5 things to do in Dortmund, Germany

Dortmund trip, tourist tips – what to do and what not to do in Dortmund

TU Dortmund

1. Travelers who expect to use public transport, should consider that it is more advantageous to buy tickets for several days. Ticket is single and is valid for all modes of public transport. There are also group tickets for two adults and two children.

The WelcomeCard entitles you to a wide range of discounts and can be purchased at all travel agencies. The card allows free travel on public transport, as well as discounts of up to 50% on a variety of cultural events and excursions.

3. You will need an international driver’s license and a credit card to rent a car. The service may be refused to drivers whose age is under 21. A common mode of transportation is a bicycle, which can also be rented at one of the rental stations. You must also leave a deposit for the bicycle.

You can exchange currency in one of the branches of the bank, as well as in specialized exchange offices. Cash money from the card is best at ATMs Geldautomat, which charge the lowest fees for services.

5. In almost all supermarkets and shopping complexes you can pay with a credit card. Cash is needed only for those who expect to visit open markets and small private stores. Copyright www.orangesmile.com.

6. Shopping lovers should pay special attention to locally produced textiles and tableware. Despite the fact that their prices are quite low, all products are of high quality. Grocery stores open fairly early, at 7:00, and shopping centers and other pavilions begin to take visitors no earlier than 9:00. The length of the working day varies everywhere, but usually stores do not close before 6:00 p.m.

7. Those who expect to visit the local restaurants, it is worth considering that the portions of dishes are usually very large. It is quite appropriate to order two cutlery to one dish. Small bars and pubs are sure to please thrifty tourists, because in some of them as a gift to the ordered mug of beer guests are served a lot of interesting snacks.

Dortmund does not lack upscale hotels, and one of the most prestigious in the city is the NH Dortmund. The hotel is within walking distance of the train station and has its own … Open

8. The times of various cultural events and ticket prices should be checked in advance at the tourist office. The largest bureau is located in the main station, near the south entrance.

This article about the preparation for a trip to Dortmund is protected by copyright. Full reprinting is permitted only if the source is cited with a direct link to www.orangesmile.com.

See places to visit in Dortmund – unique sights

Zollverein mine

Look on the map: Distance from Dortmund city center – 29.7 km.

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After seeing the priceless artifacts in the museums, it is worth a walk through the deserted dungeons, the mere descent of the dilapidated metal ladders of which produces an adrenaline rush. There are many mysterious stories associated with the mines of Zollverein, during the work of many industrialists encountered here the most common phenomenon – anomalous knocking. Tourists who visit these places also often hear unexplained sounds. They are so distinct and realistic that it seems as if there is still active work going on in some areas of the mines. … Read completely

Zollverein coal mine

View on map: Distance from Dortmund city center – 29.8 km

Part of the surviving industrial premises has been converted into a design center, which is home to a wide variety of presentations and exhibitions on various fields of contemporary culture. In the summer period on the territory of the former industrial center there is a swimming pool, as well as several cozy restaurants and cafes. In winter, visitors of the center can go skating on a large ice rink, and on Christmas Eve there are a lot of interesting activities for the whole family. It is important to note that the appearance of a large industrial center in connection with the recent reforms has not changed, which makes it even more unusual. … Read completely

Rent a car in Dortmund

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Dortmund travel guide


About the weather in Dortmund can be said that it is in principle favorable to visit this city at any time of year, because here is a very mild climate and warm winters, as in principle in all parts of West Germany. So any month you choose for yourself will be the best season to go here.

The low season in Dortmund is when there are no exhibitions, or soccer matches of the local club Borussia. But when tourists arrive during these matches, then the prices around the city for everything literally go up. But there are almost few tourists and the streets are often empty apart from the main shopping.

Dortmund in summer pleases all visitors not by the exhausting heat and scorching rays of the sun, but by a pleasant coolness and air temperature around +20 degrees. So on such warm sunny days is much more pleasant to admire the architecture of the city, and walk around the stores, of which Dortmund certainly a great many.

Autumn in this city can be characterized as a rainy time, but for the most part they are not often. However, there are of course occasional heavy rainfalls. At this time the temperature is 14-16 degrees Celsius. The absence of the breeze and the presence of small mountains near the city makes the fall warm and windless.

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In the spring in Dortmund almost everything is blooming, and the temperature is the same as in the fall + 14 + 16 degrees, but it already without rain.

