8 best beaches in the Netherlands

The beaches of Holland.

The first time I was in Holland, it never occurred to me that there could be a beach holiday or any semblance of it. In a country where it often rains, has strong winds, the North Sea, little sun and hardly any hot weather, what kind of beach vacation? But summer was approaching, and getting to know Holland was getting closer. So it turned out that the Dutch are very hot people, hot in the sense that even in +10 degrees can walk in just sweaters, and the children in late autumn walk there without hats and in jackets wide open. As soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, the Dutch pour out into the streets, into the open terraces of cafes to drink coffee and into their courtyards to barbecue and enjoy the sun. It turned out that the locals really like to spend time on the beaches. Therefore, as a great lover of boat trips, I also decided to explore this issue and visit the Dutch beaches at different times of the year, in summer I even managed to swim on one of them.

The total length of the Dutch beaches on the West Coast and West Frisian Islands is more than 280 kilometers. Some beaches are difficult to get to due to their remoteness from populated areas, so I will tell you about 3 most popular and easily accessible beaches in the Netherlands.

Features of the Dutch beaches

But first I will focus on the characteristic features of a holiday on the Dutch coast of the North Sea. Going to spend time on the Dutch beach, do not forget that:

  • Holland has very strong winds. In the summertime you may not notice how the sun burns and you can get burnt. By the way, for protection from the wind on the beaches there are mini tents-shirkas. I haven’t seen them anywhere else. At other times of the year you can just blow away during the walks. Every time I go to the North Sea I look at the weather forecast, it seems to be warm enough, I don’t take warm clothes with me, in the hope that this time it will be different, and every time I leave it all freezing cold, with the strongest wind! Even if they say the weather will be warm enough, don’t forget to take warm and breathable clothes.
  • The North Sea at this that the water temperature was low, in the hottest days the temperature does not exceed 20 degrees. But on the other hand it cools down more slowly, so you can try to swim there and not in the high season. But in the spring the water seemed very cold, probably because of the crazy wind. But the bathing season in Holland is from July to the end of August.
  • All beaches are united by cleanliness, length and fine sand.
  • On the whole coast of the beautiful sunsets.
  • All city beaches with a good infrastructure – cafes, restaurants, foodtracks.
  • The beaches have all the maritime entertainment, from boat trips to kite-surfing.
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Beach in The Hague – Scheveningen

My introduction to the beaches of Holland began with a trip to The Hague. The closer you get to the sea, the more you feel the sea air, even the buildings around you change into typical resort houses. The first time I was on the beach in The Hague, such beauty took my breath away. It was May, endless sandy beach, people walking on the sand near the water, eerie wind, strong waves, England in the distance, athletes in wetsuits on boards, children with kites and knee-deep in water, cute cafes on the beach and fish stalls where you can taste different sea creatures. When you get to this beach, you immediately get the feeling of a seaside resort. The beach Scheveningen is the largest in the Netherlands. It has a length of up to 3 kilometers (!) Equipped area. The beach is very clean, special machines clean the area 2 times a day. Of course, no one does not swim in the summer, but it is worth to come there even just to walk by the water, admire the sand dunes, sit in one of the cozy cafes and taste the Dutch fish, which are caught right there.

Walking along the boulevard near the beach you can not miss the work of American sculptor Tom Otterness, which is the exposition of the modern museum, located near the beach. These funny little people of different sizes and in different poses fill a part of the promenade.

This beach is not only the largest, but also the most popular, both locals and tourists come there. In the summertime, when the weather is nice for the Dutch, the beach is crowded, the whole beach is studded with sunbathers, a lot of people from the smallest to the oldest age are splashing in the sea. But if the Dutch are used to the sea, for visitors it can seem a bit cold. But in addition to the quiet rest on the beach there is a lot of entertainment. For children and adults the biggest water park in Holland is Duinrell. It is connected together with the North Sea Marine Life Zoo. By the way, for children on the beach there are children’s areas, and also equipped courts for volleyball, basketball and soccer.

