6 Plants That Attract Crows 2024 – Tips and Advice for Attracting Crows to Your Garden

Welcome to our guide on attracting crows to your garden! Crows are highly intelligent and sociable birds that can bring life and character to any outdoor space. In this article, we will explore six plants that are known to attract crows and provide tips and advice for creating an inviting environment for these charismatic creatures.

Planting the right vegetation can make a significant difference in attracting crows to your garden. These birds are particularly drawn to plants that offer them food, shelter, and nesting opportunities. By carefully selecting the plants mentioned in this article, you can create a haven that will not only attract crows but also enhance the overall beauty of your landscape.

1. Sunflowers: Sunflowers are not only a delight to human eyes but also highly appealing to crows. These tall, bright flowers provide a rich source of seeds, which are a favorite food of crows. Placing sunflowers around your garden will undoubtedly catch the attention of these intelligent birds.

2. Oak Trees: Oaks are large, sturdy trees that provide crows with both nesting sites and a variety of food sources. Crows are known to feed on the insects, acorns, and other small animals found in oak trees. Planting one or more oak trees in your garden can create an ideal habitat for crows.

“Crows are highly intelligent and sociable birds that can bring life and character to any outdoor space.”

3. Fruit Trees: Fruit trees, such as apple, cherry, and pear trees, are highly attractive to crows. The abundance of fruits provides a consistent food source and can entice crows to visit your garden regularly. It’s important to note that crows may try to eat the fruits before they are fully ripe, so be prepared to protect your harvest.

4. Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is a fragrant and visually appealing plant that is sure to catch the attention of crows. Its nectar-rich flowers attract a wide range of insects, which provide a valuable food source for crows. The dense foliage of honeysuckle vines also offers shelter and nesting opportunities.

5. Corn: Corn is a staple food for many bird species, including crows. Planting a patch of corn in your garden can be a highly effective way to attract these birds. The tall stalks provide cover and nesting sites, while the kernels offer an abundant and nutritious food source.

6. Berries: Crows have a particular affinity for berries, such as blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Growing these delicious fruits in your garden will not only attract crows but also provide you with a delightful harvest. Just be prepared to share some of the berries with your winged visitors!

By incorporating these plants into your garden, you can create an inviting habitat that will attract crows and provide them with the food and shelter they need. Remember to respect these intelligent creatures and enjoy the beauty and entertainment they bring to your outdoor space.

Plants That Attract Crows 2024

Plants That Attract Crows 2024

Attracting crows to your garden can be beneficial as they help to control pests and provide entertainment with their intelligent behavior. If you want to attract crows to your garden in 2024, consider these six plants:

1. Sunflowers:

Crows are attracted to the large, bright flowers and their seeds. Plant a variety of sunflowers to provide a continuous food source for the crows.

2. Corn:

Crows love corn, especially during its ripening stage. Plant a row of corn in your garden to attract them.

3. Berries:

Crows have a sweet tooth for berries, especially dark-colored ones like blackberries and blueberries. Plant berry bushes to entice them.

4. Pumpkins:

Crows are fond of pumpkin seeds and enjoy scavenging them. Growing pumpkins in your garden will definitely attract these birds.

5. Peanuts:

Another favorite of crows is peanuts. You can plant peanut bushes or scatter some peanuts in your garden to attract them.

6. Apple Trees:

Crows are known to have a liking for apples, particularly during the fall when there is an abundance of ripe apples. Plant apple trees in your garden to draw in the crows.

Remember to create a welcoming environment for crows by providing a source of water, perches, and hiding places. Be patient, as it may take some time for the crows to discover and trust your garden as a reliable food source.

Disclaimer: Crows are wild birds, and their behavior cannot be guaranteed. Attracting them to your garden is a natural process and may vary depending on factors such as location and availability of food sources.

Tips and Advice for Attracting Crows to Your Garden

Tips and Advice for Attracting Crows to Your Garden

If you’re interested in attracting crows to your garden, there are several strategies that can help you create an environment that they find appealing.

1. Provide a consistent food source: Crows are omnivores and will eat a wide variety of foods. To attract them, offer a consistent source of food such as birdseed, cracked corn, peanuts, or suet. You can also leave out scraps of meat or pet food to lure them in.

2. Install a birdbath: Crows need water for drinking and bathing. Adding a birdbath to your garden will attract them, as well as other bird species. Make sure to keep the water clean and fresh to encourage regular visits.

3. Create perching and nesting spots: Crows are social birds and enjoy perching in trees and on tall structures. Provide roosting spots by planting tall trees or installing tall poles or platforms in your garden. Nesting boxes or platforms can also attract crows looking for a place to build their nests.

4. Mimic crow sounds: Crows are highly vocal birds and communicate using a variety of sounds. If you want to attract them, try mimicking their calls. You can do this by playing crow sounds from a speaker or using your own voice to mimic their vocalizations.

5. Avoid the use of pesticides: Crows are intelligent birds and may avoid gardens that have been treated with pesticides. Organic gardening methods, such as using natural pest control options, can help attract and keep crows in your garden.

6. Be patient: It may take some time for crows to discover and trust your garden as a reliable food and water source. Be patient and consistent with your efforts, and eventually, they will likely become regular visitors.

By following these tips and providing an inviting environment for crows, you can attract these intelligent and fascinating birds to your garden and enjoy their presence.

Sunflowers: A Bright and Tasty Treat for Crows

Sunflowers: A Bright and Tasty Treat for Crows

If you’re looking to attract crows to your garden, planting sunflowers can be a great way to do so. These vibrant and beautiful flowers not only add a pop of color to your landscape, but they also provide a delicious treat for crows.

