5 Eastern European seaside resorts

20 most popular European seaside resorts in descending order of price

The U.K. Post Office Travel Money researched the 20 most popular European seaside resorts in 2019 in order of price. It measured the cost of all travel items, including sunscreen, a glass of wine and dinner for two. Fourteen of the 20 places had lower prices than last year. Prices for nine tourist essentials were taken into account: a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a bottle or can of Coke, a glass of wine, a 1.5-liter bottle of mineral water from the supermarket, SPF15 sunscreen, insect repellent, a three-course dinner for two, including a bottle of house wine, and a two-course dinner for two without drinks. 20 famous European seaside resorts in descending order of price. 20. Sorrento, Italy A three-course dinner for two with wine will cost you $105.07 in Sorrento. Despite this, prices are actually down 4.7% from 2018.

19. Ibiza, Spain Prices in Ibiza are down 2.1% from last year, but a two-course dinner (without drinks) will still cost you $41.12.

18. Lisbon Coast, Portugal Prices actually went up 0.1% in Lisbon, where a glass of wine in a café or bar will cost an average of $5.70.

17. Nice, France Côte d’Azur is very expensive, with prices up 1.4% for 2018 – a two-course lunch costs an average of $34.27.

16. Puglia, Italy A new entry in the Puglia rankings offers tourists a cup of coffee in a café or bar for just $0.91.

15. Zadar, Croatia Croatia Croatia is becoming more popular with tourists, and prices are up 0.7% from last year, but you can still get a glass of wine for $4.01.

14. Corfu, Greece Prices in Corfu are down 4.5% from 2018, and you can get a bottle of sunscreen for just $8.22.

13. Halkidiki, Greece In Halkidiki, you can enjoy a three-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine for only $53.69.

12. Poreč, Croatia Prices are down 8.6% for 2018 in Poreč, where you can buy a bottle of local beer or a beer at the bar for $2.89.

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11. Mallorca, Spain Now is a good time to book a trip to Mallorca, where prices are down 11% and a 1.5-liter bottle of water from the supermarket costs $0.68.

10. Alicante, Spain Alicante is in the top 10 even though prices are up 12.3% – you can still get a glass of wine for $2.28.

9. Limassol, Cyprus In Limassol, essentials are on average one-fifth (20.2%) cheaper than in 2018 – enjoy a three-course dinner for two with wine for $59.38.

8. Sliema, Malta Sliema also saw a significant price drop (9.5%), and you can get a three-course dinner for two with wine for $50.72.

7. Paphos, Cyprus Paphos ranks 7th on the list, even though prices have dropped 5.6% – go there and enjoy a bottle of local beer for only $2.51.

6. Crete, Greece The island of Crete is apparently an incredibly cheap place to repel insects, where a bottle of repellent only costs $2.51.

5. Benidorm, Spain Another new entry on the list, Benidorm may be worth a visit for a glass of wine for $2.18.

4. Torremolinos, Spain The cheapest beach resort in Spain on the list is Torremolinos, where prices are 8.7% cheaper than last year, and a 1.5-liter bottle of mineral water costs $0.43 (33 pence) at the supermarket.

3. Marmaris, Turkey Marmaris is the cheapest place to buy a bottle of Coca-Cola, averaging $1.16.

2. Algarve, Portugal The southern coast of Portugal isn’t just popular for its beaches, it’s also incredibly affordable – a cup of coffee costs just $0.74 and prices are down 16.2% from last year.

1. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria The coast is popular with tourists. Sunny Beach is considered Europe’s cheapest seaside resort, and prices are down 10.7% from 2018 – unbelievably, you can enjoy a two-course meal for two for just $10.97.

Europe’s Best Resorts – Top 10

When it comes to seaside vacations, you don’t have to fly to America or Africa in search of beautiful resorts. After all, right here in Europe are some of the best resorts in the world. Today we will consider some of the best resorts in Europe, among which are suitable for fans of partying and entertainment, and for those who want to improve their health.

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Best European Resorts

Ibiza, or Ibiza, in Spain is undoubtedly the best resort in Europe as far as partying is concerned, which is what tourists mostly come here for. You can meet here a lot of Englishmen and Germans, a little less often the French, Russian tourists – are not frequent guests on the island, as the rest on the island is quite expensive. Despite the general opinion of the nightlife of the island, here you can relax with your family with children. The best place for this is the northern part of the resort. Party season lasts from early summer to October, at this time the temperature is kept at 30 degrees.

2. Costa Brava


The Costa Brava, a popular summer resort area in Europe, also belongs to Spain. Here on the Mediterranean coast along the sea small resort towns are spread, which attract with its charming landscapes and velvet sun. From June to October lasts beach season, during this time the temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees and constantly shines warm unobtrusive sun. Of the many small towns stand out the resorts of Lloret de Mar, Blanes and Tossa de Mar. The first at the peak of popularity, so in the season its streets and beaches are filled with crowds of tourists. Blanes is known for its giant water park, which is adored by children and adults alike.

