5 things to do in Costa Adeje, Spain

10 best things to see and do in costa adeje

10 best things to see and do in costa adeje

10 best things to see and do in costa adeje

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Tourists have flocked to the resort of Costa Adeje for as long as Tenerife has been a vacation destination – and it’s easy to see why. Slightly more chic than neighboring Playa de las Americas, it also offers some of the island’s best beaches, a wide variety of activities and plenty of family fun. Here are the best things to keep you entertained at this popular resort.

Hike through Ada Canyon

Grab your camera, head out early and head to Barranco del Infierno (Hell’s Canyon). This hike is Hell’s Canyon by name only because this perfectly civilized three-hour hike is not too difficult and offers spectacular views along the way. Only 300 people a day can hike to protect this area, so reservations are recommended as you take a lot of water. There is a modest entry fee, which is worth it to see the abundance of flora and fauna that live there. You may even be lucky enough to snap some eagle photos, but if not, you can take lots of suicides in the helmet that comes with your admission fee. Guided tours are also offered.

Barranco del Infierno, Tenerife, Spain


Barranco del Infierno | © Grombo / Wikimedia Commons

Reach the highest peak in Spain without breaking a sweat

Take in stunning views of the largest national park in the Canary Islands from the cable car. Book in advance to avoid lines and make sure you actually get up Mount Teide, as daily visitor numbers here are also limited. There are three routes to choose where you go for your views when you leave the cable car, but make sure you take your coat when the temperature drops at the top. If you want to reach the actual summit, you must arrange a free permit from here beforehand.


Dive into some designer stores

Visit Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque to explore three floors of quality stores and outlets. The mall is the perfect place to escape the midday sun and splash out some serious cash. Along with the upscale stores, there are the usual familiar high street regulars, so there’s something for everyone.

Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque, Calle Londres, Tenerife, Spain +34 922 71 98 88

Swimming with sea turtles

While Playa del Puerto is a little off the tourist trail, it’s certainly worth the trip. The main attraction is the waters, where you can often see sea turtles swimming around the clear water and sandy shelves. The protected cove also makes it especially convenient for snorkeling. Then enjoy a reasonable bite at the beach’s only restaurant: the Bodegon Pepe y Lola.

Playa del Puertito, El Puertoti, Tenerife, Spain

Holidays on blue flag beaches

This coastline offers long beach options, but goes to the Blue Flag Playa Fanabe award for excellent swimming and water sports in pristine pristine waters. Continue along the boardwalk to the more challenging Playa del Duque. Also a Blue Flag beach, this bay mixes imported white sand (from the Sahara) with native volcanic sand, creating one of the best beaches in Tenerife. Although you plan to pay more for your beach extras, such as lounge chairs.

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Take the Knock Knock Tour.

Want to explore the island from a new perspective? Then take a tuk tuk tour. Not only is it fun, but it’s also eco-friendly since they’re powered by electricity. The Costa Adeje tour will surround you with surrounding local markets, charming churches and, of course, beaches.

Sweet Tours Tenerife, Av. Spain, Tenerife, Spain +34 685 797007

Enjoy local seafood

Walk a few miles off the coast from Playa del Duque and you’ll reach the small fishing village of La Caleta. Grab a spot with a terrace overlooking the sea if you can, and enjoy some delicious seafood at La Macia del Mar. Relax long enough to easily transition into sunset cocktails.

La Macia del Mar, Calle El Muel 3, Tenerife, Spain +34 922 71 08 95

Splash at Siam Waterpark

Get ready to hang on to your swimsuit at Siam Waterpark, Europe’s largest water park. Featuring the world’s largest man made waves (reaching three meters (10 feet)) and the longest and tallest lazy river in the world, this Thai themed waterpark has plenty to offer. Suspend your disbelief for a moment and pretend you are in Thailand for a day: indulge in Thai food from the restaurants and stores at the floating market of Thailand. You may need to build up your courage before throwing yourself down the Tower of Power, a near-vertical slide that shoots you through a shark tank.

