6 best hikes in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife routes.

Walking through the mountains is the only way to discover Tenerife. Many cool places can only be reached on foot. I share with you the most epic routes that only the locals know about.

The route to Antequera Beach in Anaga

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A route through an atypical and sparsely populated part of the Anaga Park in the north of Tenerife. In the middle of the route we will swim with you on a deserted beach. In the mountains we will find goats and walk in the clouds.

The route through the tunnel to the beach of Barranco Seco

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We went on an extreme hike through the tunnels. It is the same as the Masca Gorge. The route is very difficult and in some places dangerous, so think a few times whether you need it.

Beautiful route to the lighthouse along the Anaga

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Sitting around thinking about which route to take this time around Anaga Park. There are dozens of them out there. Decided to go to the most romantic beach in Benijo and take 2 routes at once and a little bit of the unofficial ones.

The route to Playa De El Bollullo beach

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Today we took what we thought was an interesting route from Puerto de la Cruz to two wild beaches. Let’s see what actually came out and how wild they are.

Hike to the Leprosarium.

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I show you one secret place, the leper valley in Tenerife. It’s a whole abandoned village. Lots of unfinished housing units. Sometimes there is unusual graffiti. And above all this despondency towers a huge abandoned church with a concrete cross. The history of the leprosarium is sad…

The route to Cruz de Gala

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We will walk through the western part of Tenerife where we will see vineyards, laurel and pine forests, spectacular panoramas and even a small river that looks more like a stream.

Active volcanoes in Italy

How to climb Teide without a permit

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Climbing the volcano Teide and visit its crater is a dream for many. But this requires a permit. Those who don’t have one can enjoy climbing Teide along one of the trails leading to the viewpoints of Fortalez or Pico Viejo with free access.

Route to Mount Guajara overlooking Teide

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An interesting hiking circular route to Mt. Guajara from the parking lot near the Parador Hotel. Takes 3-5 hours. As a reward, you will get an amazing view of Teide and maybe see a small dusty tornado.

The route to Pico Viejo at 3135 m.

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The route to Pico Viejo, the second highest peak after Teide, is not an easy but interesting one. The route is for advanced tourists. It takes 8 hours, 15.5 km and rises to a height of 3135m. Let’s begin.

The route and the best view of Teide

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I share with you the easy route El Sombrero de Chasna with the best view of volcano Teide and its caldera. The route is only 8 km. Not very crowded and interesting. At the end I attached a map.

How we climbed volcano Teide

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We did it in 4 tries! We, like the last losers, tried for 4 years to climb to the crater of Teide, but we could not do it. And finally it happened! You have 2 options – go up on foot or by cable car. We chose the second lazy option.

Volcano route near Teide.

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I’m sharing my favorite all-day volcano route. The trek goes through the Chinyero crater, then through the lava river, climbing Montaña Negra and reaching the picnic area. On the way back we had an unpleasant adventure, but first things first.

Hell’s Gorge in Adeje

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Tired of lying on the beaches of Tenerife? Then I suggest a hike through the picturesque nature reserve with the intimidating name of Hell’s Gorge.

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Top 10 Hiking Trails in Tenerife

Top 10 hiking trails in Tenerife

We’ve compiled in this article the best hiking trails in Tenerife that all trekking enthusiasts should take. The first people to master this sport in the Canaries were the Germans. They quickly realized that the entire island is a hiking paradise. Now more and more Europeans keep them company on the paths of Teide National Park and other spaces, and there is enough space for everyone. Nearly a thousand kilometers of paths intertwine through richly wooded terrain, cross deep ravines, and curve around volcanic peaks.

Flowering tahinaste close-upFlowering tahinaste close-up

Along the way are sun-burned villages, farms and vineyards on the slopes, places where you can see and feel the real Tenerife, its history, culture and beauty. For those looking for solitude, Anaga and Teno National Parks offer amazing trails: the legendary five-kilometer descent through the Masca Gorge to the ocean, a passage through a thousand-year-old rainforest and much more.

1. from Cruz del Carmen to Chinamada

Chinamada village, cave housesVillage of Chinamada

This is the best trekking route in Tenerife, through ancient forests and steep, mountain gorges to a village where locals live in real caves. The Mirador de Cruz del Carmen, the most famous viewpoint in Tenerife, is located at 920 meters above sea level. From here you have a beautiful view of the top of Teide, and you can even see the streets of La Laguna, the ancient capital of the island. From Mirador, the descent goes through the laurel forest to the village of Chinamada, about 9 kilometers away. This area is called Anaga National Park, and here in spring you can observe a natural wonder – the blooming of white tahinaste flowers. Usually they are bright red. By the way, these plants give nectar, which turns out very tasty honey.

