6 of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and Atlantic

The 10 most popular islands in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the warmest on the planet, and it doesn’t take long to get to its resorts. We share the information where and why to go to get the vacation of your dreams. And really, where to – glamorous Capri, revitalizing Ischia, toy Santorini, clubbing Ibiza or legendary Crete?


The largest island of the Mediterranean Sea in the last couple of millennia, who had different sights – the Siculians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Vandals, Ostgoths, Vikings, Franks. Now its beaches are occupied by ordinary tourists, divers, windsurfers and kiteboarders. And these beaches are some of the best in Europe. The most popular are located in the resorts of Cefalu, Taormina and, of course, Giardini Naxos. Fans of active recreation will not be bored here: in Sicily one can dive, windsurf, kite-ski, ride a bike, climb Mount Etna, and go hiking in the beautiful surroundings.

For gourmets, there is plenty to do here: cafes and simple trattorias serving masterpieces of local cuisine like arancini and swordfish are open without a break for siesta. And the local, home-made wine can be drunk on the street from jugs at very reasonable prices.

Number one among the attractions of Sicily is the majestic volcano Etna, and the second – a picturesque volcano on the small island of Stromboli, whose famous plume of smoke can be seen as a day and night.

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This is where Crete is said to have been home to the Minotaur. Today it makes excellent wine and olive oil, and welcomes many visitors. The sea is warm, the beaches are excellent, and the hospitality of the locals knows no bounds. The resort center of the island – Hersonissos – in summer and early autumn receives tens of thousands of people who want to get some warmth under the gentle sun and relax on one of the chic beaches, as well as go crazy in the discos and bars, which fill the city up to the eyeballs. Another famous resort is Agios Nikolaos, which smug Cretans call nothing short of “Saint-Tropez”. Here you will find cozy bays with clean beaches, lots of cafes, where they serve specialty coffee with ice water, plenty of pedestrian streets with stores and souvenir shops, and a magnificent promenade.

When in Crete, you must visit the small island of Elafonisi with the white-pink beach, the color of which is due to the coral crumbs mixed with the sand. Another must visit Cretan program is the ruins of the palace, where the legend says the Minotaur lived. By the way, nearby is another gem of the Mediterranean, the volcano island of Santorini, which is worth a trip at least for a day.

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If you ask the average European where the paradise on earth is, he will answer: Mallorca. The largest island of the Balearic Islands welcomes visitors all year round: there are excellent beaches with soft sand, plenty of activities for children and adults, and attractions are on every step. Don’t limit yourself to Palma de Mallorca, the island’s bustling capital, though this beautiful city with its interesting architecture, endless shopping opportunities and busy nightlife makes it hard to leave. Cannes Pastilla, beloved by surfers (it gets bigger waves in winter) or Port de Pollensa, one of Agatha Christie’s favourite spots, are worth exploring further afield. And you can also go to the wild Es Trenc beach, which is often compared to the snow-white shores of the Caribbean Sea.

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In Sardinia there is a place for everyone – millionaires, divers, windsurfers and just those who want to swim and swim in crystal clear water and relax on luxurious beaches. It is worth knowing that not all hotels and entertainment here are as exorbitantly expensive as on the famed Costa Smeralda, where there are villas of Abramovich and Berlusconi. Beaches are to suit all tastes – both in the area of the capital Cagliari, and in the north, in Alghero and Baia Sardinia. From Baia, by the way, it’s convenient to get to the Maddalena archipelago, which is home to whales and dolphins. The nightlife of the island is legendary: almost all resorts along the waterfront string string of bars and nightlife.

The best way to see Sardinia in all its glory is to rent a car and get ready for a dizzying ride down the serpentine road, which offers a fabulous view of the sea and natural scenery. High-rise construction is prohibited here: a maximum of three floors, even for hotels.

