48 best sights of Crimea – descriptions and photos

Top 50 interesting places to see in Crimea


Hello all, it is time to publish a review article about the most interesting, in my opinion, the attractions of the Crimea, which should visit a must. Here will be a minimum of cookie-cutter places like Swallow’s Nest or Masandra winery, these places are better left for organized sightseeing groups.

I’ll tell you about the places that visit, you will know the real Crimea and enjoy the chic Crimean nature without the crowds of tourists. Most of the places I describe have been tested on personal experience, so I’ll try to give an objective assessment. Also tell about the sights, the Crimea is worth to visit by car.

What to see in the Crimea the best attractions.

Crimea sightseeing interesting places. In order to comprehend all the uniqueness of the Crimean peninsula will not be enough and two weeks. As the locals say, even living in the Crimea, they each time they find more and more amazing places. In this article, I have collected for you the best sights of the Crimea, photos with descriptions will be too.

Personal experience: do not try to embrace the immensity and go around all the places in one vacation, just relax and enjoy getting to know the Crimea.


The Crimea is not just about the beach vacation. Many tourists of course go to the Crimea by the sea, but so they miss one of the main treasures of the peninsula – gorgeous nature and mountains. I recommend to come here is not in the beach season. Since I happened to visit the Crimean peninsula in the spring will tell you what to see in the Crimea in May and April.

Advice: the most ideal time to visit the Crimea is from the second half of September to the second half of October, it is excellent in the Crimea, and in late April – May.

Personal experience: it is faster and more convenient to explore the sights of the Crimea by car, own or rented, about our experience renting a car in the Crimea read here. However, public transportation is also very well developed.


Of course, everyone has his own preferences. Someone likes to more utulenet on the beach, someone likes to look at the architecture and facades of the many palaces in the Crimea, and some do not feed, let climb to the next peak with a viewing platform.

Advice: do not listen to no one, listen only to their desires and preferences. Do not visit the place “for the tick”, just because someone recognized them as the most top.

If a place is on the list of “must see” for someone else, it does not mean that you will like it. You can get much more pleasure from a walk on a deserted cape or from the blooming spring fields than from a visit to the Livadia Palace. Well, you get my point)


Conventionally the entire Crimean peninsula can be divided into districts:

  • Southwest Crimea (from Sevastopol to Cape Aya)
  • The southern coast of Crimea (from Cape Aya to Koktebel)
  • The Eastern Crimea (from Koktebel to Kerch)
  • The Western Crimea (from Saki to the Black Sea)
  • The Central Crimea (Simferopol, Bakhchisarayskiy district, Belogorskiy district, Demerdzhi and Chatyr-Dag districts)


Personal experience: do not try to cover all areas at once. Personally, we spent 11 days by car managed to see the beauty of the Simferopol to Koktebel, that is, covered the sights of the South Coast of Crimea, Southwest, Central Crimea, and a piece of the Eastern Crimea. Attractions of the Western Crimea remained unexplored.

To describe all the interesting places of the Crimea will need more than one article, so for convenience, divided the information into logical parts.

Attractions of Bakhchisaray and the surrounding area

Bakhchisaray is a cozy picturesque town and the former capital of the Crimean Khanate. Despite the fact that it’s 40 kilometers far from the sea, a trip to Bakhchirai will definitely worth it.

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There are a lot of interesting sights concentrated in Bakhchisaray region: ancient cave towns, rock monasteries, majestic ranges and cliffs, gorgeous valleys and the calling card is definitely the Khan’s Palace.


Sights of Sevastopol district: Sevastopol, Balaklava, Fiolent

Sevastopol district is not only the city of Sevastopol, but the neighboring resorts such as Balaklava and Fiolent. Many people regard them as independent resorts, although administratively they also belong to Sevastopol and are considered its suburbs.

