5 dishes to eat in Innsbruck, Austria

Where to eat in Innsbruck: 7 trendy restaurants

Top 7 places to eat well in Innsbruck. Establishments with prices no higher than average. Cafes and restaurants in Innsbruck with addresses, descriptions, photos.


Holidays in this city are attractive not only for the avid skier, but also for almost every traveler interested in architecture, scenery and… Austrian cuisine. For a stay in Innsbruck to turn out not only interesting, but also comfortable, you can plan a visit to the city’s institutions in advance. After all, this is an important part of acquaintance with the Tyrolean way of life and culture. The city center is compact, so at first glance it is not difficult to find a suitable place for lunch. But if the arsenal already has a list of addresses and coordinates, where you can eat in Innsbruck, you will feel doubly confident.

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Even before you arrive in Innsbruck, take a tour of “Vienna and Wine” means getting to know the best examples of Austrian winemaking. Visit the vineyards spread out below the capital, and the “wine shops” where you can buy the products. And don’t ignore a guided tour of Vienna – it’s the best way to get your bearings in the city and have a cup of Viennese coffee.

7 original restaurants in Innsbruck


Address: Stadtforum 1, Innsbruck

You can get a good meal in Innsbruck at the Sitzwohl Restaurant. The menu has both Austrian and Italian cuisine, but the choice is limited. However, the menu is also new every day – if you come here daily the same dishes will not bore you. We won’t tell all the secrets beforehand but even the lovers of pastry will be delighted with aromatic bread, to say nothing of meat and appetizers! The hospitality of the staff and the entertainment program will also delight the guests. No wonder that people return to this restaurant again and again. But it is important to take care about the table in advance because in this institution they are in short supply.

2. Cafe Central

Address: Gilmstraße 5, Innsbruck

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Cafe Central - a legendary restaurant in Innsbruck

One of the cult institutions in Innsbruck, which usually is visited as one of the attractions. The network cafe (there are similar ones in Vienna and Lausanne) is famous for the classical interior, standard coffee à la carte, apfel strudel with whipped cream and quality service. So, to the traditional breakfast you will be offered a fresh press with a typographic smell – like on Aeroflot. In addition to a variety of pastries and desserts, the cafe has traditional food – salads, meat, omelets and soups. No one will go hungry, and lovers of healthy eating can indulge themselves with carrot or apple freshness.

Cafe Katzung

Address: Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 16, Innsbruck

Where to eat delicious strudels in Innsbruck: Cafe Katzung

Innsbruck's trendy cafes and restaurants: Cafe Katzung

This pastry shop, hidden in the labyrinth of narrow streets of the Old Town, can be stumbled upon only by accident. Travelers go for the smell of coffee, chocolate and vanilla, and they are not mistaken. But if you know the address of this cafe in Innsbruck in advance, you will have the opportunity to try not only perfect strudels, but also the benchmark Sacher (some say that the famous cake is tastier here than in the Viennese Café Sacher). True, the prices can be a little higher than average, but the location – a few tens of meters from the House with a Golden Roof on the main square.

Strudel-Cafe Kroell

Address: Hofgasse 6, Innsbruck

Where to eat well in Innsbruck: Strudel-Cafe Kroell

Apfel Strudel (Innsbruck, Austria)

Another place to eat in Innsbruck and taste the famous Austrian strudels is Strudel-Cafe Kroell. Here you will find the most unusual fillings for this popular Austrian dish. For example, strudel with mushrooms and bacon – an unusual combination. Or cherries instead of the traditional cinnamon apples. If you want to try apple strudel, order the local variant, sweet apples and spinach. The cafe has a welcoming atmosphere, polite staff, and everything you need to relax between excursions. And they know how to surprise tourists here like nowhere else.

5. Cafe Munding

Address: Kiebachgasse 16, Innsbruck

Cafe Munding is a beautiful building in the center of Innsbruck

For a tasty breakfast and a guarantee of a good mood for the whole day we recommend you to look into the cafe “Munding”. Here you can not only enjoy an excellent coffee, but also feel as if you are in the Tyrol of Middle Ages. The interior is designed with Alpine traditions in mind. Except coffee in Munding you can try cakes which look like Christmas gifts and other Austrian desserts. Naturally, it is worth ordering coffee and any hot dishes if you have a desire to have a thorough snack. Take note of the spinach dumplings (Austrian minding schlutzkrapten), reminiscent of the German Mauletaschen dumplings.

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6. die Wilderin

Address: Seilergasse 5, Innsbruck.

Where to eat steak in Innsbruck: die Wilderin

Die Wilderin - Innsbruck's hearty, inexpensive food

For tasty steaks you should go to Die Wilderin. It is conveniently located in the historic center of Innsbruck, and the meat is delivered there directly from the slopes of Alpine meadows (so the owners say, and in a country like Austria, where the local “GOSTs” are strictly observed, you should take their word for it). The menu of the restaurant is modest: the visitors order what the chef “chose” for them in advance with slight variations: wild boar by special recipe, roasted duck, excellent beef steak. The atmosphere is very cozy and chamber-like.

7. Breakfast Club

Address: Maria-Theresien-Straße 49, Innsbruck

Where to eat breakfast in Innsbruck: Breakfast Club

Very modern cafe with the motto: “The Godfather of brunch in Innsbruck”. They serve the traditional Tyrolean food, simple and nourishing, which will support the strength of a traveler during the day. The main factor that made it possible to win the youth audience is reasonable prices. There is a huge selection of omelets for those who prefer meat and ham, as well as for vegetarians. The Hell’s Omelette: cheese from the milk of Alpine cows, shallots and chili peppers. It comes with a whole basket of organic bread. The coffee is exclusively Italian and you can order lactose-free milk to go with it.