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The most paradisiacal and “doll” island of Greece, as if created for a model vacation. Beaches are there – and what: seven-kilometer-long Perissa with black volcanic sand and “wild” Red Beach: of course, with red sand. Nearby is a small island of Nea Kameni, where the volcano is still active, making the temperature atypically high. Santorini itself, by the way, is also of volcanic origin. The island is incredibly popular: the world-famous toy houses on the hillsides by the sea – the best proof of that. The capital – Fira – and smaller towns are full of restaurants and bars offering homemade wine and simple but delicious food. If you plan to spend more than a day here, we recommend a visit to the Jazz Festival (1-23 August) and the Volcano Festival (19 August) with its beautiful fireworks display.

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The Spanish island of Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands and has long been known as a mecca for fans of club music and dance-offs. But its beach and resort life is a bit overshadowed – which is strange, because it has all the possibilities for a great holiday. By the way, the beaches here are a great many – from noisy to conservative and family-friendly. You can windsurf, ride a catamaran or swim with a mask. There is even a water park! Well, having appeared in this dancing paradise, how not to visit the cult club Pacha? Or in no less legendary Café Del Mar, where partygoers meet the dawn with a cocktail Tequila Sunrise?

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The island of spas and healing springs is not inferior to its neighbor Capri in glamour and luxury hotels. And for those who want not only to swim and sunbathe, but also to improve their health, here is a free-for-all. Local beaches are much better than those in Capri: they are long and golden sand, the bottom of most of them shallow and smooth, so families with small children often come here.

The main peak of the island is the extinct volcano Epomeo, so picturesque and alluring that rooms in hotels with a view of it cost no less than a view of the sea. And the most popular architectural attraction is the ancient Aragonese castle on a rock, surprisingly harmoniously blending into the landscape. It is one of the symbols of Ischia along with the “mushroom” rock in Lacco Ameno.

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Malta is a tiny island-state to the south of Sicily, where you can not only study English, but also sunbathe, swim and even go scuba diving or just snorkeling. The beaches here are not very big – surrounded by rocky shores – but the sea is warm and clean, and wishing to relax – just a lot. The best beaches are in St. Julian’s and Paceville. In these same cities, the most exuberant nightlife – almost like in Ibiza. The most hotels and boutiques are in Sliema, and the beaches are no worse than in the first two cities. But with night entertainments is not so zany – in this Sliema is suitable for people older. The nearby island of Gozo attracts not with beaches (there are none), but with its mythical past: it was there that Odysseus met the nymph Calypso, in whose honor a beautiful grotto is named.

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One of the westernmost Greek islands is characterized by lush vegetation and dizzying landscapes, for which not only millionaires come from all over the world. The island’s most bustling town is Kerkyra; it has a beach with clear water and soft sand. Corfu has plenty of hotels to suit all tastes and abilities, stores, restaurants and nightclubs, where life boils until dawn. For divers and families with children, Paleokastritsa offers plenty of secluded bays, nice shallow beaches and a rich underwater flora. Aesthetes can visit Peroulades, where at low tide you can swim in front of the intricately outlined rocks.

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Southern Italy’s Capri – “The Island of Sweet Idleness,” as the ancient Romans called it – has been beckoning travelers for centuries. Here the beaches are not as long as in Sardinia or Sicily, but the water is wonderfully turquoise. There are paths through the mountains that offer a dizzying view of the sea and the unique Faraglioni rocks. The snow-white yachts of the millionaires flood the Marina Grande in the season, the funicular takes tourists to the mountain Monte Solaro, where you can see the entire gulf of Naples, and from the port of Capri to Anacapri you can walk along the Phoenician staircase. And of course, everyone wants to see the former nymphaeum of Emperor Tiberius – the Blue Grotto with piercing blue water, which can be reached only by boat, like in the old days.

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Six Mediterranean islands that await you

There are many beautiful places on Earth, and quite often they are islands, small pieces of land among the boundless waters. There is a mystery about them, they attract by their unique appearance and by the uniqueness of nature and culture.

And although the Mediterranean Sea – not the most distant of seas, its islands are as charming and beautiful as the islands of the Tridentine seas and oceans.

✔ The volcanic romance of Santorini Island

The major islands of the Mediterranean Sea - Santorini Island

The entire complex of Cyclades islands, once a single entity, is an amazing creation of nature that is rightly considered the pearl of Greece. Around 1500 B.C. there was a violent and destructive volcanic eruption that forever changed the face of the archipelago and completely destroyed the highly developed Cretan-Minoan civilization. Giant waves turned many cities of Crete into ruins.

