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Nha Trang Attractions

This directory contains Nha Trang’s attractions: temples, museums, beaches and attractions – with descriptions in Russian, photos and videos; they are marked on the map and accompanied with instructions on how to get to them. For museums and amusement parks there are opening hours, prices, and directions. Read about these or other attractions can be in the reviews of travelers who share their experiences from rest. Often their stories can be quite useful information.

The city of Nha Trang, perhaps the most popular Vietnamese resort, snuggles on the shores of the South China Sea. The city bay, enclosed by islands and mountain ranges, is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet; coastal waters do not know any storms or hurricanes.

Tourism began to develop actively in the early years of the new millennium, and after several years of rapid construction at the resort there appeared modern hotel complexes and amusement parks. Today there are regular charters from Russia.

Even the “packet tourists”, who are used to lying on the beach, swimming and not doing anything that is not associated with rest, can not sit still and go on excursions. It is understandable: there are a lot of attractions in Nha Trang and its surroundings. The islands alone can’t be counted: Hong Tre, Hong Tam, Hong Mun, Hong Mot, Hong Mieu and so on and so forth. If you are willing and able, you can find a new thing to do for each day of vacation.

Next, we will look at what are considered the main attractions in Nha Trang, as well as what you can see on your own.

What to see in Nha Trang. Where to go

Long Son Pagoda, one of the most important attractions in Nha Trang, is the largest operating.

Po Nagar Towers, or as they are called, Cham Towers, is an architectural complex of religious buildings.

The cable car in Nha Trang (another name – Wineperl ropeway) is part of the famous amusement park.

Gorky Park in Nha Trang (internationally known as Central Park, Central Park) is the most visited place of the beach area.

Nha Trang’s Central Beach is the main and most popular urban recreation area. It is known for its infrastructure.

Paragon Beach belongs to the hotel of the same name in the south of Nha Trang and is surrounded by luxurious.

Dream Beach is located in the southern part of Central Beach and is part of the so called “.

Bai Dai Beach is located on the outskirts of Nha Trang City, Vietnam and is recognized as the most popular place for leisurely activities.

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    Nha Trang sights, Vietnam.

    The place of strength of the Vietnamese resort is its Central Beach, which stretches for 7 km. It is quite logical that this beach has the most developed infrastructure compared to, for example, the same beach Bai Dai, to which it is still necessary to get. In the southern part of the beach is Gorky Park – a real oasis of amenities, entertainment and relaxation. This complex, beloved by Russian tourists and expats, includes several pools and restaurants, as well as the beach Dream Beach. Here you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also watch a movie under the open sky, dance at the Pool Party, order a massage.

    A half-hour walk from the central beach (or a few minutes by city bus) – and you’ll get to at least two iconic places – the Cathedral, built in the French Gothic style, and to the pagoda of Long Son. The latter is worth mentioning separately, if only because the statue of the White Buddha, sitting on a lotus flower, can be seen from anywhere in Nha Trang. From a distance it makes a lasting impression, but close up it is even more striking.

    Now moving south of the center. At the end of the beach, near the pier, where the boats go to the amusement park “Wynperl” and where the boarding station of the cable car is, there is a Museum of Oceanography at the research institute with the same name. It was founded back in the days of French patronage. There are more than 60 thousand sea creatures, belonging to 8 thousand species. Children especially like the skeletons. With the little ones, you can walk to Paragon Beach, a sort of swimming pool in the open sea.

    Leaving aside the cultural and historical attractions, one of the most visited places is the above mentioned amusement park “Wynperl”, where in the first place direct the feet of the parents of boys and girls of all ages.

    White Buddha at Long Son Pagoda © Elena Bortnik

    White Buddha at the Long Son Pagoda © Elena Bortnik

    What to see in Nha Trang on your own

    Despite the fact that there are a lot of excursions to sights in Nha Trang, the spirit of independence and adventurism in our countrymen have not yet faded, and many decide to visit some of the beaches and temples without the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable guide and scurrying tourists.