To be in the Crimea and not to come at least a couple of hours in the hero-city of Sevastopol – an inexcusable omission, there are just a ton of attractions, which alone is the ancient city of Chersonese. Fiolent is an amazing bay, steep coast, stunning landscapes and places for walking. Well, and Balaklava better to see once than hear a hundred times – it is a hidden gem of Crimea, an amazing photogenic bay, pleasure boats, fish restaurants on the waterfront, the famous submarine museum and again a great place for walking and trekking.


Attractions of the Southern coast of Crimea

What is must-see Crimea? The Southern coast of Crimea or SCA is rightfully considered to be the most popular region of the Crimean peninsula. It stretches from Cape Aya to Karadag Reserve near Koktebel and has about 20 cities and resort towns. This area is loved for its excellent infrastructure, views and an abundance of attractions. If you are visiting the Crimea for the first time, take a ride along the South Coast, you will not regret it.

Attractions of the southern Crimea for convenience divided by nearby cities.

Big Yalta sights

Big Yalta is a special administrative region of the Crimea. The region stretches for 70 km along the Southern coast of the Crimean peninsula and includes such popular resort areas, apart from Yalta itself: Foros, Simeiz, Alupka, Miskhor, Koreiz, Gaspra, Livadia, Masandra, Nikita and Gurzuf. There are a lot of attractions both natural and architectural in this region of Crimea. There are Ai-Petri Mountain and the most luxurious historical monuments of Crimea – palaces and ensembles.


Biggest attractions of Alushta

Alushta along with Yalta is another major resort of the Southern coast of Crimea. The Greater Alushta region in addition to Alushta directly includes such resorts as: Partenit, Rybachie, Malorechenskoye, Solnechnogorskoye, Maly Mayak, Privetnoye.

This region is very rich in natural attractions, there are mountains and caves and picturesque lakes with waterfalls. This is where the famous Demerdzhi and the Valley of Ghosts, it is also convenient to get here and the pesher Chatyr Dag.


Sights of Sudak and the New World

Sudak, one of the most remote resorts of the South Coast. There are a lot of interesting natural attractions in the vicinity of Sudak and the famous Genoese fortress is located here. A few kilometers from Sudak is a picturesque resort of Novy Svit, which will delight you with picturesque views and ecological trails. Here is located the popular trail Golitsyn.


Sights of the Eastern Crimea

We did not have time to explore the East Crimea, visited only Koktebel and its nearest surroundings, so here I will only briefly list what you can see in the East of the Crimea.

Attractions of Koktebel

A small cozy village Koktebel is often attributed to the resorts of the South Coast, although in my opinion, this is already the eastern Crimea. Exactly here there are landscapes atypical for the South Coast. Here the excellent nature and the sea, you can walk through the Karadag Reserve or fly on paragliders from Mount Klementiev.


Other interesting places of Eastern Crimea

These places are also extremely interesting:

  • The village of Sun Valley and the winery “Sun Valley”.

This is one of the centers of winemaking, in the vicinity there are many places to walk. Excursion to the winery costs 500/700 rubles. Located on the way to Koktebel.

  • Echki Dag and Karst Cave “Ear of Earth”.
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The rocky ridge Echki Dag towers over Fox Bay, and there are beautiful views of the surrounding area. It is in this area that the “Ear of the Earth” cave is located. This unusual narrow cave is 132 meters deep and is a place of power, it is believed that one can make wishes here. Not particularly popular with tourists, as it has no convenient access, and to visit the cave can only be with special equipment.

Huge territory, space for walking, is considered one of the most beautiful places in Eastern Crimea, but to get here is not so easy, the place is remote from the infrastructure. This is where the famous Koyash Lake is located.

This salt lake has a rich pink color, it is brightest in summer, not in season the color will be faded.

It is located in the center of Feodosia, the well-known artist lived and created here, I advise to look here for fans of painting.

Opening hours: from 10:00 to 17:00, Tuesday until 14:00, Wednesday – day off, the last day of the month – sanitary.

Cost: 300 rubles for adults, 150 rubles. – students, schoolchildren, seniors.

Medieval fortress on the outskirts of Feodosia, visit: free, you can get from Feodosia by buses 1 and 15 to the stop “Bridge” or “City Hospital”.

