8 things you need to see in Corfu, Greece

13 things you need to know about Corfu

“If you want to feel the real spirit of Greece – go to the islands” – so says my acquaintance, a specialist in Greece, which by virtue of her profession herself looks like a Greek woman without age (and they are there). I could not understand why she thinks so, because the real Greece – the gods, heroes and myths, the ancient philosophy and architecture. For me, everything was in its place, when I went to rest in Corfu.

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Olga Sologub

To begin with. Corfu (or Kerkyra) is an island for Greece atypical for Greece. It is also called the “most Italian” island of Hellas. But at the same time here reigns the very atmosphere, which is not loved for too relaxed attitude to everything and which for the same relaxation is worshipped. For this Greek atmosphere here are ready to go thousands of tourists every year.


The main thing in Corfu is to relax and not to worry that everything is not organized as expected. Because everything is very well organized – just the Greek way. Here as if everything is arranged in order to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big cities and offices, to enjoy the sea, scenery, cuisine and Greek life style.

1. Corfu is the sea

Blue, greenish, iridescent, at sunrise, at sunset, with sandy beaches on the east coast and in Sidari or pebbly ones in Paleokastritsa. For every taste and budget.

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2. Corfu is green

Due to its geographical location, the island is very green, with enough rain and fog in winter to keep the lush vegetation alive.

The Evergreen Island

3. Corfu is a kumquat.

Yes, yes, the little Chinese orange grows here. Corfu is the only island in Europe where it has taken root and where kumquats are grown on an industrial scale. Corfu has a major producer of kumquat liqueurs and jams, Mavromatis. You can buy their products in the company store at the factory or in all the souvenir shops.

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4. Corfu is an olive tree

And not only the fruits themselves, but also the products of the olive tree – mass-produced or works of art in a single copy. For olive souvenirs, it’s best to visit Corfu town (Corfu Capital). Wander its narrow streets in the evening, go up to the old or new fortress, find the cathedral with the relics of St. Spiridon, walk along the waterfront and sit on the terrace in one of the sidewalk cafes. Afterwards, stroll through the many souvenir stores that are open until late at night.

The Olive Groves of Corfu

5. Corfu – the scenery

For the most beautiful ones you have to go to Paleokastritsa, a cape in the northwest of the island, around which there are “scattered” islets in the sea. The best way to get there is by car. On the way, I recommend visiting a small roadside cafe on a hill, whose main advantage is not the cuisine, but the view. You want to sit there for hours, sipping coffee and admiring the view.

Paleokastritsa landscapes

6. Corfu is Achilleion Palace

The palace was the home of Elisabeth of Austria, but little has been preserved of its original furnishings. But in the courtyard there is a garden with statues of Achilles and the Greek Muses. The sculpture of the dance muse Terpsichora, next to which you want to perform a couple of dance steps, is especially appealing.

Achilleion Palace

7. Corfu is a small monastery above Paleokastritsa

In this small flower-covered monastery on the top of the hill live 5 or 6 monks and it exists mainly on donations from tourists.

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8. Corfu – the beaches

Lively or deserted, wild or landscaped. The most impressive beach I saw is in Paleokastritsa. To get there, you need to take a boat (there are many) and swim 25-30 minutes. At one of the islands, the captain drops people off and arranges what time to pick them up in the evening. There is nothing but sea, sun, rocks and greenery. But there is complete unity with the transparent warm sea and the surrounding world.

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Klimatia beach, Corfu

9. Corfu – a variety

Coves and bays, many resorts: Dassia, Moraitika, Gouvia, Sidari, Paleokastritsa. And all of them are close to each other – rent a car and explore everything. Just decide if you’re swimming today on the “bagel” near Mouse Island or just lying on the green lawn under the palm trees at your hotel. Advanced tourists can even take a ferry to Albania – the distance at its narrowest is only 1.5 km.

The Village of Chlomos

10. Corfu is an airport on the coast and planes overhead

The airport landing strip is located near the picturesque church on Mouse Island. You can watch planes taking off and landing from a distance of 100 or even 50 meters.

Planes to Corfu

11. Corfu is serpentines.

And also dirt roads and goats with bells, which you can see after a 100 meters distance from the main road. You may think that you’re lost, but no, after a hundred meters the road will bring you back to civilization.

The roads to Corfu

In general, the people of Corfu have to learn not to pay attention to details and just enjoy the beauty that spreads around. Here’s a goat crossing the road, ringing its bell in time with the cicadas, and the south wind brings the scent of meadow flowers. Here is a farmer smiling to you, passing by on his tractor, and you realize how wonderful it is to be on an island, not to worry about anything, not to rush anywhere – this is real life.

12. Corfu is love

As if to prove this, there is a “Canal of Love” in Sidari. Sandy high steep shores (which, unfortunately, collapsed a little because of natural disasters) and the sea between them.

The Love Canal in Sidari

13. Corfu is Gerald Durrell and his “My Family and Other Animals.”

Some say that the house where Darrell lived has survived. Others say it is long gone and not worth looking for. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to go looking. Because it’s not the house, but the spirit of this island, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

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The old town of Corfu

In Corfu you fall in love once and for all. Here you begin to understand that the name “island of eternal returns” is not just a beautiful epithet. You really want to come back to Corfu again and again, to be inspired by the very atmosphere of Greece and to take away with you a little piece of it in your soul.

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Practical information:

  1. The season in Corfu lasts from May to September.
  2. The sea is more calm on the east coast of the island, the west coast has waves.
  3. There is no sense to book a transfer from the airport to the hotel – it’s better to take a cab, which will take you to any resort. The cost – from €30 to €50, depending on the distance.
  4. It is best to travel around the island by car, which can be rented at any hotel or tourist town in the car rental offices.
  5. Arrive in advance at the airport before your flight. The airport is very small and check-in lines are always long.

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