7 Best Entertainment in Bratislava, Slovakia

Things to do with children in Bratislava

Bratislava Children Museum

Aquapark Senec is open all year round. There are 11 swimming pools, 6 of which are open in summer. The temperature of the water in the activity pools is 28 to 32 degrees Celsius.

Dinosaur Park DinoPark

At the entrance all visitors are greeted by a pair of brightly colored dinosaurs. One of them seems not to notice the guests: he stands up on his hind legs and tries to eat the leaves off the tree. But .

Museum of Commerce

The museum’s collections have several directions. They include a story about the trade at different times, advertising samples, an excursion into the history of Slovak brewing, and .

Nature Museum

Almost all exhibitions of the museum have a common name – “Miracle of Nature”. The paleontological exhibit is dedicated to the appearance of the first living organisms on Earth. Evidence .

Rope Park Action Park

Above the entire territory of the park there is a ropeway with a length of 120 m. If the question why people don’t fly like birds worries you, try to fly 14 m above the ground with .

Devin Castle

The first fortifications on the site of the fortress appeared in Roman times, then there was a fortified line of the Roman Limes. And already in the IX century above the Morava River rose

Bratislava Zoo

Zoo in Slovak capital was opened in 1959. There are now more than 700 animals of 170 different species. The aviaries are arranged so that the animals can comfortably live in them, and .

Bratislava Castle

The first settlements on the site of the castle appeared before Christ. It was settled Celts, then the Romans built a fortification, which was part of the defense system of Limes Romanus. But already in the X .

Art and Creativity Center for Children Bibiana

Bibiana’s creative classes are not designed for a child to learn how to “correctly” draw a flower or a bird. Here, children are encouraged to refuse to .


The cars in the room glisten with lacquered sides like toy models. That’s how the boys look at them – like toys, big and a little strange. But this museum is not worth it.

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