancient fortress, and tour the famous streets and squares. The cost of the trip is $190, and dinner at the restaurant is paid separately.
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Reviews about the excursions to the capital – informative, easy, interesting even to children, especially impressed by stories about the Caribbean pirates.

Guama + Fish Cave + Guanaroca

Excursion will introduce you to the pristine nature of the national reserves.

Departure from the Memorial Hotel at 9 a.m. First stop is Guam Ecological Park with the largest lake in the country and a network of branching canals. You cross the lake by motorboat and get to Treasure Island with an Indian village. A three-hour walk costs 15 €.

The next point is the Fish Cave. Is a small cove among coral reefs at 150 meters from the sea, where salt and fresh water mix before your eyes, and the tunnel in the cave swim out strange sea fish. The place is unique for diving and snorkeling.

The highlight of the program is an eco-trail of 1,500 meters through the Guanaroka Biosphere Reserve. In the blue picturesque lagoon stop flocks of migrating birds – flamingos, pelicans, white herons. Tourists ride around the lake in rowing boats in the vicinity of the swimming birds. Fee for admission is 10 €.

The trip lasts all day and ends at the door of your hotel. Reviews – great nature, communicating with birds, be sure to take mosquito repellent, water and headgear.

Trinidad – a trip to the Middle Ages

Excursions to Trinidad from Varadero take you back several centuries. The small old town seems to be frozen in the past and more like an open-air museum. You will walk through the narrow cobblestone streets, reach the main town square, and get acquainted with the unique architectural monuments. Tourists will be guided through the anti-gang museum, which at different times housed a church, a monastery, a military barracks and a school.

History and archaeology museums will allow you to delve even deeper into the past. Then you can walk through the art gallery, look in the potter’s house and wander through the magnificent palace, where lived Count Brunet.

The cost for a group trip to Trinidad is $54 per person. Reviews: even people far removed from history will enjoy the tour.

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Trinidad + Topes de Coyantes Reserve

Individual tours are good because the guides adjust to your interests and can deviate from the standard program during the trip.

The tour, which includes two such different and popular attractions, begins with a visit to El Cubono Park. You will walk through the ecological trails of the protected forest, enjoy beautiful scenery, descend into caves, and take pictures against a waterfall. Then you will visit a local resident, ride a horse, try a healing herbal decoction. And if you order a hot lunch in the village, a delicious meal, including a pig on a spit, will be waiting for you when you return.

After lunch you will go to Trinidad, where you will hear a story about the history of the city, admire the old buildings, rest in the shade of a 400-year-old baobab, and stop by the Canchanchara Bar.

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The price of the trip is €156 for a group of up to 6 people.

Look for last minute trips on the search engines Onlinetours and Travelata. With the help of these sites you can compare offers from more than 120 tour operators at a time . Read the secrets of finding the best deals.

Island Cayo Blanco

Sea excursions are always popular. Especially if there is a trip to an island where no one lives. An excursion to Cayo Blanco from Varadero will take all daylight. Tourists will be brought to the pier, where they will start sailing on a comfortable catamaran. Your route through the canal past the coast of Varadero to the sound of Cuban music, and then you open up before you the ocean expanse. The boat will stop at a coral reef where you can snorkel and swim in the open ocean. Snorkeling masks are available for everyone.

Next on the program – desert island with snow-white beaches, seafood dinner, competitions with the animators, fire dancing and delicious cocktails. On returning to the shore tourists are taken to the dolphinarium, where after a 30-minute show you can take pictures with dolphins for €10.

The cost of the tour is €110, if without the dolphinarium – €80. Reviews: fun, beautiful, tasty, the day flies by like a beautiful moment.

Cayo Largo Island

An excursion to Cayo Largo from Varadero is able to break through the tourist’s pocket. After all, you have to fly to the island by plane.

Early in the morning the bus takes you to the airport. After 30-40 minutes of flight you land at the “Caribbean” airport, take a boat or a sailboat and sail to the island, where the giant iguanas live. Despite their intimidating size, the lizards are safe and gladly accept food from the hands of tourists.

