28 best sights in Khabarovsk – descriptions and photos

The main attractions of Khabarovsk – where to go and what to see?

In this article, the project Trippo tells, where to go and what to see in Khabarovsk of interesting places? Where to walk in the city in the evening for two or with family, where to go for a dinner in a cozy atmosphere. At the end of the material, by tradition, we have made a map of the location of all the objects for an independent route, posted a beautiful video overview of the surrounding area, well, and practical information on how to get cheaper and the best places to stay.

Khabarovsk sights with photos and descriptions

Embankment of the Amur


Where to go in Khabarovsk in good weather? This place is beautiful and accessible at any time of the year. The embankment is well-groomed, tiled, decorated with stairs and cast grates. There is no swimming in the Amur River. Residents go to the lakes, of which there are many in Khabarovsk Krai.

  • Address: Amur Boulevard, Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Khabarovsk cliff

Khabarovsk cliff

When mentioning the sights of Khabarovsk almost everyone remembers Khabarovsk cliff. You can meet people from the bottom of the cliff and bring your guests to Khabarovsk. The cliff offers a view of the river, the territory of China and the Jewish Autonomous Republic. For the especially curious, there is a Ferris wheel nearby. For photo sessions you can use the costumes from the nearby Museum of Regional Studies and the viewing platforms of the museum.

  • Address: 11 Shevchenko Street

Boat trip on the Amur river

Boat trip on Amur river

It is possible to see the sights of Khabarovsk from the ship. The trip takes an hour. You can admire the hills of the Central Park, churches, extended Khabarovsk bridge which connects Russia with the Celestial Empire. The length of the bridge is 4 kilometers. It was built in 1916 during the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway. In the evening walks of 1.5 hours are accompanied by a disco.

  • address: Rechnoy vokzal
  • opening hours: from May to August every hour from 12:00 to 22:00
  • ticket price: 400 rubles – adults, 100 – children

Cherry Alley

Cherry Alley

Where can go in Khabarovsk on the photo shoot? The alley is located on the grounds of the Pacific State University. For beautiful photos will suit both the alley itself and the corridors of the Pacific State University built in 1958. The best period – during the blooming of cherry trees in May.

  • Address: 136 Pacific St. Pacific State University
  • Of site: pnu.edu.ru

Cossack Hill Neighborhood

Cossack mountain

Atmospheric place neighboring the old and new buildings, cozy courtyards, an ancient park. From the mountain offers a good view of the Amur and the port.

TK Zaimka


For those who are interested in beautiful places outside the city it is worth visiting Zaimka Plusnina. Entertainment center and 4* country hotel is located 20 km from the city on the bank of the Ussuri River. In winter there are skiing trails, a long tubing track, ice rink, and in summer – the beach and sports fields.

  • address: Krasnorechenskoye village, Khabarovsk region
  • all year round from 9:00 to 21:00
  • ticket price: 100 rubles per entry, admission free of charge
  • official site: dvhab.ru



A huge area (almost 12 hectares) with a variety of vegetation serves as a favorite place for local walks on a nice day. In turn, we hasten to note that the city is very lucky to have a natural island in the center of the city. Paths lead into the thicket of woodland, where different kinds of perennial plants are planted. The only downside is the administration, which does not keep an eye on the cleaning of the area.

  • The main entrance at 71 Volochaevskaya str.
  • Opening hours from 8 am to 7 pm
  • You should stay here at least 3 hours.
  • Info phone +7 421 221-67-98
Mozart House in Salzburg, Austria

Rent of transport

Rent of transport

Looking for beautiful places for photo shoots in Khabarovsk is convenient if you rent a yacht or a limousine for your photo shoot. Khabarovsk offers not only limousines, but also buses, streetcars, yachts and motor boats. You can travel by rented vehicles up to the border or along the Amur River, arrange a picnic, corporate party or a photo shoot in the open air. It is possible to reequip the salon, invite the driver (captain) and DJ.

