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Vacation at Home: 100 Ideas for Holidays at Home and Relaxation

Vacation at home: 100 ideas on how to vacation at home and relax

It’s not always possible to fly to the edge of the world to enjoy the sea and rest at the resort. But do not worry about it, because you can have a good rest and at home. Do not give a damn about Ibiza! What to do on vacation at home, how to spend your vacation with benefit and how to have a good rest on vacation?

Not always in life we can go somewhere to have a good rest at the resort and lie on the sand by the ocean. There may be many reasons: lack of money, young children, a busy schedule at work, quarantine or other household difficulties. But do not despair, because a vacation and a great rest can be at home. Sometimes a vacation at home is not only not worse, but better, if you approach it thoroughly.

How to vacation at home to use and rest?

What is a vacation? Vacation is a small period of time that we call “little life. During the vacation we live the life we really want. We feel free to do the things we love, have fun and relax.

What to do on vacation and what to do? We can do nothing, but often this makes us feel even more tired, sick with laziness and apathy. We can come up with useful and necessary activities that will feel like a vacation, but will also have a good effect on our lives.

The best option for a vacation at home or anywhere else will be a combination of different kinds of pastime. You should make a vacation full of things to do and get a lot of memories. You can add some useful things to your list of activities, and then mix it with entertainment, adventure, recreation and fun.

How to spend your vacation in a meaningful and relaxing way?

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Vacation at home or a list of ideas for a home vacation

Your boss has finally signed off on your vacation, and you’re wondering how to make it unforgettable? This is often exacerbated by the fact that you’re not going anywhere, which means you have to rest at home and think of something to do. How to spend a vacation at home with pleasure and really interesting?

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Vacation can be a family vacation with children, or an ordinary vacation, because there is no drastic difference. We’ve come up with a list of ideas that you might find interesting on vacation. Vacations usually come in 20 to 30 days, but we’ve made a bigger list so there’s plenty to choose from. Save your list of home vacation ideas for a delightful and unforgettable vacation.

1. Start a YouTube or TikTok channel. Maybe you’ll become a star blogger during your vacation.

2. Watch great shows and movies that you didn’t have time for during normal times.

3. read interesting books, which will help you have a fun time on vacation and useful ones.

4. Climb on the roof of the house to admire the stars, sunset or sunrise. Be sure to take the company of friends or your other half.

5. Play computer games, mastering and trying all the new things in the computer world.

6. Meditate, relax and reflect on something eternal, because when to do it, if not on vacation?

7. Exercise to get yourself in great, athletic and hot shape this vacation.

8. Go on a picnic with friends or your other half. Take tents, blankets, a guitar and a kebab.

9. Get out to any Open-Air, concert, festival or Holi festival to have a great time.

10. Ride your bike, skateboard and rollerblades, giving yourself up to your favorite summer activities.

Ride your bike, skateboard and rollerblades, giving yourself over to your favorite summer activities.

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11. 11. Listen to music, find new bands or explore new trends.

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13. Repeat some challange to have fun or become a more popular blogger.

14. Vacationing at home doesn’t mean sitting in four walls. Go wherever your eyes can see. You can ride your bike, car or bus.

15. Walk around bars, exploring interesting places, menus and liquors.

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16. Update your resume and then look for a more attractive place to work. Maybe you won’t have to go back to your old hated job after your vacation.

17. Learn to dance during your vacation by studying lessons on YouTube.

18. Take lots of selfies to update your social media accounts.

19. Make new acquaintances, friends or buddies.

20. Go to the beach of a river or lake to swim, sunbathe and play on the beach.

Go to the beach of a river or lake to swim, sunbathe and play on the beach.

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21. Get enough sleep at last and get rid of your eternal sleepiness at least on vacation.

22. Try one-day tourism, when you go exploring a neighboring city for a short period of time in the company of your buddies, your other half or on your own.

23. Master programming or design, like you’ve wanted to for a long time. Maybe after the vacation you’ll get a new job you love and pay well.

24. Sit by the fire, on the riverbank or on the high ground to admire and think about life for a while.

25. Learn to do cool tricks to amaze your friends.

26. Start running and join a running club to find us like-minded people.

27. Take up yoga to make your body healthier and more flexible. It’s good for everyone, and especially for girls.

28. Learn to cook and make new dishes. You’ve always wanted to have crown ludes and eat like a Padishah.

29. Vacation at home? Do nothing. Sometimes it’s good to do nothing at all to enjoy your vacation. Just lie at home and be lazy.

30. Find a new hobby or pastime that will keep you busy for many days on vacation.

Find a new hobby or pastime that will keep you busy for many days on vacation.

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31. Get rid of your bad habits this vacation. It’s time to quit them so they don’t poison your life.

32. Explore your hometown, looking into the most remote corners and finding something interesting.

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33. Start a journal or blog on the Internet, sharing your thoughts with the world.