Half an hour later, you’ll plow through the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea again, heading toward the deserted island. Only here will you see real Caribbean sand – white as snow and as fine as powder.

This is followed by swimming in the open sea and snorkeling. On the next island, guests are treated to lunch, dolphins and a luxurious beach. You will return to Varadero by evening flight.

Reviews are unanimous-the only drawback is the high price ($249 for an adult and $219 for a child).

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Cienfuegos + Santa Clara

The excursion to the Caribbean from Varadero begins at 7:15. Tourists are picked up at the hotel and taken to the Caribbean Sea. Here, in a beautiful bay, is the Pearl of the South – the city of Cienfuegos. Its historic center is a World Heritage Site and tourists get a unique opportunity to enjoy its attractions – the Central Square, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, and the Arc de Triomphe. On a walking tour you will see architectural masterpieces – palaces, museums, the former Spanish Casino.

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Then you are taken to the central area of Cuba, the city of Santa Clara, founded back in the XVII century. The heart of the city is considered the Plaza Leoncio Vidal. The heart of the city is the square named after Leoncio Vidal. Fountains, sculptures, ancient lanterns, wrought iron benches, and flower beds give this place charm and glamour.

Special attention is paid to the revolutionary past. Tourists will be guided to the Che Guevara memorial complex, show the museum with personal belongings.

Reviews: very informative, lots of interesting details, beautiful architecture.

Vinales Valley

The Vinales National Reserve is a beautiful combination of mountain scenery, caves, fields and forests. The park has no analogues in the whole of Latin America. It is on the World Heritage List and is protected by UNESCO.

But first, tourists are taken to the town of Viñales, where they climb to the observation deck, walk around the central square, explore the art gallery.

The next point is a descent to the caves with cave paintings, where ancient Indians once lived and runaway slaves hid.

Next is a trip to a tobacco plantation and factory. You will see how tobacco is grown, leaves are processed, and cigars are rolled. After tasting you can buy your favorite variety.

On a Cuban farm you will learn about the life of farmers, ride a horse.

The cost of tours – $43 per tourist.

Jeep Safari

A lot of impressions will give active tourists cross-country travel in jeeps. You can go on a tour, even if you have never driven a car in your life. In this case, you have to take the passenger seat and just enjoy the speed and the scenery.

The first stop is Saturn Cave, where you will go down to the underground lake and even swim in it. Next, you will head to the most picturesque stalactite cave in Cuba, Bellamar. After hiking through the caves, you get back in the car and drive to the Canimar River, where you will have a boat ride.

Reviews: a colossal pleasure for fans of risk and adrenaline.

How much do such activities cost? The cost of a safari is $43 for an adult and $58 for a child.

Tour prices do not depend on the number of participants. Private guides work with mini groups of 1 to 4 people. To avoid all the pitfalls, buy your tours from a trusted service like Tripster. You are guaranteed to get first-class service and an unforgettable experience.

Top 11 excursions to visit in Cuba

Have you come to Cuba not only to enjoy a beach vacation, but also to explore every corner of this amazing island? In this article, we will tell you about the most popular places that will surely interest you. Once you visit them, you will return not only rested and tanned, but also with a huge luggage of new impressions about Cuba.

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Old Havana

Start your visit to the island of Liberty with the historic part of the capital – Old Havana. It was included by UNESCO on the list of world cultural heritage and is the most popular place among tourists. Such a tour includes a visit to the Morro Cabana Lookout, where you can admire the amazing panoramas of the city.

Many people prefer to explore Havana in a luxury retro car or bus with all the amenities. Tourists can also book walks through the historic center of the capital, with a visit to the Plaza de Arms, the ancient architecture erected by the Spaniards. Tours usually end with a stroll through modern Havana: the Malecon promenade, the Palace of the former president, the Capitol and the University of Havana.

Old Havana

The province of Pinar del Rio

What is the first thing you associate with Liberty Island? The production of authentic Cuban cigars, of course. World famous tobacco is produced in Pinar del Rio, the western province of the Republic.