  • Mode: You can rent a motor ship only during the navigation period from May to August.
  • ticket price: from 2000 rubles
  • Of. site: Drom, Farpost and Farvater27

Museum of Local Lore n.a. N.I. Grodekov. N.I. Grodekov Museum

Local History Museum

Where can I go in Khabarovsk with children? The museum has great reviews, a rich collection of exhibits from all over the Far East. Including a museum of mortars and cannons, a collection of minerals. There are interactive exhibits for children, where you can touch everything with your hands and a live corner. The museum is constantly replenished. Tours take 2-3 hours.

  • Address: 11 Shevchenko Street
  • opening hours: from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday off
  • Ticket price: 250 rubles, 350 rubles for foreigners, free for children
  • Of. site: hkm.ru

Museum of Archeology


What is interesting in the city for schoolchildren? Museum of Archeology conducts quests and master classes for schoolchildren on a regular basis, as well as theatrical performances and exhibitions. Pre-applications by phone (4212) 32-41-77.

  • address: 86 Turgeneva str.
  • Ticket price: 50 rubles

Museum of Amur fish

Fish Museum

What to visit in Khabarovsk with young children (0 +) and not get bored on weekends? We advise to see a beautiful underwater world with fascinating scenery and sea creatures. The museum is open at the Research Institute, whose exhibits are the living inhabitants of the river (107 species) and distant Russia. Altogether there are 3 halls with aquariums from 80 to 1000 liters.

  • address: Amur Boulevard 13a
  • opening hours: from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, closed on Monday and Tuesday
  • tel: +7 (4212) 31-56-00
  • Ticket price: from 160 to 260 rubles, children under 7 years old are free of charge.

The City Bridge (the Amur miracle)

City Bridge

City Bridge

Do you like beautiful views? Then be sure to take a ride on the bridge, especially in the evening. The structure has two tiers: upper deck – roadway; lower tier – railroad track. By the way, every Russian already has a picture of this miracle, yes, take 5000 rubles out of your wallet and look. Residents of the region have been waiting for this structure for many years, indeed, after it was built, a significant load and problems with the crossing were removed. As for history, under the bridge you will be interested to see a small fragment of an old building 100 years ago, there is also a museum, which will tell and show the whole present situation of the area, what technology was used, how much concrete was used and other facts.

  • Tel is for contact and with the museum: +7 (4212) 79-61-65

Advice! You can not walk on the bridge. It is not allowed to stop by car for the sake of a few photos of beautiful places! We do not recommend to exceed speed limit, there are cameras and road police post.

Muravyov-Amursky street.


What else can be seen in Khabarovsk from the main places for the tourist who came for the first time? To get a feel for the city, it is worth a walk along Muravyov-Amursky Street with its old mansions, theaters, city ponds and the park of the same name. The street’s atmosphere is complemented by Grado – Khabarovsk Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God with a long staircase towards the Amur River and Komsomolskaya Square, the former Sobornaya Square with a panoramic view of the river.

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Komsomolskaya Square

Komsomolskaya square

The square and the Cathedral of the Dormition of the Mother of God

After 1923 it was renamed into Red Square, and even later (in 1930) the Dormition Cathedral was completely demolished, and in its place the gates of the ODOSA Park were erected, which had been abandoned for 40 years. In 1956, on the advice of the government a monument to the heroes of the Civil War was erected, which can still be seen today. The full reconstruction of the square was begun in 1994, when they decided to recreate the cathedral, which is now one of the popular sites in the travel guides. As a result, the city has two squares: one Komsomolskaya; and the second, Sobornaya, on the site of the former ODOSA park.

Amut Lake

Amut lake

What to see in and around Khabarovsk? Lake Amut is one of the 5 most beautiful and cleanest lakes in Russia. Residents of Khabarovsk believe that Lake Amut is a mystical and healing lake. In winter you can go skiing here, have lunch in the cafe at the camping site, there is tubing, trampoline, ski elevators, rentals. In summer the camp provides water bikes. Judging by the reviews the service is lame, tourists prefer to rest on their own. And get there by their cars. Water in the lake is very clean, but it is ice cold.