Located in the east of the Kerch Peninsula in the village Vulkanovka, they are all active. It is convenient to visit them if you come to the Crimea by car from the Kerch side.

Underground Museum near Kerch in the place of the former quarry, and next to a large memorial to the heroes of WWII.

Every year here are held cool mega-parties to the music of top DJs.

Interesting places of Western Crimea

West Crimea is not rich in sights, mainly coming here for a relaxing family vacation and nice sandy beaches. Landscapes are not as beautiful as in the South Coast of Crimea, but there are a couple of places for which you should still come here.

Cape Tarkhankut

What to see in the Crimea on your own? Cape Tarkhankut is one of the most spectacular and remote places of interest in Crimea. There is a high precipitous rocky shore, the clearest transparent sea and beaches with snow-white sand. The beaches of Tarkhankut are considered one of the best, thanks to the rugged rocky coastline in this area has formed a lot of cozy bays. It is here that such famous films as “Pirates of the 20th century” and “Amphibian Man” were shot.

Where is it: the Western Crimea, the nearest village Olenevka

How to get there: it is more convenient to explore Tarkhankut by private car, but you can also get by bus from Simferopol or Evpatoria to Olenevka, and then rent a bike or bike and ride dirt on the perimeter of Tarkhankut.

Recommendation: to explore the Cape Tarkhankut advise to come here at least a couple of days, you can stay in one of the campsites or even put a tent.

What to see in Tarhankut: the Bowl of Love (you can swim in season), the pirate arch, Crocodile Rock, Turtle Rock, snow-white Bakalskaya Spit with a lake, Karadzhinskaya bay and beach Olenevka lighthouse on Tarhankut.

One of the most spectacular places in Tarhankut is a large and small Atlesh. Here are picturesque cliffs, bays, snow-white cliffs, arches and grottos, of interest is a through arch in the rock.

And even more, Tarkhankut – a mecca for divers, namely in this area, the bowels of the Black Sea conceal interesting sights, the most spectacular – this underwater museum “Avenue of the leaders,” is also in the area Atlesh at a depth of about 13 meters. In this kind of museum underwater you can see busts of politicians, statues of a pharaoh, a miniature copy of the Eiffel Tower, etc. Also popular are boat trips along the Tarkhankut.

Interesting Beaches Worth Visiting

Pink Lake Sasyk Sivash

A huge salt lake with a rich pink water color. It is better to visit in summer, so there is a better chance of catching the “right” color of the water. And here it is possible to meet the whole flocks of swans.

Where is it: between Evpatoria and resort Saki. From the main highway to turn off at the village Pribrezhnoye.


This is one of the oldest resorts of the Crimea. There are a lot of religious sites, as well as the Old City.

What else can I see in the Crimea?

White rock Ak-Kaya.

What to see in the Crimea by car? I recommend you to drive to the Ak-Kaya rock. Ak-Kaya is a 100-meter high, snow-white, steep cliff. Against the background of other Crimean mountains looks unique and unusual.

Because of its beauty the mountain has become very popular among cinematographers, the area is very suitable for filming Westerns about the Wild West, the impression that even a minute and there will skip a cowboy on horseback.

In the Middle Ages, the rock was a place of execution of the unwanted, they were thrown off the cliff, and the numerous caves in the bowels of the White Cliff became a storehouse for loot. Archaeologists have found in this area the stands of ancient man, ancient Scythian settlements, and even the remains of mammoths.


The place is situated: in Belogorsky district, near the village “Belaya Skala”, approximately 47 km from Simferopol.

How to get there: drive on the highway Simferopol-Feodosia, and then turn to the village Belogorsk, in the village do not go, and pass on towards the village Yablochnoye, and then to the village Belaya Skala, in the village it is convenient to turn here 45.094473, 34.620378, the final meters to the foot already driving on a tolerable dirt track.