Exactly here you can get acquainted with Cuban farmers and observe the stages of tobacco production. Be sure to go up to the Mirador de los Jasmin Lookout, which offers amazing views of the Viñales Valley. Also, don’t forget to visit the caves that were once the home of the real Indians.

Pinar del Rio

Tropicana Show

Want an unforgettable cabaret experience? Do not miss the legendary cabaret show – “Tropicana”! This tour in Cuba is sure to please those who love extravagant vacations and colorful performances.

Tropicana show

Caves Bellamar.

The town of Matanzas, widely known for the Beliamar Caves, is located near Varadero. They leave a lasting impression on tourists, surprising by the natural beauty of crystal formations. The cave is quite large and deep, so this tour is suitable for those who are not afraid to go deep underground.

Bellamar Caves

Sea voyage

Varadero marina beckons tourists to go on an unforgettable boat trip. The tour usually includes a stop at Cayo Blanco and Cayo Piedra. Such a trip will leave you with a vivid experience of diving and a gourmet seafood lunch. You may be lucky enough to see dolphins and other inhabitants of the water depths during your excursion!

Voyage to Varadero


If you are a keen fisherman or keen sailor, charter a yacht or boat! Do not forget to turn to Cuban chefs who, for a good fee, will turn your catch into a masterpiece of culinary art.

Fishing in Cuba

Trinidad – open-air museum

If you wonder what excursions to visit in Cuba? – Feel free to go to the city of Trinidad! It is the oldest city on the island, which was founded by the Spanish colonizers. The trip to Trinidad begins with a flight from the airport in Havana or Varadero. The city is not accidentally called the “open-air museum”.

Chernobyl and the ghost town of Pripyat

This is a real find for tourists interested in history: churches, castles and cobblestone sidewalk fully recreate the atmosphere of an ancient Spanish city. Individual excursions are often complemented by trips to a pottery factory, tobacco factories and a visit to La Canchara bar, where you can taste rum, honey and lemon drinks. You can also visit the Historical Museum and the Cathedral Square to have lunch at the famous Santa Ana Restaurant.

Trinidad Cuba

City of Santiago de Cuba

When pondering which excursions in Cuba will be the most interesting for you, choose the city of Santiago de Cuba. Here you will visit the bay where the Morro fortress and the cemetery of Santa Iphigenia with the Mausoleum of the Cuban national hero Jose Marti are located. Don’t forget to stroll through the beautiful city park and visit the Bacardi Museum.

Santiago de Cuba

Guam Indian Village

If you have dreamed of visiting an indigenous Indian village since you were a child, the Guam Indian Village tour is just for you! This is where you will have the unique opportunity to visit the natives of Cuba. Taino Indians are very friendly with tourists and are happy to treat them to a traditional delicacy of crocodile meat. You will be able to visit their huts, and after an exotic lunch relax on the beach and admire the virgin nature.

Guam Indian Village

Cuban Islands

Want to feel what it’s like to be a real Robinson Crusoe? Head to the wild islands of Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo or Cayo Guillermo. Holidays on these islands are truly secluded. There are almost no hotels on these islands – those who want a break from the daily hustle and bustle of the big city come here. Here you can admire the coral reefs, do scuba diving, visit the habitat of giant lizards and eat open-air seafood.

Cuban Islands

Jeep Safari

Dreaming of an extreme jeep safari? Book a Jeep Safari! Drive to the Kanimar River, see the famous Saturno Cave, and swim in its underground lake. An obligatory part of the tour will be a trip to a restaurant where you can try a variety of national dishes. Many guides offer their group a river trip on motor boats, horseback riding to the Indian cemetery or relaxing in hammocks in the countryside.

Jeep Safari in Cuba

These are the most popular excursions among tourists to Liberty Island. Guides also arrange tours from Cuba to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas for a fee. Surely you’ve already thought about how many days to go to have time to visit everywhere? The answer is simple – Cuba is unpredictable and versatile, so it is worth to visit more than once to fully appreciate all the wonders of this wonderful island.

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