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50 goals in a man’s life. Goals in life – a list. Examples of 50 life goals

Life goals - a list. Examples of 50 life goals.

Striving for a goal in life by itself is meaningless. It is important what the goal leads to, what values are embodied in life. There are goals – dreams, which everyone wants, but little benefit from their achievement. And setting them is all the more pointless – they do not motivate.

Take a look at this list of goals on the “MYTH” blog [1]:

  • Reach Enlightenment . With such a goal, the road to the asylum is trodden. Get in line; there aren’t enough beds for everyone.
  • Surround yourself with friends.

Spend every day of your life as if it were your last: lie in bed, cough, surround yourself with friends, piss yourself. Reindeer in bed.

Goals like these create flawed motivation. You can’t set goals like that. You can get schizophrenic when you achieve them. Or it is not at all clear why in the hell anyone needs them in the present.

There is a typical list of goals offered to readers of blogs. Authors trying to give examples of long-term goals – give a set of loops. Striving for such goals with nothing behind them is the inquisition of the remnants of a sane mind.

Futile goals lead nowhere. A gallows of goals.

screenshot screenshot

screenshot screenshot

Where are your “problems” coming from?

Take a step-by-step breakdown of an area of life and identify the 3, not 50, most important goals in that area.

Take life apart step by step into its molecules

Vital Goals.

The goals we set for ourselves should develop us, bring us experience, growth of awareness and personal responsibility. Not drive us to the asylum, the asylum, or the cemetery.

Vital goals are those for which striving will develop us, expand our possibilities, increase our sense of happiness, and improve our psyche and relationships with others.

The world needs a hundred space explorers. If someone truly wants to be a cosmonaut, then go ahead! Better a happy, wise, responsible person, and at the same time a messenger from Earth, than an astronaut – unhappy, scared, training and torturing himself, only because he is not ready to love himself and understand his desires.

I am not against struggle and “accomplishment,” but struggle especially with oneself should not be pointless. There is no need for a pacifier in a spacesuit taking selfies against the backdrop of the Earth.

Suit. A blank spaceman in a spacesuit taking selfies against the backdrop of Earth.

A person’s main vital goal is to be healthy physically and psychologically . Confident people with a positive self-esteem, who know their worth and are able to fulfill their desires, are not so many. They are able to set a goal in life, to take on a vital problem for all mankind. They have the courage and strength to solve it and live happily.

Goals that develop a person

For the embodiment of the goal of life, a person has enough average ability, but not enough average courage. Strength of mind is needed less than the courage to resist circumstances and the prejudices of others.

A man is ineffective at achieving a goal that does not lead him to something greater than the goal itself. That is why it is so important to practice understanding one’s desires, needs, and values, to know one’s strengths, and to be able to work for pleasure.

Goal without meaning is a dead end.

A goal without meaning is a dead end.

Set short-term goals for self-exploration, the search for their undiscovered talents. Learn to overcome preconceptions about yourself and what you already “know. Develop self-confidence and form an opinion based on personal experience. Develop courage and the ability to work hard. You’ll need all of this when you’re ready to tackle an important problem, a challenging project.

Example: a list of 50 goals

The list of 50 goals is broken down by areas of life.

The list of 50 goals is broken down by areas of life.

It can be difficult to come up with goals if there is little practice and awareness. Therefore, it is useful to look at examples of common developmental goals and adapt the ones you like.

I suggest examples that lead to personal development, to gaining experience, to expanding ideas about yourself and the universe. It is desirable to have something else behind these goals, but they will develop you anyway if you choose to achieve them. Collected goals that are more eco-friendly for our heads.

Health and Sports.

Health and sports - card.

  1. Step-by-step course. Draw an intelligence map of your health.
  2. Swim 500 meters. Dive to 8 m.
  3. Eliminate 2-3 unhealthy foods from your diet.
  4. Run 10 km.
  5. Eat only home-cooked food for a week.
  6. Strengthen the attitude of “I am fine, others are fine”.
  7. Learn to play table tennis and lawn tennis.
  8. Kachalka. Pozanimat’ 2-3 months. Get a discharge.

Goals in work, in my career. Financial aims

A person's financial goals.

  1. To understand the elements of my vocation: man – man, man – machine, man – symbols.
  2. To increase my income by 2 times.
  3. Get through a week without any urgent business (outside of vacation).
  4. Passive income. $100+ / month.
  5. Work for the company. Company goals help you realize your dreams.
  6. Controlling your finances. Record expenses and income over a six-month period.
  7. Gain experience hiring and firing an employee.

Environment, friends.

Public speaking. Speaking in front of an audience of 30+ people.

  1. Public speaking. Speak in front of an audience of 30+ people.
  2. Learn how to make introductions.
  3. Know how to listen to your interlocutor.
  4. Organize a board game night.

Personal relations, family.

Family goals. Family in the palm of your hand.

  1. Attend a group therapy session with an experienced psychologist. Make up your own mind.
  2. Love in a life-affirming way. Cure neuroticism.
  3. Marry or marry for love.
  4. Move into the role of father or mother. Raise, not nurture a child.
  5. Take a “spontaneous” trip.

A vacation, the brightness of life.

Rest, vibrancy of life.

