30 best places to see in Sochi – descriptions and photos

Attractions in Sochi

The Black Sea coast is a great place to relax. Summer all year round, palm trees, and most importantly is in Russia. The city is young, but there are a lot of interesting and beautiful places. Attractions can be found not only in the city itself, but also in its surroundings. This article discusses the most popular places that you can visit on your own or take a guide with a tour.

List of 30 most popular attractions in Sochi

1. Arboretum

Opens the top the most exotic place in Sochi – the Arboretum. The park has a unique collection of rare and amazing plants brought from different parts of the country. Here you can walk in a grove of eucalyptus trees, see blooming magnolias and sakura trees, graceful black swans in the ponds. In total, 1,800 species of trees and shrubs grow in the “Arboretum”, about which you can learn by pointing your phone to the plates with QR codes in the application “Arboretum Guide”. Through the upper and lower parts of the park, there is a pedestrian street. From the top there is a beautiful view of the city, and below there is an aquarium and exotarium. Address: Kurortny Prospekt 74k 1A, Sochi

2. Park Riviera

Riviera is the most famous park in the city, with access to the best beach in Sochi. The main feature of the Riviera is a sculpture of a clock in the form of a golden pearl. The park was opened in 1898 and has been a popular family destination for over 120 years. The park has a large number of different trees and plants, as well as flowers and a rose garden. Riviera is located in the central area, next to the Sea Station. Address: 1 Egorova street, Sochi.

3. Dolphinarium

In the center of the city there is Big Dolphinarium of Sochi, which was opened on September 15, 2012. Capacity of the dolphinarium is up to 1300 seats. Here you can see fascinating shows with performances of the Black Sea dolphins, white whales, whales and sea lions throughout the year, both winter and summer, which is worth seeing. The pool arena can be seen from any seat in the hall, which is ensured by a special thoughtful arrangement of seats for spectators. In the dolphinarium you have an opportunity not only to admire the smart and beautiful animals in the daily spectaculars, but also to swim with them. There are three programs to choose from: diving, swimming with whales, swimming with dolphins. Address: Egorov Street, 1, Sochi

4. Winter Theatre

The theater hosts concerts, performances, tours, celebrity performances and other cultural events in Sochi. Every day on the stage of the theater perform groups of Russian and world scale. And also every year in June, the Kinotavr festival is held, which is not without a carpet. The theater is an architectural monument of federal significance. If you do not know how to spend your time in the evening, it is worth to visit the theater and cultural rest, especially since the tickets are not expensive. Address: Teatralnaya street, 2, Sochi.

5. Sea Station

One of the symbols of the city is considered a modern seaport, strolling through which you can see small boats, beautiful white yachts, and sometimes cruise ships. From here you can go on a sea voyage and enjoy the beauty of Sochi from the sea. And also it is nice to stroll along the promenade, go to the stores and outdoor cafes, which are in the station building, take beautiful pictures. Address: Voykova street, 1, Sochi

6. Oceanarium

Due to the large area the oceanarium Sochi Discovery World Aquarium can accommodate several thousand sea creatures, placed in different aquariums. The underwater museum is home to both marine fish species (sharks, seahorses, stingrays, jellyfish), and freshwater (piranhas, turtles, pikes, catfish), and there are also aquarium exhibits and various exhibitions. Next to the aquariums there is information about the name of each inhabitant. The aquarium is located in Adler on Lenina Street. From Sochi to it can be reached by public transport, the trip does not take long. Address: Lenina street, 219 A/4, Adler, Sochi.

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7. AquaLoo Water Park

Where else can you enjoy summer all year round and in all weathers, as not in the most famous water park of the city, the area of which is two hectares. Here there is a mysterious atmosphere and you can find entertainment for all ages: steep water slides, waterfalls, quiet pools with warm water and spa in the cold season. The water park is open daily. From spring to fall everyone has the opportunity to visit this wonderful place, which includes an outdoor section and an indoor section. Especially for children there are children’s towns, where they will get bright impressions for a lifetime: a lot of games, master classes and thematic programs. Address: Dekabristov St. 78B, Loo, Sochi

8. Railway Station

Before becoming a train station, the building was supposed to house a community center. On the main tower is a spire with a star and a five-meter antique clock, decorated with the signs of the zodiac. The station is designed in the style of the Stalin Empire. In the summer of 2021, the station received more than a million people. One of the popular destinations Moscow-Sochi. Suburban trains go to: Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler, and others. Address: Gorky Street, 56, Sochi.

9. Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel.

St. Michael’s Cathedral was built in 1890 on the ruins of an ancient stone temple of the Byzantine Empire. Daily services are held in the cathedral. There is a library and a Sunday School for adult parishioners and children of different age groups in the parish hall, which is located in the lower rooms. Classes are held weekly in the hall of parish meetings of the Iveron Church. Address: ul. Moskvin, 12, Sochi.

10. Olympic Park

The place where the 2014 Olympics took place. It is a huge area with sports complexes and entertainment. Therefore, to get around everything, you will need a bicycle or a scooter. The main attractions of the park are the former sports facilities: the Fisht stadium, Iceberg and Bolshoi Ice Palaces, and the Shaiba Ice Arena. Star concerts, ice shows, matches of the Sochi Hockey Club and the Continental Hockey League are held at the moment. Address: Adler, Olympic Prospect, 21.

11. Singing Fountains

The fountains are a unique legacy of the resort after the 2014 Olympics and one of Sochi’s landmarks. The fountains in the Olympic Park are a “Firebird”. They are equipped with cannons capable of releasing 70 meters long water jets. In total, these guns 252: six large, and two hundred and forty-six small. Control is done by remote control. In addition to music, fountains are impressive backlighting. This amazing musical show begins at 18:00 and lasts an hour. Address: Imereti lowlands, Olympic Park, Sochi.

12. formula 1 track

Walking around the Olympic Park you can hear the roar of motors and the smell of burnt rubber. No, this is not another Fast and Furious movie, this is a Formula 1 race track. And everyone can afford to race fancy sports cars, provided that you have money and a driver’s license. There are also stands at the autodrome, sitting on which you can watch how fast the cars fly in front of you. Address: Triumphalnaya st., 26, Sochi.

13. Sochi Park.

A place that your child will remember forever is Sochi Park, which is called the Russian Disneyland. The rides are dedicated to the characters of Soviet fairy tales: “The Firebird”, “Zmey Gorynych”, “Magic Flight”. Carousels, swings and hundreds of slides will make you want to go for a ride. The main building of the park is decorated in the form of a fairy tale castle, which attracts attention. In the winter season there is a movie theater, where you can watch cartoons about the adventures of your favorite cartoon characters. And a little piece of advice: in order not to stand in queue for the rides in summer, it’s better to come after six o’clock in the evening. Address: Olimpiysky Prospekt, 21, Imeretinskaya Plain, Adler District, Sochi

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14. AJ Hackett Sochi Skypark

If you are a fan of outdoor activities, the Skypark is just for you. Jump into the void from a suspension bridge (bungee jumping), which is 200 meters from the ground. For beginners there is an alternative version of the jump from a height of 69 meters. The park has other entertainment: bungee jumping over the precipice at a speed of one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, climbing competitions, various festivals and events. In addition to extreme sports the skypark is also famous for the views of the Caucasian nature, which will give you pleasure. Address: 54 Krasnoflotskaya Street, Kazachy Brod, Sochi

15. Sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze

Lost World and Ordzhonikidze are synonyms in Sochi. The huge territory of the sanatorium turned into a subtropical forest. For more than twenty years the sanatorium has been abandoned and is not used as intended. Ordzhonikidze was founded during the Stalin era. Here you can see fountains, sculptures and vintage stairs. From this place there is a stunning view of the sea. Entrance is free and all holidaymakers can visit the sanatorium on their own. Address: Kurortny prospect, 96/5, Sochi.

