5 important souvenirs to bring from Brazil

Brazil: Shopping in Rio and Sao Paulo

What to bring from Brazil? Most tourists will immediately think of the obvious options: Brazilian coffee, Brazilian nuts, Brazilian meat. Yes, the country on the Atlantic coast is really famous for these things, but that’s not all. From this article you’ll learn all the secrets of smart shopping in Brazil. We’re not going to talk about magnets and postcards, and focus only on what this country is truly famous for.

shopping in rio de janeiro

Local currency is the Brazilian real (see our currency converter for the current exchange rate of the real to the ruble). It is more advantageous to travel on vacation with dollars, and then exchange them locally.

So what can be brought from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other Brazilian cities?

Cosmetics and perfume

Brazilians make quality natural cosmetics. Women will love the wide range of fragrances and good composition. Particular attention should be paid to the following items:

  • Brazilian keratin (many girls order keratin from Brazil – tourists have a chance to buy this chic product directly; products with keratin are available in any Brazilian cosmetic shop);
  • oil perfume (buy it in cosmetic shops);
  • Tanning enhancers (Brazilian products have good protective qualities and give a beautiful tan shade);
  • base oils;
  • cosmetics based on eucalyptus, almond and coconut oils (creams, serums, shampoos, etc.);
  • natural essential oils;
  • natural scrubs and creams (salt-based and cane sugar-based);
  • Products with fruit acids.

Clothing & Footwear

Things that are really worth buying in Brazil are somehow related to the beach vacation. Do not skimp on shopping and bring them from this country as a gift for friends or for yourself: Brazilian clothes and shoes last for years.

Brazilian flip-flops

In Brazil is very well developed leather industry. So in this country you can buy high-quality shoes at relatively low prices. Also popular are shoes, sandals, and sandals made of other materials. Look at the shoe stores – the range will delight you.

Women should definitely look at the famous plastic shoes brand Melissa, which loved the world’s stars. Also try on shoes or sandals by Dumond, Klimini, Indiana, Piccadilly and other companies. If you know the prices for these shoes in Russia, then you will be glad to see them in Brazil. And the assortment here is much richer.

Flip-flops Havaianas

This well-known Brazilian brand is widely known throughout the world. In general, Havaianas (or Hawaiian slippers) are the rubber slippers, but later Havaianas became the brand, and now this firm produces espadrilles, tennis shoes and other lightweight and comfortable shoes with the logo.

In Brazil, Havaianas flip-flops are sold at the market and in brand stores. They are very comfortable and hardly feel on your feet. They are valued for their simplicity and bright colors for all tastes. The cheapest flip-flops (on the market) cost about 20 reais, in brand stores prices start at 12-14 dollars. On sale are also Brazilian flip-flops with orthopedic soles. There are also expensive options – from $120 (looks like regular flip-flops, but the webbing is decorated with Swarovski rhinestones).

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You can buy a pareo at any beach in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other tourist cities in the country. If it’s not a piece of clothing for you, but rather a classic souvenir from Brazil, and you’re taking it as a gift to the girl, choose the traditional local patterns. For example, on sale is a pareo with the Brazilian flag (looks very beautiful) or with a print in the form of black and white tiles (you will notice it and on the sidewalks of Brazilian cities – a sign of equality between whites and blacks in the country, and indeed the whole world).

If you often wear a pareo on the beach, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Stunning tropical prints in the form of bizarre birds and plants just amaze the imagination! On the beaches, markets and stores in Brazil, prices for pareos start at 20-30 reals. The most expensive Brazilian pareos are sold in private shops: the high prices are due to the fact that craftsmen often make them by hand. But your piece will be unique.

For the most part, Brazilian pareos are made from the highest quality 100% cotton.

Swimwear and underwear

Girls know that traditional Brazilian panties leave the buttocks half open. Traditional Brazilian bikinis look the same. Therefore, when buying a swimsuit in the markets of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, you should pay attention to this, so as not to buy too revealing things by mistake. If you like this format – the choice for you will be wide.

