5 things to do in Salou, Spain

What to see in Salou: sights in and around Salou

The natural, cultural and historical attractions of Salou in Spain attract many visitors to Catalonia. In a small Mediterranean city and the surrounding area there is really something to see.

Of course, first of all travelers enjoy the sea, clean golden beaches, sea entertainment.

But if your soul asks for more, there are many beautiful places to diversify your vacation.

Here’s a bit of useful information to help you put together your own itinerary.

King Jaime I Boulevard

This boulevard in the center of the resort is the best place for evening promenades. Visitors will find:

  • Magnificent views of the sea coast;
  • A monument to the King of Spain, after whom the boulevard is named;
  • exotic palm trees and elegant benches that are so pleasant to sit on after a walk.

For a full experience of rest, look at the cafe on the waterfront:

A delicious paella and a glass of fragrant sangria will be a fitting end to the day.

Dancing Fountain of Salou

Fountains are one of the highlights of the resort town.

In different parts of Salou you will find singing, glowing, dancing water compositions.

There are so many that it will be difficult to choose the most beautiful among the fountains.

Here are three of the most visited:

  1. The luminous fountain at Francesc Germà Square.
  2. The cybernetic fountain at Avenue Jaume I.
  3. The Labyrinth Fountain at: Paseo Jaume I.

But still, the main and most popular among tourists dancing or glowing fountain – the city’s calling card – is in Piazza Francesc Germà.

On certain days there are great laser performances, and the rest of the time the attraction is simply beautifully lit.

You will find a sign near the fountain with the exact schedule of performances.

Dancing Fountain of Salou

Bonet House and the old olive tree

Chalet Bonet is an outstanding architectural monument of the modernist era.

The building in the tourist area of Salou was erected in 1911 for a rich merchant.

The author of the project was Domenic Sugranes – a pupil and follower of Antonio Gaudi.

Around the villa was laid out a beautiful garden with a chapel, the highlight of which was an old olive tree with an original shape.

Bonet house - photo

The building of the Port Commandant’s Office

Since the seventeenth century there was a big trade through Salou, and it was necessary to build a customs office.

In 1820 the Port Commandant’s Office was built, partially preserving its original appearance.

The building is now privately owned.

Port of Salou

Poerto Salou is found in the central part of the coast, between the beaches of Levant and Ponent.

The port area is great for leisurely strolls, and if you want, take a small yacht trip.

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Monument to the Fisherman

Because the town is associated with seafaring and major fisheries, the residents have erected a monument to the Fisherman.

The statue, which was erected in 1990 with public donations, is one of the main attractions of Salou.

On the nets pulled by the fisherman, you will see the symbolic inscription “With the strength of all the people.”

Monument to the Fisherman - photo

The Pilons Monument

The Pilons Monument is erected on the very edge of the promontory where the boats were moored.

Stop here for a short rest after a walk through the city, enjoy the sea breeze and stunning views of the Balearic Sea.

Cami de Ronda bypass

This bypass that runs along the sea line is a great chance to admire the seashore with picturesque bays and coves.

A walk along the wooden scaffolding will leave a pleasant impression for the whole family.

Cape Porroc

One of the most popular viewing platforms, Mirador, is situated on the Cape Porroig in the sea.

Nearby, near Llenguades Bay, you can see the bunker built during the Civil War.

Peña Tagliada

This bay is one of the most amazing sights of the region.

The unique natural rock that juts into the sea has been shaped over many centuries.

If you don’t know where to go for a break from the bustling resort, you won’t find a better place.

Horses Point

Cape of Horses is the part of land on the Salou coast that protrudes the most into the sea.

Punta del Cavall is seen during a walk along the Cami de Ronda bypass road.

At any time of the day or night you can take great photos, but the sunset is especially impressive.

The Old Lighthouse

No port can do without a lighthouse and Salou is no exception.

The city lighthouse was opened back in 1858 but even today it illuminates the bay of San Jordi.

Interestingly, in the old days the lighthouse lamps were lit with olive oil.

Hours of operation of the attraction are from 10-00 until sunset. You do not need to pay to enter.

Catalan manor

The Mazia Catalana Manor, located in the main amusement park, also deserves special attention. This is a great chance to see how the Catalan peasants lived a few centuries ago.

Around the main building there are peasant huts with antique utensils, musical instruments and even pets.

During the tourist season there are tents with refreshments and handmade souvenirs.