  • Address: Djerginsky Reserve, Gorny settlement
  • Ticket price: 350 rubles for the entrance to Amut Snow Lake or free of charge on the rest of the territory

Nanai village Sikachi – Alyan

Nanayskaya village

Interesting places in and around Khabarovsk are closely connected with the life of the indigenous Nanai people. To get acquainted with them it is enough to visit the village Sikachi – Alyan. Excursion by ship, therefore, is associated with the period of navigation in the area. You can see the petroglyphs, which are more than 2000 years old, see the way of life of small peoples, try the dishes of the Nanai cuisine. Duration: 5-12 hours.

  • Address: Sarapulskoe village, Sikachi village – Alyan
  • Working schedule: from May till October
  • ticket price: about 1500 rubles

For active tourists

Fishing, rafting on the mountain rivers


The rivers of Khabarovsk region are inhabited by pike, tench, taimen and catfish. So on the river Khor taimen reaches a weight of 20 – 50 kg. It is possible to fish in the bay of St. Nicholas and on protected rivers, such as the Uda, for salmon (chum, humpback salmon, grayling). Rafting and fishing in hard-to-reach places is done by helicopter.

  • Address: Amur, rivers and lakes of Khabarovsk region
  • Working hours from May 1 to October 10

Tours to Sikhote-Alin, Anyuisky and Bolshekhetsirsky reserves

Sikhote-Alin Bolshekhetsirsky Reserve

The most beautiful places of Khabarovsk Krai are protected by the state, these are protected areas. You can visit them with a guide. Climbing (up to 1890 m), trekking through the Ussuri taiga on ecological trails, hiking and horseback riding tours to mountain lakes, extinct volcanoes and waterfalls, jeep tours, studying the unique flora and gathering wild plants are possible. Visits to wildlife observation sites and photo tours are popular. The Ussuri taiga is home to wild boar, fox, ibex, elk, Himalayan and brown bear, and Amur tiger. The rookery of seals, Larga, is available for tourists. Requests are accepted individually through local travel agencies.

  • Address: Terney settlement in the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve
  • opening hours: from May till October
  • Ticket price: from 12 500 rubles with accommodation and transport in the Sikhote-Alin Reserve, from 2300 rubles – six-hour excursion to the Bolshekhetsirsky Reserve

In the foothills of the Sikhote-Alin, near the village of Kutuzovka we recommend to visit the farm with wild animals “Utes”, which were found in the taiga areas with various health problems. Here you can see the Ussuri tigers, roe deer, bears, owls. Located at 24/153 Dzerzhinsky Street, tel. for information 7-962-673-0631.

Tours to the caves in Khabarovsk region

Caves in Khabarovsk territory

The most famous routes to the cave Farewell, cave complex “Steregusche Spear” on the bank of the Ulsa River, Kokdzyama Ice Cave. Excursions assume experience in speleology. So Farewell cave has several levels, halls with stalactites and stalagmites. Its length is more than 3 km and depth is 79 meters.

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Amur Pillars

Amur Pillars

A unique natural monument is located 160 km. from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. 150 km. You can overcome it by car on unpaved road, but you should go the last kilometers with backpacks uphill using climbing skills. This area is home to a large number of bears, you will need to be accompanied by a gamekeeper. The pillars reach 28 meters, some walls resemble the polygonal masonry of an ancient city.

Helicopter tours

Helicopter tours

Beautiful places are located not only in Khabarovsk. Some can only be reached by helicopter. Helicopter tours give an opportunity to visit one of the wonders of Khabarovsk region – the Dusse-Alin mountain range, the Medvezhye, Gornoye and Korbokhon lakes and the valley of waterfalls. There are similar helicopter tours to the Sikhote-Alin Reserve. Flights are by helicopter MI-8. The duration of the trip is about 8 hours.

  • Address: Tolstoy St. 22, office 103, the company “New Millennium”.
  • Opening hours: from May 1 to October 10
  • Ticket price: $ 1 700 for a group of 14 people.
  • Of. site: new-millennium.ru

For the future . The Chinese have created a beautiful ecological reserve as part of the joint development of Bolshoi Ussuriysky Island. They promised to let everyone in, so far it is only available to the Chinese. The island is located near the Khabarovsk bridge. The Russian part of the project was even discussed.

