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After school activities for your child in Barcelona: clubs, courses and workshops

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In Barcelona, there is no problem with the issue of leisure activities for children after school. Activities and workshops are a great way for your child to practice their Spanish and Catalan, and to make new friends. By popular demand, we have decided to renew our series of articles about activities, entertainment and learning spaces for children of all ages. Today we present you the best children’s clubs, courses and workshops in Barcelona for informative leisure.

Culinary classes and workshops at Espai Granada

Espai Granada is a welcoming space in Poblenou where kids and teenagers can take cooking classes and workshops, and where there are lots of family events where parents can dive into the world of gastronomy with their child. Espai Granada’s creators are mothers themselves, so organizing educational activities for children is a topical issue for them. Espai & Kids develops fascinating courses for little cooks under the guidance of professional chefs. The goal is for children to learn the basics of cooking while having fun with their peers. Espai Granada’s cooking programs include courses in molecular cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and the cuisine of the world.

Address: Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada 28 bis 7 planta, Barcelona

Learn about circus arts at La Colombina

Mar and Aurora Basani are two sisters who have a long experience in circus shows and in popularizing the magic of the circus. Two years ago they decided to open their own school for children of all ages. At La Colombina, they combined circus and theater arts. Children from the age of 3 can learn the basics of circus arts, developing coordination and strength, as well as familiarizing themselves with their bodies in a playful way. From the age of 7, circus classes help children learn teamwork and improve their natural flexibility. The school also offers circus workshops for the whole family. The Basani sisters noticed that the students like to participate in stage design for theater and circus performances, so among other things it was decided to hold craft workshops.

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Address: Carrer del Rector Triadó, 15

Exploring music at KiddyMusics

KiddyMusics has been making music to children from a few months to 12 years old for 16 years. The team at this school specializes in early music education methods based on learning through play and song. The idea is to use the mechanisms that are activated in the early years to learn languages (including music) in a natural way. Through games and songs, young students learn concepts such as rhythm, melody and movement. Babies as young as 4 months old are welcome at the school. KiddyMusics offers rich educational programs for children older than 7 years old, tailored to individual interests. During the lessons the children can participate in concert programs and learn to present themselves on the stage.

Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 291

Learning English through creativity in Collage

Sometimes it can be hard to get children interested in learning English outside of school. That’s where the creative school Collage comes in, which teaches the language through exciting creativity. The students draw, sing, play musical instruments, create their own plays, and they do it all while speaking English. The Little Faces program is designed for children ages 4 to 8 who want to engage in crafts and games. The Little Actors program offers language learning through theater arts. Teenagers ages 13 to 18 who are interested in theater can choose the Teen Actors program. In the Jitterbugs program, children from 1 to 3 years old can get in touch with the English language by playing with teachers and their parents. All teachers at the school are native English speakers from English-speaking countries.

Address: Carrer de Sant Salvador, 96

Yoga classes at Yogui Kids

Yoga for kids is based on the same principles as for adults, but it’s more dynamic and play-based. At Yogui Kids Yoga School for Kids, the instructors help children learn about the possibilities of their bodies in a playful way. Children enjoy “transforming” into trees and animals by getting into certain poses. Sometimes yoga classes flow into whole theatrical performances, during which the kids develop flexibility, coordination and creativity. Parents note that after such sessions their children find it easier to cope with stress and are more sensitive to their body and its needs.

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Address: Carrer de l’Hortènsia, 12

Dance at Swing Maniacs Kids & Teens

The dance school Swing Maniacs teaches adults and children different kinds of dance. In the special program Swing Maniacs Kids & Teens the little pupils have the possibility to try different styles of dance and choose the one they like most. The dance instructors seek an individual approach to each child, discovering their talents and teaching them their sense of rhythm.

  • Carrer Roger de Flor, 293
  • Carrer Galileu, 261

Creativity without limits at La Saleta de Creació

La Saleta de Creació is a creative space created by the art historian Cristina that stimulates the creative impulses of little talents. From Monday through Friday, you can create without limits in three rooms: the Drawing Room, the Crafts Room and the Robotics Room. Each child chooses what he would like to do today. For a few hours they can express their talents in all three spaces. Young guests from the age of 4 are welcome here, as well as their parents, to spend time with their children. Every Friday activities are organized for the whole family. You can choose the rate and time of your visit.

Address: Carrer de La Saleta 4

Service Center in Spain

Need help in Spain? Service Center “Spain in Russian” – more than 100 services in Russian in any region of Spain.

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Barcelona sports

Finally I had the opportunity to spend almost a week in Barcelona, the largest and richest city in Spain. There are already thousands of articles written about this city and I will not repeat myself, but I will try to look at the city from a sport point of view.


Walking around Spain for almost three months, keeping fit proved to be a problem – I never got to go to any of the sports facilities. My entire athletic life ended with morning exercises and evening jogs. But when I came to Barcelona, and having enough time, I definitely decided to figure out – where can active lifestyle lovers find something that makes their life great?

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For All and Free

Barcelona is nestled by the sea and also has a huge variety of park areas. The promenade and parks are a great place for gymnastics and cardio exercises. Barcelona’s climate allows for year-round outdoor exercise, and its rich and developed infrastructure definitely makes it a pleasure.


Many parks have table tennis and basketball courts.



The city is also rich in bicycle paths and even has a dense network of them. The European cycle route “The Green Road” also passes through the city.


Unfortunately, to get a bike I could not – free urban rental service is available only to locals, and to pay about 5-7 euros per day of rent seemed to me too expensive luxury.


The coastal area, which stretches for many kilometers, has not only well-groomed sidewalks and lawns, but also special sporting areas, the number of which is enough to suffice all comers. On these simulators it is quite possible to perform the simplest strength training. The townspeople with pleasure use these achievements of culture and civilization.



And of course what a beach can be without beach sports. The beaches in Barcelona are well equipped and you can play volleyball for free with friends or locals.


Most importantly, the sea! You can swim for free all year round and despite the cold water during the year, many swim wearing wetsuits. The water temperature in the winter is about 12-14 degrees and for about 150 euros you can buy quite suitable for this temperature wetsuit.

For amateurs and professionals

However, if you’re a total yo-yo with the sport, the free fun might not be enough and it’s time to find something more serious. As it turns out, Barcelona has a huge number of the most diverse fitness clubs, many of which can get absolutely anyone, of any skin color and nationality. And the best part is that the prices are very reasonable. To choose a place to work out, I used the popular European site gymforless.com, where in every major city of Spain (and not only), you can choose a decent fitness club at an adequate price. You don’t need to sign contracts for a month, a year or more – you can easily buy one or more visits online. I chose one of the clubs of the Esportiu Mediterrani network in Barcelona, and I bought one visit, which cost me 5 euros .

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After paying on the website, I received an SMS with a pass code and presented it at the reception directly in the club. That’s the end of the formalities and the club is yours! Honestly, for the price, it exceeded my expectations! I had unlimited access to all areas of the club for the entire day:

  • A 50 meter outdoor 10 lane pool with comfortable sun loungers; 🙂
  • A 25-meter indoor pool with 10 lanes;
  • SPA zone with whirlpools, Jacuzzi, three saunas and relaxation area;
  • Cardio zone with all the necessary set of equipment;
  • Halls of group programs;
  • And of course a big gym, where there were all my favorite pieces of fitness equipment 🙂 .

For a fee, you could also use the tennis court. By the way, many more or less decent local fitness clubs have their own tennis court.

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