8 best beaches in Thassos. Greece

Thassos, Greece – beaches and sights

The small and picturesque island of Thassos (Greece) is located in the north-east of the country, in the Aegean Sea. It is the northernmost and greenest Greek island, covered with forests, oak groves, chestnut and plane trees. Thassos has an area of 380 km² and a permanent population of just over 14 thousand. It is possible to visit the entire island in just one day.

Island of Thassos, Greece

A tranquil atmosphere reigns in this harmonious place with its vivid scenery and ancient sights. The island will appeal to those who love silence, picturesque nature and history. If you prefer a quiet and informative vacation, you will be comfortable here.

How to get there

There are not many Russian tourists on Thassos: probably because of the remoteness of the island from the nearest airport in the large city of Thessaloniki, where regular flights from Moscow fly. To get to the island, you must first take bus 78 to the bus station and there change to a regular bus to the port cities of Keramoti or Kavala (the ticket costs 15 euros). The distance of 130 km may be covered by a rental car.

Ferry to Thassos

Then take a ferry. From ancient Kavala, the ferries go to the port of Prinos, from Keramoti to Limenas, the island’s capital. The time of transfers differs in 2 times – 1,5 h and 45 min respectively. For tickets from Keramoti you will need to pay 4 euros (adult) and 2 euros (child), from Kavala – 6 and 3 € respectively. A rented car can also be transported to the island for an additional fee of 18-19€. Up-to-date ferry schedules and ticket prices can be found on the website http://thassos-ferries.gr/ (there is a Russian version), and passes can be purchased only at the company’s ticket office shortly before departure.

The isolation of the island creates certain inconveniences for travelers, because it is impossible to get to it without transfers. But thanks to this Thassos is a quiet place with unspoiled nature.

All prices are for December 2020.

Villages and attractions on the island

Ancient temples, snow-white beaches and picturesque mountains, groves and atmospheric settlements are all in harmony with each other. Although the island is small, you’ll have plenty of choices for what to see on Thassos and where to take beautiful photos.

Limenas - the ancient capital of the island

Limenas is the ancient capital of the Greek island, where most of the architectural sights of Thassos are concentrated. The city is surrounded by ancient walls that are more than two kilometers long. Fragments of the walls are in good condition. In the center of Limenas, visit the ancient market square, one of the best preserved ancient sites on this Greek island. Also in the small square of the capital city are:

  • The archaeological museum;
  • the ancient ruins of the acropolis and theater:
  • The partially preserved Temple of Apollo;
  • the more modern temple of St. Nicholas.
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Potos resort

Originally it was a fishing harbor with no permanent population. Only a few years ago the village became a lively resort with well-appointed but sparsely populated beaches with azure waters, clear even in the most popular tourist months.

Cars in Potos drive only on a couple of streets: most of Potos is for pedestrians. The cozy streets are filled with restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. In the evening you can sit down in a restaurant on the shore and watch the beautiful sunset. When the weather is good the famous Mount Athos can be seen from the banks of Potos. Detailed information about the mountain is presented in this article.

Mount Ipsario

The highest point of the island is Mount Ipsario. Its peak reaches a height of 1200 m above sea level. The mountain is covered with green trees and its slopes offer a gorgeous panorama of the island and the coast. To admire these views, go up to the village of Potamia on the mountainside. Here you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also visit the museum of Greek sculptor Vagis.

Theologos mountain village

At 10 kilometers from Potamia lies the mountain village of Theologos, which used to be the capital of the island. It is one of the most colorful attractions of Thassos in Greece. There are many restaurants with national cuisine and an ethnographic museum in the town. But the main local pride is the ruins of the ancient city of Istanio.

Theologos village on Thassos

The ancient center will not leave indifferent photo lovers: narrow streets and attractive houses with tall windows are a sample of traditional Greek style. To spice up your stay in Theologos, you can visit the secluded beach, which is particularly appreciated by windsurfers, because the wind blows almost all the time.

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This historic village on the shores of the Thracian Sea is a must visit for lovers of cognitive, intellectual vacation. Here you will enjoy not only the beautiful beach and nature, but also the ancient sights. The real pearl of Alika is the ruins of an ancient temple with preserved ancient inscriptions.

The ruins in the village of Alyki

Panteleimon Monastery

Near the village of Kazaviti, in the interior of the island, there is one of the main attractions of Thassos, the Monastery of Panteleimon, which was built in the first half of the 19th century. The building was built in stone and the roof was made of wood and covered with slate. Near the monastery there is a cave, in which, according to legend, lived St. Panteleimon himself. It is believed that people who have visited this monastery, can be cured of any disease. Therefore, some travelers overcome long distances to get hope for a cure.

