30 best sights of Adler – descriptions and photos

30 best places in Adler

When there is no opportunity to go abroad, you can always choose to travel to Russian resorts. Welcome to the pearl of the Krasnodar region – Adler. The southernmost district of Greater Sochi. In summer, fans of beach holidays gather here. In winter the fans of mountain peaks and winter sports come here. Adler is famous for its environmental situation: there are no factories and hazardous industries. The sea, the mountains, the beautiful climate. A convenient location: you can quickly get to Crimea, Abkhazia or Lago-Naki.

Olympic sites, a palm alley, a piece of America and waterfalls – you will like it for sure.

Want to go to Adler, but don’t have anyone to go with? Create an event on invme and wait for feedback – your idea is sure to please. By the way, if you took a vacation for a week – extend it urgently. After all, Adler hides a lot of locations that are mandatory to visit.

30 reasons to visit Adler

1. the Olympic Park.

It is necessary to start acquaintance with the Black Sea coast with this place. Get a feel for the spirit of the biggest sporting event in the world. And fantasize about the grandiose preparations for the Sochi Olympics. Tip: look for the gulf car – drives tours throughout the huge area.

The Olympic Park is beautiful with its stadiums and illuminations. And the famous singing fountains not only draw crowds of spectators, but are also perfectly refreshing. Younger tourists will appreciate the children’s town with colorful houses.

2.Fisht Stadium

Fellow activists will definitely want to visit the Fisht Stadium. It was built before the Olympic Games and is the largest facility in the Olympic Park. It was from here that millions of spectators watched the opening and closing of the Olympics. The glass roof with colorful illumination is the pride of the stadium. Today it is the venue for soccer matches.

3.Sochi Autodrome.

For extreme lovers. The race track was opened in 2014. In the fall of the same year, the Olympics of racing cars – Formula 1 Russia – was held here. The offer to take part in racing cabs as a navigator is very popular. In addition, there is a museum and a moto-school for guests.

4.Sochi Park

The next stop is Sochi Park. Here there is a Ferris wheel with views of the sea coast, and an entertainment center “Medvedya”. Tourists will definitely appreciate the interactive shows, rides, fountains and a live corner with rabbits. The entrance ticket allows you to visit all the fun activities and attractions of the park all day long. “Ten times five stars” – so the satisfied guests evaluate the park.

5.Sochi Automobile Museum

The Olympic Park opens a treasury for car enthusiasts. Here you will find a rich collection of retro cars. Here is the good old Moskvich and the luxurious DeLorean. In addition, you can look at ambulances, buses and fire trucks of the XX century. The beautiful ladies will not miss the opportunity to be photographed behind the wheel of a gorgeous pink car.

6.Lower Imereti embankment

How to feel that you are finally on vacation? Walking along the promenade along the sea works without a hitch. The wide promenade of 7 kilometers, which was built for the Sochi Olympics. It is an interesting feature: when walking along the seafront you can see all the Olympic facilities.

7.Beaches of Adler

The beach “Chaika”. Photo: nicko.ru

That’s what people come for in the first place. The well-groomed territory with fine pebbles, waves crashing on the pier – all this you will find in Adler. There are three main beaches: Central, “Chaika” and “Ogonyok”. There are so many sunbeds, umbrellas and jet skis on them that there is enough for every tourist. And as a consequence, it is hard to find a free place here. The favorite beach of tourists is located on the territory of the shopping center “Mandarin”. You have to pay to get in.

Park “Southern Cultures”.

Park, an area of 19 hectares is on the street with the romantic name – Tulip Street. Tourists and locals come here for peace and quiet. The territory is buried in greenery: the park contains more than 5 thousand plants. The massive 300-year-old oak tree contrasts with the Japanese sakura. The green kingdom is successfully shaded by ponds with ducks and swans.