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Oh, by the way, be careful, the seagulls on the beaches directly attack people with food. They dive right into your hands and try to grab a bite. Here they are not the shy inhabitants, but the real masters of the beach.

So how to get to Scheveningen? The easiest and most convenient option of the 2 modes of transport:

– First you have to travel from Amsterdam to The Hague (Amsterdam Centraal- Den Haag Centraal), which is only 46 minutes. A train ticket costs 11.2 euros one way. But to save money, don’t forget to visit the 2 websites Spoordeelwinkel and Treinreiziger before your trip, where all transport offers are collected. For example, in one of the stores in Amsterdam (Hema, Albert Heijn, Kruidvat, etc.) during promotional days you can buy a day ticket for trains for 14 euros in 2 directions. Significant savings!

– After arriving in The Hague, you should take streetcar number 1 or 9 on the route Station Den Haag Centraal – strand Scheveningen Noorderstrand, Den Haag, which takes you to the beach. Streetcars run quite often, and on the electronic scoreboard you can see the waiting time. One way ticket costs 1.76 Euro, and you can buy it from the driver. In 20 minutes you are on the beach.

We decided not to take the streetcar, but to see the city, visit the Madurodam Park of Miniatures, and then walk to the sea, so we chose to walk to the beach. For a nice walk along the scenic canal and to explore the city, it is possible to choose this option, but only if you calculate your strength. Because the way back to the train station we were no longer able to overcome and chose to go by streetcar. For the sake of saving time and energy is justified.

You can read more about Scheveningen here.

Zandvoort beach: 30 minutes by train and we were at the sea!

The second place we ended up on the Dutch coast was Zandvoort, and nearby is Bloemendaal (a 20-minute walk from Zandvoort). This place is only a half hour drive from Amsterdam. The beach is even sometimes called the Amsterdam beach because of its proximity to the capital. What could be better: The one way fare from Amsterdam Centraal- Zandvoort aan Zee is 5.4 euros. And the walk to the beach here is only 7 minutes. The beach area is a little smaller than in The Hague, but because of the proximity to the capital and the small commuting costs, you can choose this option.

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On this beach we were able to swim and have a little fun in the sun. The sea was cold and very muddy, probably because of the strong waves and the large number of people in the water. But the beach in Zandvoort is ideal for children, because the coastline here is very flat, you go forward for a long time, and the water is still up to your knees. In confirmation of words about the purity of the Dutch coastline, the beaches of Zandvoort and Bloemendaal are Blue Flag beaches.

There are food trucks on the beach: first comes up with ice cream, then fish, then drinks, you don’t even have to run anywhere. But, of course, there are also pleasant cafes on the beach in Zandvoort that are happy to welcome their visitors. The cafes are open all year round, the only difference is where you sit: in summer you can sit on the terrace or under an umbrella, and in winter you can enjoy the pleasant interiors. In the summer, the beaches regularly host parties, parties, music festivals, and DJ sets.

It turned out that here is also the main nudist beach, though we did not see it.

The beach in Zandvoort is better to go if you do not have a lot of time: walking distance from the station and proximity to Amsterdam – the main trump cards of this place. Not as massive as The Hague, but also quite nice, you can walk along the shore, run barefoot and enjoy the sea air.

Dream Island Tessel

The beaches of the island of Wessel – where the sun sets on the water, where the vast expanses and the sea surface merges with the horizon. It was all portrayed in the movie “Reaching for Heaven.” It was to this beach of the West Friesian Islands of Holland that the main characters of the film came. There were shown stunning views, so I really want to visit this island, but my dream has not yet come true. This is due, above all, to the difficult road:

  • First you have to take the train from Amsterdam to Den Helder (Amsterdam Centraal- Den Helder), travel time 1 hour and 14 minutes, one way fare – 14.1 euros.
  • From Den Helder station take a bus to the ferry.
  • And then take a ferry to the island. The ticket is sold both ways and costs 2.5 euros.
  • From the port of Tessela departs by shuttle bus or bus 28, which takes you to the capital city of Den Burg or to the sea in the town of De Koog.
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It is an ecologically clean area where the entire island is occupied by fields, pastures, and tourist areas. The most popular place on the island is the town of De Cog, where the movie was shot. When you view the film and photos from there, you want to be there during sunset. They say that there are many biking and hiking trails on the island, so you can get out there for more than one day. And most importantly, again, do not forget the warm and windproof clothes!