What to try in Innsbruck

The main criterion we focused on in choosing the best cafes and restaurants in Innsbruck is good food and a homely atmosphere. What should you pay attention to on the menu? First, it is worth ordering any of the meat dishes.

What to Try in Innsbruck: Soup with Dumplings

Any of Innsbruck’s restaurants serve Tyrolean soup with dumplings In Austria they respect meat, so the quality of schnitzel or tafelspitzel will be excellent. Secondly, it’s hard to resist the temptation of trying Tyrolean pies – they are almost the main pride of the Austrian land of Tyrol.

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The most popular hot soup, which is served in Innsbruck, is goulash. In Austria, the dish has come from neighboring Hungary. As an alternative, they offer soup with dumplings (meatballs), which is popular just in Tyrol.

Mulled wine is delicious in Innsbruck. But it is advisable to try it in one of the bars, not in a street stall. Most establishments in Innsbruck have their own recipe for the drink, which is not disclosed. There may not be anything unusual in the composition, but restaurant owners like to put a fog on it. Whatever the case, the taste of the local mulled wine is excellent (even if it’s all about the quality of the red wine). If you don’t drink alcohol, order herbal lemonade – unusual, but worth trying at least once.

As you can see, the gastronomic establishments of the city are quite original. You can eat in Innsbruck not only tasty, but also relatively inexpensive.

Where to eat in Innsbruck?


What to eat in Innsbruck

If you find yourself in Innsbruck, do not miss the opportunity to try the real Austrian strudel . The apple-filled puff pastry rolls you’ve tasted in restaurants and cafes in other countries can’t compare to the Austrian-made strudel. In addition to the classic apple dessert, local coffee houses serve puff pastry rolls with meat, mushroom and other unsweetened fillings.

And speaking of desserts, I would like to recommend another sweet dish – kaiserschmarren. The locals call it the imperial omelet. However, if you order a Kaiserschmarren, you will be slightly surprised. The fact is that the dish brought by the waiter will have little resemblance to an omelet. Rather, you will get the impression that this is someone’s practical joke. The plate in front of you will not be a sweet omelet, but rather a pancake, torn to pieces. But, as they say, the first impression is deceptive. As soon as you taste the jam drenched and sprinkled with powdered sugar pancake pieces, you’ll immediately understand why I recommended this dessert. The Kaiserschmarren tastes unparalleled.

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By the way, I want to explain why I started with desserts. It’s just that travelers don’t always get to sample it. After all, in Innsbruck, in addition to Austrian cuisine, tourists can taste dishes of Tyrolean cuisine, which is native to this resort. And usually it turns out that after trying the first and second courses of Tyrolean cuisine, tourists are no longer able to enjoy dessert. And this is because the portions are huge, and not even every male tourist is able to overpower them. So it turns out that the Tyrolean dessert tasted only tourists-sweet tooth or those who holiday with children.

In many local cafes and restaurants, called Stube, tourists are offered kneudel as the main course. And this dish is so versatile that it can be the first, second and dessert. It all depends on what to serve knodel with and whether it will be stuffed. Basically, if you think about it, a dumpling is a regular dumpling that is served in Innsbruck with sauerkraut, meat, potatoes or fruit jam. Personally, I I did not like them very much.They’re too big (bigger than a plum) and have a peculiar taste. Instead of dumplings, I’d rather have veal chops for lunch. This dish is more appetizing and will not disappoint even the most fastidious travelers.

Where to eat in Innsbruck

Now it’s time to tell you where to try all these delicious things. So, you can safely eat in Innsbruck in the area of the Old Town.

Despite the fact that this is a touristy part of the resort, a snack in the cafes located here will not undermine your budget. Compared to other Austrian cities in terms of food, Innsbruck is not expensive. For example, Tyrol meat will cost you 20 euros per serving and lamb schnitzel will cost 8-10 euros. And do not forget that the portion size allows splitting it for two people. In all local establishments, visitors are served a salad or appetizer as a compliment before the main course.

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Have a hearty breakfast or just a cup of coffee tourists can in coffee house Breakfast Club . In this institution besides affordable prices you will feel a cozy atmosphere. Visitors at the coffee house are fed a variety of dishes from organic products. This place can be found at Maria-Theresien-Straße, 49. You can not have dinner at the coffee house, because it closes at 15:00.

Tourists can have a delicious dinner and at the same time admire the picturesque views of the Inn Valley at cafe Alpina . It is usually visited by those travelers who are going to visit the local mountains. This is how the cafe is located: on Hungerburgweg, 4 – not far from the elevator. Here you can enjoy the typical Tyrolean cuisine in a traditional setting. However, it’s a little more expensive than most places in central Innsbruck.

A few words about the local beer. It adds a special touch to all Tyrolean dishes. Exceptionally tasty cask beer. It costs travelers from 2 euro per glass. In contrast to the usual beer for Russian tourists, local beverage is thick and not transparent, not filtered. You may be surprised by the fact that the Austrians almost never drink beer in its pure form. This low-alcohol drink in Innsbruck is usually diluted with lemonade. The resulting drink is called radler by the natives. It is quite possible that this procedure gives the beer a special taste and does not spoil it at all. However, my husband flatly refused to try diluted beer. Even the assurances that you can drink it this way did not work on him.

As for the street food, in Innsbruck you can always snack on sausages in soft buns with crispy crust. It costs a mere penny, but the hunger quenches for a long time. Even little tourists can be pampered with such fast food. The probability of getting food poisoning by hot sausage is minimal.

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