30 best Yevpatoria sights – description and photos

30 best sights in Yevpatoria.

As soon as tourists get tired of the monotonous beach holiday, they begin to look for what to diversify their vacation leisure time. Some people prefer to explore the surroundings. Others are given to active (water and air) tourism. Someone actively attends excursions. There are also supporters of gastronomic travel: the cuisine of the peninsula is very diverse. And the part of guests chooses cultural tourism. And for them the sights of Evpatoria is a great option. The memorable places of the ancient city are located compactly, and the historical part is easy to get around on foot.

Park “Crimea in miniature”.

This is an amazing project, which allows you to see all the interesting places of Crimea, grouped in one place. Palaces and parks are made in 1:25 scale, and all the architectural constructions are accurate. The works were done by architectural studio “Maket-Studio”.

The territory of the miniature Crimea is always crowded. It’s not surprising: not many tourists can cover the entire peninsula in one visit. Here, on the other hand, you can spend 1.5 to 2 hours on a leisurely stroll and see the sights of cultural heritage. All the treasures of the sunny peninsula are lined up on a limited territory.

Here you can see cities in miniature:

  • Yevpatoria
  • Feodosia
  • Sudak
  • Yalta
  • Simferopol
  • Sevastopol
  • Bakhchisaray

But it gets especially crowded in the park at dusk. The whole exposition is illuminated with colored lights. The picture is memorable for a long time.

The park is located on Frunze Street, 8B.


Dolphinarium, Evpatoria

In the heat or sudden rain it is nice to visit the local dolphinarium. It is located near the coast, in a green area. You can meet the amazing animals and see the fascinating program all year round. The Dolphinarium was opened in 1996. During the construction of the center special attention was paid to the swimming pools, where it was planned to keep the mammals.

All international standards were met. They also took into account the fact that the performances would be visited by visitors with disabilities. Entrance ramps were organized for them. By the way, there are also parents with babies in baby carriages.

During the performance the tourists are entertained by the actors:

  • beluga whales
  • aphalins
  • sea lions
  • sea lions

The animal trainers make sure that the guests are entertained: every year they prepare a new program with fresh numbers. And you can swim with the amazing mammals. There is a special rehabilitation program developed (together with doctors). And you can buy a souvenir in the kiosk.

The dolphinarium is located at 19/20 Kievskaya Street.

Waterpark U Lukomorye

The water park ‘U Lukomorye’ is rightfully called the Aqualand. An amazing zone (Aquaplay), recreating the scenery of fairy tales, was built here. And everything is organized so realistically and unpredictably at the same time, that not only children but also adult visitors of Aqualand are delighted.

Fans of extreme recreation will hurry to the crazy slopes. On the sharp turns the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. And tourists who prefer a quiet rest by the water will stay in the relax zone. Here in the pool the water circulates at different temperatures and strength. It creates a massage effect.

Aqualand’s pools are unique in their own way. They have different depths and temperatures, because they are designed for children and adults. The bottom of the paddling pools has a special coating, and the water is constantly heated to make it comfortable for children to swim. And on the shore there are playgrounds for kids to frolic while grown-ups are resting on the chaise lounges.

Aqualand offers its guests free shuttle service. Before visiting it is recommended to order a cab, and then buy a coupon from the driver. The money spent is refunded when you buy a ticket for the performance.

The water park is located at 35 Kirov Street.

Gorky Quay

Gorky Quay, Evpatoria

The embankment acquired its present appearance in 2003, when Evpatoria celebrated its 25th anniversary. Today it is 800 meters of coastal territory with great sandy beaches, promenade and entertainment area. In the 19th century, with the development of resorts, construction near the sea began. Some of the buildings, which belonged to the Russian nobility, exist to this day.

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They were successfully blended into the concept by modern architects. Now they are located resorts, hotels, a library and a clinic. Those palaces and cottages, which were destroyed during the Great Patriotic War, were replaced by other buildings.