    Take, for example, the towers of Po Nagar VII-XII centuries. They are located on top of the mountain Ku Lao, 4 km from the center. The distance is not vast and if you want (to save money) you can walk it. Or you can take a bus, paying 7,000 VND, and get there in a couple of minutes. The right numbers on the board – 1 (yellow letters on blue background, the bus with white letters will take you to the wrong place), 2, 3, 4. Missing a stop at the towers is a special art.

    The bus will take you to the remote, idyllic Zoklet beach (#3, with a yellow number on a blue background).

    As well as the buses, which are dependant on timetables – and let’s face it, they don’t always keep to them – you can get around the city and surroundings on bikes. You just need to leave your passport or driver’s license as a deposit. The average rental cost is $5-6 per day: almost nothing for a chance to get out to secluded places like Jungle Beach.

    Private guides in Nha Trang

    Russian private guides will help you get acquainted with Nha Trang in more detail. There are 1 registered Russian guide in Nha Trang on the project Experts.Tourister.Ru.

    Nha Trang Attractions

    Cam Ranh Airport Monkey Island Winepearl Island Four Seasons Restaurant Cham Towers Po Nagar Orchid Island Longchon Pagoda Cape Hong Chong

    The site contains Nha Trang attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular guidebooks and presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to questions: what to see in Nha Trang, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Nha Trang.

    Cam Ranh Airport

    Airport Cam Ranh (photo)

    “Cam Ranh” is an international civilian airport in Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa province, located in the city of the same name, a half-hour drive from Nha Trang’s administrative center. It is also known as Nha Trang Airpot. It was built by the U.S. military during the battles in Vietnam and used as part of a military base. After the war was over, the airport was used by the Soviet and then the Russian Air Force from 1979 to 2002. In 2004, part of the military base was reconstructed and opened as a new civilian airport. In December 2009, the airport received international status. The length of its runway is 3048 meters, it allows to accept aircrafts of any size. Often the aircrafts land here: Boeing -737, Boeing-757, Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Bombardier CRJ-100/200.

    Cam Ranh Airport’s infrastructure includes two passenger terminals, comfortable lounges equipped with the latest public address system, several restaurants, pharmacies, an exchange office and a weather station. At the moment it serves six fairly large airlines, among which the most popular are – Vietnam Airlines, Pegas Touristik and Aziana Airlines.

    Coordinates : 11.99810100,109.21943300

    Monkey Island

    Monkey Island (photo)

    Surprisingly, this popular tourist destination originated thanks to Soviet scientists. They were the ones who brought monkeys to the island for research work. They say that after they finished, they took the monkeys away, but, judging by today’s picture, especially the swift ones still managed to stay here “illegally”.

    Over time, the monkeys have settled in, their numbers have grown noticeably, and today they feel completely safe. Visitors have the opportunity to walk around the island, to observe the life and habits of primates (and their behavior can be surprisingly funny!), to feed the animals. However, we must remember that these cute animals are still representatives of the wild world, so you should be careful in handling them. Do not forget that monkeys love bright and shiny things and won’t deny themselves the pleasure to snatch them at a chance.

    But this is nothing compared to the incomparable pleasure you get from communicating with these cute creatures. To finish your walk around the island, you can visit the circus of animals where funny shows are held daily.

    Coordinates: 12.35978900,109.21543100

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    Wynperl Island

    Wynperl Island in Nha Trang (photo)

    Wynperl Island is the biggest island of all, which is located in Nha Trang area.

    Here you will have the opportunity to take the longest cable car at 3320 meters above sea level, listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

    The island is a five-star hotel Vinpearl Resort & Spa, where you can visit the water park, sea aquarium and play golf on a great course.

    The island has an amusement park that can be compared to many famous amusement parks in Asia. It includes attractions such as a water palace with 300 kinds of sea animals and 90 meters of tunnels under water, a flying train, a pirate ship and other extreme merry-go-rounds.

    Coordinates: 12.22124700,109.24786800

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    Four Seasons Restaurant

    Four Seasons Restaurant in Nha Trang (photo)

    Four Seasons Restaurant is an inexpensive Vietnamese food establishment where you can see tourists and locals alike. It is located in the coastal area, so many people go here not just to eat, but also to enjoy the view of the surf.