What should buy in Brazil for every girl? Undoubtedly, underwear! Prices here are relatively low, and the choice is very wide. Of course, you will not find here comfortable, classic panties – only seductive sets.

The famous Brazilian brand of beachwear Blue Man stands out. In brand stores there is a wide choice of swimwear (not only Brazilian) and other paraphernalia. Prices for bikinis start at $70-80. If you want to buy these world-famous Brazilian swimwear in Russia, you’ll have to give at least 8000 rubles (when ordering from the official site on the Internet and excluding shipping), and when buying on the Russian site – 2 times more.

Brazilian Lace

The famous Brazilian lace is made in the northern and eastern provinces of that country. Take a closer look at things made of it, going on a shopping trip in Brazil. This applies not only to underwear, but also to many other things. Women will find many lace shirts, blouses, beautiful dresses, stoles and other things.

For Home

In Brazil you will find many beautiful and quality things for your home that are definitely worth bringing with you as a memento of this amazing country. Many things are worth buying for yourself, and some are worth buying as gifts.

brazil beach


When you come to Brazil, you will find that many locals are very fond of relaxing in hammocks. On the beach, next to cafes, on their own lawns and even on the balconies of small apartments – you’ll see them everywhere. Many tourists note that it is impossible not to bring from Brazil such a beautiful and practical souvenir, because hammocks are sold at every step, and they are cheap.

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A good standard size cotton hammock can hold up to two people. It is pleasant to the touch and dries quickly. Prices at markets in Brazilian cities start at R$20-30 for single-color or simple two-color versions. You can also find small hammocks that are suitable for urban apartments.

Natural mats

The markets in Brazil have a huge selection of bedside, doorway and bath mats. They are all decorated with ethnic patterns or painted in the colors of the Brazilian flag. It is a good souvenir as a gift for friends or for yourself. The distinctive feature of Brazilian mats is the natural fiber. The traditional accessory is always made of either sisal (a coarse fiber from agave leaves) or palm leaves.


The Brazilian copper differs from the Russian copper in its high quality. At the same time it is much cheaper. Going on a shopping trip to Brazil, good housewives always try to buy as much cookware as possible. Beautiful teapots, irons, plates, pots, trays and more can be a great gift for moms, grandmothers and girlfriends. Perhaps one of the best practical souvenirs from Brazil.


What souvenirs can be brought from Brazil, in addition to carnival paraphernalia (of course, you will want to buy it – in this country, and it does not happen otherwise)? Many give preference to paintings, souvenir utensils and boxes with views of waterfalls and Copacabana. And few tourists go home without a miniature copy of the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. What else is worth buying?

soccer in brazil

The Cuckoo

The fig is a famous Brazilian amulet. You will definitely find “figs” in every souvenir shop. They are usually made of wood – most often red. Some of them can be hung around the neck, others are made in the form of statuettes.

Kukish and other amulets are sold in the markets. Bargaining in Brazil is accepted – do it bravely.

Figurines and utensils made of wood

Brazilians attach special importance to wood, while for us it is more just a beautiful (and sometimes practical souvenir). It is worth looking at caskets, bowls, coasters and other wooden things that are useful in everyday life. As a gift from Brazil, you can bring figurines of birds (long-necked chickens are most common), Indians and girls with lush forms.

“Magic” bracelet

This bracelet is commonly given as a gift. As you tie the recipient’s string with three knots, he must make three cherished wishes. If you believe Brazilians, you can take the bracelet off after they come true. If you take it off earlier, they won’t come true. The pleasure costs $0.5. Sold these bracelets strings on every Brazilian beach.

Soccer paraphernalia

If you are a girl and are wondering what to bring from Brazil as a gift for a man, this option is just for you. If you are a man, you probably already know perfectly well that you will linger at the counter with soccer paraphernalia for a long time.