The central composition of the embankment is a statue of Hercules. He is depicted resting after hard feats, in his favorite place, on the seashore. Many guests enjoy visiting the park of living sculptures. Monuments can be walked around and touched. And then the statues suddenly come to life.

Behind the promenade there are playgrounds for kids. In the shade of the alleys are placed benches for adults. Along the promenade are cafes and restaurants. Some offer Crimean Tatar and Karaite cuisine. And at the very end there is a monument to the herald of revolution – Maxim Gorky.


Aquarium, Evpatoria

In the city Aquarium is interesting to all: adults and children. Here are the inhabitants of all the seas of the world.

Guests spend a long time looking at:

  • bright inhabitants of tropical seas
  • the giant araban, which can jump three meters above the water surface to catch its prey
  • fish that looks like a snake, but is still a fish
  • the false flatworm striped
  • brightly colored parrotfish
  • sharks
  • Protopterus, which has a double breath

And there are sea turtles swimming in the aquariums. All the containers are smartly decorated. Next to the aquariums are terrariums. iguanas live in them. You can visit the exposition either on your own or with a guided tour. The latter is much more interesting: an experienced guide will tell you about the habits of the inhabitants of the depths. But the most interesting thing begins when the staff begins to feed the predators. This spectacle captivates the guests.

The aquarium is located on Gorky Street, 5A, building 1.

Museum “Pirates of the Black Sea

The exposition will appeal not only to children dreaming of journeys to undiscovered islands, but also to their parents. Visitors find themselves in a room that represents the hold of a ship. But the ship is turned upside down.

On the walls and stands are displayed everything that was used by the pirates of the Black Sea:

  • antique maps
  • navigational instruments
  • equipment of brigs
  • Weapons used to storm merchant ships.

There are interesting documents: maps with the hidden harbors and possible treasures, the Pirate’s Code of Honor. The time spent in the center flies by unnoticed. But even after the tour is over, the guests are in no hurry to leave. In the courtyard there are real cannons, hanging mermaids. And you can not only look at it, but also touch it.

The exhibition is located on Revolution Street, 56.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Cathedral of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, Evpatoria

The cathedral resembles the Ayia Sophia in Istanbul: the facade lines are the same. And it can accommodate about 2,000 parishioners. The Church of St. Nicholas stood on the site of the present church. During the Crimean War it suffered: the domes were knocked down, services stopped. The surrounding mosques looked more well-kept.

After Russia’s victory, the local Orthodox community proposed to rebuild the church. The emperor allocated almost 40,000 rubles and the remaining funds were collected by subscription. Archpriest Chepurin donated part of his family’s income. The Karaites and the Armenian diaspora also took part. The construction lasted for 7 years and at the end of the 19th century the church was consecrated. After the October coup the cathedral was closed, but it was not destroyed. There were Soviet institutions and production facilities.

In the 90s of the twentieth century, the church was returned to the faithful. Today, tourists can visit the church and enjoy the original frescoes and iconostasis. But it is recommended to observe decency, so as not to offend the feelings of believers.

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The cathedral is located at 2 Tuchina Street.

Park of Dinosaurs “The Lost World

The Lost World presents interactive life-size figures of prehistoric lizards. Guests can not only imagine how the ancient inhabitants of the planet looked like, but also see how they move, hear how they roar and breathe.

The lizards are surrounded by original scenery, so you get the full feeling of moving many millions of years ago. And in the park you can take pictures and make videos. Great shots are made against the backdrop of dinosaur eggs: a child can climb into this shell entirely.

Visitors are also offered to play paleontologists: at the entrance, visitors are given tools to work in the dino-sandbox. And there are always artifacts to be found. You can walk around the Lost World on your own, but it is more interesting to book an excursion. A passionate guide will tell you about all the inhabitants of the park, their habits and diet.

The Lost World is located at 2, Mayakovsky Street.

Light Music Fountain

Music fountain, Evpatoria

The light and music fountain pleased visitors and residents on Russia Day 2017. It was built at the expense of sponsors (company Monolit), the initiator was the Head of Evpatoria. Today at dusk at the fountain a lot of vacationers and citizens. In the sky to the music take off water jets of 150 nozzles of different intensity and color.