Siam Water Park, Avenida Siam, Tenerife, Spain +34 822 07 00 00


Siam Waterpark | © Mmfeduchi / Wikipedia

Watch the skies.

Drive out of town and look up. The Canary Islands are some of the best places in the world for stargazing because of their low pollution levels. So much so that Teide National Park has been honored as a “Stellar Tourist Destination.” Take an astronomy tour, viewing distant telescopes for the full experience.

Listen to the sounds of whales and dolphins

For more of a marine biologist than a tourist, take a scientist-led eco-tour and listen to the underwater communication of dolphins and whales. The small boat is equipped with a sound system, and the hydrophone and tours have snorkeling capabilities.

Costa Adeje is one of the most visited resorts in Tenerife

Costa Adeje (Tenerife) is a small resort town, which is in great demand among tourists around the world. Characterized by good transport accessibility, a wide choice of accommodation and a considerable number of hiking trails that can diversify the lazy beach relaxation.

View of Costa Adeje

General Information

Costa Adeje (costa – coast, adeje – hole in the sea) is a small but very popular resort located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the southwestern part of Tenerife. It is only 20 km away from El Aeropuerto Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia, which hosts most European flights. From Tenerife North Airport – just under 80. The total area of the resort is 12.96 km², and the nearest neighbor is the famous Playa de Las Americas.

Conventionally the city can be divided into several major areas: Playa De Fanabe, Puerto Colon, Playa del Duque, Playa Torviscas and La Caleta. Each of them has everything you need for a pleasant and enjoyable vacation. Tourists who come to this resort, note the developed infrastructure, a variety of entertainment and exciting excursions designed for every taste and budget. Life here is just booming and does not subside even with the onset of darkness, when they enjoyed the beach entertainment holidaymakers gradually move to bars, nightclubs, discos and restaurants.

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Fans of boat trips, diving, surfing, parachuting and sailing will appreciate Costa Adeje – for active pastime here are quite good conditions. And for those who love gambling, check out the Playa de Las Americas Casino, located in the Gran Tinerfe hotel.

Attractions and entertainment

The city of Costa Adeje, designed for a beach vacation, cannot boast a large number of historical or architectural sights. But if you get tired of mindlessly basking in the sun, take a trip around the island and the surrounding area and you’ll certainly find plenty to do. Here are just a few of the most popular ones.

Siam Park, which opened in September 2008, is located in the southern part of the resort and is considered almost the main pride of Tenerife. As one of the largest water parks in Europe, it has two dozen water slides for both children and adults. The water temperature in the complex is maintained at +25 ° C, so you can have fun here even if the weather is not very good. But most interestingly, the park is a real architectural masterpiece, made in the form of a traditional Thai town with all its peculiar symbols.

Siam Park Waterpark

If you’re pondering what to see in Costa Adeje between beach holidays, head to Hell’s Canyon, a small nature reserve in Tenerife, located not too far from the city.

This canyon was once home to the Guanche tribes. Reminders of those events are traces of ritual images preserved on the rocks and the remains of mummies found in underground tombs. Some of these caves are also accessible to the public.

Today, the Hell’s Canyon, which extends over nearly 2,000 hectares, is home to a variety of birds and animals, many of which are on the brink of extinction. The Barranco del Infierno also has an abundance of lush tropical vegetation, making it a very different landscape from the rest of southern Tenerife. Cacti, palm trees, wild jasmine, etc. grow here.

Hell Canyon

To get to Hell’s Canyon is possible only on foot. The path along the winding mountain paths takes at least 2 hours. At the entrance to the reserve tourists are given protective helmets. The hiking trail winding along the gorge is very narrow, so for safety it was fenced with a metal parapet.