Crows are known to be fond of sunflower seeds, and planting sunflowers in your garden can help draw them in. Sunflower seeds are high in fat and protein, making them a nutritious food source for these intelligent birds.

To attract crows, consider planting a variety of sunflowers in different sizes and colors. This will create a visually appealing display that is sure to catch their attention. You can also try planting a mix of single-stem and multi-stem sunflowers to provide a diverse range of seeds.

When planting sunflowers, make sure to choose a sunny spot in your garden with well-drained soil. Sunflowers thrive in full sun and require regular watering to keep their roots hydrated. You can start growing sunflowers from seeds or purchase young plants from a nursery.

Once your sunflowers start producing seeds, you can begin reaping the benefits of attracting crows. To make the seeds easily accessible to crows, consider leaving the flower heads on the plants after they have bloomed. This will allow the seeds to mature and dry out, making them easier for the birds to eat.

If you’re worried about the seeds attracting other animals or becoming a nuisance, you can use bird feeders or place the flower heads on elevated surfaces to limit access to only the crows. This will ensure that the crows can enjoy their tasty treat without causing any issues.

So, if you’re looking to add some life and activity to your garden, consider planting sunflowers to attract crows. Not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of these bright flowers, but you will also have the chance to observe and appreciate the interesting behaviors of these intelligent birds.

Corn: A Favored Crop That Crows Can’t Resist

Corn: A Favored Crop That Crows Can't Resist

Crows have long been known to have an affinity for corn, making it one of the best plants to attract these intelligent birds to your garden. Corn not only provides a nutritious food source for crows but also offers shelter and a place for them to build their nests.

When planting corn to attract crows, it’s important to choose a variety that is known for its sweetness. Crows have a preference for sweet corn, so opt for varieties like Sugar Buns, Honey Select, or How Sweet It Is. Planting a mix of different corn varieties can also be beneficial, as it provides a diverse food source for the crows.

When it comes to planting corn, it’s important to provide enough space for the plants to grow. Crows prefer open areas where they can easily spot potential predators, so avoid planting corn too close to tall trees or structures that could obstruct their view. Planting corn in rows also makes it easier for crows to access the crops.

Consider planting corn as part of a larger garden that includes other plants that attract crows, such as sunflowers and pumpkins. This creates a diverse and enticing environment for crows, increasing the chances of them visiting your garden regularly. Providing a consistent food source throughout the year can also help establish a strong bond between you and the crows.

It’s important to note that while corn is a favored crop among crows, it can also attract other pests such as squirrels and raccoons. To deter these unwanted visitors, consider using mesh netting or other physical barriers to protect your crops.

In conclusion, corn is a favored crop that crows can’t resist. By planting sweet varieties and providing enough space, you can attract crows to your garden and enjoy their presence. Remember to create a diverse garden that includes other plants that attract crows and take precautions to protect your crops from other pests.


What are some plants that attract crows?

Some plants that attract crows are sunflowers, corn, oak trees, apple trees, walnut trees, and pecan trees.

How can I attract crows to my garden?

You can attract crows to your garden by planting plants that attract them, such as sunflowers, corn, oak trees, apple trees, walnut trees, and pecan trees. Additionally, you can provide a water source for them and leave out food for them to eat.


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Emma Smith

I found this article on attracting crows to your garden really fascinating! As a nature lover, I’ve always been intrigued by these intelligent creatures. The tips and advice provided are practical and easy to follow. I especially loved the suggestion of planting sunflowers and corn, as these are beautiful additions to any garden. I’d love to see a flock of crows gathering around these plants, adding a touch of wilderness to my backyard. Additionally, the article mentions how crows have a positive impact on gardens by controlling pests, which is a huge plus for any gardener. Overall, this article has inspired me to create a crow-friendly garden and I can’t wait to see the results!


I found this article on attracting crows to your garden really interesting and helpful. As someone who loves gardening, it’s always great to find ways to attract different birds and wildlife to my space. Crows are such intelligent and fascinating creatures, and I love the idea of having them visit my garden. I learned that there are specific plants that can attract crows, such as sunflowers, corn, and fruit-bearing trees like apple or cherry. I never thought about planting these to attract crows, but it makes sense considering these are the types of food they love. I’m definitely going to add some sunflowers and fruit trees to my garden now! The article also mentioned the importance of providing a water source for the crows. I never thought about this before, but it makes sense that they would appreciate having access to fresh water. I’m going to set up a birdbath or a shallow container with water for the crows to drink and bathe in. Another tip I found useful was to create a comfortable and safe environment for the crows. Providing some shelter, like trees or shrubs, can make them feel more at home in my garden. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when planning my garden layout. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this article and learning about different ways to attract crows to my garden. It’s such a unique and fun way to connect with nature. I can’t wait to see these intelligent birds flocking to my garden and adding a sense of liveliness and beauty to the space.


As an avid gardener, I found this article on attracting crows to my garden highly informative and interesting. I have always been fascinated by these intelligent creatures and wanted to find ways to invite them into my space. The tips and advice provided in this article were quite helpful. I was not aware that certain plants could attract crows, and the list of six plants was a great starting point for me to enhance my garden. I particularly liked the suggestion of planting sunflowers and corn, as the visual appeal and practical benefits of these plants are immense. The section on providing a water source for crows was also insightful, and I will definitely consider incorporating a birdbath or small pond in my garden. Overall, this article provided valuable insights and practical tips for attracting crows, and I am eager to implement them in my garden. Thank you for this informative piece!

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