Bestuzhev-Marlinsky Park

In 1910 there was a resort park named after Decembrist Bestuzhev. He passed away during the courageous defense of Cape Adler. Alexander Marlinsky – a pseudonym of Bestuzhev – was transferred to the Caucasus in his service. He died in hand-to-hand combat. Walk along cozy avenues and have a rest on benches buried in flowers – here.

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10. the Adler market

The Black Sea region without fresh fruit does not count. You can buy everything you want at Adler market. There’s smoked beef, and cream cheese, and churchela. Take home local honey instead of magnets – it’s worth it. The peculiarity of the market is fanciful patterns made of foodstuffs made by the vendors. By the way, you can try the famous Abkhazian fruit – medlars.

Mandarin mall

This is a real city in the city. If you are a fan of picnics, then you must visit this place – from here you can see the views of the sea coast. There is also a swimming pool, and a concert hall, not to mention many cafes, restaurants, and playgrounds for children. Little Europe in the Adler region: palm trees, fountains, the sea and pleasant music.

12.Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Fans of marine fauna, do not pass by the tropical fish species, turtles, colorful inhabitants of the Red Sea. There is also a famous tunnel of piranhas, stingrays and seahorses. What about the shark feeding and mermaid show? Guests are also offered to feel like a diver. Black Sea Oceanarium knows what to surprise – the content is for all tastes and ages.

13.Monkey nursery

It is a real planet of monkeys – there are more than 4.5 thousand animals on the territory. The staff will warmly tell you about their pets and even allow you to feed them. Some of the wards of this nursery are involved in medical research.

14.Adler Dolphinarium

Variety beach holiday – visit the sea inhabitants. The dolphinarium was opened more than 20 years ago. It immediately became a popular place for recreation. The huge hall can accommodate up to a thousand people. In the center of the dolphinarium is a six-meter deep swimming arena. Dolphins, sea lions, walruses and beluga whales perform in colorful shows.

15.Terrarium “The World of the Jungle”.

After night walks along the waterfront and extreme sports in the Sochi Autodrome, visit the local terrarium. Connoisseurs of exotics will definitely be interested in snakes, lizards, turtles and spiders. There is also a small contact zoo for those who are not crazy about spiders. Here are more harmless animals: rabbits, sheep and goats. For extra charge you can feed them.

16.temple of Not Made by hands of Christ the Savior

New temple, which “grew” for 4 months by the beginning of the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Working name – Olympic temple. Neo-Byzantine style, colorful frescoes and luxurious paintings inside – this 43-meter high building is definitely worth seeing.

17. temple of the holy trinity

Relatively new building. It was built on the site of the Temple of the Savior of the XIX century. Here tourists are especially interested in the stones, which are preserved from the demolished shrine. The new temple has a Sunday school and a library that is rich in books. Nearby is a mass grave of 11 soldiers who died during the bombing of Adler in the war of 1877-1878.

18. Trinity-Georgius Monastery

Before the revolution there was a male monastery, which was soon looted. Since 1999 the place has been a sanctuary again. On the territory of Trinity-Georgius Monastery there are the main cathedral, 9 churches and a chapel. The most famous is the Church of St. Huar. Within these walls you can pray for the unbaptized. There are only three such churches in Russia. By the way, there are legends about the pies of the nuns of the monastery around the city – so tasty. And not far from the monastery, in the village of Lesnoye, you can see how the kiwis grow.

19.Adler lighthouse

Another place in the piggy bank of attractions. A favorite tourist spot of Adler is the functioning 19th century lighthouse. One of the oldest lighthouses of the Black Sea. The lighthouse rises to 11 meters and its signal is visible to ships from 13 miles away. It is considered the southernmost lighthouse in Russia and is known to all Black Sea captains.

20. Amphibius Water Park

If you like to ride steep slides, your next stop is the Amphibius water park. Water enthusiasts can enjoy the pools and water rides. And their companions can enjoy the pizzeria, cocktail bar and cafe.

21. AJ Hackett Sochi Skypark

The only park of this type in Russia. It is located in Akhshtyrsky Gorge. Here is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world – Skybridge. The height of the construction is impressive – 207 meters! It is a paradise for those who love extreme sports. From here you can make the most incredible jumps. The flight from the bridge is comparable to the fall from the 90th floor.