The route, consisting of 7 checkpoints, is considered easy. There are no sudden drops, and on the way there are two or three observation points, where you can take a rest. The altitude of the landscape changes smoothly from 100 to 1300 m, so during the ascent you can change several climatic zones. The Barranco del Infierno is now considered one of the island’s main treasures, so there can be no more than 300 visitors per day.

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In addition to a nice beach holiday, Costa Adeje is famous for its varied excursion program, allowing you to see the main attractions of the island of Tenerife. Here are just a few of them:

The main attractions of Tenerife, which are worth seeing if you fly to the island, are described in this article.


The city of Costa Adeje belongs to a dozen landscaped beaches covered with fine crumbly sand of different shades. In most cases, it has been imported from the Sahara or lifted from the sea and mixed with the natural volcanic sand of Tenerife. The total length of the coastline is about 3 km. At the same time there is no visible border between the beaches, so if you want you can quickly move from one to the other – the conditions are about the same. Now check out the most popular holiday destinations, beloved not only by tourists but also by locals.

Playa del Duque, located in the northern part of the coast, is considered one of the most beautiful and most expensive beaches of the resort. Its main distinguishing features are perfect cleanliness (awarded with the Blue Flag), gentle entry into the water and warm calm water, which is well suited for families with small children. Duque itself is surrounded by brand boutiques, expensive luxury hotels and villas of many famous people.

Playa del Duque

The beach is up to 50 m long and even more wide, 60-80 m. On the territory there are restaurants, bars, toilets, rental facilities, cabins for changing, private parking, volleyball court and even an underground parking. Sun loungers and umbrellas for rent are not free of charge. You also have to pay to take a shower.

Playa del Fanabe, surrounded by decent apartments and good 4* hotels, is considered the most crowded beach of Costa Adeje. The clean and well-maintained Blue Flag award-winning area features not only cafes/restaurants/bars, but also all kinds of attractions designed for both children and adults. The safety of holidaymakers is monitored by a team of professional lifeguards. There are changing cabins, toilets, paid showers, etc. Nearby there is a bus stop and cab rank. Along the entire coastline stretches shopping avenue, where you can find many souvenir shops and boutiques. Tourists can rent deck chairs and rent a variety of water equipment.

Playa de Fañabé

Small and little visited beach, located in an artificial bay and divided in half by a small stone embankment. The total length of the shoreline is barely 150 m and the width is about 50. The main part of holidaymakers is represented by the guests of the hotel Gran Tinerfe, which is considered the oldest complex in the southern part of Tenerife. For a deck chair here are charged almost the same as on the more popular beaches, but the shower can be used completely free of charge. There are hardly any waves in this part of the coast, but the northern part of Bobo is better suited for swimming.

Playa del Troy, named after the nearby river of the same name, is located on the conditional border between Costa Adeje and Las Américas. It has been awarded the Blue Flag Award for cleanliness and service, with relatively low prices and well-developed infrastructure. Half a kilometer coastline, divided into two parts (Troy I and Troy II), is covered with gray volcanic sand. The water entry is smooth, the bottom is clean and smooth. But the waves here are much bigger than on the other beaches of Costa Adeje, so the family vacation with children should choose a more suitable place. Next to the beach is the Veronicas Strip, the most exclusive hangout of Tenerife. Rental of umbrellas, sun loungers and water equipment is available for a fee, the shower is absolutely free.

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Playa de Troya

For a selection of the best beaches in Tenerife, click here.


Hotels Costa Adeje (Tenerife) will delight you with its service and variety. Here are both expensive luxury complexes, which have their own beach areas, and more budget options, located far enough from the coast, but offering a fairly high level of service. Most resort hotels are 4 or 5 star. Some of them are all-inclusive.

It should also be noted that the most expensive options are located in the Playa del Duque area, and the cheapest – on Playa de Troya. This is where young people who want to be close to the nightlife prefer to settle. Speaking about pricing policy, the cost of a double room in a 3* hotel is from 45 to 150 € per night, while living in a 5* hotel will cost 130 – 650 € for the same period.

