7 things to do in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise

There is probably no better resort for active holidays than Costa Teguise in Lanzarote. Everything disposes to it: the peculiarities of the landscape, weather and developed infrastructure. And the palaces, monasteries and other buildings, preserved since the Middle Ages, will make your stay here at least interesting.

Built in the 1st half. The village was built in the 1st half of the 15th century and for a long time was the island’s capital. It was during this period, there appeared the architectural complexes that survived to this day. In the third quarter of the 19th Century the capital was transferred to nearby Arrecife and life in the town gradually quieted down.

How to reach

The island of Lanzarote can be reached by air with connections.

The east coast resort is about 18 km from the airport. There are 2 ways to reach Lanzarote without a transfer:

  • Individual transfer (travel time 15-20 minutes, price from 10 €/person);
  • cab (travel time – 15 minutes, price from 23 €).

There is no direct bus line that connects the airport and the resort town, so tourists must first go to the capital (bus number 22), and there change to another bus (number 01, number 03 or number 25) and continue. The whole trip (without transfer time) will take no more than 40-45 minutes and will cost 2.8€ per person.


Choosing any resort of the island of “eternal summer” you can count on warm weather, no matter when you arrive. Either in winter, when the average temperature is at least +17 ˚ C… +17,5 ˚C, or in summer, when the air can get as warm as +28˚C… +30˚С. The only significant difference between Costa Teguise and other resorts is the wind, which does not subside for a long time.

The coldest winter months are December to February, the sunniest and warmest are August and September.

What can I see in Argentina?

Below you can see a rough graph of the temperature of Costa Teguise over the past few years:

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Here everyone can find a suitable option. If we are talking about 2-star hotels for family and couples holidays, then the Apartamentos Nazaret received good recommendations. Its spacious apartments have everything you need from a toaster to a big bed, and in the morning fresh baguettes are delivered to the door.

For those who decide to stay in a 3-star hotel, however, we can advise the following:

    distinguishes the organization of children’s leisure (different-age clubs and animation) and location (close to the beach, stores, pharmacy) advantageous landscaped area with a park and cafe-restaurant, where very good cooking.


The resort has five beaches. All of them are municipal and therefore free.

  • Playa Ancla (length 150m, width 15m).

The westernmost beach of the resort is surprisingly quiet, both in terms of weather and the number of people. Lie on the white sand come mostly tourists staying in nearby hotels. It is located next to the residence of the Spanish king.

  • Playa Bastian (length 375 m, width 15 m)

One of the best beaches of the resort is covered with white sand mixed with lapilli (frozen pieces of lava). Despite frequent winds, the surface of the water is mostly calm. The descent into the water is mostly rocky. The beach is equipped with showers, sun lounger rentals with umbrellas, a restaurant, a public bus stop and parking.

  • El Jabillo (length – 150 m, width – 20 m)

Another windy white-sand beach in the resort, the calm water is ensured by the surrounding breakwaters. The entrance to the water is often studded with stones. Equipped with showers, the beach is in close proximity to restaurants, public telephones, and a city bus stop.

  • Las Chucharas (length 700m, width 10m)

This is the main beach of the town – the largest and fully equipped, from changing rooms and renting deck chairs to the lifeguard service. The surfers love it because of the constant wind, which also increases in the afternoon. By the way, this is the only beach equipped for the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Playa de los Charcos (length – 300 m, width – 30 m)
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The sandy beach is protected by breakwaters, which do not let the waves rise, but cannot hold back the wind that walks on the beach. However, this does not prevent locals from coming here for active games or windsurfing. The descent into the water is difficult because of the rocks.


The second most important resort on the island can offer tourists an interesting program of entertainment.

Fans of active pastime are waiting for windsurfing and a golf course.

For shoppers there are numerous stores, boutiques and Friday night market.

If you are looking for adrenaline, look no further than the Aquarium, where in addition to tours and shows, you can swim with tiger sharks. The Aquapark offers quieter entertainment.

