32 best sights in Kaliningrad – descriptions and photos

32 best sights in Kaliningrad – descriptions and photos

The Brandenburg Gate in Kaliningrad is the only gate of the city that still performs its main function. Sometimes they are also called the Berlin gate. The first Brandenburg Gates in Kaliningrad, then still Koenigsberg, appeared in 1657.

The Cathedral in Kaliningrad

The museum complex of the Cathedral is perhaps one of the main attractions of Kaliningrad. It is here where most tourists strive to get to. The Cathedral in Kaliningrad is a kind of visiting card of the city.

Royal gate

There are a total of 7 gates in Kaliningrad. One of the most interesting is the Royal gate. The modern Royal Gates were built in the 19th century on the site of the ancient Gumbinnen Gate.

Ocean Museum

The World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad is an excellent museum complex, very interesting both for children and adults. It is no exaggeration to say that this is probably the best museum in Kaliningrad and definitely a must-see landmark of the city.

Museum “Fort № 5” in Kaliningrad

There are many war memorials around Kaliningrad – there were heavy and long fights during the last war, and in general the history of the city is not very peaceful: this strategic point is too conveniently located, so there were many fights for it.

Six banquet halls with its own confectionery and “Berry” karaoke bar

Tridevyatoe Korolevstvo Sports and Development Center is a new sports and game areas, attractions, a large restaurant and cafe, which means there will be something for everyone!

Amber Museum

Alatyr, lying at the bottom of the sea, the tears of the sea goddess, the singing stone. Amber has always attracted people with its mystery. And really, where in the stone, which is found at the bottom of the sea, do butterflies and flies get their wings? It burns in the fire, doesn’t sink in the water, and melts in the airless space under the influence of the heat?

Kant’s Island

Kant’s Island, formerly called Kneiphof Island, occupies a place in the middle of the Pregolya River. Today all that can be seen here is a park with numerous stone sculptures and a single structure, the huge Cathedral.

Fish Village

Ethnographic and handicraft center Fish Village is one of the most popular and interesting places in Kaliningrad. This attraction has existed for a relatively short time – construction began in 2006. Today the Fish Village includes 14 sites.


The third surviving old German district of Kaliningrad, Amalienau was once an expensive suburb with the most pompous villas. Now it is the place to go to admire the heritage of the city’s pre-war past in all its glory: the mansions of Amalienau are the most picturesque.

Grohlmann Bastion

The endless corridors and stairs of Grohlmann Bastion could be the perfect backdrop for a horror movie with ghosts or bloody maniacs. The more so because blood was spilled here, and considerable: during storm of Konigsberg its garrison put up the fierce resistance.

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Wrangel tower

The twin towers of the Don, where the Amber Museum is located, are on the opposite bank of the Upper Pond. The fortification is named after Field Marshal General Friedrich von Wrangel, who seized two pieces of Denmark – the Duchy of Schleswig and Holstein – for Prussia.

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Kaliningrad Drama Theater

Only two years after the capture of Koenigsberg by the Soviet army in one of the few surviving buildings in the center of Kaliningrad, the first performance of Konstantin Simonov’s play Lad from Our Town was staged by the new theater company.

Zakheim Gates

The Zakkheim Gate is one of the seven gates preserved in Kaliningrad. They were built in the XVII century and were part of the ramparts of Koenigsberg. Over time the construction lost its protective function, becoming a kind of triumphal arch to enter the city.

Kaliningrad Zoo

Hippos and crocodiles, lions and elephants, pink flamingos and black cranes… Where to see all this variety of animals? In a zoo, of course. In Kaliningrad there is a wonderful zoo, which traces its history back to 1896.

Kaliningrad Historical and Art Museum

It is worth visiting the Kaliningrad Regional History and Art Museum: it has a lot of interesting items, which is not surprising, considering the complex history of Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg was founded by the Teutonic Knights in the middle of the 13th century.

Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts

Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Fine Arts is one of those surprises that await the most curious travelers where they do not expect to find them. We are used to modern art museums being in the capital city or a couple of other major cities in the country.

Königsberg Castle in Kaliningrad

The ruins of Koenigsberg Castle still stir the imagination. And this feeling was not destroyed by the fact that the castle was almost completely destroyed (first during the war, then by the Soviets) or that the Amber Room was never found during the excavations.