How to get up to the White Rock: In principle, you can get up to the rock by a regular car, but many leave the car at the foot, and then walk up the path (we also walked up, it’s not long, but tedious). All paths to Ak-Kai are unpaved and uneven so one must be extremely careful if driving by car. You may go up by car from the side of Belaya Skala village, also popular is climbing from the side of Veseloye village, it is a bit farther along the road.


What to see and do: from the top of Belaya Skala you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic views, you can also take a hiking route on the Ak-Kai (will take about 3-4 hours) to the Red Beam and the Scythian settlement Ak-Kai.

Personal experience: Red Beam is an area of the most abundant flowering peonies, to catch this splendor must come here in the spring. One can reach Krasnaya Balka either by car or on foot (either along the foothills of Ak-Kaya or along the upper plateau).

What to bring: comfortable shoes, sun protection and head wear as well as plenty of water.


Safari Park Taigan.

What to see with children in the Crimea? A unique of its kind Safari Park, where you can see lions and other wild animals in the wild. The steppe nature is the best for comfortable living of animals. The territory of the park is huge – 30 hectares, there is a zoo and a hotel with a restaurant.

The official website is: http://safari-crimea.ru/.

The park is home to several pride lions with about 60 animals in all. There are also leopards, Amur tigers, primates, camels, yaks, bears, giraffes, birds, llamas and different species of antelope.

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There is no need to worry about safety: special foot-bridges, almost 1 km long, have been designed for tourists.

Where is it: not far from Belogorsk.

Cost: 900 rubles for adults and 450 rubles for children (children 3-10 years old)

Working time: in a season from 08-00 to 20-00, in off-season from 08-00 to 16-00 (cash desk works from 8-00 to 19-00).

How to get there: it is convenient with a tour or on your own car, but you can also take the bus. Ask the bus driver to stop at the turn to the village Aleksandrovka, from there to the park about 2.5 km more.

My TOP Sightseeing in the Crimea

It is impossible to grasp the immensity, we tried, it did not work. Crimea is a place not for once, you can come here again and again to discover new interesting places. I publish my top, the best places in the Crimea, which liked the most among all the visited:

  • Bakhchisaray region and the cave city of Eski-Kermen.
  • Balaklava and the Museum of Fortifications in Balaklava
  • Mount Ilyas Kaya and the Temple of the Sun
  • The Ai-Petri hiking trails
  • Demergy and climbing the South summit of Demerdzhi
  • The Turquoise Lake in the village of Zaprudnoye
  • Walking through the Karadag Reserve
  • Walking through the mountain massif Karaul Oba above the Novy Svet


Crimean sights on the map

Crimean map with cities and sights. For convenience, I have mapped the main sights of Crimea.

On the map you can see the main sights of Crimea by city and region, so that you can plan your route to the sights of Crimea more conveniently.

That’s all for now. Now you know where to go in the Crimea and what to see in the Crimea by car. If you liked the article and was useful share it on social networks, as well as subscribe to the blog updates not to miss new useful articles.

Crimean sights – Top 40 The Most Interesting Places!

Crimean sights – Top 40 most interesting places on the Crimean peninsula

The Crimean Peninsula has a rich history: in different eras Greeks, Crimean Tatars, Italians, Turks, Russians, and Ukrainians lived here. They fought for their native lands in bloody wars, built cities and castles, wrote poems and erected monuments. Interweaving traces of ancient, medieval and modern cultures creates a unique image of the Black Sea pearl, and hundreds of thousands of tourists rush to the peninsula, to see the sights of the Crimea.

Crimean Historical Sights

Chersonesos Taurica

Chersonesos Taurica

The ancient city founded by the Greeks in V century BC has long been a rich center of culture, crafts and trade. In the I century BC the first followers of Christ settled here, and in the X century prince Vladimir was baptized. Today Chersonesos Taurica stuns with its beauty and the spirit of bygone eras. Archaeological excavations began in 1827 and it is noteworthy that they are still in progress.

2. Uspensky cave monastery

Assumption Cave Monastery

The ancient monastery in Bakhchisarai, founded by fugitive Byzantine monks over a thousand years ago, is located in a steep wall of a wild gorge. The mountain monastery was closed by the Soviet authorities and then destroyed by an earthquake in 1927.

