8 attractions for kids in and around Rimini, Italy

Mirabilandia amusement park – let’s go for a ride!

Do you want to relax on the shore of the warm Adriatic Sea, but also diversify your children’s vacation with fun rides, performances, shows? Do you want the success of your vacation to be independent of the weather? Do you want to remember your mischievous childhood and experience thrills? If yes, then go to the Italian resort town of Rimini. Forty kilometers from the city, in the direction of Ravenna, is the park Mirabilandia. Are you vacationing somewhere else in Italy? Not a problem. You can easily get to the park on your own or buy a guided tour.

People in carnival costumes

Success Story

Mirabilandia is one of the largest parks in Europe. It has been operating since 1992. In the beginning, it did not attract visitors and was not a success. In 1996, the commercial group Loffelhardt-Casoli purchased the park and invested a lot of money in its renovation.

Sign to the park

The best modern rides were installed and bold ideas were implemented. Thanks to the variety of attractions and skilful management the park is a success today.

Mirabilandia today

The park complex has around 40 modern attractions and a water park. In the summer there are various shows, stuntmen shows, fireworks, laser shows, and theater on ice.

Ferris Wheel (Eurowheel)

The highest 100-meter long attraction with 50 rides. In the evening on it 50 thousand light bulbs burn. In 1999, the ride was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Many tourists begin their visit to the park with the Ferris wheel. With him well see the other rides, you can look closely and make a program of entertainment for the day.

Ferris wheel in the evening


This attraction is similar to the famous roller coaster. The cabin without a floor attached to the construction of the attraction at the top, it feels like you’re hanging in the air. At first the cabin doesn’t go very fast, then quickly picks up speed up to 100 km/h, turns 180 degrees on the go, stops at some point and makes another 180 degree turn. It seems to you that you are about to fall off and fly down, then the cabin turns over, rushes up, down, forward at high speed. It is breathtaking!

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People on a Coaster

Roller coaster (Ispeed)

The roller coaster (height 60 meters) is an attraction for adults. The car reaches speeds of almost 110 kilometers per hour in seconds. The track has curves, descents and rises. During the rides there is a photo and video shooting. You can order a photo or make a video as a keepsake.

Roller coaster

Discovery and Columbia.

Discovery resembles a simulator for astronauts. The chair rises up to 65 meters and then falls down with great speed. For a moment, the passenger breaks away from the chair and feels weightless. The Columbia ride is similar to the Discovery. Only the cabin lingers for a moment as it descends and then abruptly flies upwards. The rides were opened in 1997.

Airplane ride

Mirabilandia for Kids

Little tourists have a lot to do. In the children’s area of Bimbopoli the characters of the cartoon “Mike, Otto and friends” are present at the rides. Children fly in a circle accompanied by the melody from the favorite cartoon.

Boy shouting.

Fairy hut of Baba Yaga, two-story horse carousel Giostra dei Cavalli, on which, judging by reviews, children really like to ride, a separate children’s area with sandboxes, swings, cartoon characters – please young holidaymakers. There are a lot of houses, mazes, where you can play hide-and-seek, trampolines, trains.

Mirabilandia water area

There are many water rides in the park. One of them is Niagara. The boat moves on the water, rises up to a height of about 20 meters, and then rushes down with great speed, cutting the water surface and pouring water over everyone from head to toe. In 2003, Mirabilandia Beach, a self-contained water park, opened on the territory of Mirabilandia.

Going down the roller coaster

How to avoid the lines

The park is always crowded and there are queues for the rides, especially on weekends. But there is a way out! You can use the service V-Pass. Pager-like device can be rented. Through it you will contact the attraction you want to visit, you will reserve a queue. After some time a signal will come on the V-Pass: Ready. After that, through a special entrance to the attraction, you will pass out of the general queue. This service is not free (from 30 euros). The price depends on the number of people for which the queue will be booked.

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How much does it cost?

There is a fee to enter Mirabilandia. The price includes a visit to all attractions. Adult ticket costs 34 euros, children’s ticket – 28 euros. For children whose height is less than 1 meter – is not necessary to pay.