You can see the traditional Lanzarote in Pueblo Marinero, an ornamental village that conveys the traditions and life of fishermen, which is located in the heart of the resort. The complete opposite of it will be La Mareta, the residence of the King, located on the western edge of Costa Teguise. In addition, you can take a bus from here to the capital, Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero, the ports from which sea cruises are made. On Sundays, a special flight takes you to Teguise for the market.

In February and March there is a carnival, transporting to the Middle Ages, in June – a festival of Brazilian and in August – Spanish music. So you won’t be bored if you come here to have a rest.

VP.BY on tourism

The island of three hundred volcanoes or fire-breathing mountains, the fourth largest island in the Canary archipelago, is Lanzarote. An island of peculiar interest to tourists in terms of visiting national reserves and parks, caves and deserts, admiring lunar landscapes and the inclusions of civilization and these landscapes. Lanzarote is a protected island covered in ash and basalt, the result of a six-year volcanic eruption that occurred in 1730-1736.

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How to reach Lanzarote

There are no direct flights from Moscow and Minsk, so you have to change flights on Tenerife. There are a lot of flights between Tenerife and Lanzarote, the price for a local flight is about 80 euros. The airport of Arrecife is close to the island’s capital (official airport website).

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Climate and weather in Lanzarote

The climate on the island is dry and sunny. Due to the small amount of vegetation on the island it rarely rains, but in general the island is cooler than the other islands of the Canary archipelago.

The average temperature reaches +26 ° C in summer and +20 ° C in winter. The water temperature throughout the year stays at +20 ° C. Few times a year, a dry wind from the Sahara brings heat to the island and the air temperature reaches +30 ° C.

Resorts and beaches of Lanzarote

In the south of Lanzarote, the best beaches of the island are found in Papagayo Bay, where you can find crystal clear water and white sand. The pristine beauty is preserved thanks to the inaccessibility of this part of the island.

The center of resort life on the island is in the southeast. Here the resorts of Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen are popular. Since the winds blow on the coast, these places are beloved by surfers.

Costa Teguise Resort

The resort of Costa Teguise is a 15-minute drive from the airport and is considered one of the most attractive resorts on the island. An atmosphere of tranquility and freedom, a variety of recreational options and active entertainment, the opportunity to visit the fishing village of Pueblo Marinero or go on an excursion to the cactus garden.

There are 4 beaches of natural origin: Playa de Los Charcos, Playa de Cucharas, Playa de Jaloblio and Playa Bastian. In June, the resort of Costa Teguise hosts a Brazilian music festival, and in September there is a music festival.

On the outskirts of Costa Teguise you can visit the palace of Las Marettas, which King Hussein of Jordan gave to the Spanish King Juan Carlos.

What else to see:

  • César Manrique’s house-museum in Tajic
  • The picturesque villages of Arrieta and Aria
  • Cueva de los Verdes Caves
  • cactus garden
  • the historic capital of the island, Teguise
  • the modern capital of Lanzarote – Arrecife with its two castles, a huge shopping center and market near the church of San Gines.
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The resort of Puerto del Carmen

Is the largest resort in the south-east of the island, is a 10-minute drive from the airport of Arecife.

On the main 7-kilometer artery of the resort Avenida de las Playas you can find many restaurants, bars, shopping centers, hotels, villas and attractions.

On the beach tourists enjoy the golden sand and clear water. The largest beach – Playa Grande – is equipped with lifeguard towers. The second beach, Los Posillos, is perfect for those who want to do windsurfing.

Beach Matagorda is suitable for families, and El Barranquillo is loved by fans of the perfect tropical sunbathing.

The quaint and quiet village of Puerto Tinoza, with its cove and docks, is a must-see. There are not many restaurants and bars, but there are great views of the volcanoes of Papagayo and the neighboring island of Fuerteventura.

Puerto del Carmen has diving centers for beginners, bicycle rentals, golf courses and water equipment rentals for water activities.

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