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22. Train Station

The pride of modern architecture and one of the best railway stations in Russia. Modern Adler station offers instead of boring waiting for transport to come out on the terrace overlooking the sea. Distinguished by a new level of service – it is definitely worth to come here.

23. Route Adler – Krasnaya Polyana

One of the most expensive projects for the beginning of the Sochi Olympics. It is 50 km long automobile and railroad highway along Mzymta river. Most of the route falls on the tunnels. There are high-speed trains which will take you from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana in half an hour.

24. Restaurant “The bazar”.

One of the best Instagram locations on the Black Sea coast. If you prefer atmospheric photos instead of magnets on the fridge – this is where you are. In a special honor not only the author’s cuisine institution, but also its unusual entrance with a grocery store. In winter this place reminds a village Hogsmeade from the Harry Potter universe.

25. Palm Alley in the Olympic Park.

Not to visit here is a great omission. Tourists call the alley the local Los Angeles. Budget and not less beautiful. The alley of 200 palm trees stretches along the endless promenade. The cost of one such tree – from 10 thousand dollars.

26. Pizzeria “Pizza Papi”.

A favorite pizzeria for guests of the Krasnodar region. Order pizza and take pictures in the American style. Located on the Olympic embankment. To meet the sunset on the Black Sea coast to the pleasant music – here.

27. Adler trout farm

Russia’s largest enterprise for breeding valuable fish species. 111 pools and ponds. There are tasting of rare varieties, excursions and even sport fishing. One of the highest quality suppliers of ambered trout in Europe. Nearby are several stores with fresh fish and caviar.

28. Akhshtyrsky cave.

It was discovered by French explorer Edward Martel in the early 20th century. For a long time, the entrance here was forbidden. The cave had the status of a monument of primitive architecture – they had found the stand of an ancient tribe. According to scientists, the Akhshtyr cave began to form 350 thousand years ago. For a long time cave bears lived here.

29. Gluboky Yar waterfall

One of the highest and most accessible waterfalls in the Sochi area – only 10 minutes from Krasnaya Polyana. It is located in the canyon with the romantic name of the Dragon’s Mouth. The walls of the waterfall shimmer in different colors because of the sunlight and green mosses. Behind the waterfall is a karst cave.

30.Ostrich Farm

Mandarinka bird at the ostrich farm. Photo: tourprom.ru

It is located in the small village of Kazachy Brod. Here you can look into the eyes of a friendly emu, listen to the talkative parrots. The farm attracts fans of birds. Moreover, here you can buy the real ostrich eggs.

To organize a holiday of life in the Russian land is easy. All you need to do is buy tickets to Adler.

Where to go in Adler. Top 50 attractions of the center, the Olympic Park and the surrounding area

Where to go in Adler to see the most interesting sights? In this article, we will give up-to-date information on the 50 most interesting places in the Adler district of Sochi. For your convenience, we have divided the review of attractions by locations: the central part of Adler (the settlement itself), the Olympic Park (Sirius) and the outskirts of Sochi.

Central part of Adler.

Let’s start our review of attractions with the central part of Adler . This is the coastal part of the Adler district where most of the beach and sea lovers stay for a vacation. Of course, compared with the central part of Sochi Adler is not so rich in sights, but there is also something to see.

In this article, we took the most interesting, from our point of view, sights, where you should go to Adler.

Adler’s central promenade

This place is popular among guests of the city and local residents. The embankment stretches from the place where the river Mzymta flows into the sea to the river Horota. The total length of the embankment is about 2.5 km . Along the whole embankment on the side of the sea there are beaches, and most of them are sand and pebble beaches. Therefore, this place is so beloved by parents with small children.

Walking along the promenade you can admire the beautiful panorama of the Black Sea or sit in one of the many coastal cafes.