View from the Mirador de Cruz del CarmenMirador de Cruz del Carmen

This forest of laurel trees itself is a popular attraction and is called Bosque Encantado (“Enchanted Forest”). Not surprisingly, since this relic forest has been growing here longer than humans have lived on Earth and is a rare sanctuary. During the Jurassic period, such forests covered all of Europe, but now they have survived only here and on La Gomera. And anyone can get into this unique ecosystem! And in the spring, the laurel trees also bloom with unseen golden flowers.

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The Encantado Bosque in TenerifeOn paths in the enchanted forest

2. Masca Gorge

The five-hour hike through an uncrowded gorge from the picturesque village to the beach will make your Tenerife vacation a beautiful one. In the heat of summer, opt for a lighter route, but going there in spring would be perfect. We wrote more about Masca here, be sure to read it before you go there. It’s a pretty dangerous remote place with no cell phone reception, but no one has ever been killed or injured in the gorge. So we promise this is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life!

Beginning of the descent to the Masca

3. the Barranco del Infierno

The Devil’s Gorge is a beautiful reserve, with ravines, grottoes, caves, and a waterfall at the end of the trail. It has its own unique vegetation, fluttering endemic butterflies and singing birds. Like all the nature reserves in Tenerife, there are no snakes or poisonous insects. The Devil’s Gorge walk will take about 3 hours.

The Barranco del Infierno itineraryThe Barranco del Infierno itinerary

4. Rambla del Castro

It is a beautiful hiking trail among the palm groves overlooking the coast. Old haciendas, banana plantations, palm groves and a miniature fort are all waiting for you along the coast of Los Realejos in the north of Tenerife. The route goes from the beach of Los Roques and ends near the estate of Hacienda de Castro, about 2 km of trail on a flat path and paths without elevation differences.

Part way along the Rambla del CastroRambla del Castro

5. La Fortaleza.

Leave this planet and head out into the lunar landscape of Teide National Park to explore the north side of the crater. La Fortaleza (meaning “the fortress”) is the only remaining natural phenomenon on the north side of the volcanic slope, also called Cañadas del Teide. This red giant is still a mystery to scientists because it was formed from very dense phonolithic lava, which gathered and solidified over the vent during the eruption, rather than flowing down. The route is 5.3 km long at an altitude of about 2,000 m above sea level.

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The mysterious mountain Cañadas del Teide and the hotel with the same name at its footThe Cañadas del Teide

6. Lake Erjos

Deep in the countryside of Tenerife you will find these old quarries that are now flooded. You can fish in the fresh water, see ducks and dragonflies, and take in the beautiful views during a delightful two-hour walk.

Lake Erchos TenerifeLake Erchos Tenerife

7. El Chinyero.

This is the route around the site of the last eruption of the volcano Teide in November 1909. You’ll find that the landscape here is strikingly varied, and you’ll walk on fresh (by volcanic standards) lava. Chinaro volcano spewed lava for 9 days in a row, but without explosions and destructive earthquake, none of the residents were injured at the time, but photos were preserved. Frozen lava formed a kind of relief of truly unearthly beauty. The route is simple, takes about 3 hours.

El Chinyero volcano in Tenerife

8. Los Organos.

Los Organos are basalt pillars that look like organ pipes, hence the name. They were created by nature, not forgetting to surround their wonder with an equally beautiful landscape for walking. Pine forests, emerald fields, stone houses like a postcard, walking above the clouds – that’s what awaits the bold traveler at the top of the Orotava Valley.

Los organosLos organos

Take the cable car up just below Teide Peak and from there walk to Pico Viejo (“Old Peak”). You will have a stunning view of the volcanic crater and the islands of La Palma and Hierro in the distance on the horizon. Dress warmer – even in summer the temperature is between +10 and +15 degrees at this altitude.

Pico Viejo

10. The hiking route to Antequera Beach

The route is not too difficult, so it is suitable for everyone. It starts from the village Chamorga, passes through a gorge, then goes downhill and ends at Antequera beach. This secluded beach can only be reached on foot or by boat from the town of San Andreas. You might not be the only one here, and you can feel the wild beauty of Tenerife! After enjoying your time at the beach, you can take a boat back, but you must make an appointment with the boatman in San Andreas.

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Hiking route to Antequera beach

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