Water attraction

The entrance ticket gives the right to a 2-day visit . Currently there are group discounts. Since 2013 there is a family event. A visit to the park for a family with two children will cost 118 euros.

Opening hours

The park opens in April and runs until October. From mid-July to September, the park is open from 10:00 to 23:00, at the same time open to visitors water park. At other times, the park takes tourists from 10:00 to 18:00. In early spring and late fall, the park operates only on weekends (dates depend on weather). In winter, the amusement park does not work.

Life size puppets

How to get to Mirabilandia

From the railway station of Rimini towards Ravenna the trains leave at 8:20, 9:20 and 10:20. Go to the station Lido di Savio. From the station to the park there is a bus that takes tourists directly to the entrance of the park. The ticket for the train costs 3.5 euros.

Bus to the park

From Rimini Station you can take a bus to the park. The fare will cost 8 euros. Back to Rimini, it is convenient to get to Rimini by evening trains. From the station Lido di Savio they depart at 19:50, 20:45, and 21:49.

White Fiat

From other Italian cities to Rimini there are buses, shuttles and trains. You can book a sightseeing tour to Mirabilandia, but it will cost more than an independent trip. From any city in Italy you can get by rental car. True, this convenience is also not cheap. Rent a car for a day will cost about 50-100 euros, not including fuel costs.

Where to stay overnight

If you come to Mirabilandia from afar and decide to spend the night, you can settle in at one of the nearby hotels:

  • B&B Amici Miel , located in Marina Romea in Via delle Ghiarine 14 , room rates from 72 euros per night, distance from the park 900 meters;
  • Villa Alessia , in Ravenna in Via Romea Sud 534 , room rate from 60 euros per night, distance to the park 1,300 meters;
  • The Hotel Adriatic is located in Ravenna in Via Romea Sud 435 , room rates from 54 euros per night, the distance to the park is 1700 meters.
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In the vicinity of the park dozens of hotels, many make reservations without prepayment and without penalty in case of cancellation.

Tourist reviews

Valery, Vladivostok, 28 years old:

“Holidays in Rimini with friends in 2019. Were in Mirabilandia, at first did not want to go, but heard so many good reviews that we decided to see. There are a lot of attractions, but the interesting 2-3. This is Katun, roller coaster and Niagara. Really liked the water park. We had lunch at El Sombero cafe with Mexican cuisine. Lunch cost 30 euros per person. We stayed 2 days in the park, we wanted to see the laser show. And we didn’t regret that we stayed! Fireworks, laser show, all the rides with lights, very beautiful. We stayed overnight at Villa Alessia. We paid 80 euros for a three-bed room”.

Maria Petrovna, Stary Oskol, 58 years old:

“Was vacationing with my 8-year-old granddaughter in Rimini in 2019. Heard a lot of good reviews about the park Mirabilandia, but did not know how to get there. At the hotel I bought a tour to Mirabilandia for one day. The bus brought us to the park by 10am and picked us up at 6pm. We paid 40 euros for that. We paid for entrance fees to the park separately (34 euros adult and 28 euros children). We spent most of our time at the water park. Both my granddaughter and I liked it. We visited the show “Police School”. In 2019 my daughter and son-in-law are going to take my granddaughter to Mirabiland, but already for 2 days.

Girls go down the slide

Natalia from Moscow, 30 years old:

“Last July my husband and I were in Milan on business. For the weekend we decided to go to Mirabyland. We rented a car and easily drove to the park by A14. We covered the distance of 300 km with good road for 4 hours. In vain we went on Saturday! On the weekend we couldn’t go to the park, there were too many people, there were lines everywhere. We had heard about the service “no queue V-Pass” too late so we did not use it. We liked the Niagara ride the most. We will definitely be taking our 5-year-old son in 2019.”

A visit to Mirabilandia Park is a good addition to a beach vacation and excursions. Here every visitor will find entertainment to their liking and to their mood. Go and see for yourself!

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