  1. Visit another continent.
  2. King of the mountain – climb the pyramid.
  3. Swim in two oceans.
  4. To live for 2+ months in an unfamiliar country.
  5. Being spontaneous. Not being afraid to look stupid.

Personal development goals, intelligence

Goals for personal development, growth. Reading.

  1. Read 12+ popular science books in a year.
  2. Get a driver’s license. Drive on a serpentine road.
  3. Learn English. The level of conversation – above average.
  4. Learn a second foreign language at a basic level.
  5. Live up to a plan of goals for the year with 70%+ achievement.
  6. Write 10 articles.
  7. Dine at the city’s top restaurant and leave no tip.


Goals for personal development, growth. Reading.

    . Write 5 paintings.
  1. Learn to play a musical instrument. Play a tune on flute, keyboards, guitar, drums.
  2. Choose a hobby and think about how to get future income from it.
  3. Know how to dance. Dance a 1+ minute staged dance.
  4. Sing a song at karaoke or in a studio.
  5. Be engaged in creative handicrafts. Make crafts from paper, fabric, clay, plasticine, leather.


Maybe God is an atheist. Rarely sees men, begins to doubt that they exist.

Maybe God is an atheist. Rarely sees people, begins to doubt that they exist.

  1. Develop the ability to overcome conviction. To learn something that would disprove my earlier understanding of it.
  2. To develop the ability to overcome an old habit. To retrain myself to do something.
  3. Formulate my purpose.
  4. Practice meditation. Take a course or workshop.
  5. Bring the wheel of life balance to 7-10 points.
  6. Read the New Testament. Form an opinion.
  7. Learn to overcome fears. Overcome 5 fears.
  8. Have non-traditional experiences. Astrology, out-of-body experience, alignment.

A man’s life goals.

Business is the main goal to which a man devotes his time [2]. Without business he is incompetent. Ideally, it is some enterprise with a humanistic idea, aimed at helping and developing other people.

It is vital to man’s nature to explore the world, to seize territory (markets), to compete with others, to promote new goods and services. By realizing his endeavor, a man realizes himself in the world. Business is the second face of a real man.

Man is by nature an explorer.

A man by nature is an explorer.

One of the most important goals in a man’s life is his Cause .

A list of examples of goals for a man and a guy for 5-10 years:

  1. Explore business management techniques from his own experience.
  2. Set 50 intermediate or mid-term goals and achieve them.
  3. Grow the company to $1 million in sales.
  4. Create a service that makes life easier for other men.
  5. Become an expert in her specialty.

A woman’s most important goals

A woman doesn’t have to raise money for her family. That is a man’s concern. A woman can also go into business. The main thing is that this does not become her main job. She can do her business for her soul, but stay true to her feminine nature.

A woman's purpose in life. The woman is a keeper.

Women’s goals in life. A woman is a keeper.

A woman’s vital goals are in the following areas: relationships, beauty, home comfort, giving love to the world, spiritual practices. Family and caring for children is at the most important place for a woman. It makes her happier [2].

Examples of girls’ long-term life goals:

  1. Become a spiritual midwife. Popularize “Natural Childbirth.”
  2. To open a center for psychological help.
  3. Help other women build harmonious relationships.
  4. Inspire a man to do great things for him.
  5. Become an educator by vocation.
  6. To be an example to girls – what it is possible to be a woman at an age.
  7. To explore alternative perspectives on the question of “What it means to be a woman.”

A woman's goals are toward harmony and balance in life.

Women’s goals aim for harmony and balance in life.

A list of women’s goals for the year:

  1. Have a lotus birthing experience.
  2. Engage in creative development: dance, music, painting.
  3. Create a blog. Debunk myths about child development.
  4. Go on a journey and write a novel of adventure.
  5. Learn interior design.
  6. Learn to sew. Design your own collection.
  7. Become happy. Clear your emotional blocks.

How to write your 50 goals in life – the answer

Make lists of sample goals and ideas. Include all sorts of different dreams and goals. Categorize your goals by: short term (up to 1 month), medium term (1 year) and long term (2-5 years). When you have 50 or more goals – re-sort them, the important ones on your list of goals for the year. I keep lists on Evernote and in a notebook.

Take the time to make your list of 50 life goals.

Take the time to make your list of 50 life goals.

To determine your goals, I recommend the exercise “50 Goals and 50 Wishes” . First, you need to define the circle of your desires, start to implement them. Then, where you most want to continue to work – look for a more global goal. The ideal is to look for and find a problem, a need of humanity and satisfy it.

Formulate not only selfish goals in life, but also ones that benefit people. The goal of “becoming a famous chef” will not bring as much satisfaction as organizing a children’s center. The very wording “to become famous” speaks of an unhealthy psyche, of being unloved as a child. If you suddenly want fame, first satisfy your spiritual need for love. So save the world after you save yourself. First nurture a strong egoism, and altruism will appear itself, there is no need to force it.

A man's ideal life goal is when you give to the universe yourself

A person’s ideal purpose in life is when you give yourself to the universe and get high from it. All you need is the freedom to do what you like. You don’t have to receive approval, recognition or fame. You don’t need to know five languages to earn respect and admiration. You feel good alone and in a team, doing what you think is right.

Choose your vital goals and get on the road to yourself.


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