Queen Louise memorial kirk

Queen Louise, wife of King Wilhelm III of Prussia, is as much loved and respected by Germans as Joan of Arc in France, Princess Olga in Russia, or Empress Sisi in Austria. The beautiful, charming, intelligent, and courageous woman inspired her husband to fight Bonaparte.

Rosenau Kirche

Until recently, Orthodox churches in Kaliningrad were housed in buildings of other denominations. After restoration the Rosenau Lutheran Church not far from the Friedland Gate was given to the Russian Orthodox Church in 1992 and consecrated in the name of the Protection of the Holy Mary.

St.Adalbert’s Kirche

For 400 years Königsberg was a purely Protestant town. And only in 1902 the authorities decided to build a chapel to satisfy the spiritual needs of the small Catholic community and the city guests.

Kaliningrad is probably one of the most interesting Russian cities. Many travelers strive to visit it. In Kaliningrad you can visit a lot of places of interest. The vast number of attractions Kaliningrad, close to Europe, a good shopping and resorts on the Baltic Sea – for the sake of it is worth spending at least a few days in the birthplace of Kant. The city has no problems with hotels, you can find luxury accommodation for very demanding travelers, and you can find a decent hostel for tourists on a small budget.

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Today’s Kaliningrad is both a European and a Russian city. It should not be forgotten that after the victory in World War II in 1945, the city of Königsberg and the surrounding area became part of the Soviet Union. A year later, the settlement was renamed Kaliningrad. Until then, Koenigsberg was the largest center of East Prussia. By the way, the city was founded back in 1255. You can’t escape the history – everything here still reminds of Europe. Old buildings, quiet streets and a lot of interesting cultural sites fascinate visitors.

Almost every city has sculptures, next to which locals most often make appointments. In Kaliningrad it is “Struggling Bisons”. The sculpture appeared many years ago thanks to the Prussian Ministry of Culture. However, the townspeople very quickly renamed it and began to call it “At the Bulls”.

If you come to Kaliningrad, it is worth making your own plan to visit cultural sites. The attractions of Kaliningrad are very diverse, and you want to see everything at once. Of course, you should definitely visit the amber museum, Immanuel Kant’s grave, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which is considered the main Orthodox church in the Kaliningrad region. Many will be impressed by the Museum of the World Ocean. This is the first in Russia complex maritime museum.

Do you like to take memorable pictures against the background of attractions? Then visit the public garden near hotel “Kaliningrad”. There is a monument to Immanuel Kant opposite the University. The sculpture was erected back in 1804. However, on the eve of the Königsberg assault the monument was hidden, but could not be found later. It turned out that the enterprising townspeople simply scrapped it. Only in the 90s descendants of the philosopher have ordered an exact copy of the monument and have established it on the same place.

If you have time, take a walk around the area of old villas. Here are the mansions of the early 20th century. Everywhere there are shady alleys, small streets and squares.

32 best sights in Kaliningrad – descriptions and photos

What sights in Kaliningrad are a must-see?

The most interesting and beautiful places

To begin with, you should decide what you want: order tours or wander around the city yourself, studying the places on the map and guidebook. And then already start exploring Kaliningrad’s surroundings and nature.

House of Soviets

One of the longest buildings in Kaliningrad, which is still under construction. The building, consisting of two rectangular towers of 21 storeys (28 storeys should be) is under construction already in 1970. It is considered a symbol of the bygone USSR.

Koenigsberg Cathedral

One of the oldest cathedrals in the city, but not working. Date of construction is 1333. By its wall German philosopher Immanuel Kant was buried. The cathedral hosts:

  • classical and religious concerts;
  • museum exhibitions;
  • concerts of organ music (the cathedral has two organs).

As for architecture – it is the Baltic Gothic.

Curonian Spit National Park

If you are more into nature, you should definitely visit the Curonian Spit National Park in the Kaliningrad region. A 98 km long strip of sand with a vegetation layer separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. The spit is divided in two:

  • part belongs to Lithuania;
  • a part belongs to Russia.
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Fish Village

A modern district of Kaliningrad built in the old Prussian style. This landmark in Kaliningrad, although modern, is a complex of:

  • residential buildings;
  • hotels;
  • office buildings.