Hotel in Costa Adeje

As for the best places to stay, they include:

Adrián Hoteles Jardines de Nivaria

    – A 5* hotel built right on the Duque beach. The patio offers a beautiful panorama of the island of La Gomera. There are several restaurants, a hair salon, a spa, a cocktail bar, 2 outdoor pools and a free gym; – A luxury hotel, towering in close proximity to Playa de Fañabé. It has a well-developed infrastructure and many additional services. Rooms have air conditioning, satellite TV and balconies with sun loungers. There is a fitness center, 3 restaurants, a tennis court and a practice golf course; – Among the best 5 star hotels in Costa Adeje (Tenerife) is this luxurious hotel, located a few meters from the shoreline. It offers spacious, air conditioned rooms with picturesque views. The hotel also regularly hosts an entertainment program with games and live music, and has two exclusive areas for nudists.

Weather and climate: when is the best time to visit?

Costa Adeje Weather

Tenerife is often called the island of eternal spring – the climate is stable, mild and very comfortable, and the discrepancy between the warmest and coldest month is not more than +15-20 degrees. Because of this, rest in Costa Adeje possible at any time of year – the more so, unlike other European resorts, it is protected by a high mountain range, safely protecting it from strong winds and precipitation. The only drawback is regular calima, a unique natural phenomenon, during which a lot of dust and fine African sand appear in the air. Kalima lasts from 2 to 6 days and most often falls in summer, but sometimes it can be observed at other times of the year.

The most favorable period for a beach holiday is June and August, when the thermometer rises to +28-32 ° C, and the water in the Atlantic Ocean warms up to +20-25 ° C. Fear of such high temperatures is not necessary – because of the abundance of underwater currents and a special location of the heat is almost not felt here, so it perfectly tolerated even by people with high meteorological dependence. As for the peak tourist season, it falls in August, so if you want to avoid crowds on the beaches, come either later, or a little earlier.

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Precipitation on the Costa Adeje

With the onset of autumn the air temperature drops to a comfortable +26-27 ° C, but the indicators of the water are almost the same – it has not yet had time to cool down after the summer heat. And most importantly, it is during the velvet season in Costa Adeje there is a tangible reduction in the price of tickets, package tours and rooms. If your vacation fell at the end of October – beginning of November, do not worry. At this time the resort is still very warm. Of course, a dip in the ocean you are unlikely to get, but the sunbathing on the beach is still quite possible. And not to deprive yourself of water procedures, choose a hotel that has a heated pool.

Winter in the city is very warm. The thermometer is rarely below +15-20°C, which makes for lovely days of sightseeing and long walks. There isn’t much sunshine at this time, and you may even find snow on top of the volcano Teide, considered the highest point in the city. In spring, everything comes to life – Costa Adeje literally drowns in colorful colors, it gets hotter outside, the rains are extremely rare, and the tourist infrastructure begins to work hard to accept the first “batch” of vacationers in mid-May.

Useful tips

When planning to visit Costa Adeje (Tenerife), read the list of useful tips:

Volcano Teide

  1. Those who plan to walk through the picturesque mountain areas or make an excursion to the peak of the volcano Teide, you should bring warm clothes.
  2. To make phone calls, it is worth using special pay phones. Unlike hotel phones, they offer better rates (especially the blue-green ones, located near government offices and major shopping centers).
  3. Prices for tobacco products in Costa Adeje are quite high, so it is worth stocking up in advance.
  4. Deciding to walk around the city, take the hotel card and a photocopy of your passport – it will help avoid possible misunderstandings with the law enforcement.
  5. Costa Adeje is considered to be quite a quiet place, but do not forget about your own safety. In order not to become a victim of robbery, keep your money, documents and other valuables in the hotel safe.

Top 10 unusual attractions of Costa Adeje:

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