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The volcano occasionally makes itself felt. The last reawakening of the volcano happened half a century ago. After the earthquake many buildings had to be rebuilt.

Nowadays you can feel the presence of the volcano, which is located at a depth of 1000 meters under the earth, by swimming to the small island of Nea Kameni and taking a walk to the crater itself, which emits a thin stream of acridly smelling hydrogen sulfide.

The lifeless landscape of the island gives the impression of another planet: it’s hard to believe that you are on the surface of the Earth.

✔ The island of Rhodes – the main secret of the Dodecanese

The island of Rhodes - Dodecanese

Threaded on an invisible thread that stretches along the west coast of Turkey and submerged in the aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea are the gems of the Greek Dodecanese archipelago – the cultural cradle of Greece and a model of the geographical diversity of the region.

Rhodes is the most famous island of the archipelago and its main jewel. This is where most travelers flock to and it welcomes everyone at any time of the year.

Stunning views, mild climate, beautiful beaches, cultural treasures, and an active night life await you here.

The Upper and Lower Towns in the historic center of Rhodes with their labyrinthine medieval fortifications are worth a visit. In the Upper Town you can find the most beautiful buildings of the island in Gothic style, the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Grand Hospital. The architecture of the Lower Town is diluted with mosques, public baths and other buildings from the period when Rhodes was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

✔ The island of Capri – the pearl of the Gulf of Naples

Capri Island

Capri, a Mediterranean paradise and the perfect place for a family holiday on the beach and sightseeing.

The bare limestone cliffs rising from the azure waters of the warm sea form an unforgettable view of the most famous island of the Bay of Naples.

Capri, with its elegant piazzas, cool cafes and stunning seascapes, is also popular with VIPs who want to unwind for a week or two.

Ibiza Island

Ibiza Island

Located off the east coast of Spain, the island of Ibiza, better known as Ibiza, is still associated with dance music.

It’s hard to believe that once it was an unremarkable piece of land. In 1956, there were only 12 cars on the island. But in the 1960s it was here, on sun-drenched, pristine beaches, that fun-seekers came. Since then, Ibiza has been considered the island of hedonists.

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The dance parties that made Ibiza famous began in 1978, when the owners of a little-known restaurant KU opened a disco. On its basis emerged the largest club in the world, Privilege, which can accommodate about 10,000 visitors.

Clubs in Ibiza exist to this day, a new generation of vacationers comes to the island in the hot wake of their parents. It’s easy to let your desires go free and spend your vacation in search of pleasure, because the atmosphere on the island is still youthful and unrestrained.

✔ Mallorca is an island for the beautiful life

Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

Mallorca (Balearic Islands)

The first charter flight landed on the small airstrip of Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, in 1950.

The main city of the archipelago, Palma de Mallorca, has long been a household name, a symbol of the beautiful and carefree life. It is impossible not to fall in love with it.

Currently on the island in search of sun, sea and sand annually arrives about 10 million tourists, which is an order of magnitude more than the local population.

However, the beaches are not all that interesting about the island. The northwestern part of Mallorca as if specially created for those who want to rest in solitude. Pinewoods and olive groves, small villages with cosy cabins and intricately indented shores provide this. It is here that the Serra de Tramuntana ridge rises and is full of inaccessible rocky cliffs.

North and east Mallorca, on the other hand, are perfect for those who enjoy exploring the beach.

Malta, the dwarf of the Mediterranean


The Maltese islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are located in the heart of the Mediterranean. The sparkling water surface and sunny, sandy beaches with numerous bars and restaurants just dispose to rest and leisure strolls.

But the sea and the sun are not all that you can find here. On the islands a lot of historical monuments. Malta is the perfect place for those who need to take a week off, quietly wander and get acquainted with the sights in walking distance.

Tiny Comino was once a haven for pirates and smugglers, and today serves as a regular stopover for numerous sun-seekers’ yachts.

One of the most attractive places on the island is the Blue Lagoon, striking the contrast of the clearest turquoise water and snow-white sand on the seabed.

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