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T-shirts of the national team colors, soccer balls, cups, yellow-green caps, boots, wide Brazilian flags, scarves… It and much more is widely presented here. By the way, the clothing and sports uniform of the Brazilian national soccer team can be more than just a souvenir. All these products are of high quality and quite suitable for sports. They are bought even by Brazilians themselves.

In Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and other cities in Brazil you can easily find souvenirs with images and autographed copies of Pelé, Ronaldo, Neymar and other world-renowned players.

Precious jewelry

Near Rio de Janeiro, deposits of diamonds and gold are mined. Brazil is also famous for topaz, aquamarine, amethysts, topaz, sapphires and emeralds. Jewelry prices in this country are much lower than in Russia.

Buy jewelry only in jewelry stores and shops where you can be shown a certificate of quality. Brazilians know how to make beautiful jewelry, so you can easily choose a nice pair of earrings, bracelet, pendant or something else to remember about this country.

If you are not planning to spend a lot of money, but decided that to bring from Brazil you want exactly the jewelry, look closely at the range of private shops. Very often in them you can find beautiful and inexpensive jewelry made by hand. Such souvenirs are often made with stones-amulets.

Food and Drink

In Brazil you will discover a very interesting cuisine and exotic fruits. It makes sense to bring something home to treat your loved ones.

Brazil nut

Brazilian Coffee

One of the best and most popular is Capital coffee – the Brazilians will tell you this. Sellers will advise you to take it as much as possible. Take their advice: this coffee is not imported, and you can buy it only in Brazil. It tastes great!

Other coffees are also good. It is better to buy it in specialized stores. In supermarkets you can often find cheap and not always of high quality. Coffee is probably one of the must-travel items in Brazil. Read more about the varieties and types of drink in a separate article on this topic.

Yerba mate tea

In specialized stores it is worth looking at mate tea. In Brazil, as well as in neighboring Argentina, this drink is very popular. It is often sold together with a set for the preparation – it is a very good souvenir as a gift for loved ones.


Cachaça is a traditional gift from Brazil. This strong alcoholic drink is often called moonshine or Brazilian vodka. Based on cachaça, sugar syrup and limes, locals make their famous Caipirinha cocktail.

Cachaça is sold in souvenir stores and souvenir shops. Prices start at 18-20 Brazilian reais (per liter).


Spices in Brazil can be found almost everywhere – in specialized shops, markets, souvenir stores and supermarkets. Often spices are sold in small glass jars (as a set). Very nice Brazilian souvenir.

Sugar and chocolate

From Brazil tourists gladly take cane sugar. Here it is of the highest quality. Brazilian chocolate is famous throughout the world. It tastes different than what we are accustomed to – much tastier. As a gift, you can bring bars of chocolate or a box of the famous local candy “Brigadeiro”.

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Exotic Fruits and Nuts

In Brazil you will try fruits that you may not have even known existed before. Guarana, pinyau, manna, chupa chupa, sapucai, bacuri and many others. You’ve probably guessed by now that it would be problematic to bring them from Brazil – they won’t make it. But you can take nuts and jam with you.

Buy cashews (eat the pulp and take the nuts home with you) and Brazil nuts. Prices are times lower than in Russia. It also makes sense to buy goiabada, guava jam. Many tourists like Paçoca, a dessert made of crushed nuts, sugar and flour.

brazilia rio copacabana

We hope you’ll find our shopping tips useful in Brazilian cities. We wish you a pleasant and profitable shopping experience! Have something to add? Write in the comments!

Colorful gifts from sunny Brazil

Every year, Brazil is gaining popularity as a vacation destination for tourists from Russia. Holidays in this state of the South American continent is always a fascinating adventure. Picturesque beaches, warm sea, caressing the hot sun is only a small fraction of what awaits every tourist in Brazil.

There are many stores and markets in the country where every tourist will be able to choose a product that will suit his or her taste. We tell you about the most popular gifts that you can bring from Brazil.