16. Macesta .

A large number of people come here every year to restore and improve health. Healing properties of hydrogen sulfide and mineral springs Matsesta known for a long time. Water springs help in the treatment of various diseases. For those wishing to learn about the history of the resort, learn about its infrastructure and listen to the legends about the unique healing water, there are guided tours. Address: Cheltenham Aleja, 14, Sochi.

17. Stalin’s Dacha

The place, which was designed by architect Myron Merzhanov, was erected in 1931. Each element of the dacha was designed with special trepidation: rock crystal, precious woods. And also the location had to comply with the recommendations of doctors. The house is painted green and is located 160 meters above sea level, where the fresh sea air meets the mountain air. The interior of the cottage and old items will tell you about the life of the Chief. The residence is located not far from the Kurortny prospect. Address: 120 Kurortny avenue, Sochi.

18. Rosa Khutor

Located on the slopes of the Aibga Ridge is the ski resort Rosa Khutor. Here guests are offered: mountain air, waterfalls, walks along the Mzymta river embankment and of course skiing and snowboarding. The levels, into which Khutor is divided, have their own temperature, altitude and entertainment. The first level (lower) is located at an altitude of five hundred and forty meters above sea level. Most of the hotels and restaurants and walking alleys are located here. The second level is located at an altitude of 1170 meters where your eyes can see an impressive view. It can be reached by cable car. Picturesque views and a walk through the former village will be remembered for a long time. Of entertainment: driving a special sled with a speed of forty kilometers per hour. Address: 35, Olympic Street, Estosadok, Adler district, Sochi.

19. Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana, as well as Rosa Khutor, is a ski resort with all the trappings: a cable car, hotels, restaurants and a climb to the height of 960 meters. In the spring period from here you can go on a small hike, for example, to the waterfall Polikarya. And in the fall, ride a hot air balloon. The final point is the altitude of 2200 meters, where the observation deck is located. In the village of Krasnaya Polyana is also located Gazprom ski resort. Address: 5 Gornaya Karusel St., Sochi.

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20. Akhun Mountain

Mount Akhun is a celebrity among the natural attractions of Sochi. The only and main structure of the mountain is considered to be the observation tower. And if you are fond of mystics and legends, then do not pass by the ghostly restaurant, where you can try dishes of the Caucasus. On the highest point of the mountain is a Ferris wheel. To make your visit memorable, do not forget to buy souvenirs and take pictures against the background of local beauties. Address: Microdistrict Akhun, Bolshoi Akhun Street, Khosta, Sochi

21. Watchtower on Mount Akhun

The tower rises above the green-covered area at an altitude of 663 meters. There is a beautiful panoramic view of the Akhun Mountains, the Eagle Rocks, Sochi, and the Black Sea. The building itself was built in Romanesque style in 1936 by order of Stalin. The tower is equipped with a tea house and a restaurant, souvenir stores. There is a road along the mountain, but the last climb of 30 meters should be overcome on foot. Address: Big Akhun, Sochi

22. Agur Waterfalls

Not far from the center of Sochi, in the Khostinsky district, there is the Agura river. There you can see an unusual natural phenomenon – the cascades of waterfalls. The way to them lies through a rocky path and after three hundred meters you will find yourself in a canyon, the feature of which is “Devil’s font” – a small lake and “Devil’s hole” – a cave. You can come here on your own or by tourist bus. Be sure to take comfortable shoes, as walking around the ponds or standing on the shore will be safer. Not far from the waterfalls are the Eagle Rocks and the statue of Prometheus. Address: Zmeykovsky Waterfalls, Khostinsky district, Sochi

23. 33 waterfalls

In addition to the Agura waterfalls, you can also enjoy the other magnificent 33 waterfalls, located in the gorge of the Dzhegosh Creek. They belong to the Sochi National Park. They look best in spring and early summer. For the convenience of tourists created a wooden planking with railings and changing room, so do not forget to swim and take a change of clothes. Address: Valley of the Shakhe River, Dzhegosh tract, Sochi

24. Tea Plantations/Houses

In the village Uch-Dere near the center of Lazarevsky there are tea plantations. You will be presented not only mesmerizing views, but also tea and honey tastings. And also you will be able to visit a real Russian manor house and join the historical traditions of the past. Do not forget to buy souvenirs on the way out. Address: 302 Zaporozhskaya Street, Sochi.

