8 things to do in Jesolo, Italy

Travelling to Lido di Jesolo: tips and reviews of independent tourists

Very many tourists are frightened by the prospect of traveling independently, without looking back at the tour operator. These fears are completely unfounded, as there are many specialized sites where you can find information: how to book a trip by yourself, where to eat and what to see.

If you are going to travel in Italy, we recommend to pay attention to the Italian resort of Lido di Jesolo and study the tips and reviews of independent tourists given in this article.

Features of the city

Peculiarities of Lido di Jesolo from a tourist point of view

Lido di Jesolo is one of the youngest tourist cities. Erected in the mid-20th century, in the 60s, Jesolo has gained fame as a popular resort. Its name translates from Italian as “coast near Jesolo”.

The main language is Italian, but in cafes, restaurants and hotels staff speak English and French, in some places there are even signs “we speak Russian”.

The main street stretches through the city – it’s not small 15 kilometers. But here you can find everything you need for tourists – grocery and souvenir stores, entertainment centers and discos for young people, many cafes and restaurants. For children you can find a wide variety of attractions and playgrounds.

Artur, 43 years old : “There are not many Russian tourists here, if we compare with more famous resorts. Mostly Germans or Englishmen. The resort itself is very quiet, the town is clean, the residents are hospitable. On weekends, you can watch a spectacular air show.

Weather, beaches

The most favorable time to visit the resort is from May to September, when the water gets warm to its maximum of +30 degrees. In this case the air is not dry, so the heat (+22 to +31) is calmly tolerated, without much discomfort.

But in August the trip is undesirable – at this time comes the vacation of Italians, who also prefer exactly the rest in Lido di Jesolo: the beaches are almost never free beds, and in the hotels – free places.

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Photos of Lido di Jesolo beach

Very favorable conditions in the town for beach lovers: a wide strip of beaches stretches along the entire city. Because of its special geographical location there are almost never storms and high waves, and the sea is quite shallow – a great opportunity for families with small children.

On the beaches during the main tourist season is a festival of sand sculptures. Dozens of artists compete – who better to create a real masterpiece of wet sand.

Sand Sculpture Festival on the beaches of Lido di Jesolo

For those who prefer active sports rest, there are sport equipment rentals on the beach, water activities available: diving, jet skis and skis, catamaran rides.

Testimonial of Eugenia, 29 years old: “The sea is very clean and warm, the entrance is very shallow, the depth starts from 10 meters, it is very convenient when going on holiday in Italy with a child. On the beaches there are playgrounds with a safe soft surface, animators are working. There are small water parks for children, also very convenient.

From souvenirs to handbags, there is a flourishing trade on the beaches. But you have to take into account the fact that all the glasses, bags and belts are fake. And the purchase of fakes is punishable by Italian law . For the purchase of a purse from a fake “Gucci” can get a fine of 200 euros.

On a map of Italy

Hotels and average prices

Hotels in Lido di Jesolo vary greatly in price

In Lido di Jesolo there are more than 400 hotels of different categories, a large number of mini-hotels and private villas, as good as throughout Italy. All hotels are located on 3 lines, the maximum distance from the sea is 300 meters. Hotels on the first beach line come close to the beaches. The second and third line separates a small road, but the traffic is hardly heavy.

Those who prefer comfort can recommend hotels on the 1st line with a wide range of services (including extras). The price for a night in a 5* hotel will cost 200-250 Euros. Personnel of some hotels of a higher class can speak in Russian.

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Hotels in 4 and 3 star category have the same conditions, but the set of additional services is less, and the atmosphere in hotels is simpler. Staying at such hotels will cost 120-170 Euros. But keep in mind that the hotels in Jesolo almost do not have their own territory, and all facilities are located very compactly.

In addition to hotels there is another option – apartments. You can rent them in advance at special sites (consider Italian rental housing sites). Are located near the center of the city, the cost of living in the range 100-130 euros per day.

Vyacheslav, 34 years old: “Choosing hotels easier, say, a category 3 stars, is not worth relying on a rich finish facade. As a rule, it is limited, and inside the furniture and furnishings are ancient. It is worth carefully studied review sites, preferably with pictures taken by tourists in hotels, to have a more or less clear picture.

