7 suggestions for short tours in Europe

Discounted Tours in Europe.

Europe is a true tourist paradise. Here you can touch the greatest monuments of culture and art, rest on the sea and challenge your own courage in a world of extreme entertainment.

There are vacations for all tastes, from family resorts to romantic tours for two. Interesting trekking routes, secluded places for lovers of peace, parties in nightclubs, shopping – all this rest in a European way!

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What’s included in the cost of the tour

  • Flight – airfare with the most convenient time and itinerary;
  • Transfer – pickup at the airport and transportation to the hotel upon arrival and back upon departure;
  • Accommodation – a hotel with a rating and location of your choice;
  • Meals – hotel rates can include a variety of meal plans, from ultra all-inclusive to breakfast and buffet;
  • Amenities – select in the filter the amenities you need (wi-fi, safe, baby supplies) to be included in the total price of the tour;
  • Health insurance – covers the cost of treatment if something happens to you abroad.

When you buy a trip to Europe, you don’t have to worry about organizational issues. CheapForTrip takes care of all the hassle and finds you a trip that will best suit your needs.

Popular Resorts and Countries in Europe

Eiffel Tower.

The jewel of France and one of the most romantic places in the world. How can you visit Paris and not get a glimpse of this architectural marvel? The magnificent panorama from the top of the tower will be remembered for a lifetime.


Italy is one of the most historically rich countries. See the colossal amphitheater of antiquity, walk its corridors, and feel like the bravest legionary.

Black Forest

Germany’s most picturesque place, the Black Forest has a lot to entertain tourists. The best trails for trekking, camping and sightseeing are all Black Forest. You’ll find towering waterfalls, blooming valleys and well-appointed resorts near pristine lakes.

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Photos of Cities in Europe



Lavender Fields in Provence

Paris Sights

Rome Sights

London sights

Christmas in Vienna

What time to choose a trip to Europe

  • The warm season (June, July, August) – Summer is considered a high season in many European countries, when prices skyrocket, and tourists around by times more. If you want to have a summer vacation and save money at the same time, look for hot tours to Europe in the direction of the Atlantic coast, Scandinavia and Great Britain.
  • Winter (December, January, February) is the ideal time to travel to Latvia, Germany, Italy, and Spain. In winter, all resorts lower their prices and offer entertainment appropriate to the mood: sightseeing tours, fairs, New Year’s Eve fireworks from the observation deck.
  • The off-season (spring and fall) – the fall months are suitable for vacations by the sea, and the spring months for sightseeing trips in the suburbs.

The advantages of choosing tours on CheapForTrip

  • Only current data. Thanks to direct integration with tour operators, all prices and data on CheapForTrip tours are accurate and updated in real time. No approximate cost – only the exact price.
  • Convenient filters. With the help of catalog filters you can choose the most suitable for you trip. For example, choose a class of hotel or food system.
  • 24/7 customer support. We care about our customers and are ready to answer all their questions. Subscribe to CheapForTrip on social networks to receive the latest information on the destinations that interest you.
  • Convenient and secure payment. When you buy a tour online, you can be sure that its price will not change until you reach the travel agency. Pay by card and catch the best prices only on CheapForTrip.

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