28 best sights of Novosibirsk – description and photos

How to rest in Novosibirsk: a warm tour around the Siberian city

Novosibirsk is not a typical tourist destination. The city has not yet had time to acquire beautiful squares and soak up the rich history, as it is only 130 years old.

I will tell you about the main attractions and how to get to them, and also share places where locals like to go on weekends. Get ready to get to know the beautiful and cozy city of Novosibirsk. And if you have enough time, try to get to the pine forest hidden in a science city with its colliders and dozens of research institutes.

Novosibirsk sights: what to see and where to walk

The city of Novosibirsk was founded in 1893 among the taiga thanks to the grandiose construction of the Trans-Siberian railway, which was to connect the European part of Russia with Siberia and the Far East. Because of the large influx of workers and specialists, streets, houses, and businesses sprang up rapidly and spontaneously.

Novosibirsk is divided by the Ob River. The most sympathetic and hospitable areas are concentrated on the right bank.

The main street of the city is Krasny Prospekt. I will tell you about the most interesting places: from Lenin Street to Sovetskaya Street. At the same time I’ll make for you a walking route through neighborhoods and the park on the waterfront.

Central Square: Opera and Ballet Theater, Museum of Local Lore and the resurrected chapel

Let’s start with the central square of the city, pictures of which are found on souvenir magnets, postcards and boxes of local chocolates.

The Opera and Ballet Theater (or simply the Opera House) is a place for wedding and other photo shoots and the main cultural entertainment. The Grand Hall seats 1,774 people – six more than the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

The theater offers tours, during which you can see the deserted foyer and auditorium, look behind the scenes, examine props in detail and take beautiful photos. Tickets are ₽500 for adults and ₽300 for children under 14. For more information, visit the theater’s website.

In winter, an ice rink is poured in front of the domed building, and the theater square around it becomes fabulous, cheerful and noisy.

In the evening it is especially pleasant to admire the festive installations. However, often there are small queues of those who want to take pictures.

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On the opposite side of the street from the theater is another symbol of Novosibirsk – Local Lore Museum. It is housed in a two-storey building of the former City Commercial Building that was built in 1910. At that time it was the first trading and administrative center: on the first floor the merchants’ shops were working, on the second – the offices of the city government, treasury and state bank. With the change of power in the city in 1919 the building was occupied by the Military Revolutionary Committee, and later – the Council of Deputies. The museum was opened in 1985.

Visit the permanent exhibitions: “Siberia in ancient times” and “History of the Novosibirsk region. The first one contains exhibits from the third millennium BC. To imagine how Siberia developed from the moment of joining the Russian state to the present day, visit the second exposition.

The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. On the official site you can see the schedule of exhibitions, buy tickets and even take a virtual tour.

The Chapel of Nicholas the Wonderworker is another object from the postcard. The chapel has a touching history. When the city was 20 years old, a local charitable society got permission from the authorities to build a chapel. The main architect Andrey Dmitrievich Kryachkov gratuitously made the project, and patrons and ordinary citizens collected money for materials. In the 1930s, when the country began to fight religion, the chapel was demolished. And only in 1993 to the 100 anniversary of Novosibirsk, it was restored from the old drawings.

Walking along the historic avenue

On Red Avenue still survived infrastructure buildings, which quickly appeared in the young city: the first real school, regional executive committee, prosecutor’s office, bank, pharmacy, and other commercial buildings. Some later completed and rebuilt, so along the way will alternate buildings from different eras.

A representative of the Soviet constructivism – the House with a clock at the intersection of Red Prospect and Kommunistheskaya Street. You will immediately recognize it. In the uninhabited part of the building for several years now there are plans to open a constructivism museum, but meanwhile, the curious can try to enter the entrance and be surprised by the original gallery layout of the house.