They are surrounded by a landscaped promenade. And all this is still being developed to this day.

Amalienau Historic District

In this part of Kaliningrad it is better to take tours. The neighborhood was built in the early twentieth century in the style of neoclassicism, romanticism and jugendstil. The houses are like little works of art. And each has its own story.

World Ocean Museum

The question of where to go with the kids? Here you can just answer at once: to the first Russian Maritime Museum. It will be interesting not only for children, but also for teenagers and adults, because the expositions of this museum are diverse and include marine flora and fauna, as well as stories:

  • Navigational;
  • geological;
  • hydrological stories. There is also an ecological station, which is still in operation.

Kaliningrad Zoo

You can relax with children in one of the oldest zoos in Russia. Kaliningrad is the third historical zoo on the territory of our country after Moscow and St. Petersburg. On the territory you will find a variety of animal species:

  • mammals;
  • insects;
  • amphibians;
  • reptiles;
  • fish;
  • spiders.

And also there is a magnificent arboretum with rare plants.

What sights in Kaliningrad are a must-see?

Kaliningrad Central Park

The history of this beautiful place begins when Kaliningrad was still called Koenigsberg. In the 18th century on the site of the park was a manor house with a park, which has been remodeled several times. Many stories saw this park. Walking around it is a pleasure.

Temple of Christ the Savior

The temple was founded in 1995 on the decade of Orthodoxy in the Kaliningrad region. The temple was built in the style of Vladimir and Suzdal architecture.

Port of Kaliningrad

The first mention of the port dates back to 1339. It is famous for being the only port in Russia, which does not freeze in winter.

Architectural and urban monuments

So what else is worth seeing in Kaliningrad and the surrounding area? The most attractive thing for tourists is the old buildings and buildings from the times of Prussian rule.

The Konigsberg Exchange building

The stock exchange building was built by architect Miller in 1870. It is an example of Italian Neo-Renaissance with classicist influences. During the postwar years it was hardly ever used, as it was damaged during the bombing. For the last twenty years it houses the Palace of Youth, where there are clubs, concerts and cultural events in Kaliningrad.

Wrangel tower

One of the towers of the Upper Lake defensive system. It was built in 1853. It is a cultural heritage site of Russia.

What sights in Kaliningrad are a must-see?

Soccer stadium Kaliningrad

Built for the FIFA World Cup. Equidistant from the Fishermen’s Village, Kant’s Island and other attractions.

Victory Square

The square was formed on the site of the Steindamm and Tragheim Gates in the early twentieth century. Nowadays there are shopping centers, the town hall and business centers around the square.

Elevated Bridge

The city bridge, built in 1972, over which all transport lines of Kaliningrad go, towers over the Kant island (with a pedestrian ramp to it) and crosses both arms of the Pregolya River. It has become a replacement for the old Lavonny and Zeleny bridges.

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Historical sites and attractions

Fort 5 King Friedrich Wilhelm III.

There are beautiful and mysterious places in Kaliningrad. Fort 5 is a historical monument of the late nineteenth century. It was built to protect the highway to Pillau.

Memorial complex Monument to the 1200 Guardsmen

One of the first complexes to commemorate those killed in World War II. In April 1945 1200 soldiers fell when storming the German city of Königsberg. In front of the common grave in 1960 was lit “Eternal Flame.

Tomb of Immanuel Kant

If you are still wondering what to see in Kaliningrad, we advise you to visit the tomb of the famous thinker Immanuel Kant. It is located in a picturesque place on the north-eastern side of the Cathedral.

What sights in Kaliningrad are a must-see?

Kaliningrad’s temples

Juditten Kirche

Kaliningrad’s oldest cathedral dates back to the thirteenth century. Originally the church three centuries belonged to the Catholics, after four centuries to the Protestants and in 1985 it was transferred to the Orthodox diocese. It is now the seat of the acting convent.

Church of the Holy Family

A stunning cathedral of the beginning of the twentieth century, designed by the famous architect of the time, Friedrich Heitmann. A remarkable detail is that no funeral services were ever held here. In the church were only baptized and married. Now it is a concert hall of the Kaliningrad Regional Philharmonic.