25. Trout Farm

Trout farm is another place of interest on the Mzymta River. Few people have passed by without trying to catch and then eat the king’s fish. The farm has the rarest breeds of fish: Kamloops, Donaldson and steelhead salmon. You can visit the farm as part of a tour group. Address: Trout Street, 45A, Kazachy Brod, Adler district, Sochi.

26. Yew and boxwood grove

In the reserve named after. One of the unique natural objects in Sochi is situated in the Shaposhnikov Nature Reserve. The Yew-Box Grove occupies an area of 30 hectares, where extraordinary relict forests grow. The emergence of these forests goes back many millions of years ago and reach 2000 years of age. A special kind of tree, the berry yew and the colchic evergreen boxwood are considered. Together with other natural objects, rocks, mushrooms in the form of flowers from the tropical zones, mountain rivers and waterfalls, the landscape takes on an even more enchanted look. Address: Samshitovaya street, Khosta district, Sochi, Russia

27. Eagle Rocks

If you are an active nature fan and like to climb peaks, a visit to the cliffs is a must. The height of the summit is 371 meters. The cliffs have a white hue because they are covered with yellow sandstone and light-colored limestone. The landmark is popular, so there are various hiking trails. Some of them do not go through Eagle Rocks and lead to karst caves and Agur Waterfalls. It takes about one hour to climb the white cliffs. Address: Khostinsky District, Sochi, Russia

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28. Vorontsov Caves

Karst cavity is the longest in the Krasnodar region. It is a Cabaniya failure, caves Labyrinth and Dolgaya, interconnected by tunnels. These tunnels are called the Vorontsov Caves, and have a length of 11720 meters. There are 14 entrances to the caves, located at a height of 700 meters. In the grottoes and halls one can see stalactites and stalagmites several meters long. Caves are equipped with lighting and stairs, you can use the services of the guide. Address: Russia, Krasnodar region, Sochi city district, Adler district

29. Sochi State Circus

Sochi Circus is located near the Arboretum. The circus premises itself can accommodate 2,000 spectators, where guests have the opportunity to see impressive performances performed by professional artists: the Zapashnykh, Bagdasarov, and Filatov teams. Near the circus entrance is a large fountain with a sculpture of a clown in the center. On the roof of the circus there is an observation deck. Address: 8, Deputatskaya Street, Sochi.

30. Navaginskaya Street

The main promenade of the city is Navaginskaya Street. You will long remember the walk through the cypress and palm alleys. Here are planted beautiful flowerbeds and installed interesting sculptures – the ear “Make a Wish”, a bench-snail, figures of Olympic symbols and fairy tale characters. On Navaginskaya Street there are hundreds of boutiques, restaurants, summer cafes. Street musicians often perform in the evening. A special spectacle is the light and music fountain show. Address: 26a Sovetskaya Street, Sochi, Krasnodar Region

Sochi sights – top 40 must-see places

Sochi sights – 40 must-see places of the main resort of Russia

The Olympic Games in 2014 turned the picturesque southern city of Sochi into a modern resort of European level and very popular among tourists from all over the world. Today, picturesque villas and chic restaurants mingle with shady old parks and centuries-old buildings. Sochi’s historic, modern and cultural sites are worth a visit to the most beautiful and famous resort of the Black Sea coast.

Sochi’s historical sites

1. Riviera Park

Riviera amusement park has a century-old history. Founded in 1898 by entrepreneur Vasily Khludov, it marked the beginning of resort life of citizens. Here everyone can find entertainment to his taste: extreme rides, tennis courts, pink alleys, fountains and sculptures, dolphinarium, Seaquarium, Green Theater and much more for active leisure and hiking. To this day, the park remains the most colorful and popular place for family vacations and romantic gatherings.