34. Do crossword puzzles, do puzzles, play cards.

35. Visit different interesting cafes, bars and clubs.

36. Go and pick berries and mushrooms in the woods during the summer vacation.

37. Take lots of pictures from this vacation and sign: “vacation-2021, vacation-2022, vacation-2023.

38. Go fishing to enjoy the quiet and catch some fish. Take your other half so you can do more than just eat fish.

39. Dive into the abyss of the Internet, looking for interesting and cool sites (mensby.com).

40. Go to a cool party or hangout to hang out or meet someone.

Go to a cool party or hangout to hang out or meet someone.

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41. Create a visualization board by putting all your dreams on it.

42. Play soccer, basketball, volleyball, frisbee.

43. Buy a cool camera or learn to take beautiful pictures even with your phone.

44. Go to a movie, exhibition or theater to have a little cultural fun.

45. Play board games with friends or hit up a special game club.

46. Attend sporting events, cheering on your favorite team or your country.

47. Do something during your vacation that you have never done, but wanted to or even thought about doing.

48. Try orienteering to run in beautiful places on vacation, get in shape and meet new people.

49. What to do this vacation? Change your style and image to get a little better.

50. Ride a catamaran, boat, yacht or motorboat this vacation.

Take a ride on a catamaran, boat, yacht or motorboat this vacation.

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51. Drink a little alcohol by allowing yourself a little extra on your chest this vacation.

52. Go to a bathhouse, sauna, or a whole water park to spend the day there.

53. Master any musical instrument you’ve long dreamed of picking up.

54. Rewatch old photographs and give yourself over to memories.

55. Dress beautifully and provocatively while on vacation.

56. Finish online courses that you might be interested in.

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57. Go to a nightclub to dance there until the wee hours of the morning, having met someone.

58. Do something with your hands.

59. Go to a spa or have one at home.

60. Go to billiards, bowling, tennis.

Go to pool, bowling, tennis.

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61. Run around the field and pick beautiful flowers.

62. Give in to any summer temptation that beckons you.

63. Try an extreme vacation this vacation to shake things up a bit.

64. Go to a shooting range or a real hunt in the woods.

65. Learn to draw on a canvas or tablet, becoming a cool artist in the future.

66. Have romantic evenings with your soulmate in different places.

67. Come up with your own business or small business while on vacation.

68. Splash water, swim in fountains and shoot water pistols.

69. Try beatboxing or rapping.

70. Vacations at home can be boring when you’re alone, but if you find your other half, it’s fun.

Vacationing at home can be boring when you're alone, but if you find a significant other, it will be fun.

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71. Discover something new and different to broaden your view of the world.

72. Participate in any competition or contest by testing yourself on this vacation.

73. Go on excursions and other activities that might be of interest.

74. Tidy up your home, make repairs or do some real rearranging during the vacation.

75. Try camping by going somewhere beautiful by car.

76. Visit your near or distant relatives that you can visit during your vacation.

77. Launch a firecracker, kite or Chinese lantern.

78. Go ice skating during your vacation at the ice palace.

79. Visit interesting events in your city during your vacation.

80. Try kayaking and river rafting this vacation.

Try kayaking and river rafting this vacation.

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81. Find a part-time job during your vacation to earn money and buy yourself something cool.

82. Become more beautiful while on vacation: dentist, beautician, fitness trainer.

83. Vacation at home? Enjoy the peace and quiet while reflecting on your life and making plans.

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84. Wander around the stores and malls to buy yourself something.

85. Roll around in an amusement park and have fun as if you were a child.

86. Go to a mind games club and make your own team.

87. Beat the punching bag or join a martial arts club.

88. Have philosophical conversations all night long with your friends or casual acquaintances.

89. Do volunteer work or do something kind on this vacation.

90. Walk outside as often as you can, go for walks, visit the park and the woods.

Walk outside as often as you can, go out for walks, visit the park and the woods.

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91. Get to know what’s going on in the world right now and what the trends are.

92. Have a professional photo shoot so you can be photographed from an unusual angle.

93. Go to the cottage or to your grandmother in the village, as you once did when you were a child.

94. Go to beautiful places and have a good time there.

95. Plan your dream life, make Napoleonic plans.

96. Go out and have fun with your friends on vacation, because it’s a great excuse to get together.

97. Make an important and necessary decision this vacation to dramatically change your life for the better.

98. Do silly things, goof off, and relax.

Do silly things, goof off, and relax.

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99. Go out all night long without thinking about time at all. You’re on vacation, so you can afford it.

100. Fall in love with this vacation, then enjoy the love.

How to spend a vacation at home and have a wonderful vacation? Pick any idea and change it however you want. A vacation at home can be even cooler than anywhere else in the unknowable far reaches. How do you like to spend your vacation at home?

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