The illumination is made by several loops of 212 lamps. All this is controlled by automation. The fountain plays melodies of different styles: from classical to modern. The area around the fountain is landscaped: benches are placed, paths are paved with paving stones, flowers and bushes are planted.

The musical fountain is located in the Lenin Public Garden.

The park named after Frunze. Frunze Park

In the 19th century the South Coast of the Crimea saw the beginning of the active development of balneology. Several sanatoriums were built on the coast. And near them there was an undeveloped wasteland. The territory was turned into a kind of promenade in order to give the treated guests an opportunity to stroll. And in the XX century there were sports grounds and swings with carousels in the park.

Today the area is clean and comfortable. Paths for cyclists and rollers were laid, equipment rental was organized. Children and sports grounds are always crowded. And adults prefer to spend time walking along the shady alleys.

And of unusual entertainments in the park there is a rock climbing wall and a paintball center. Younger visitors prefer to spend time in the City of Fairy Tales. This is a completely independent sector, where pictures from Russian folk tales, legends and fairy tales are recreated. And there is also a summer theater built on the territory, where concerts are held and festive events are organized.

In order to make guests feel comfortable, there are cafes built in the park, where you can inexpensive and tasty snacks. There are fountains with drinking water and toilets in the alleys.

The park is located at 1 Frunze street.


Arboretum park, Evpatoria

The dendropark was created by enthusiastic botanists in the 30s of the 20th century. For the future oasis allocated a strip of land at some distance from the city: it was planned to create a sanatorium for children. The soils were poorly suited for the garden: a thin layer of clay on top and a thick shell rock below. It seemed that nothing, except dry shrubs, will not grow here. But biologists from Nikita decided otherwise.

Work began on transforming the wasteland into an oasis. Not only endemics were planted, but also plants from other parts of the globe. At the same time, paths were planned, fountains and pools were installed. The latter were necessary to irrigate the plantings in conditions of low water and limited rainfall. By the end of the decade the wasteland had become a model park. But during the occupation of Crimea everything was destroyed. After the liberation the work had to be done all over again.

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Today the Dendropark is constantly full of strolling citizens and tourists. Here you can admire the blossoming of endemics and exotic plants. Once dried up land is irrigated with artificial fountains and streams. The Arboretum is quiet and cool even in the hottest heat.

The arboretum is located at 43 Frunze street.

Juma Jami Mosque

Juma Mosque, Evpatoria

Juma Jami was designed by a Turkish architect, and the customer was the Khan Devlet Giray. Moreover, Hoja Sinan transferred the features of the Hagia Sophia, built in Constantinople during the time of Justinian. The resemblance catches the eye of anyone looking at the mosque for the first time. Some historians believe that Hoja Sinan thus demonstrated the demonstration of the principle of the peaceful existence of different religions.

Juma Jami is bright and spacious. But during its existence, it was repaired more than once, and not always successfully. Minarets were demolished long before the October Revolution. In Soviet times Juma Jami ceased to be a mosque, but was considered a monument of architecture. A museum was opened there. And in 1990s, Juma Jami was reconstructed. For this purpose the survived photographs and drawings were used.

Its modern look fully corresponds to historical documents. Juma Jami is a functioning mosque. Services are held there. But tourists are allowed to enter the territory and inside the building. Everyone can see the landmark. But it is required to respect the feelings of believers.

Juma-Jami is located on Revolution Street, 36.

Duvan House

Dovan House, Evpatoria

Semen Ezrovich Duvan is an honorary citizen of Evpatoria. Thanks to his efforts, the city became richer and more beautiful. In 1907, Evpatoria residents named one of the streets Duvanovskaya. His house was located between the cathedral and the mosque. The building was made in the modern style: the façade is decorated with stucco and numerous balconies have fancy railings.

The building has a triangular profile. Behind the g-shaped curve there is an outbuilding. Some researchers argue that Semen Ezrovich’s mother lived in the outhouse. But there is an opinion that the Duvan family lived in a small building.