2. Sculptural composition and famous “Macesta” health resort

Sculptural composition and famous health resort Matsesta

The sculpture “Macesta” is located in the spa microdistrict of the same name and is considered to be one of the most symbolic sights in Sochi. The girl, hugging the mountain, seems to grow out of the rock – strong and majestic. Letting out a fountain from one hand, she personifies the healing properties of the Sochi nature.

Indeed, sulfurated springs of the region allowed to build health resorts, known not only throughout the country, but also in the world, where in the thirties came to rest and treatment of the first people of the country and Joseph Stalin, including.

Big Akhun

Big Akhun

Big Akhun is the highest point of the mountain Akhun – 663 meters above the sea level. In the thirties of XX century by order of Joseph Stalin there was built observation tower in Romanesque style. From the observation deck of the tower there is a breathtaking panorama of all the sights of Sochi and the outskirts of the city.

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In 2012 there was an opening ceremony of the Ferris wheel on the top of the mountain, about two hundred meters from the tower. For a few minutes on the wheel everyone can enjoy magnificent views of the Black Sea coast.

4. Sochi Winter Theater

Sochi Winter Theatre

In 1938 the main Sochi theater scene opened with the opera The Tsar’s Bride by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov performed by the Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre troupe. The building’s architecture has been designed in the exemplary classical style, without any extravagance. The stage of the Winter Theatre hosts major events of Sochi’s cultural life, international festivals and tours of Russian and foreign artists.

5. Stalin’s Dacha House Museum

Political leaders and heads of friendly states gathered at Stalin’s Sochi residence in the 1930s and 1940s, and the family of “the father of nations” spent every summer here. The modest exterior and interiors have not been altered since Soviet times, and even the green facade paint has been preserved intact. Today there are a lot of people who want to have a look at the dacha’s interior, which is unpretentious of the legendary leader.

6. Dolmens on Krasnaya Polyana

Dolmens on Krasnaya Polyana

The sights of Sochi are not only beautiful architectural monuments, picturesque parks, gardens and white stone sculptures which take your breath away. Among the creations of nature of the Black Sea coast there are ancient dolmens – stone buildings erected in III-II millennia B.C.

About 200 monuments of archaic cultures are located in the Greater Sochi area, among which the most famous are the Volkonsky dolmen and Circassian stone. Until now, scientists argue about the purpose of these “stone houses”, but most historians agree that dolmens were used for rituals and burial rites.

7. Literary and Memorial Museum of N.A. Ostrovsky

Literary and Memorial Museum of N.A. Ostrovsky

The memorial house was opened for visitors three months after the death of the writer Nikolay Ostrovsky. In the 50s a Literary museum was built near it. Today its collection numbers over thirty seven thousand exhibits: household items and applied art, numismatics of the Soviet period, graphics and paintings, rare documents, photographs and rare books issued not only by Ostrovsky himself but also by other writers connected with Sochi.

8. Mikhail Archangel Cathedral

Mikhail Archangel Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel was designed by the Moscow architect Alexander Kaminsky, who created the main building of the Tretyakov Gallery, and was built on a high bank at the end of the Caucasian War in the second half of the XIX century. In 1934 the main cathedral of Sochi was forcibly closed by order of the Soviet authorities, and only during the Great Patriotic War it resumed divine services. Today this is the oldest stone construction in Sochi.

9. Sochi railway station

Sochi Railway Station

The railway station was situated in the center of the city in 1918 but the building of the station was constructed in the middle of the 20th century. Majestic columns, monumental arches and imposing ceilings turn the Sochi railway station into an architectural monument. Sculptures and fountains equipped in green open courtyards, buildings, unusual clock with zodiacal dial on the station tower – all this gives the right to call the Sochi Railway Station one of the brightest in the country.

10. Sochi Arboretum

Sochi Arboretum

The history of this attraction of Sochi begins in 1889, when the writer S.N. Khudekov, whose monument is located in the center of the park, decided to purchase the land on Bald Mountain to build a private villa for his family.

Today the Sochi arboretum not only decorates the Khostinsky district, but is also recognized as a rare object of park and garden art, where exotic plants from all over the world – Japan, China, Australia, the Mediterranean, North and South America are collected.

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