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The most popular means of transportation in the beautiful Italian city of Lido di Jesolo are buses. You can find timetables and directions at any bus stop – information is given not only in Italian but also in English.

Buses are popular for getting around Lido di Jesolo

Bus routes:

  • Route No. 2 is “Bus Station – Cortelazzo.”

Tickets for the bus are sold in special machines at the bus stop . And you can get a one-way ticket and a ticket “back and forth”. Carefully choose the direction you need. It is necessary to validate the ticket (on the bus itself or at the bus stop in a special punching bag).

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Single way and round trip tickets cost 1,5 euro and 5 euro, respectively. It is not necessary to try to ride “the hare” – in Italy there are high fines for fare evasion.

Mark, 31 : “A lot of people ride bicycles around the city, both tourists and locals. There are special bike lanes. You can rent a bike for 1 euro per hour, and there are even bike rental shops in the hotels. But in the evening after 20, all traffic (car or bicycle) stops and the streets become pedestrian.

Restaurants and grocery stores

Laguna Shopping Mall in Lido di Jesolo

There are numerous cafes and restaurants around the bus station to choose from. The average check in a cafe is 25 euros, in a restaurant – 35 euros .

Large shopping center “Lagoon” which you can buy food at relatively low prices (products for dinner for 3 people can cost only 10 euros).

Even more economical option is a mini-market “Smile”. Where you can buy groceries for dinner for only 6 euros. However, the staff does not speak English.

If you prefer a “quick” snack, then McDonald’s, “Burger King” and sushi bar are open in Lido di Jesolo.

But it’s still no match for the local food. Pasta with seafood, pasta carbonara, the finest pizza with all sorts of toppings – not only tasty, but also inexpensive (from 6 euros).

In the local cafes and restaurants you can taste dishes of the Mediterranean and European cuisine, there are dishes of Japanese, Indian and Chinese cuisine included in the menu. Taverns and restaurants on the coast specialize in seafood dishes.

Many restaurants in Lido di Jesolo have menus in Russian

Almost all establishments of catering have menus in Russian, and some even serve Russian waiters.

By the way, do not forget about siesta (time of rest), when all the institutions are closed – from 14 to 17 hours.

Tourist feedback:

  • Maria, 28 years old: “At my hotel, we took only breakfasts. We had lunch and dinner in numerous cafes and small restaurants. Very large selection of dishes, each cafe has its own nice features. Very tasty ice cream!”
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Jesolo has a single discount card “Jesolo-OK Card”. It is a special discount program that entitles you to discounts and various bonuses. This program works in stores, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues.

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Where to go, what to see?

The location of Lido di Jesolo is considered very good and thanks to it you can visit not only local attractions, but also the neighboring cities of Italy (Verona, Venice, Padua, Ravenna). In the city itself there are children’s theme parks and architectural monuments.

All attractions are marked on a city map, which can be taken for free in any store or supermarket.

  • Aqualandia is the biggest theme park not only around Lido di Jesolo but on the entire Adriatic coast. It has 8 themed areas, 27 attractions and 6 areas for entertainment with animators.

Aqualandia Water Park in Lido di Jesolo

Photos inside Oceanarium in Lido di Jesolo

Archaeological Area of Antica Mura at Lido di Jesolo

The Tower of Mists at Lido di Jesolo

National Park Dolomiti Bellunesi

On the streets of Jesolo, there are many travel agencies that offer excursions to nearby cities. From Jesolo, you can go on an excursion to:

  • Venice (walk through St. Mark’s Square, gondola rides, shopping).

Vera, 33 years old : “Jesolo is a great place to relax with the whole family, a lot of places that were interesting for children. Water parks, oceanariums, amusement parks – and everything is affordable”.

How to get there?

How to get to Lido di Jesolo

You can reach Lido di Jesolo in several ways:

  • From Venice, which is only 35 kilometers from Jesolo, there is a regular bus service: for 14 euros you can get to the bus station in Jesolo in about an hour.

Lido di Jesolo is a relatively peaceful resort, designed both for families and young people. Developed entertainment industry, a large selection of restaurants and cafes, comfortable beach holidays – for many tourists this is a worthy reason to return here again and again.

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