Mandarin mall

The shopping and entertainment center “Mandarin” is located at the beginning of the central promenade. Here are the stores, restaurants, swimming pool, karaoke bars and disco.

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On a sandy beach settled cozy bungalows, which can be rented for recreation at any time of year. There are also 17 restaurants for all tastes and wallets. So, you should definitely come here! And if you come to Adler with children, then near the mall “Mandarin” is a great playground.

All children’s playgrounds in Adler with addresses here.

Beach “Mandarin”, Adler.

Address: Bestuzheva street, 1/1, Adler district, Sochi

Arboretum Park “Southern Cultures”

“Southern Cultures” is a magnificent natural park, which was established back in 1910. More than 600 species of plants grow here on a large territory. Numerous shady alleys and paths make it possible to take a leisurely stroll through the park, and numerous benches invite you to relax.

The park has a beautiful pond with white swans, rose garden, eucalyptus alley, beautiful fountain and many secluded corners for recreation.

And also there is an air route above the park. There is an airport nearby. So here the planes descend, and you can make interesting photos of the flying plane.

Address: Russia, urban village Sirius, dendrological park Southern Cultures.

Monument to Gambusia fish

Who has already been on a sightseeing tour of Sochi, know that thanks to this small fish, Sochi was rid of malaria. Therefore, a monument to this fish was placed on one of the central streets of the city. It is located near the central amusement park. Be sure to find the monument to the fish and make a wish!

Address: 4A Romashek Street, Adler district, Sochi

Oceanarium “Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

The largest oceanarium in Sochi attracts adults and children. You can come here at any time. Oceanarium is open all year round. Read more about this institution here.

Resort Town

Resort Town is a part of the Adler district. It received this name thanks to the largest resort association “Adlerkurort”. There are four buildings of the resort association on the territory of the resort town.

However, nowadays, some of the buildings of the resort have been transferred for re-equipment and have lost their status as health resorts. But this does not affect the territory of spa town. And it is the territory that is worth seeing.

Here is the Adler Dolphinarium and Oceanarium, about which we tell in this article. And be sure to see the interesting landscape design project, which was designed back in the 70s by Zurab Tseretelli.

Throughout the resort town are scattered sculptures, finished with colored smalt. Some sculptures are children’s playground in front of the oceanarium. Part of the sculptures are on the grounds of Hotel Arli (you can see them through the fence).

And the Coral Reef Fountain is located in front of the sanatorium “Coral”. Be sure to find it. True, now it is not in the best condition. However, the most beautiful ornaments, laid out on the bottom and walls of the pool, are still perfectly preserved.

The place where you can find the playground: in front of the oceanarium, Lenina street, 219A/4, Sochi.

The location of the fountain Coral Reef: in front of the sanatorium “Coral”, Lenina ul. 219, Sochi (Coral building)

Mzymta river quay

Planning to go to the central Adler’s embankment, include the Mzymta river embankment in your itinerary. These embankments smoothly flow into each other at the place where the river flows into the sea. You can walk along the river to the central market of Adler.

The beginning of the embankment opposite the shopping center “Mandarin”, 1/1 Bestuzheva Street, Adler district, Sochi.

Adler Dolphinarium

The oldest dolphinarium, which operates year-round, is located in Adler. Come here is worth of children. An interesting show with dolphins and beluga will not leave anyone indifferent. The dolphinarium is located on the promenade zone of the resort town near the Zurab Tsereteli playground. So when you visit the dolphinarium you will have an opportunity to walk through the beautiful park to the playground.

There are several playgrounds in the resort town. Read more here.

Dinosaur Park “The Lost World”

Dinosaur Park is another place to visit with children. Dangerous dinosaurs have found a home in the chic park in the resort town. Working models of dinosaurs almost like a living move their bodies and make scary noises.

Also, everyone can feel like a real archeologist here. There are excavations of ancient animals on the big territory.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church is located in the heart of Adler and in a historical place. Here in 1837 the fort of the Holy Spirit was founded. In place of which was subsequently built by the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit. After serving as a stronghold for believing Christians for over a hundred years, it was destroyed in 1947.