The house itself was built as a profitable one. All three floors were rented out. On the first floor the partnerships and offices were located. And the other two were residential apartments. It was considered prestigious to rent accommodation at Duvan’s place: architect Seferov, magistrate and police inspector moved here.

Today Duvan’s house has retained its charm. Feature and documentary filmmakers willingly film it, and tourists take pictures against the richly decorated facade. But unfortunately, the building requires serious reconstruction. So far, no one has taken on the task of implementing such a large-scale project.

The house is located on Tuchina Street, House 1/2.

Gezlev Gates

Kezlev Gates, Evpatoria

Gates are part of the defensive fortifications built by the Turks. At one time, it was a serious defense against attack from the sea. 24 fortifications were connected to each other by passages with loopholes. Such a wall kept under control all the approaches to Gezlev.

Local Tatars quickly settled in around the fortifications: impregnable fortress became a center of trade. The gates became known as the gate of the firewood market. They stood for almost 500 years: they withstood the attack of Cossacks and Russian soldiers, but they were destroyed in 1959.

However, a part of the fortification was recognized as an architectural monument, and was restored in the early 21st century. Today, this amazing place is particularly beloved by tourists. First, visitors explore the outer perimeter, hold a photo session near the picturesque stones that were used to build the wall. And then, they go inside: there are a lot of interesting things to see there, too.

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The first floor is occupied by an exhibition devoted to the history of ancient Gezlev. Here you can see a fragment of ancient masonry and a part of the foundation. On the second floor there is a cozy cafe. Here the interiors of ancient times are recreated. Visitors are offered to try the dishes of Crimean Tatar and Karaite cuisine. Next to it you can see the jewelry used to be worn by ancient Gezlev women. On the third floor there is a model of the city. Even the monuments that survived only in archives can be seen here.

Gezlev Gates is located on 13A, Karaeva Street.

Yehia Kapai Synagogue

Yevpatoria Yegiy Kapay Synagogue, Evpatoria

This is the first synagogue in the city. It was built in the early twentieth century on the initiative of the Jewish community. After the last Crimean campaign had ended, the Jews started to actively settle the peninsula. Schools were built for teaching children, but there was no common house of prayer. Money for the construction was collected by subscriptions, but the city council also allocated funds from the state budget.

The synagogue functioned until the beginning of the 30s. Then, in times of theomachy, it was closed and turned into a warehouse. The Yeghia Kapai was returned to believers only at the end of the 20th century. The reconstruction of the building began. The reconstruction continued for several years. Today Yegia Kapay is open for visitors. You can walk around the yard (the territory is very clean and neat), or you can go inside and examine the interiors.

Yevpatoria sights – TOP 40

Yevpatoria is a beautiful resort town on the Black Sea. Plan a vacation to bask in the sun and breathe the healing air, but where to go did not think? Below you can find out what sights Evpatoria proudly welcomes tourists visiting the Crimea.

Yevpatoria Historical Sights

The Dervish Theater

Tekke Dervishes

Tekiye is one of the first Turkish religious buildings in Yevpatoria. It was built in the 15th century for the purpose of sheltering wandering dervish monks. Inside the building there were dervish cells, which were tiny rooms with wooden windows. Until two hundred years ago in the Crimea, there were more than 20 thekiyas, but today only one survived, located in Evpatoria.

2. Synagogue Yegiye Kapay

Yegiye Kapay Synagogue

The synagogue was opened in 1912, and since then it has experienced a lot. During the Great Patriotic War, the Nazis used the temple as a stables to show their dislike for the Jewish people. Nowadays, Evpatoria is open for visitors. Tourists can visit the ethnographic museum and then have lunch in the cafe “Yoskin cat”, tasting the dishes of national Jewish cuisine.

