6 most popular countries for tourism

Top most visited countries of the world by tourists

Hello, dear readers of the project Tyulyagin! Today we will summarize 2019 and talk to you about the most visited by tourists countries in the world. In the article I will talk about the top 10 most visited countries in the world and give a complete list of statistics on tourist travel for 2019. You will also learn what foreign destinations and countries are in the highest demand among Russians and Russian travelers.

The most visited and popular countries in the world among tourists

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Top 10 most visited countries in the world

Before I announce the full list, let’s look at the 10 most popular countries among tourists on our planet. According to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO the top 10 countries are:

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. USA
  4. China
  5. Italy
  6. Turkey
  7. Mexico
  8. Germany
  9. Thailand
  10. United Kingdom

France leads in tourism

France (89.4 million) has been the undisputed leader for the past few years. The country is attractive among tourists due to its rich culture and history. The country is home to 37 UNESCO sites and many other famous attractions.

Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world

Spain (82.8 million) – Tourism in Spain is one of the most developed in the world, as it accounts for 11% of the country’s GDP. Its Mediterranean and Atlantic resorts, festivals, parks, nightlife and more attract tourists from all over the world.

The United States is the third most visited country by tourists

U.S. (79.6 million) – Although the U.S. ranks third, it earns the most from tourism among other countries. Some cities in the U.S. exist only because of tourists. There are a lot of scenic and diverse places because of the large area of the country.

Great Wall of China - China's attractions

China (62.5 million) – In recent years the number of tourists to China has increased significantly and it is a country with a unique culture, history and sights. What’s worth only the Great Wall of China – one of the wonders of the world. A couple of years and China will probably break into the top three.

Italy - top 5 most visited countries in the world

Italy (62.1 million) – the heir to the Roman Empire, is quite rich in historical and architectural attractions, which attract tourists and make them dream to visit this country. And such gems as Venice, Milan and Florence only reinforce this desire.

Turkey (45.8 million) – A great number of historical and archeological sites along with good service in hotels and well-equipped beaches attract more and more tourists from all over the world.

Mexico (41.4 million) – You must have heard about the Mayans and seen pictures of the Incredible beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. Many people come here to see it all in person.

Skeleton Coast - a spooky place in Namibia

Germany (38.9 million) is one of the safest countries to travel to. Germany is primarily appreciated for its cultural attractions and festivals.

Thailand (38.3 million) – Sunny beaches, unique climate and nature, archaeological sites and of course the vibrant nightlife of Thailand are known around the world. Tourism brings up to 20% of the country’s GDP, which is why the conditions and services for travel here are growing every year.

Great Britain (35.1 million), the home of the English language, rich history and culture, developed infrastructure – all this attracts tourists. There are few people on the planet who have never heard of London, Big Ben and the Tower of London.

The most visited countries of the world by tourists

In 2019, more than 1.5 billion people traveled around the world, with more than half of the total tourist flow 60% of the world’s top twenty countries. I listed the top ten most popular countries among tourists above. As for Russia, about 24.6 million people visited Russia in 2019 – this is the 16th result among all countries of the world. Pretty good, but a few years ago, Russia occasionally managed to be in the top ten. The greatest growth of all countries in terms of number of visitors a year showed Tajikistan 190%, also tourist flow to Ecuador (51%), Egypt (37%), Tuvalu (35%) and Uganda (32%) has increased significantly. The number of tourists in Turkey (21.7%), thanks to which the country climbed to the 6th line in the ranking. See the complete rating of countries by tourist visits in the table below.