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But, in spite of many years of oblivion, the reclaimed site was rebuilt in 1990. The beautiful area where the aerial rotunda and the temple itself are located is worthy to go there and offer prayers for health and well-being.

Address: 22A Kirova street, Adler district, Sochi.

Church of Surb-Sarkis

It just so happens that not far from the Holy Trinity Temple there is an Armenian church of Surb-Sarkis. It was built relatively recently. Walking through the narrow streets of Adler you can’t help but notice it.

The high building of sand color was built in the form of a cross. A lot of triangular roof slopes covered with red tiles and triangular windows give the building a strict and solemn look.

Address: 8/2 Bestuzheva Street, Adler district, Sochi, Russia

Adler Monkey Nursery

Monkey nursery is the name of the numerous aviaries with animals on the territory of the Research Institute of Medical Primatology in Adler. When you come here, take a tour of the kennel. There are fifteen species of monkeys.

Walking around the nursery, you will see the world’s smallest squirrel monkey, Green monkey and a huge baboon. And you will also learn a lot of interesting things about the life of these amazing creatures.

Address: 177 Mira Street, Bldg. 1, Vesyoloye village.

Olympic Park (Sirius)

We have already written a detailed article about what you can see in the Olympic Park (Sirius). So, not to repeat, just follow the link to the article and read the details. You can also follow the link directly to the object of interest.

Surroundings of Adler

The Adler area is quite large. And in addition to the attractions in the center of Adler and in Sirius, there is also Krasnaya Polyana and the surrounding area. Here we have collected a list of the most interesting sights of Adler, where you should go.

Krasnaya Polyana

The sights of Krasnaya Polyana is a separate large article, which you can read here.

The ruins of the Byzantine temple in the village of Akhshtyr

This is a place worth going to for sure. The ruins of the old Byzantine temple of VI-VIII centuries attracts believers from all over Sochi. This place is not a tourist destination. Here are not taken excursions. And from that it becomes even more attractive.

The walls of half-ruined Christian church still hold a powerful energy of believers who came here hundreds of years ago and continue to visit this place to this day.

Address: Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi urban district, the village Akhshtyr


About the amusement park at height, we have written more than once. In short, it is a suspension pedestrian bridge, which is located at a height of 207 meters above the ground. Its length is 439 meters. And it is the longest pedestrian bridge in Europe.

Want more information? Read here.

The Adler Trout Farm

Where else can you go on the outskirts of Adler? To a trout farm, of course! This is the largest trout farm in Russia, founded in 1964. Now excursions on the territory of the farm are held here.

All year round you can see how trout are grown, see unique specimens of blue, white and Adler amber trout and feed these beautiful predatory fish by hand.

Address: Trout Street, 45A, Kazachy Brod village, Russia

The Trinity-St. George Monastery

Visiting Adler, be sure to go to the Trinity-Georgius Convent. Go here is worthwhile for both believers and non-believers. After all, the main temple is named after St. Uar, who is the patron saint and non-baptized people. Here you can order a service for the health and repose of unbaptized people.

Beautiful surroundings of the temple allows you to relax from worldly bustle, take a walk along the picturesque paths between the temples and enjoy the splendor of the temple of the icon of the Mother of God of the Seven Stars.

Address: Budyonovskaya street, 26, Lesnoe village

Greek Church of St. George

Another pearl in the necklace of Orthodox churches of Adler – the Church of St. George the Victorious. This temple was built in the late 19th century by the Greeks living on this territory. Unlike its neighbor, the Trinity-Georgian Monastery, the Church of St. George the Victorious does not shine with gold domes and luxury decoration.

Here everything is modest and laconic. But the modesty of the decoration is more than offset by a strong energy of this place and the icons that are there. And make sure you talk to the auntie-servant who sells candles at the entrance to the temple. She will tell you a lot of interesting things about the history of the temple and the sacred icons.