During the Great Patriotic War, his territory was a military hospital, and after – the psychoneurological dispensary, and only in 1993, the Holy Dormition Monastery was restored and transferred to the Orthodox Church.

3. Genoese fortresses

Genoese fortresses

In the Middle Ages the Crimean Peninsula was occupied by a rich colony of Genoa, and in order to protect their land from invasions of nomadic tribes the Genoese erected fortresses in Sudak, Feodosia and Balaklava. According to statistics, today, these fortresses of the Crimea are the most popular among tourists. Partly for this reason further archaeological excavations are planned on the territory of the citadels, designed to continue the exciting journey into the past.

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4. Monument of sunken ships in Sevastopol

Monument of sunken ships

During the Crimean War in 1854-1855, orders were given to sink Russian ships in Sevastopol Bay to prevent the enemy fleet from reaching the shores. At the beginning of XX century opened the monument to the sunken ships, depicted today on the emblem of the city. Triumphal column with a two-headed eagle, looking out to sea, stands on an artificial granite rock, protruding from the water. The monument is more than 16 meters high and symbolizes the eternal memory of the war heroes.

5. Malakhov kurgan

Malakhov kurgan

Military-historical memorial is located on the strategically important hill on the Korabelnaya side of Sevastopol. This height, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the city, became famous in two wars: the Crimean War and the Great Patriotic War. The defense tower, preserved from the first defense of Sevastopol, the museum, the Eternal Flame and more than twenty memorial monuments can tell about the battles and feats of Russian soldiers and commanders.

6. Dulber Palace

Dulber Palace

Snow-white and blue palace in the Moorish style was built near Yalta in the late XIX century for Prince Romanov, according to his own sketch. With its arched windows, jagged walls, and silver domes, the luxurious building fully justifies its name, which is translated from Arabic as ‘magnificent’.

When the Soviets came to power the palace functioned as a sanatorium, but today it is closed to visitors, but tourists can explore this Crimean landmark from the outside and walk around the picturesque grounds of the palace.

7. Adzhimushkay quarries

Adzhimushkay quarries

In 1942, the Nazis occupied Kerch. The Soviet troops, who had not had time to evacuate, and the local population withdrew into the dungeons of the village of Adzhimushkay. The defense of the stone quarries lasted almost six months, and after the capture of the catacombs, only forty-eight people out of thirteen thousand survived.

Excursion to Adzhimushkay quarries is designed to acquaint people with the conditions of survival of the defenders and to tell about the heroism and tragedy of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War.

8. Church of the Resurrection in Foros

The Church of the Resurrection in Foros

At the end of the XIX century on the Red Rock, at an altitude of over 400 meters above sea level, was built a church in honor of the miraculous rescue of Alexander III and his family at the crash of the imperial train in 1888. During the occupation of the German invaders the building was used as a stable, after the war a restaurant was opened here, and then – a warehouse. In the early nineties, looted, without windows and domes, the church began gradually restored. Today the beautiful Byzantine-style church is open to the public.

9. Swallow’s Nest

Swallow's Nest

In the early 20th century one of the most famous sights of the Crimea is the palace of German baron. It was built in the style of medieval knight’s castles on the steep rock of the southern coast of the peninsula. At the beginning of the First World War the building housed a restaurant, in the Soviet years – a reading room. For a long time the castle was in emergency condition. Today the restored masterpiece of Gothic architecture is open to the public.

10. The cave city of Chufut Qale

Cave City of Chufut Qale

In Bakhchisaray region on the mountain plateau there is an ancient cave fortress. According to scientists, it was founded in the V century, later it was mastered by the Polovtsians, and then by the Karaites. Over one hundred and fifty caves are former residential and business premises, carved in the rocks, like beehives. Only two Karaite temples, a residential homestead, and the mausoleum of Khan Tokhtamysh’s daughter have been well preserved. The rest of the city was turned into ruins.

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