Catalan manor - photo

Salou City Park

The Salou City Park is a very picturesque place. There are many secluded corners where you can comfortably take a picnic.

After a lunch outdoors, admire the exotic plants and trees and go for a ride on the merry-go-round.

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Artificial ponds with water lilies add to the peaceful atmosphere.

S. Maria del Mar Church

The Church of Santa Maria del Mar in Salou is an Orthodox church opened in 1776.

Inside the cathedral, located at 26 Iglesias Street, see paintings by talented painter Josepe Grau Garriga, as well as a unique mural painting.

St. Ramon Parish

A small, fairly modern church nestled in the heart of the city.

On the left side of the house you can see the beautiful Chapel of Our Lady.

The Old Tower

Torre Vella is one of the most popular historical monuments in Salou. The tower was built by order of the authorities in 1530.

This is when the settlement was taken over by pirates and it became necessary to protect it.

If you think about where to walk in the evening, pay attention to this interesting place.

At night the tower is beautifully lit, and the landscaped area has a pleasant rest.

In the daytime you can come here for the exhibition, and there is a free enamel museum nearby.

Torre Vella - photo

The old narrow-gauge railway station

The station, built in 1857, used to send goods to Reus.

As a result of the downturn in commercial activity, the road was used to transport holidaymakers to the resort, and the station is now closed.

Archaeological Park (excavations)

In the archaeological complex, located 1.7 km from Boulevard Jaime I, a lot of pottery and other utensils of ancient Roman times were found.

Now the park is closed to the public, there are no tours either.

A tourist train in Salou

When you arrive at the resort you will immediately see a colorful steam train with wooden seats running through the city.

To avoid walking, take your seats and go sightseeing.

It is also a convenient way to get to PortAventura Park.

Tourist train in Salou - photo

Salou with kids

Salou is a great place for a vacation with children, so decide right away what to do.

Here are five places that are highly recommended for a vacation with kids:

  1. The world famous Port Aventura theme park is the pride of the Costa Dorada, 108 km from Barcelona and very close to Salou. The complex consists of six themed areas, and both adults and kids are enthralled by it. Any hotel will tell you how to get there. You can even do it on foot: the way takes about half an hour. If you prefer to use transport, choose a cab or a tourist steam train. Ticket to the park HERE ⇒
  2. “Bosque Aventura” is a recreational area with many attractions for children and adults. The complex is located near the main street, and it is even easier to get here. There are rope courses, a climbing wall, and paintball courts, and activities are supervised by instructors.
  3. “Aqua Caribe” is a water amusement park, located on the territory of 50,000 square meters. There are pools of different depths, including “paddling pools” for the smallest ones, steep water slides for brave guests, a luxurious pirate ship and much more. A ticket to the water park is HERE ⇒
  4. In Salou you can even see Cirque du Soleil: a spectacular show in a marquee located in PortAventura Park.
  5. For magic lovers, the House of Illusions show is worth a visit. See the House of Illusions with the best magicians. Tickets for the show are HERE ⇒
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There are playgrounds and cafes with special menus for toddlers.

PortAventura - zone for the little ones

Where to go in Salou

The above listed entertainment is not all worth coming to Salou for.

It is famous for its intense cultural life and colorful shows and music festivals that go on all year round.

Do not miss a local carting center – Karting Salou, which is considered the best in the province of Tarragona. For guests there are prepared tracks of varying degrees of difficulty, extreme rides, and parents with children love the special twin cars.

The ticket price for an adult is 19,50 euros, for children there are discounts. A description of the center, the current schedule and other details can be found on the website: https://kartingsalou.com/

There are a lot of night clubs in Salou.

What stands alone “Tropical Salou club,” where the most incendiary discos take place.

The four-story building offers all kinds of musical styles, the best DJs and Go-Go dancers, and a rich card of drinks for those who want to cheer themselves up.

The prices are usual for resorts: for example, a good cocktail costs 9-10 euros.

If you want to see flamenco in Salou – also here!

Lovers of gambling wonder what interesting things can be found for them in the resort. There are no casinos in Salou. But there are in the Catalonian capital, as well as Tarragona and Lloret de Mar where you can take a car or public transportation.

Where to go from Salou

Salou is perfect for organized excursions and for those who like to plan their own trips.

If you like fishing, go sea fishing. Catamarans depart from the nearby town of Cambrils. The cost of organized excursion ⇒ includes tackle, bait for fish and a hearty lunch for you.