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Address: Budyonovskaya street, 5A, Lesnoe village

Viewpoint of Akhtsu Gorge.

This place we can not pass by. Many people appreciated the beautiful sceneries on the way to Krasnaya Polyana. This road is the most beautiful in Sochi.

And on one of the sections of the old Krasnaya Polyana road there is a view of the gorge Akhtsu. Before you open a magnificent view of the two mountains, which almost converge with each other. And in the inverted triangle of space between the mountains, as a window into another reality, you can see the mountain peaks of Krasnaya Polyana.

Address: Partisanskaya Street, 10, the village of Monastyr, urban district of Sochi

Glass Workshop

Glass workshop is a place for adults and children. Be sure to go to the show of glassblowers, which is held daily. And for the most inquisitive will have the opportunity to participate in a master class for making glass figurines.

Lovers of aesthetics will discover a wide range of glass figures, flowers, vases, paintings, dishes made by local glassblowers. Read more about the glass workshop here

Address: Trout Street, 45A, Kazachy Brod village, Russia

Suspension bridge over the river Mzymta

Visiting the glass workshop, do not hurry to leave. Walk a little further to the river, and you will see a wooden bridge, which is supported by iron ropes over the river. It was on such bridges 100-200 years ago people used to get from one side of the river to the other.

From the bridge there are wonderful views of the river Mzymta gorge and steep cliffs, framing the stormy stream of blue water.

Address: landmark residential house at 45, Trout Street, Kazachy Brod village, Sochi urban district.

Akhshtyrskaya Cave

This is the place to go for sure! This is where the ancient Neanderthals lived about 70,000 years ago. In memory of their stay in these places they left rock drawings preserved till our time. Read more about Akhshtyrskaya cave here.

Address: Sochi city district, Kazachy Brod village, Trout Street. Landmark – the road to Skypark.

Narcan spring “Chvizhepse”.

Sochi is rightfully called a resort city. And it is not just a beautiful climate, sea and a large number of health centers. Sochi is home to two of the most famous medicinal drinking water sources. Narzan and the drain “Chvizhepse” is one of them.

Mineral water in Chvizhepse comes from under the ground. Well is located at a depth of 200 meters . There is a pump room not far from the well.

Address: Narzannaya str, 2, Cvizhepse village

Dry Canyon of the river Psakkho

About this canyon we wrote in one of our articles. You can read more here.

Wet canyon of the river Psakkho

This place is also worth attention. The most beautiful canyon was formed on the banks of the river Psaho. Though you should take into account that it is not easy to reach it on your own because of the lack of good passable roads.

But to the inquisitive tourist barriers are not to be overpowered. Therefore, in our article we have written how you can get to this place.

Dragon’s Mouth Falls

The most beautiful waterfall of the Adler district is always waiting for its guests. Nestled in a narrow gorge between rocks, the waterfall attracts the attention of nature lovers. A big plus is its proximity to the motor road. Anyone with any physical condition can come here.

Note that all waterfalls of Sochi and Adler are most full in winter and spring. In summer and autumn, the rivers shallow, so, coming here on a hot summer day, you risk missing a gorgeous spectacle of falling water. Read more about the waterfall.

Maiden’s Tears Falls

The Maiden’s Tears waterfall is undeservedly forgotten and little visited and is worth the attention of nature lovers. It is located on the site of the old Krasnaya Polyana road, which is not used now.

Your visit to the waterfall will be accompanied by a splendid panoramic view of the gorge and beautiful mountains of Krasnaya Polyana. There is no way to get there by public transportation, and tour buses do not come to the place either. To visit most of the natural sights of Adler you can use a rented car or a cab.

To get to this waterfall, lost among the dense forest is not easy. And most likely you won’t be able to reach it on your own. The way to the waterfall can be overcame only by an off-road vehicle with a very high ground clearance. Your ordinary SUV risks getting stuck on one of the forest roads. Therefore, use the services of specialized companies that organize jeep tours around Adler.

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