A little further away is the Novosibirsk State Art Museum. Its collection includes works of European masters of the 16th-18th centuries, famous Russian artists (V.M.Vasnetsov, K.E.Korovin, Z.E.Serebryakova), original Altai painters, the Siberian and Ural icon painters. The pride of the museum is the paintings of N.K.Roerich, most of them – fascinating mountain landscapes, created by the artist in the last years of his life.

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Working hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 18, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 20, Monday – off. A ticket to any of the permanent exhibitions costs ₽140 and can be purchased here.

Novosibirsk sights

Tolmachevo Airport Novosibirsk Zoo Central Park Hundred-apartment House Novosibirsk Planetarium Zayeltsovsky Park Central Siberian Botanical Garden Novosibirsk Metro

The site contains a collection of attractions Novosibirsk – photos, descriptions and tips for travelers. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to questions: what to see in Novosibirsk, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Novosibirsk.

Tolmachevo Airport

Tolmachevo Airport (photo)

Tolmachevo airport is an international airport. The airport is one of the most intensively developing federal-class airports, and at the same time it is the largest transit hub beyond the Urals on the most important routes that connect Asia and Europe.

The history of the airport dates back to 1957 – that’s when Tolmachevo served its very first flight. So, for 55 years of existence the airport has passed a hard but successful way from a small military airfield to a large-scale air transport hub.

The construction of a military airfield in the Tolmachevo settlement began in 1941. In 1957 the air terminal building was put into operation. In 1962, the airport began servicing international flights. In 1987 the airport started the construction of the second runway. In 2004-2009 the airport building was significantly renovated and reconstructed.

Today, Tolmachevo Airport is a modern, stylish building, fully meeting all the needs of tourists.

Coordinates : 55.01345700,82.66759900

Novosibirsk Zoo

Novosibirsk Zoo (photo)

Novosibirsk Zoo with an area of 60 hectares holds about 11,000 individuals of 702 species, of which 120 are listed in the International Red Book and 180 in the Red Book of Russia and regional Red Lists. The largest collection of the zoo is the family of cats and hens, which are bred in the zoo.

History of the zoo began in 1933, when the zoo contained only 50 species of birds and 35 species of animals, which were the objects of research work of schoolchildren and scientists. Later the zoo was rebuilt, modernized and its collections were enriched with new species of animals and birds. The first exotic species began to appear in the zoo, but due to the harsh climate of Western Siberia, the zoo began to pay more attention to local species, especially the cat and cat species. In 1985, the zoo’s collection included 271 species, represented by 824 specimens.

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The emblem of the zoo is the snow leopard and the bandit.

Coordinates: 55.05661100,82.88792700

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Central Park

Central Park (photo)

The history of the Central Park in Novosibirsk begins with a protocol of the city council on July 5, 1923, then began to develop its project. And two years later the garden “Central” was opened to the public.

In the 30s the garden occupied 8 hectares, on this territory were placed the stage and summer playgrounds, sports town, shower, shooting gallery and even a solarium for sunbathing. In February 2, 1944 on the basis of the garden was organized by the Park of Culture and Recreation named after Stalin. In 1952, a planetarium was opened in the park, and seven years later there appeared the Theater of Musical Comedy. Since 1963, the park became “Centralniy”.

Currently, the park covers an area of 10.5 hectares. It is a favorite vacation spot for Novosiberians and guests of the city. On its territory there are more than 50 attractions for children and adults and summer cafes. In the park are constantly held major holidays and game and music programs for adults and children.

Coordinates: 55.03545000,82.92.92452300

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Stokvartrniy dom

Hundred apartment house (photo)

Hundred-apartment house is a very interesting eight-storey residential building in Novosibirsk. Of course it is interesting by its size architecture. This building is an architectural monument of federal significance. The authors of the project were Andrei Kryachkov and his assistant V. Maslennikov, construction began in 1934. This house was originally conceived as a residence for the employees of the executive committee of the West-Siberian region.