Of course, there are many other options for what to visit around the city:

  1. For example, it’s worth a trip to Reus, the birthplace of Antoni Gaudi. Reus has a museum of his work, and it is also a good place for shopping.
  2. Worth a visit is the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres, which is visited by many tourists vacationing in Salou.
  3. Of course you cannot miss the ancient Tarragona which is only 20 km from Salou. Some monuments of Tarragona are included in the UNESCO list, and the excavation sites of the Roman Empire attract archaeologists from all over the world. Use the tourist train ⇒ and you can get on and off at any of the stops during the day, seeing the sights you like.
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To get your bearings, take a guidebook and see the route on a map beforehand. And if you want to learn as much as you can about the region, book an individual or group tour ⇒ .

Salou is a city worth vacationing in . It is a very beautiful place, and the resort has a well-developed infrastructure and offers entertainment for all tastes.

The choice of hotels is also quite rich. For example, the hotel “H10 Vintage Salou” is a good option.

The only thing you will regret in this tourist paradise is that your vacation ends so quickly.

And soon you will want to travel again, because it is no accident said the writer John Krakauer:

“There is no greater happiness than constantly changing your horizons.”

Salou, Tips for the Tourist – What to do and what not to do in Salou

The tourist season in Salou is from the beginning of May to the middle of October and during this time the weather is at its best and there are lots of things to do and see. Hotel rooms for this period is best booked in advance, during the summer period, many hotels are raising prices for accommodation.

2. On the territory of the resort is best to move on foot, most of the entertainment facilities, attractions and hotels are within walking distance of each other. Remote areas can be reached by bus or a special tourist train, there are public transport stops next to the waterfront.

3. local restaurants and cafes are quite attractive prices, you can find them literally on every street of the resort. A huge portion of paella will cost no more than 10 euros, the same amount you’ll have to pay for a jug of the popular national drink sangria.

4. Lovers of excursions should not be limited to staying in the city, the neighborhood Salou has many significant historical sites and archaeological areas. You can sign up for a tour in any tourist office, some of them are located in large hotels.

5. All beaches of the resort are municipal and entry is free. Tourists may be charged extra for renting beach equipment. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

6. In stores and restaurants it is best to pay in local currency, which can be exchanged at any bank. Foreign currency is rarely accepted and at an extremely unfavorable rate. For security purposes, holidaymakers are advised to exchange money only in official institutions, and the services of private individuals should be rejected, no matter how profitable the offer may seem.

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7. The system of tips applies to literally all kinds of services, they are a sign of good manners. A waiter in a restaurant and a cab driver expect a tip of 5 – 10% of the bill, and a guide and a maid in a hotel can leave a tip of 0,5 – 1 euro.

Visitors to Salou should definitely check out one of the national restaurants, the local cuisine is characterized by an abundance of original dishes. The most important components of traditional dishes are rice and …

8. The resort is famous for its nightclubs, but many local restaurants also offer interesting evening programs. In large gastronomic establishments it is customary to book a table in advance.

9. Vacationers are not recommended to buy tickets for entertainment activities with the hands, in which case there is a high probability of becoming a victim of fraud. The fact is that the used tickets do not differ in appearance from the unused.

This article about preparing for a trip to Salou is protected by copyright law. Full reprinting is only allowed if the source is cited with a direct link to www.orangesmile.com.

Where to go being in Salou – unique attractions


Look on the map: Distance from Salou city center 1.3 km.

Among the other attractions of PortAventura Park are the unique shows that they hold for visitors almost every day. The repertoire of the park includes more than 90 great shows, the most interesting and exciting of which are held during the holidays. Since a few years ago, first-class beach clubs and specialized stores with beach accessories have been opened in the park, PortAventura welcomes more than 3 million visitors every year and has never stopped improving. … Read full story

Archeological Site of Tarrago

Look on the map: Distance from Salou city center 6.1 km

During the research of the archaeological area many of its buildings have been restored and today the circus is considered to be one of the central elements of the complex. It forms a single complex with Pilate’s Palace, the top part of this complex offers an excellent view of the archaeological area. Nearby is a Roman amphitheater with a capacity of 12,000 spectators. An important architectural structure is the fortress walls. They are considered by specialists to be one of the best examples of Roman military architecture preserved in the Iberian Peninsula. … Read all about it

Rentals in Salou


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