Country Tourists, million
1 France 89.4
2 Spain 82.8
3 United States 79.6
4 China 62.9
5 Italy 62.1
6 Turkey 45.8
7 Mexico 41.4
8 Germany 38.9
9 Thailand 38.3
10 United Kingdom 36.3
11 Japan 31.2
12 Austria 30.8
13 Greece 30.1
14 Hong Kong 29.3
15 Malaysia 25.8
16 Russia 24.6
17 Portugal 22.8
18 Canada 21.1
19 Poland 19.6
20 Netherlands 19
21 Macau 18.5
22 Macau 18.4
23 India 17.4
24 Hungary 17.1
25 Croatia 16.6
26 Saudi Arabia 16.1
27 United Arab Emirates 15.8
28 Vietnam 15.5
29 South Korea 15.3
30 Singapore 14.7
31 Ukraine 14.2
32 Czech Republic 13.6
33 Indonesia 13.3
34 Morocco 12.2
35 Denmark 11.7
36 Switzerland 11.7
37 Taiwan 11
38 South Africa 10.3
39 Ireland 10.3
40 Australia 9.2
41 Belgium 9.1
42 Bulgaria 9
43 Egypt 8.3
44 Egypt 8.3
45 Tunisia 8.2
46 Iran 7.2
47 Philippines 7.1
48 Sweden 7
49 Argentina 6.9
50 Brazil 6.6
51 Dominican Republic 6.6
52 Norway 6.2
53 Cambodia 6.2
54 Slovakia 6
55 Chile 5.7
56 Kazakhstan 5.5
57 Albania 5.3
58 Iran 4.9
59 Cuba 4.7
60 Georgia 4.7
61 Kyrgyzstan 4.5
62 Peru 4.4
63 Bahrain 4.4
64 Slovenia 4.4
65 Israel 4.1
66 Colombia 3.9
67 Cyprus 3.9
68 Jordan 3.8
69 Laos 3.7
70 Israel 3.6
71 New Zealand 3.6
72 Myanmar 3.5
73 Uruguay 3.4
74 Finland 3.2
75 Estonia 3.2
76 Andorra 3
77 Costa Rica 3
78 Puerto Rico 3
79 Lithuania 2.8
80 Romania 2.7
81 Azerbaijan 2.6
82 Algeria 2.5
83 Malta 2.5
84 Zimbabwe 2.4
85 Oman 2.4
86 Jamaica 2.4
87 Ecuador 2.4
88 Iceland 2.3
89 Montserrat 2.3
90 Belarus 2.1
91 Montenegro 2
92 Latvia 1.9
93 Lebanon 1.9
94 Uganda 1.85
95 Cote d’Ivoire 1.8
96 Qatar 1.8
97 Serbia 1.7
98 Guatemala 1.7
99 Panama 1.7
100 Botswana 1.6
101 Armenia 1.6
102 Bahamas 1.6
103 El Salvador 1.6
104 Namibia 1.5
105 Guam 1.5
106 Kenya 1.47
107 Mozambique 1.4
108 Maldives 1.4
109 Mauritius 1.39
110 Tajikistan 1.25
111 Nepal 1.1
112 Paraguay 1.1
113 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.05
114 Luxembourg 1
115 Bangladesh 1
116 Pakistan 1
117 Zambia 1
118 Honduras 0.865
119 Fiji 0.8
120 Macedonia 0.7
121 Swaziland 0.7
122 Cape Verde 0.7
123 Palestine 0.606
124 Barbados 0.6
125 Togo 0.57
126 Mongolia 0.52
127 Cayman Islands 0.46
128 Venezuela 0.4
129 Seychelles 0.362
130 Monaco 0.347
131 Botswana 0.295
132 Bermuda 0.28
133 Madagascar 0.257
134 Brunei 0.2
135 Bhutan 0.2
136 Moldova 0.16
137 Niger 0.157
138 San Marino 0.084
139 Liechtenstein 0.079
140 East Timor 0.075
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The most popular countries among Russian tourists

We have identified the most popular destinations in the world, but not all of them are as popular among Russian tourists. According to statistics, only 1 tourist in 5 travels outside their region, which is why the countries popular with Russia are significantly different from the global. In 2019, the most popular destinations among Russians were Turkey, Abkhazia, Finland, Kazakhstan and Ukraine . If we consider foreign countries, the leaders are Turkey, Germany, Thailand, Italy, Spain and the UAE . Full statistics of visits of foreign countries you can see in the table below. The rating is based on data from Rostourism and the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of Russia.

Country Tourists from Russia
1 Turkey 5719000
2 Abkhazia 4496000
3 Finland 3361000
4 Kazakhstan 2955000
5 Ukraine 2290000
6 China 2018000
7 Estonia 1798000
8 Germany 1297000
9 Georgia 1233000
10 Thailand 1173000
11 Poland 1093000
12 Italy 1086000
13 Spain 961000
15 Cyprus 826000
16 Greece 808000
17 Azerbaijan 748000
18 Lithuania 635000
19 Tunisia 611000
20 Vietnam 531000
21 Czech Republic 494000
22 France 476000
23 Bulgaria 437000
24 Armenia 434000
25 South Ossetia 420000
26 Latvia 418000
27 Israel 356000
28 Montenegro 285000
29 United Kingdom 252000
30 Austria 249000
31 South Korea 244000
32 Kyrgyzstan 239000
33 Switzerland 232000
34 Moldova 230000
35 Netherlands 223000
36 Dominican Republic 217000
37 USA 213000
38 India 197000
39 Hungary 169000
40 Uzbekistan 154000
41 Tajikistan 118000
42 Mongolia 111000
43 Norway 108000
44 Qatar 107000
45 Cuba 101000
46 Belgium 85000
47 Japan 80000
48 Croatia 69000
49 Serbia 68000
50 Portugal 60000
51 Sweden 55000
52 Jordan 52000
53 Maldives 38000
54 Denmark 34000
55 Slovakia 29000
56 Singapore 26000
57 Hong Kong 25000
58 Turkmenistan 24000
59 Slovenia 19000
60 Bahrain 18000
61 Romania 16000
62 Sri Lanka 16000
63 Malta 14000
64 Morocco 13000
65 Iran 9000
Other countries 143000
Total travels abroad 41957000
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Finally, I suggest you watch an entertaining video about the most visited countries in the world from 1991 to 2019 .