At the 1937 International Exhibition of Art and Industry, the project was awarded the 1st degree diploma, a gold medal and a grand prize.

The size of the building and the presence of a square in front of the main facade gives the impression of scale of the construction, giving it a “palatial” character. The building has an interesting and thoughtful layout. At the corners of the house there are state entrances, with wide staircases and figured balusters. There are eight porches in total in the building. The floors in the entrance halls and staircases are mosaic.

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The history of the building is inseparably linked with the famous people who have lived within its walls – the First Secretaries of the Regional Committee, the heads of major enterprises, academicians, artists and writers.

Coordinates: 55.02083400,82.92491700

Novosibirsk Planetarium

Novosibirsk planetarium (photo)

The Novosibirsk Planetarium, opened on February 8, 2012, has unique telescopes that allow to observe the starry sky. This planetarium is the best in the whole eastern part of Russia.

On the first floor of the planetarium there are technical rooms, on the second floor there is a “star hall” with two astronomical passages and towers for up to 114 people. Adjacent to the main building is a park, which is built in the form of a planetary system. Thanks to the park, visitors can feel at the center of the universe.

The planetarium also has a film and video studio. The spacious shooting pavilion has modern equipment which shoots in HD format.

Federal, city and regional budgets were allocated for the planetarium construction. The total sum was 320 million rubles.

Coordinates: 54.98721800,82.86448700

Zayeltsovsky park

Zayeltsovsky Park (photo)

Practically in the city of Novosibirsk is located a wonderful beauty spot, where you can find yourself in the woods, without going far outside the city. The park is the largest and oldest park, located in the north-west of the city.

The area of the park is so large that it is best to come here early or all day at once. But it is not possible to walk along the embankment of Ob, sit in a cafe, visit the open-air cinema, ride all the rides in one day. For children here is not only available to observe the animals and nature, but also equipped with a special railroad with three stations.

The park has many birch and pine trees, which freshens up the area and gives it a picturesque look. On the asphalt alleys you can find athletes and people walking their dogs, and in the green areas there are many tourists.

Coordinates: 55.05137700,82.88709300

Central Siberian Botanical Garden

Central Siberian Botanical Garden (photo)

Central Siberian Botanical Garden is the largest research botanical institution located on the territory of the Asian part of Russia.

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The Botanical garden was opened in 1946 on the initiative of V. L. Komarov, an academician. The main direction of scientific work during the first years of the garden’s existence was studying the Siberian flora and vegetation for the use in economic purposes, as well as the improvement of existing cultivated plants and the introduction of new species into the Siberian culture of plants. In 1953, the Botanical Garden left the Biological Institute and became an independent research institution.

Remarkably, the collection of plants of the garden sometimes reached 14 thousand species. However, due to the decrease in funding of the institute, the deteriorating crime situation and other reasons, the number of species represented in the garden has decreased significantly. Today the garden creates new expositions, such as “Rocky Hill”, “Bonsai”, “Garden of Continuous Blooming”, etc.

Coordinates: 54.82097700,83.10448800

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Novosibirsk Metro

Novosibirsk subway (photo)

The Novosibirsk subway is one of the Russian subways, which is the only one in Siberia and the most remote in the east of the country.

The decision to build the subway was made by the Council of Ministers in 1978. In many ways, this decision was facilitated by the chairman of the City Executive Committee I. Sevastyanov and chief architect of Novosibirsk L. Mikhalev.

Construction began on May 12, 1979. On January 7, 1986 there was a solemn meeting and opening of the subway. The launched section consisted of five stations along the Lenin line. The second section was opened on December 31, 1987. It solved the main transport problem – it connected the station with the main part of the subway. Until 2000 only one shuttle ran on this section.

At present the Novosibirsk subway is the third in the country in terms of passenger traffic. During the day the subway carries about two hundred thousand people.

Coordinates: 55.03011300,82.92038100

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More attractions in Novosibirsk

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