Where to stay in Dortmund?


In Dortmund there are plenty of options for accommodation.

Start with hotels. There are 37 hotels. There are no five-star hotels. There are 13 4-star hotels in the city. The most bookable is Unique Novum Dortmund Hauptbahnhof 4* (Hoher Wall 38-40).

How to get there?


The city of Dortmund is inland and close enough to the Netherlands. Basically you can get here easily by air or by land, i.e. by train or by bus.

This city has its own local airport, but unfortunately it only accepts planes from Germany, Poland, Great Britain, and Bulgaria. So if you are planning to fly here, you should understand that you will need a connection. Unfortunately they don’t always have convenient connection times.

If you plan to fly through the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, one of the largest airports in Europe, then you can easily get to Dortmund by bus in 3 hours for a ticket price of 30 to 50 euros.

But since Amsterdam is a very popular tourist destination, airline tickets here can be more expensive than, for example, at the local airport in Dortmund.

The most budget option is to get to Amsterdam via Dusseldorf. Especially since planes from all over the world come here practically every day and also fly from Moscow. And when there are a variety of promotional periods, you can easily buy a ticket for only 100 dollars each way. The travel time can be 2.5 to 3 hours, but in principle it depends on the airline.

And, accordingly, to get from Dusseldorf to Dortmund you must first take the skytrain, a train that leaves every 20 minutes, and… read more

Food and drinks


Here are some tips for where to go for dinner or lunch in the glorious city of Dortmund. The city has more than 500 restaurants and cafes. For the most part, these are restaurants of German and Italian cuisine.

There are no incredibly luxurious restaurants in Dortmund. But there are a couple of restaurants with slightly higher prices.

“Grammophon (Eberstraße 30) is one of the best restaurants in the city. It is certainly expensive, but the service there is at the highest level: everything is at its best, all is white and glossy and the waiters are polished. The higher classes of society dressed to perfection come to the restaurant. Pianists, singers, jazz orchestras perform there, various cultural events, meetings, weddings, birthdays, and, in general, the life is in full swing. And of course the menu is great and you can find an excellent and rich wine list there! They hold their own! It is better to book a place in this restaurant in advance.

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What things to see in Dortmund?


Dortmund is a huge city and the center of the Ruhr region. There are museums and recreation for all tastes. There is a museum for children, and even a museum of cookbooks. Henriette Davidis, to whom the museum is dedicated, is the German Helena Molochowitz, or vice versa. Henrietta Davidis’ book is a little older. As an extreme you can talk to Borussia fans – they do not have the most peaceful reputation. In general, entertainment and museums in Dortmund abound.

But I would especially like to recommend to visit Steinwache (it is directly near the main station on Steinstr. It is right near the main station Steinstr. 50, weekend Mondays). The Steinwache is a “covered prison” of the Gestapo. Mostly socialists and communists were imprisoned there, as Jews were sent to camps at once. It is interesting that in Dortmund in the year the Nazis came to power, the Socialists and National Socialists had about the same number of votes, so there was someone to imprison. About 66,000 opponents of the regime passed through Dortmund prison. Cells were left there, passages . Despite the popular Berlin museum “Topography of Terror” Steinwache gives a much fuller impression emotionally.

Millions of visitors come year after year to the romantic Middle Rhine valley, where between the towns of Rüdesheim and Koblenz the largest number of medieval castles in the world is preserved.

Millions of visitors come year after year to the romantic Middle Rhine valley, where between the towns of Rüdesheim and Koblenz the largest number of medieval castles in the world is preserved.

How to have fun?


Dortmund’s nightlife is quite developed.

The most famous and largest club in Dortmund.

What to buy?


Dortmund attracts thousands of visitors every day, not only because of its attractions, but also with great stores and shopping centers. There are more than 3,400 stores in the city! Let’s see where you can go shopping.

Westenhellweg shopping street

Westenhellweg is situated in the center of the city, just steps from the train station. There is a wide variety of boutiques and stores, where everyone can find what they need. People from nearby cities come to this street for shopping. Here you will find a men’s clothing store “Theo Wormland GmbH & Co. KG” (Westenhellweg 2), opposite the boutique for democratic casual clothing “Peek & Cloppenburg”. We buy the best perfume and eau de toilette in the store “Stadt Parfümerie Pieper” (Westenhellweg 10). We know about “H&M” on Westenhellweg 11-13 and “Tom Tailor” on Westenhellweg 58. You can go for lingerie in “Hunkemöller” on Westenhellweg 17 and shoes in “Roland” on Westenhellweg 42. This street is also full of good-looking cafes such as Meyerbeer-Coffee next to Roland and Starbuck on Westenhellweg 102. This street is the ninth in the country in terms of the number of shoppers per hour.