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The Monastery of Archangel Michael

Another famous religious landmark of Thassos (Greece) is a large temple of the Archangel Michael on the edge of the cliff. It is located 25 km from the settlement of Limenaria. This convent was built in the 18th century. It is interesting both for its architecture and the beautiful view of the sea. It is also where a fragment of the Holy Nail taken from the crucifixion of Jesus is kept. Get ready for the strict rules of visiting the monastery: women can enter only in long skirts and with closed hands, men – in long pants.

Beaches of Thassos

The island of Thassos has 115 kilometers of coastline with beautiful white sand and clear water beaches. Most of them have received the international Blue Flag rating. It is awarded to coastal areas with excellent conditions for recreation: clean water and air, quality infrastructure. Just looking at the photos of Thassos Island in Greece, one wants to be transported immediately to its beaches.

San Antonio Beach

This beach is hidden in a secluded area on the west coast of Thassos. The “Blue Flag” award-winning beach of San Antonio boasts well-equipped beach areas and establishments with friendly bartenders and waiters whose cuisine is worthy of all praise.

On the southeast side of Thassos, Paradis beach is a secluded little cove that is frequented by surfers. The sandy beach is sheltered by hills covered with tropical trees and plants. Water quality and purity is certified by the “Blue flag” mark.

Paradise Beach

Paradise is divided into 3 zones, depending on the preferences of holidaymakers. Bikini zone is chosen by tourists who hold conservative disposition. Topless zone is designed for men and girls without the top part of the swimsuit. A separate area is reserved for nudists. Holidaymakers are asked to respect the rules of each zone, there is a control on site.

Entrance to the beach Paradise is free, sun lounger and umbrella are provided free of charge, but before that you still need to make an order at the bar. It is enough to buy an ordinary milkshake.

Psili Ammos Beach

This beach is located 5km from Potos village. In the high season, there are restaurants and taverns and it can be difficult to find a free place under an umbrella. This is because Psili Ammos is considered the best sandy beach of Thassos. The beach has a special charm due to the cozy dunes with tamarisk bushes. In the shade of the trees you can sit on a towel. The beach is accessible by foot and is therefore suitable for small children.

Makrimos Beach

On Makrimos (south-eastern coast, near the town of Limenas), there are families with children. This beach differs from the others in the first place with a wide infrastructure and a wide range of entertainment, including sports games.

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Makrimos and the other beaches of Thassos, has been awarded by the European Tourism Committee (Blue Flag Award), indicating its high quality. There are bars and restaurants on site. Many vacationers prefer to stay in the nearby comfortable hotel.

Marble Beach

The marble beach on Thassos is the highlight of the entire island. Instead of the traditional sand or small stones, this beach is studded with marble chips (marble is mined nearby). Thanks to this coating the beach gets a perfect shade of white in the sun. Struck by this beauty tourists do not cease to admire it and take numerous photos.

Pebbles on Marble Beach

Marble Beach is famous for its quiet atmosphere. Since the nearest hotel is 40 minutes on foot, there are usually few tourists. At the same time the beach is free, vacationers can freely use all the facilities. The only condition is to make an order at the bar.

Here you can bask on the warm white sand, swim in the azure water, relax and rest in solitude. All conditions, which creates a green bay, there are for this. Sun loungers are provided free of charge.

Glyphoneri beach

Local restaurants cook traditional Greek dishes, so you can spend the whole day on the beach and not worry about lunch. When you tire of lying down, tourists go for a walk through the shady alleys of an olive grove, admiring the picturesque nature.

Weather and Climate on Thassos

Air temperature on Thassos island, Greece

The weather in months on Thassos in Greece differs from the other, more popular islands. Thassos is located further north, so it’s a little cooler here. The maximum temperature during the summer months rarely rises above 29 degrees Celsius. The bathing season lasts from late May to late September, although many continue to swim in October.

Since the island of Thassos (Greece) is 90% covered with deciduous and coniferous forests, the air here is fresh and the weather is comfortable in any month. Therefore, the resort is ideal for families with young children and anyone who cannot stand the heat.

A brief overview of Thassos island and useful travel tips – in this video.