And that’s all for today about the most visited countries in the world! Have a good trip and see you on the pages of the project Tyulyagin!

6 most profitable countries for traveling in 2022

Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles are great, but hardly possible without credit? Why dream of a pipe dream when there are equally wonderful, but much cheaper tourist destinations. In Turkey and Egypt is no less hot sun, Armenia – the stunning mountains and ancient relics. And tours in Russia – it’s a mix of the best of tourism – the sea, the mountains and history, which in its intricate weave more interesting than Game of Thrones and Game of Squid put together. As for the exclusivity – here Russia has no equals.


Turkey, Kaş

It is still the most worthy of cheap tourist destinations and the cheapest of worthy. Low prices, last minute tours, promotions from hotels and tour operators – the Turkish coast is ready to take guests at a reasonable price.

And if the hotel level is not premium, and unobtrusive service, the bright sun, gentle sea and historical sites are still present in the package “all inclusive”, which by default enjoys any guest of Turkey.

And don’t let the second, third line or city hotel in Kemer confuse you. Walk along the shady alley with picturesque houses and shops to the beach, on the way back to get real berek or doner kebab to eat – this is emotions, which you will not get any luxury hotel on the first line with the system “all inclusive”.


Egypt, the pyramids

Same thing, but a few degrees hotter. Africa awaits you with mesmerizing desert landscapes and the delightfully beautiful Red Sea. The culture of ancient Egypt, as distant and surprising to us as the life of penguins in Antarctica. The tomtom crocodiles peering out of the Nile, the mysterious pharaohs and the monumental pyramids, as simple and ingenious as Malevich’s Black Square. You can see it all, even if you’ve come to the most budget hotel in Hurghada.

14 secret places in Scotland, UK

And if you go to a last minute tour to one of the best hotels in Egypt, you can for a minimum price to get the highest service, fantastic entertainment and endless smorgasbord in local restaurants.


Grand Hotel Rodina in Sochi

Russia is limitless and prices for holidays in our beautiful country, too. Here you will find recreation of any direction – beach, mountain, medical, sightseeing, extreme – and the most modest hotels and resorts.

Tours to Sochi and Anapa, resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters, cottages in Karelia, mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan will reopen the country and see how diverse it is. Tours to Baikal, Altai or Kamchatka – this is the next step, on which only high level travelers will dare.


Hotel Abaata

To have a rest in Abkhazia is possible practically for free. True, you need to prepare mentally for some local nuances, which may force you to get your phone for a photo with the hashtag #itakbyv21century. Abkhazia is roulette. Most hotels are cheap and very cheap, but the quality of service and rooms are impossible to guess.

But Abkhazia is for everyone. Romantics will sigh at every step from the beauty of mountains, waterfalls and amazing azure sea. Families with children will love the low prices, delicious fruit and comfortable entry into the water. Gourmets will definitely appreciate the local cuisine – in every cafe it is unique thanks to family secrets, and hungry for pathos must visit Gagripsh. This is probably the only place in Abkhazia, where an evening dress may come in handy.


Belarus city Miory

It is a cozy country, which you must have seen somewhere. And if it was not in your childhood, it was in Soviet films, so soulfully reflecting the times of the USSR. Belorussia of today, of course, is not an exact copy, but rather a “country on the motives” or an improved version.

Jerusalem pilgrimage, Israel

Excursions are, first of all, bright Minsk and legendary Brest. Nesvizh Castle, Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Khatyn and Polotsk, Miory. You will immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, see the iconic places of the Great Patriotic War and appreciate the scale and creativity of modern art objects.

A relaxing holiday – the famous Belarusian sanatoriums. Inexpensive, hospitable and with interesting treatment programs. For example, a unique method of “sleeping in hives” – how about it, Elon Musk?



High-mountainous Lake Sevan, Tatev Monastery, fascinating mountains, ancient temples and a view of Ararat. In Armenia they will tell you hundreds of legends and treat you to thousands of national dishes. You will learn that Armenian wine is not worse than local brandy and Geghard Monastery is worthy of attention not less than Tatev.

Armenia has its own healing springs. The main balneological resort in Armenia is Jermuk. Once it was the all-Union health resort, and by 2022 it has modern clinics, which are as advanced as the ones in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The most modern city in Armenia is Yerevan. However, it can be called modern only thanks to the progressiveness of the city’s leaders, because the history of Yerevan began in 782 BC. The ruins of Zvartnots, Erebuni fortress, and St. Zoravor Astvatsatsin church tell us about the ancient times of the Armenian capital. Its modern history is represented by Republic Square, Victory Bridge, Freedom Square, and the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

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