St. Adalbert Church

Catholic church in the district of Amalienau. Built in the early twentieth century in the neo-Gothic style by the same architect Heitmann. It is a cultural heritage site of Russia.

Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross

Holy Cross Cathedral was erected in the thirties of the twentieth century as a Lutheran-Evangelical. Beginning in 1986-89 it was taken over by the Orthodox community and changed its name to Holy Cross Cathedral. Inside the church is an unusual and unique amber iconostasis.

Kirk of memory of Queen Louise

Kirkha was built in 1899-1901 in memory of the Prussian queen Louise. It belonged to the Lutheran denomination. During the war it was destroyed. The ruins stood idle for a long time. Until it was saved by the architect Yuri Vaganov, who proposed a project to re-equip the church for a puppet theater. Externally the building was restored as it was before the war. Internally it was redesigned.

What sights in Kaliningrad are a must-see?

The city gate of Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad was once a fortress. And like any fortress it had gates. As many as seven gates.

Friedland Gates.

Neo-Gothic gate, built around 1857 to 1892, was empty for a very long time. However, after the cleaning of the ponds, where antiquities from different centuries were found, a museum was organized inside the gate, where they are stored.

Brandenburg Gate

The only active of the seven gates of Kaliningrad. Built of wood in 1607. The gate was rebuilt twice. In 1707 it was made of wood and became brick, and in 1843 it was reconstructed and till our times in this shape.

Zakheim Gates

The gate was part of the ramparts, which were built in the seventeenth century. There is now a modern art space inside, called “The Gates”.

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Royal gate

The gate is a branch of the “Maritime Museum”, the exposition of which tells the history of the city of Könisberg. Built in a pseudo-Gothic style of red brick, in the form of a small castle in 1717.

Friedrichsburg Gate

The only remaining gate of the fortress Friedrichsburg, which was founded in 1657 as a military bastion. Demolished in 1910 by the city authorities. Only the gate remains as an architectural monument.

Rosgarten Gate

The original position of the gate did not change over the years. But the ones we can see now were erected in 1852. There are bas-reliefs of Prussian generals Scharhonst and Gneisernau on either side of the arch. The Sun Stone Restaurant is now located there.

Railway Gate

On this gate the tourist can see the inscription with the date of construction – 1866-1889. Many interesting things can be told about the structure of our universe by those in charge of the multimedia Planetarium, which is located in one of the gate’s corridors.

The Ausfalian Gate

The gate was rebuilt several times, and in 1910 it was sold to the military department. Above the gate is a chapel in honor of the defenders who died in the storming of Koenigsberg.

What sights in Kaliningrad are a must-see?

Monuments and sculptures of Kaliningrad

In Kaliningrad there are many more interesting places to visit on your trip.

The sculpture of struggling bison

This sculpture was cast in 1911. A year later, on September 12, 1912, it topped the fountain in front of the Prussian supreme and administrative court. Now the building by the fountain houses the KSTU, and on Easter Eve, according to an annual tradition, students paint the bulls’ genitals red

Monument to Immanuel Kant

The monument to the great Kant was cast in Berlin in 1857, but there was not enough money to open it in Königsberg, and it was not until 1864 that the monument was erected. And then in 1889 it was moved to the place in front of the University. During the Second World War, the monument disappeared, and after the war, its pedestal was taken over by another monument to Telman. However, in 1992, Countess Marion Dengof – born in East Prussia – filed an initiative to restore the monument according to the first project. And it was installed in the place where it had stood since 1889 – next to the present Baltic Federal University.

Monument to Friedrich Schiller

If you ask whether you should visit this monument in Kaliningrad near the New Theater, the answer is yes. It was erected in 1910, because the opening fell on the 100th anniversary of the Königsberg Theater. Which in turn was opened in 1810 with a play by Schiller. 1944 suffered from shrapnel, but survived the assault by the Soviet army in 1945 thanks to the inscription in Russian: “This is ours! Hold your fire!”

Putti Fountain.

Four babies (“putto” in Italian for baby) standing in a circle with their backs to each other and holding hands. Created in 1908 by the sculptor Kauer. In 1912, the work won first place at an exhibition in Pozin, whose inhabitants wanted to take the sculpture for themselves. But Stanislaw Kauer gave the infants as a gift to Koenigsberg.

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