Sightseeing in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk river Amur Lake Amut Khabarovsk airport Far Eastern state university of railways Amur bridge museum Priamursky zoosad Lenin stadium Khabarovsk regional musical theater

This site contains a list of Khabarovsk sights – photos, description and tips for travelers. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers for questions: what to see in Khabarovsk, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Khabarovsk.

Amur River

Amur River (photo)

One of the great rivers of the Far East bears the romantic name of Amur. Its tributaries are the waterways Bureya, Zeya and Ussuri. The Amur basin itself covers an enormous territory – more than 1.8 million square kilometers of Mongolian, Chinese and, of course, Russian land.

Along the entire river and its tributaries stretch wetlands, which are very valuable complexes. For millions of birds this area in migration is essential, not to mention the fact that it serves as a breeding ground for fish herds. The length of the river is 2,824 kilometers.

However, the unique nature of the Amur is crying out for help. Human impact on the ecosystems has increased many times over since the population of the river basin has increased hundreds of times over the past century.

Coordinates : 48.53524900,135.00441200

Amut Lake

Amut lake (photo)

Lake Amut is located in Russia, in the Khabarovsk region, in the district Solnechnoye, approximately 60 kilometers from the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur and 7 kilometers from the settlement Gorny. This is a high-altitude landslide lake with an average depth of 12.5 meters, the greatest depth is 70 meters, length – 450 meters, width – 130 meters, and transparency – 4-5 meters.

Amut is located at an altitude of 761.5 meters above sea level. Its water temperature is 3-6 degrees Celsius. River Amut flows out of the lake, at a height of 880 meters, which is 12 kilometers long.

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On the banks of Amut forests come close to the water. Here grow firs, some of which are more than 100 years old.

Microclimate of this area attracts a lot of tourists who come here for treatment, rest, and skiing in winter. Some believers believe that Amut is “the center of divine grace.

The water is home to lenok, burbot, grayling and river minnow.

The reservoir has become a natural monument of regional significance, it belongs to the Djergin Nature Reserve.

Coordinates: 50.80888900,136.39722200

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Khabarovsk airport

Khabarovsk airport (photo)

Khabarovsk airport is one of the largest Russian airports in the Far East region. Every year it serves about 1 million passengers, and the total volume of passenger traffic on international and domestic airlines rightfully takes first place.

Passengers are served by cafes, ATMs, information service, post, railway and air ticket offices, bank office, medical center. You can also use the currency exchange and put your things in the storage room.

Khabarovsk airport complex has two terminals – for international and domestic flights. These terminals are very convenient for orientation as there are a lot of signposts to help you get lost, and on the first floor there is an information point.

Coordinates: 48.52746000,135.18222000

In photo mode you can see Khabarovsk sights by photo only.

Far Eastern State University of Means of Communication

Far Eastern State University of Railway Engineering (photo)

Far Eastern State University of Railway Transport is one of the largest universities in the Far East of Russia. Formerly it was called Khabarovsk Institute of Railway Engineers (from 1937 to 1993), and also Far Eastern State Academy of Railway Transport (from 1993 to 1997).

The Institute complex included a dormitory, two residential buildings and a training building. The foundation laying of the dormitory started in summer 1939 and the classes began in autumn of the same year. The first intake of students was 106 people. Due to the fact that the university building was not fully completed, the students were sent to the Novosibirsk and Tomsk Institute of Railway Engineers. Already in the second academic year, students were able to study in their own premises. Their number was about 300 people.

Currently the teaching staff of the Far Eastern university of railway communication counts about 700 people, many of whom have academic titles and degrees, including professors and doctors of sciences. Leading scientists of the university create scientific schools. The university trains highly qualified personnel in the most priority areas in the power industry, transport, management, construction and economy.