↑ 1. Brazilian Coffee

Coffee, grown in Brazil, is valued all over the world for its extraordinary taste and aroma. It is the coffee that has brought the country world fame and glory. Brazil produces two types of coffee:

  • Arabica;
  • robusta.

Robusta is cheaper variety, which can be bought in any supermarket in the country. The drink has a strong bitterness and an extraordinary aroma. It is better not to buy it out of hand.

Arabica is a milder tasting coffee. The aroma of arabica is so intense and at the same time delicate that it is impossible to forget. But it also costs more.

Before buying, pay attention to the region of growth. This determines the taste and aroma of the drink. The best Brazilian coffee is considered “Tossinari”. It comes in three varieties: strong, very strong and medium strength.

No less famous in Brazil is “Primero Sabor” coffee, in which you can feel the chocolate notes. It is grown in the highlands together with cocoa.

Jacu coffee is the most unusual. It has a rather exotic taste and aroma. But whatever coffee you buy, it is better to buy it in beans.

↑ 2. Jewelry

Brazilian jewelry with precious stones will suit the taste of a woman or a girl. There is a huge assortment of beads, pendants and bracelets with topaz, amethysts and diamonds in stores in the country.

The price of jewelry is usually lower than in our country. Brazil’s pride and joy is aquamarine, and the country’s jewelers treat this stone with reverence, and make the most beautiful jewelry with it.

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↑ 3. Cane sugar and Brazilian sweets

An unusual gift from Brazil would be cane sugar. Even when you’re dieting, cane sugar is still good to add to your meal. You can have absolutely no fear that it will affect the deposition of extra pounds on your body.

Any child will like guava sweets. Guava is called the tropical apple for its health benefits and taste. It is used to make marmalade, jam, and marshmallow. This unusual exotic delicacy will delight any vacationer.

↑ 4. Havaianas beach shoes

Havaianas beach shoes are appreciated all over the world. In Brazil you can buy flip-flops that you will not find in Russia.

Havaianas – impeccable quality, bright unique design and a nice price. Every tourist that comes to Brazil always makes sure to buy a pair of flip-flops by Havaianas.

↑ 5. Local alcohol

The most popular alcoholic drink among locals is cachaça. It is a moonshine made from sugar cane. If you are a real gourmand, you should only drink this spirit if it has been aged for a year.

You can make a great cocktail from cachaça by adding freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to the drink. Exotic alcoholic cocktail for your friends, ready to go!

↑ 6. Soccer paraphernalia

It is impossible to visit Brazil and not remember that it is the country of soccer players. Soccer paraphernalia are in demand among both locals and numerous holidaymakers. Local stores offer a huge assortment of sports goods: caps, shirts, shorts, balls, souvenirs with soccer prints.

The cost of souvenirs with soccer themes is varied. Among them you can choose a simple thing with a print or thing with the autographs of these soccer stars. Soccer souvenirs as a gift for a man to a fan of the sport is the best option for the presentation.

↑ 7. Cosmetics

Lovely ladies will love the local cosmetics with oils. Any cosmetic product includes only natural ingredients and oils from Brazilian plants.

Such cosmetics can work wonders: tighten skin, even out its color, return its shine and luster, refresh and reduce inflammation. The most popular are products based on coconut oil, eucalyptus, olive, coffee and hibiscus. No one is likely to refuse such a gift.

↑ 8. Souvenirs with local colors

Feedback from tourists shows that the most popular gifts brought from Brazil for family and friends are souvenirs. On the shelves of special stores and stalls of the country, you can choose a variety of unusual products:

  • paintings by local artists;
  • products of soapstone, which will decorate the interior and will be a reminder of an unforgettable vacation;

  • Carnival paraphernalia – bright costumes and accessories;
  • unusual figurines;

  • interior items: vases, jugs;

  • amulets made of wood;

  • products from the wings of tropical butterflies.

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