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Exotic Beaches of Thasos

Best Beaches on Thassos

About the story Category: Greece Updated: April 04, 2022

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“All covered in greenery, absolutely all of it” (c) Unlike the “song” island, Thassos is an island of absolute luck. Lucky not only 14,000 locals (not everyone can live in paradise during their lifetime!), But each of us, who at least once got here. After Thassos, Greece will not let you go. This paradise place is located just 8 km away from the mainland and it was able to keep its original form.

The island is often called “Emerald” – it is obvious at a glance. Everything is buried in greenery: pine trees cover the whole island, and all this splendor is framed by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea.


Best Beaches on ThassosBest Beaches on Thassos

The best beaches of Thassos

“The exotic beaches of Thassos” is not a figure of speech. This is the name of a popular excursion on the island, during which you will get acquainted with some beaches (usually Marble Beach, Paradise Beach and Giola Lagoon). Along with Santorini, the beaches of Thassos can add to your list of favorite places for summer holidays.

Actually, the island has 33 beaches. We will not talk about all of them, but the biggest impressions are the following:

Golden Beach

It is located 12km west of Limenos (the capital of the island), and is the longest beach of the island, between the resorts of Skala Panagias and Skala Potamias. It is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island, surrounded by vegetation, with shallow waters. An ideal place for those who come with children. The beach has all the conditions for water sports.

Best Beaches on Thassos - Golden Beach

Golden Beach

Paradise Beach

This is truly a tropical paradise! The beach is located 20km south of Limenos and the nearest village is Kinira. The rocks covered with greenery, the water is turquoise and the sand is white. This beach is a favorite destination of surfers, and the area among the rocks is also a nudist area.

Best Beaches on Thassos - Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach

Makriamos Beach

This is the closest beach to Limenos, one of the most beautiful and comfortable beaches. It has a wide and shallow beach, with deck chairs, water attractions, bars and guest houses.

Best Beaches on Thassos - Makriamos Beach

Makriamos Beach

Potos Beach

The beach is located 42km southwest of Limenos, in the homonym village. The golden sand, the shallow water, the lush vegetation along the beach and the good infrastructure have made it very popular and in high season it is one of the most crowded beaches.

Best Beaches on Thassos - Potos Beach

Potos Beach

Pefkari Beach

The beach is located 40km southwest of Limenos, next to Potos village. Sand, gravel, blue sea, green pine trees, water activities and all kind of entertainment you need for a beach holiday.

Best Beaches on Thassos - Pefkari Beach

Pefkari Beach

Saliara Beach

To visit Thassos and miss this beach is inadmissible! It is remote from populated areas, located on the eastern coast of the island (from Limenos you can reach it on foot in an hour). The beach is covered with white marble chips – how it all looks in the sunlight is beyond words! And it’s not the miracle of nature – there is a marble quarry near here, once there was taken all crumb, until one of the strong storms did not grind it all. After that waste from quarry here is not brought, crumb is perfectly rolled by the sea, it is comfortable both for adults and children.

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Best Beaches on Thassos - Saliara Beach

Saliara Beach


Strictly speaking this is not a beach, but a lagoon. It is located in the south of the island near the village Astris. There is a beach with the same name, with rapidly increasing depth, cool water and not a weak wind (it is better to go here without children). Giola is surrounded by white rocks, boulders, an incredibly beautiful place and a unique opportunity to swim in the natural pool.

The best beaches on Thassos - Giola


How to get to Thassos

There is no airport on the island itself but you can get there by ferry:

  • From the city of Kavala (there is a local airport, you will have to fly through Athens) – the ferry runs 1.5 hours, the interval is 3-4 hours, dock in Skala Prinos);
  • From the town of Keramoti (located 200 km from Thessaloniki, the ferry runs 30 minutes, the interval between the ferries is 30-60 minutes, mooring in Limenas.

Map of Thassos with hotels

Moving the map with your mouse you can find a suitable hotel on any part of the coast:

Thassos Hotels: Prices, Booking

Thassos has a huge number of small hotels, apartments and pensions. Most of them are located near the coastline, concentrated in small villages. You can easily find an option from small family hotel to large enough, offering a wide range of services.

Beaches of Thassos are well equipped, surrounded by many hotels, bars, restaurants. The beach can be found for every taste – sandy, pebbly, rocky, with and without children, crowded and quiet secluded. Given that the length of the entire coastline of just over 100 km, you can go around all of them. True beach lovers will appreciate the beaches of Thassos.

Holidays on Thassos

We will see you again!

Have a nice rest and bright impressions!

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