3. Kerkinitida ancient settlement

Kerkinitida ancient settlement

The ancient city of Kerkinitida existed in the V century BC in what is now Evpatoria. The city ceased to exist in the IV century AD, it was destroyed by nomadic tribes of the Huns. The inhabitants were engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding, conducted sea and land trade with the nearest settlements, on the list of which were Chersonese (modern Sevastopol), Troy, Rhodes, and others. The city was considered free and the political regime was democracy. You can take a look at the remains of Kerkinitis by visiting the excavations and the Museum of Regional Studies.

4. Gezlev Fortress

Gezlev fortress

In the distant 15th century, the Ottoman Turks built a strong fortress around the current territory of Evpatoria, but the fortress has not survived to this day. The last whole remnant of the defense wall with a gate stood until the mid-twentieth century, but in 1959 it was destroyed. Gezlev Gate was restored in 2004. Today tourists can visit the museum and a small cafe to learn more about everyday life of the Tatars, look at a model of an ordinary medieval fortress and just have a warm friendly snack.

5. Juma Jami Mosque

Juma Jami Mosque

You may hear another name of the mosque – Khan Jami, nevertheless, it is worth seeing. It is the main mosque in the city and occupies a special place in the list of “Old Sights of Evpatoria. The foundation of the temple took place at the end of the 16th century, and its original function was to pray to Allah.

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For some unknown reasons, some parts of the construction could not withstand even a hundred years, in 1666, the first minaret was destroyed, and another 200 years later – the second. Both minarets have been restored in the other half of XX century. Today, this historical landmark has acquired its first look and is open to the public.

6. Memorial “Red Hill”.

Red Hill Memorial

Ask any local resident, and he will tell you without hesitation how to get to the Red Hill. Construction of the memorial began immediately after the Great Patriotic War, and today is the main symbol of eternal memory and gratitude, dedicated to all who fought for our freedom.

Residents of Evpatoria and visitors do not forget about the dead for our lives during the war holidays, but not on holidays you can see walking families with children. Around the memorial is a wonderful park with benches for relaxing.

7. Church of St. Elijah

Temple of Saint Elijah

The temple began to be built in 1911, an event that dragged on until 1918. The first abbot of the place, Elizar Spiridonov, was the founder of the history of the church. After the revolution he was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda and sent into exile for 5 years. The church of St. Elijah, where he was serving his “sentence,” became his place of death, and after that event the church was closed.

Then a children’s sports school was founded there, but three years later, at the time of the occupation of the territory by the German occupiers, services were resumed in the church. It suffered a little during the war, but was restored after the war. In 2008 the Church of St. Elijah celebrated its 90th anniversary.

8. Turkish bath

Turkish bath

When Evpatoria was called Gezlev, there were hundreds of baths of different sizes, but they all belonged to rich citizens. The poor were not in honor, and their use included only 5 public baths. One such bath has survived to this day, it is no longer used for its intended purpose, but welcomes tourists to show them all its beauty. At the moment the baths are renovated and fit the concept of “cosmetic repairs”, tourists can visit them, as dozens of local guides are ready to provide their services for a small fee.

9. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

When the Crimean War ended, it was decided to found a temple in the city. This matter was not shelved, and in 1893 the construction of the cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker began. For its construction it took a lot of money, some of which was donated by Alexander III and Yakov Chepurin, and another part was collected from various communities living in Evpatoria, including Muslims, Jews and other local residents.

The cathedral was consecrated in 1899, and the old church, which was located near it, dismantled. Today the St. Nicholas Cathedral is a unique landmark of Evpatoria, which is compared to the St. Sophia Cathedral, located in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

10. Karaite kenesa

Karaite kenasa

Nowadays, this wonderful temple complex is one of the surviving relics of the ancient people called the Karaites. Everyone interested has the opportunity to visit the tours, look at the library, which bears the name “Karay Bitikligi” and have lunch in the cafe “Karaman”, trying all the delicacies of the national Karaite cuisine.

As with many religious buildings, the Bolsheviks mistreated the kenes. In 1927, they were closed and an antireligious museum was erected in their place, which later became a historical museum. After dozens more events and reforms carried out with the kenasa, in 2005 it was restored and opened to the public.

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