Coordinates : 48.49299400,135.06286800

Museum of Amur Bridge

Museum of Amur bridge (photo)

One of the main attractions of Khabarovsk is the Museum of the History of Amur Bridge, which is dedicated to the reconstruction and construction of the bridge spanning the Amur River. It is supplemented by outdoor railway equipment, as well as its main exhibit – the truss of the ‘Tsar’s’ bridge, dismantled during the reconstruction.

In June 2009 the truss was painted and cleaned, and three future exhibits were prepared and installed: two-axle platform of 1935, steam locomotive “E” and a tanker, dating back to the XIX century. In 2010, the exposition was significantly expanded: a building of retro station was erected, electric locomotive VL80 and cargo-passenger diesel locomotive M62, as well as roofed car of the old construction and automatic locomotive of the 1930s were installed.

The Museum of the History of the Amur Bridge was included in the excursion program of the guests and participants of the VI Assembly of Railway Chiefs, which was held in early autumn 2011 in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk. The most valuable historical landmark of the place is the automobile carriage used to move Vasily Blucher – the commander of the Special Far Eastern Army.

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Coordinates: 48.54056500,135.01301700

Priamursky zoo

Priamursky zoo (photo)

Since 2002 Khabarovsk has been running a unique zoo called “Priamursky”. Its uniqueness is in the fact that none of the presented animals were taken from the wild for the sake of its placement in captivity. All local animals live in the zoo because they cannot live in the wild for one reason or another.

One of the zoo’s representatives is a Siberian tigress named Volya. At the age of four months, she was shot by hunters, and if it were not for the zoo’s remarkable will to live and the zoo’s anxious care, the tigress would have died.

All the animals in the Priamursky Zoo live not in cages, but in large aviaries. During the year there are several holidays here – the Tiger Day, the Bird Day, the Spring Holiday “Awakening” and others.

Coordinates: 48.62272600,135.06844300

Lenin Stadium

Lenin Stadium (photo)

One of the many attractions of Khabarovsk is Lenin Stadium. It is a sports and park complex, located on the embankment of the river with the romantic name – Amur.

The stadium was erected in 1956 on an embankment located on the site of a swampy floodplain. The Far Eastern State Academy of Physical Culture and the shooting complex is located on the territory adjacent to the landmark. In 1956 the central sports arena was built there. In 1976 an international hockey tournament for the prize of “Sovetskaya Rossiya” edition was held there. In 1979 it underwent a major reconstruction, which was held at the expense and on the initiative of local authorities.

Currently, the stadium is used for city events such as the Day of Frontier Guard, City Day, Victory Day and the Day of the Navy. According to statistics for the 12 matches held there, the stadium was visited by 211,500 fans, that is an average of 17,625 per game. The attendance record was set on February 12, 1981, when the arena was visited by 25,000 spectators.

Coordinates: 48.47878600,135.04656300

Would you like to know how well you know the sights of Khabarovsk?

Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater

Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theatre (photo)

The Khabarovsk Regional Musical Theater is one of the oldest creative groups in the country. The first Far Eastern musical theater opened in October 1926 and at first worked no more than two or three months a year. Local residents nicknamed the young team “Theater of Joy” for the operetta “Silva” by I. Kalman, with which they first performed. Two years later, the musical theater began giving performances in the concert hall of the Philharmonic Society and secured its current name.

In the new building, the stage gave mostly classical operetta music – “The Blue Mazurka”, “Frasquita”, and “The Dance of the Dragonflies”. On November 7, 1928, the theater gave its first Soviet operetta “The Grooms”. During the war, the theater did not stop its activities. Even in August 1945, the artists marched with the advancing units in Manchuria, and gave performances and concerts right in the camp.

On his 50th birthday music theater received a gift from the city administration of a new building, built by the architect M. Sheinfein. In 2008 it was opened 80th anniversary theater season. It included the musical “Vanya Chonkin’s Airplane”, which was twice awarded the “Golden Mask” theater award in the category of “Best Performance” and “Best Male Role”.

Coordinates: 48.48393100,135.07786600

The most popular attractions in Khabarovsk with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Khabarovsk on our website.

More Sights in Khabarovsk

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