    On the menu you will find a variety of pizzas, fried potatoes in lemon sauce, seafood dishes, a variety of salads and cheap beer, which is so loved by locals. At the same time the order for one will cost 50-150 rubles.

    The place is quite simple and decorated without extravagances, however, all the beauty opens behind the window, so that you don’t even notice the interior.

    Coordinates: 12.24175800,109.19685400

    The Thames Towers of Po Nagar

    Tham Towers of Po Nagar (photo)

    It is estimated by historians and archaeologists that the Cham towers of Po Nagar were built between the 7th and 12th centuries. Originally there were 8 towers built in an area that was used for religious rituals as early as the 2nd century AD. Only 4 towers have survived to this day.

    Tham towers were built in honor of the goddess Yang Ino Po Nagar, who, according to tradition, was the patroness of Nha Trang. Traditions of ceremonies and rituals in the area have been preserved to this day: the Cham Towers are regularly visited by Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhists.

    The greatest delight is the North Tower, also called Thap Tinh. At the entrance of the tower is a dancing god Shiva, representing the destructive beginning of the universe, transformation, and creation. In the tower is a meditation hall, where many centuries ago, local residents to meditate and look for their way, find harmony and peace. At the moment, the hall is badly damaged – time has not spared it. However, the warm and pleasant energy can be felt even today. The Thap Tinh Tower is the most beautiful of the four towers. Also of interest is the way of building the towers, during the construction of honeycombs did not use any adhesive compositions, bricks sintered together.

    The Cham Towers also has a museum that will tell you a lot about the times of the ancient Cham sages and the life of the people in the district of Nha Trang.

    Coordinates : 12.26527800,109.19555600

    Orchid Island

    Orchid Island (photo)

    Orchid Island, north of Nha Trang, is the largest and most developed island. This place is famous for its natural beauty and animal inhabitants.

    Here you can see the incredible beauty of parrots and peacocks, visit an ostrich farm and ride a long-legged bird or visit a small circus and a garden of stone sculptures of wild animals and mythical characters.

    An unforgettable sight awaits you in the interior of the island – a stream of orchids, which is especially beautiful during the blooming period. The beaches in this area are clean and quiet, with almost no waves, so this place is great for swimming and snorkeling.

    Coordinates : 12.35844800,109.27788700

    Longshon Pagoda

    Long Son Pagoda (photo)

    The Long Son Pagoda was built in 1886 on top of a hill and was called Dan Long Tu, which means “Slow Flying Dragon. In 1900, the building was almost completely destroyed by a powerful hurricane. The temple was rebuilt, but moved from the top to the bottom of the hill. The entrance and arched roof of the pagoda are decorated with numerous images of dragons, made in a mosaic technique of glass and ceramic tile pieces. In the main hall sits a bronze Buddha, a statue more than 1.5 meters high and weighing 700 kg. The walls are decorated with traditional Buddhist ornaments.

    To get to the top of the hill, you have to climb 150 steep steps. The stairs will lead directly to the huge stone Buddha, the height of 24 meters. He is depicted sitting on an open lotus flower. The statue’s pedestal commemorates the seven monks who self-immolated between April and September 1963 to protest the suppression of Buddhism. The statue is so large that it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. In 2003, another Buddha was erected to the right of the stairs leading to the upper platform, but reclining. The area around the pagoda has been turned into a magnificent garden with goldfish swimming in artificial ponds.

    Coordinates: 12.25119200,109.18054100

    Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Nha Trang?

    Cape Hong Chong.

    Cape Hong Chong (photo)

    The delightful resort of Nha Trang boasts a huge number of attractions and entertainment centers for tourists. Once here, be sure to visit the granite Cape Hong Chong. This unique natural monument is a cluster of huge stones, which are traditionally divided into the Rock of Women and the Rock of Men.

    The Rock of Women is located on the sand, while the Rock of Men stretches out into the sea. The positioning of the giant rocks is so unnatural that it seems as if they are balancing on the smaller rocks beneath them. All this creates a truly surreal picture, it is not always possible to believe in the reality of which at first glance.

    Coordinates : 11.71645200,109.13744000

    The most popular attractions in Nha Trang with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Nha Trang on our website.

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