3. Igalo


This European resort of Montenegro is listed as one of the first in the list of health lovers. Here is located the Institute, which treats a variety of diseases with the help of mud. The therapeutic techniques of this resort are unequalled. The nature here is created for beneficial rest and treatment. The town is surrounded on all sides by mountains with lush vegetation, and the climate is very mild and smooth. The crimson groves are situated right near the pebble beach.

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There is a beautiful Promenade street in the town, where you can find almost anything. Here tourists love to wander through the stores and souvenir shops, and then sit in restaurants, admiring the quiet and calm sea. Cuisine is focused on seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich in this region.

4. Capri


This extraordinarily beautiful and serene island of Europe has been luring the cream of society into its embrace for centuries. Since the Roman Empire, emperors have loved to vacation here, who today have been replaced by world-famous celebrities. Mesmerizing grottoes and lagoons beckon tourists, and the Mediterranean climate is one of the main pluses.

There are two cities on the island, Capri and Anacapri. They are so opposite that every tourist must visit both and compare the two very different types of holidays. Capri is a very bustling and fun city with lots of entertainment, bars, restaurants. Here you can find stores of the best brands, and in a restaurant you will run into a celebrity. Anacapri on the contrary – quiet and relaxed. It is a place where you can get away with your loved one or spend time with your family.

5. Portorož


This is the best resort town of Slovenia, which attracts people who want to improve their health and enjoy their vacation. Sandy beach beckons tourists to the crystal clear water all summer long. A variety of recovery will help cope with various problems: skin diseases, asthma attacks, gynecological diseases. Besides, there are courses of cellulite treatment.

Portoroz is quite a popular resort in Europe and during the summer period there are a lot of tourists. Most are from Austria and Italy, although often there are also Russians. Find a Russian-speaking guide is not difficult. All hotels are located across the street from the city beach and have a beautiful view from the rooms.

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6. Cannes


When mentioning this chic resort in Europe, the red carpet and world-class celebrities immediately come to mind. It is synonymous with luxurious villas, expensive yachts and colorful festivals. Holiday atmosphere constantly hovers in the atmosphere of the city and infects all visitors. Of course, all tourists rush to see the Palace of Festivals, where every year gather all lovers of good cinema. Here, on the sunny streets of fashionistas from all over the world walk in search of crazy expensive designer shoes. Hotels of the city will suit any tourist, regardless of the size of the purse. There are both free and paid beaches. Well, of course, the highlight is the Croisette, where all the best villas and restaurants of the city.

7. Corfu


It is impossible not to mention such a country as Greece, which is famous for some of the best resorts in Europe, and first of all a number of islands. Especially Corfu is worth mentioning, which is a great place for any kind of holiday. Its climate is not as hot as on Crete, which is why it is loved by tourists. The olive, lemon and orange trees grow densely all over the island, which decorate the city, not only externally, but also with a stunning bouquet of aromas.

The resort is one of the most expensive in Greece. All restaurants, bars and stores speak English, which is very convenient these days. Corfu is a godsend for children, unlike other resorts, there is no fear of snakes and insects. All beaches are very clean and not dangerous.

8. Cascais


This resort in Europe, more precisely in Portugal, is famous for its luxurious houses, golf courses and lush vegetation. However, now the place is gaining fame as a party resort. Nightclubs and discos in the open air attract many young people and connoisseurs of club life. However, lovers of beautiful architecture will be delighted with the old town. Here you can admire the delightful creations of architects while having a coffee in one of the many cafes or restaurants.

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The city’s beaches attract quite a variety of tourists. There is an opportunity to traditionally sunbathe under the soft sun and bathe in crystal clear water. However, surfers will appreciate the beaches where the waves reach unprecedented heights. Read more about the best resorts in Portugal in a separate article.

9. Nice


The Cote d’Azur and its capital annually attracts crowds of tourists from Europe and other parts of the world. All the buildings of the city are painted in warm and sunny colors, which create an atmosphere of carelessness. Walking along the promenade, you will feel the mood of the city, and walking through the historic center – its history. In the old center you can enjoy delicious and fresh fruit at the market, smell the aromas of the flower market and walk through the stores in the central streets.

10. Crikvenica


In recent years, our tourists have discovered the resorts of Eastern Europe, including Croatia. One of the best is considered Crikvenica. Here, as well as at the majority of similar resorts, a pleasant vacation at the sea is combined with health improvement. Treatment centers deal with the problems of rheumatism and asthma, and therapeutic sea air, which combines with mountain air, accelerates recovery.

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