Beaches in the Netherlands – an overview and photos of the best beaches

The Netherlands offer tourists the opportunity to relax on the beach. For this, there is a beach area stretching for more than three hundred kilometers.

The beaches of the Netherlands are located on the coast of the North Sea. Even during the hottest months of the year the water temperature does not rise above 20 degrees.

Active swimming season begins in July and lasts until September.

Beach in the Netherlands - we invite you to vacation!

The best places for a beach holiday in the Netherlands

For tourists who have decided to visit the Netherlands to relax and bathe in the sea, it is necessary to get acquainted in advance with the best places of the beach area.

The best beaches in the Netherlands are known:

  • Bergen en Zee;
  • Zandvoort;
  • Strandzuid;
  • West Bay Beach;
  • Texel;
  • Scheveningen.

Each of them has its own advantages and distinctive features.

Houses on the beach Teksel

Sandy beach Bergen en Zee is one of the best in Holland

Beach with sandy shore, located near the fishing village of Bergen. The recreation area is equipped for beach volleyball and yoga.

Nearby are the following hotels:

  • Strandhotel Golfzang;
  • Fletcher Badhotel Egmond aan Zee;
  • Hotel de Vassy;
  • Hotel Zuiderduin;

The hotels are located from the beach area at a distance of 4-5 km.

Bergen-en-Zee and nearby beach

Zandvoort Beach

Not far from Amsterdam is the resort town of Zandvoort. The resort has a nudist beach.

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It is recognized as the largest in Europe, which has brought popularity to the resort.

You can stay at the following hotels:

  • Hotel Zand;
  • Pension Marco;
  • Zandvoort Beach Studio;
  • Surfhotel De Kust.

On the beach area there are different kinds of water activities. You can go yachting, diving, surfing and fishing.

Zandvoort Beach in the Netherlands

Beaches Strandzuid and West Bay Beach

These are city beaches, located in Amsterdam itself.

  • Strandzuid covers more than 200 square meters. During the vacation, you can taste the delicious local cuisine, play volleyball. It does not provide swimming, it is only equipped for sunbathing.
  • West Bay Beach is another place, ideal for those who want to relax without leaving the city. It is a place with a relaxed atmosphere and has a beautiful view of the Ai River. It is popular among young people because here you can relax in a hammock or rocking chair, taste delicious drinks and dance to club music.

West Bay Beach in the Netherlands

Teksel Beach is one of the best beaches in the Netherlands.

Located in the north of the Netherlands are the Frisian Islands with clean sandy areas. The largest of them is Tekseel, which is 25 km long.

This island of the Netherlands is attractive to fans of biking. It consists of many bicycle paths and trails.

Texel is also suitable for eco-tourism, surfing, kite-surfing and waving.

Nearby hotels are:

  • Hotel Molenbos Texel;
  • BnB ‘t Kraaiennest;
  • Zilt Texel.

Each year in June, the catamaran regatta is held – the largest and most important in Europe.

Photo of Teksel beach

The beach at Scheveningen Resort

In the northwestern part of The Hague lies the ancient resort town of Scheveningen. It is recognized as one of the best in the country.

Scheveningen beach of the same name is more than 3 km long.

Our travel agency invites you to rest in the Netherlands and offers to stay in a hotel near one of the best beaches. In the town you will find – water park “Duinrell.

Please contact us to find a bargain price trip!

The best beaches in the Netherlands create a good environment for recreation of tourists. They are suitable for young people and families with children.

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