7 unforgettable things to do in Portugal

10 things to do in Portugal

Portugal, like a real woman, is multi-faceted and unpredictable. It combines (and how!) modernity and antiquity, innovation and tradition in the most unimaginable way. Today tripmydream will tell you what you need to do to see it in all its glory.

1. Listen to Fado


Fado is a genre of music and dance originally created in Portugal and originated in Lisbon . Today it is always performed solo and accompanied by guitar or cello and only in specially designated places (casa do fado) or restaurants. A great way to experience Portuguese culture and better understand the Portuguese is to go to a Fado night out in Lisbon, for example in Bairro Alto, Alfama or Madragoa.

2. Go to a chocolate festival

International Chocolate Festival

People with a sweet tooth will love it. Portugal Portugal even more when they appreciate such festivities as the Festival Chocolate Festival, which takes place every year at the beginning of March in the city of Obidos. The best chocolate masters not only present their creations, but also teach everyone the fine art of creating the most important sweet in the world. Chocolate sculptures, tastings of all sorts of beloved delicacies and souvenirs made of chocolate.

3. Ride the symbol of Lisbon

The classic yellow streetcar of Lisbon

Feel like a real Lisbon citizen if you change from a modern bus to a vintage streetcar a century ago. Yes, yes, Lisbon has one of these too! Route 28 has long been regarded as a symbol of the city – a yellow cozy tram running from Campo Ourique to the piazza Martim Moniz. While you are leisurely climbing the mountain to the rhythmic beating of the wheels, you can at the same time look at the main attractions, such as the castle of Saint-Georges and the observation deck of Santa Luzia.

4. Porto, the city of Port wine


We should say at once that Porto is worth a visit not only for the sake of tasting port wine – the city itself is very beautiful and the many cultural and historical monuments turn a trivial walk into a real excursion. But the fact that it is the birthplace of the world-famous hot drink should not be missed either.

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You can taste the best port in the cellars of the Douro Valley, for example in the Quinta da Pacheca. You can drink there every day, but you don’t have to book in advance.

And in Lisbon’s Bairro Alto you can find the Wine Institute which offers you a choice of over 200 types.

5. See what the end of the world looks like.

Azeñas do Mar White Village

Everyone has heard about it, but no one has seen it. And you will have the opportunity to see it, if you go to Portugal! The Rock is not only the westernmost point of the European continent, but also a veritable “edge” of the world: steep cliffs, ocean swells rolling their foamy ridges to the shore, and boundless expanses of water that take your breath away create a truly unforgettable spectacle.

Getting here is easy – take a bus from the town of Kaikash, from the bus stop near the railway station, the whole trip takes about half an hour and costs €3.

6. Plunge into the world of fairy tales at Livraria Lello

Lello bookstore in Porto

Who among us did not love fairy tales as a child? With magic castles, secret staircases and magical books. In Portugal, all fairy tales come true once you cross the threshold of Livralia Lello bookstore (Porto). Shelves full of books from floor to ceiling – that’s a separate topic. What strikes the imagination is the delightfully fabulous atmosphere that reigns here. We are sure that before you get to the books, you will long admire the colorful stained glass windows, fine carvings of wooden panels and gothic ceilings, paintings on the walls and stairs winding between the floors. Real castle fairy princess!

7. Choose your beach reference in the Algarve

Formation Rocks in Marinha Beach, Algarve

Portugal is not without reason famous for its beaches – clean, with azure transparent water. And the Algarve region is a recognized favorite among tourists for a beach holiday. Even in the hottest months of summer the temperature does not rise above 30 degrees, and go here to rest all year round. In addition, the variety of beaches will satisfy even the highest demands: Praia da Senhora da Rocha for those who like a high quality holiday (the beach is Blue Flag awarded), Praia de Albandeira and Praia do Paraíso for those who prefer silence and solitude, the beautiful Praia da Marinha or Praia de Benagil with its unforgettable beauty caves – heaven indeed!

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8. Taste the real Belem’s pastries

Traditional Portuguese dessert Pastore de Belém

In Portugal you can enjoy not only aesthetically but also gastronomically. In this case it is not about national cuisine (although it is delicious!), but about one of its masterpieces, the Belem cake.

The traditional custard tarts, loved by all Portuguese without exception, can be found everywhere. But if you want to taste the real pastries, head to the Jerónimos Monastery. There, in a cafe close to the monastery walls, you will try this Portuguese dessert with the accompaniment of the strongest espresso. Secret: They say that the right Pastéis de Belém can be baked only here.

9. Walk the mosaic cobblestones of Lisbon

Portuguese sidewalk on Liberdade

The capital of Portugal is undoubtedly a beautiful and colorful city. But not all tourists know about it – Lisbon’s cobblestones. What is it about them, you might ask? That they are all lined with colored tiles in a variety of colors: limestone, granite, basalt and sandstone. The alternation of dark, white, gray and yellow creates colorful patterns, real paintings underfoot, sometimes so beautiful that it is a shame to step on them.

10. Taste Portuguese wine

Aging port wine in the cellar

Did you know that Portuguese wineries are a UNESCO World Heritage Site? No? Well get that one right and get to know the wine culture of this sunny land!

Explore the wineries on the island of Madeira, home of the drink of the same name, or enjoy a leisurely tasting of madera, vino verde, and sweet, homemade wine on the terrace of a local restaurant.

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