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Weather in Dortmund by month:

How much does it cost to vacation in Dortmund? November 2019.

I paid 45 thousand rubles for a tour for 5 days in November last year. It included accommodation in a four-star hotel including breakfast and a flight from Novosibirsk (roundtrip, with a connection in Moscow). This month, a holiday abroad is the best, because the hotels are empty. I took a tour in installments, paid within 3 months (no interest).

I only had breakfast at the hotel, lunch and dinner at a modest Baecker Beckmann. No priority in the choice – just was near my hotel. I should say at once that Baecker Beckmann is a peculiar cafe, which looks more like a place with fresh pastry (something like a Russian bakery). However, it still serves fresh coffee and other drinks. On average you can get a good snack for 3-4 euros. The price for stuffed items ranges from 0.8 euros and above. A pastry will cost 1.5 euros. Coffee from 1,8 euro.

I have never been in many stores, but I visited a couple of them. I made a conclusion – clothes abroad is much cheaper than here (I mean not the coolest brands, but casual wear). One H & M amazed me with its promotions and discounts so that the delight of visiting does not leave me until now. Blouses in the shelf and light blouses can be purchased for 5-6 euros. For me that’s a great price. In the children’s section I looked for a nice little jacket for my daughter. Without thinking too much, I decided to buy it. It had a price tag of 12,5 euro. In the cashier’s office they said something about the discount (every day some % is applied), so I paid 11.7 euros for it.


It’s best to live near the historic center so you can walk without using public transportation. If in Dortmund

If you have only an overnight stay and an early flight, you can stay near the airport, but then seeing the city will be problematic. The airport is on the outskirts, and the drive from the central station is far and expensive. By the way, I suggest you look at the map at home, where the bus stops to the airport, so as not to run around the station with a heavy suitcase, as I did!

To be honest, I didn’t really like Dortmund. It’s kind of gray and gloomy, despite the nice weather and spring sunshine. Maybe that’s because the city was badly damaged during the war. Unlike other European cities, they didn’t really bother to rebuild it. Many historical sites have fallen into oblivion. But those that have been restored are certainly worth seeing. The old center is compact and small, and also quite beautiful. I liked the churches of St. Reinold, St. Peter and Marienkirche, also another small church, the name of which, unfortunately, I do not remember. There is a wonderful beautiful Westfalenpark with green grass and lots of flowers. They say it is even more beautiful in summer than in May, because most of the rich collection of roses blooms later. But I liked it anyway, the eye rests from the general drabness of the city. For animal lovers there is a zoo in Dortmund. I read the reviews when I was getting ready to go there. But I’m not a fan of zoos, I’m waiting when my daughter grows up, we will visit them together.

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I ate by myself, buying food in the supermarket. Although in Germany, even in restaurants, the prices do not “bite”, at the end of the trip had to save some money. For example, ready-made lasagna in a package that just need to be heated in the microwave, costs 2 euros. Vegetables cost about the same as in our country, and fruits and berries are even cheaper. A tomato/cucumber salad, a chocolate bar and 2 bottles of beer along with lasagna cost me about 6 euros. Also, some German supermarkets have departments with ready-made meals. The same fried sausages or some kind of salad or potatoes you can ask to heat up or do it already in the hotel. But I have not met such a supermarket in Dortmund.

In every visited German and Czech city I try to visit brewery museums, if possible with a tasting. Dortmund also has a beer museum, and a very decent one at that. The city rivals Munich itself in terms of the amount of beer produced per year! But my dreams could not come true, because on Monday the museum is closed! If I had looked the information in advance, I probably would not have spent the night in Dortmund before departure, and would have gone straight from Dusseldorf to the airport.

And then there’s the television tower, where you can climb and see the whole city. There you can also relax in the restaurant.

Despite the fact that Dortmund is more of an industrial city than a tourist destination, I have fond memories of it. I would recommend its visit to those who have not been to Germany, so you have nothing to compare it with. Then you will definitely like it! And there are not many tourists here, there are no queues in the restaurants.

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