27 best sights of Tver – description and photos

The 27 best sights of Tver


Tver is an ancient Russian city, the first mentions of which date back to the beginning of the 12th century. The city has many interesting sights, most of which have been restored after wartime destruction. Once in Tver, you need to see and Orthodox churches, art museums, and places of residence of the imperial family, and monuments of modern architecture.

Monument to Mikhail Krug

Monument to Mikhail Krug

Tver is the hometown of the king of Russian chanson, Mikhail Krug. There are several memorable places in the city associated with the singer’s work, but the main one is the original monument erected in 2007. It represents a figure of a musician with a guitar, sitting on one of the benches. Originally the monument was installed in the Radischev Boulevard near the house number 21, but was later moved.

Monument to Krug is a favorite place for photo sessions in Tver. Both the fans of the chansonnist and common passers-by stop here. Although locals did not immediately accept the idea of installing the monument, today it is an integral part and one of the most discussed sights in Tver.

Address: Trekhsvyatskaya street, the bench in front of the house number 28, Tver, Russia

Singing Fountain

Singing Fountain

The original fountain is a musical-light and water composition. The flat bowl of 14 meters in diameter reminds a circus arena. The jets of the fountain and the lighting work precisely in time with the music.

At the fountain love to gather and townspeople and tourists. There are benches, concerts and musical evenings.

Address : Komsomolskaya Square, Proletarsky district, Tver, Russia

Holy Ascension Cathedral

Ascension Cathedral

This cathedral is the main Orthodox church of the city. On the site of today’s building from the beginning of the 17th century was a wooden church, which was subjected to fires and destruction. In the middle of 19th century was erected a stone building, given in the Soviet period under the museum of local history.

Services were resumed in 1991 and are held daily. Anyone can visit them.

Address: 26 Sovetskaya Street, Tver, Russia

The Kremlin in Tver

Tver Kremlin

The historic site where the wooden city Kremlin was erected in the 12th century. Now there are several monuments and the remains of a protective moat. There are archaeological excavations.

Visitors can take a walk in the park and visit the museum to learn about the culture and history of the city.

Address : Stepana Razina street, 1A (shaft), Sovetskaya street, 5 (museum), Tver, Russia

Athanasius Nikitin embankment

Athanasius Nikitin Embankment

A beautiful embankment with picturesque views and many architectural monuments frames the left bank of the Volga. You can see the Starovolzhsky bridge and a monument to the writer, traveler and merchant Afanasy Nikitin.

There are benches for relaxing, there are slopes to the river and green lawns. There is a great view of the river, so it is loved to meet sunsets here.

Address : Athanasius Nikitin Embankment (from the River Station to Artillery Lane), Zavolzhskiy district, Tver, Russia

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Stepan Razin Embankment

Stepan Razin Embankment

Picturesque embankment on the right bank of the Volga Most of the facades facing the embankment have been preserved since the early 18th century. They were built after a major Tver fire, when the appearance of the city was completely changed.

Today the embankment is a promenade along the Volga. You can go down to the water and sit on the steep coastal slopes.

Address : Stepan Razin Embankment (from Svobodny Lane to Smolensky Lane), Central district, Tver, Russia

Emperor’s travelling palace

Imperial Palace

Built for the recreation of representatives of the imperial house in the late 18th century. The first guest of the palace was Catherine the Great, traveling from St. Petersburg to Moscow and back. Then, in the 19th century, the daughter of Paul I lived in the palace. She reconstructed the building and turned it into a center of cultural and social life.

Today there is a museum, which has preserved the interiors of imperial times. Festive events are held, excursions are organized.

Address : Sovetskaya Street 3A, Tver, Russia

Tver Cathedral Mosque

Tver Cathedral Mosque

The Mosque is an architectural monument of the beginning of the 20th century. It was built for prayers of Muslims living in the Tver region. The mosque was closed during the Soviet years, and a restaurant and other organizations were located within its walls. The building was given back to the Muslim community in 1992.

The mosque is now open. The building is open after restoration and welcomes visitors.

Address : 66 Sovetskaya Street, Tver, Russia

River Station

River station

One of the nearly lost landmarks is the river port on the arrow of the Tversa and the Volga rivers. The facade of the building is an example of pre-war architecture of the 20th century. In 2017 there was a partial collapse of the internal structures, so the River Station is in an emergency condition and is not operational.

It is worth visiting the square near the building for the sake of interesting photos, the panorama of the Volga and acquaintance with the architecture, but it is not possible to be inside yet.

Address: Athanasius Nikitin Embankment, 3, Tver, Russia.

Museum in Tver. Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum

Museum named after M. E. Salnikov Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum

The museum is devoted to the writer and opened in honor of his 150th birthday. The writer lived in Tver and served in state service for several years.

Today there are exhibits, including those that tell about the life of Saltykov-Shchedrin in Tver province. Thematic exhibitions, cultural events and creative evenings are held.

Address : 11/37, Rybatskaya street, Tver, Russia

The Tver Art Gallery

Tver Art Gallery

The regional museum of artistic creativity. It is one of the attractions of Tver, connecting cultural and historical eras. The gallery features works of creators from different historical periods, from frescoes of the 5th century to representatives of modern art.

The museum is located on the territory of the Travelling Palace. There are guided tours, thematic meetings and cultural events.

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Address : Sovetskaya Street, 3, Tver, Russia

Proletarka Yard

Proletarka courtyard

Architectural complex with about 50 buildings. It is known as Morozovskiy Gorodok or Morozovskiye Barracks. From the middle of the 19th century this area was home to a manufactory, engineers’ and clerks’ houses, and later soldiers’ barracks. Brick buildings in the same style were built about 60 years.

Today the large-scale area is a place for unusual photo shoots and introduction to local culture. Some dormitories will continue to be inhabited, some are closed and abandoned because of the state of failure, some are transformed into modern public spaces.

Address : Proletarka Street, from house #4 to house #61, Tver, Russia

House of Red Commanders

House of the Red Commanders

Monumental building on the embankment, an example of Stalinist architecture. Here was located the Military Pedagogical Institute, and in wartime – the hospital and headquarters of the Kalinin Front command. Officers lived and worked in the house in the postwar years.

Today, part of the house is in disrepair, partly given to hotels and hostels, where military men and cadets stay.

Address: Stepana Razina Embankment, 2, Tver, Russia

The Tver State United Museum

Tver State United Museum

The complex combines places of cultural importance in Tver and the region. It is one of the youngest attractions of the city. It presents historical values and modern art objects. The museum is engaged in archaeological excavations on the territory of the city.

Exhibitions and thematic meetings are regularly held in the main building. Excursion tours to the suburbs are organized.

Address: Sovetskaya Street, 5, Tver.

Zvezda Cinema

Cinema Zvezda

There used to be a traveling house of Peter the Great, where the Emperor had a rest on his way from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The building has not survived. At the beginning of the 20th century there was built a large cinema in the traditions of classical Stalinist architecture.

The cinema is showing modern films. There are 5 auditoriums. The style of Soviet interiors is preserved.

Address: Av. Stepana Razina 1, Tver, Russia

White Trinity Church

White Trinity Church

One of the most revered attractions of Orthodox Tver. It is one of the first stone buildings of the city, whose history began in the 16th century.

The church is active, and daily services are held. Here are the relics of Makarius of Kalyazin.

Address : 38 Trinity Street, Tver, Russia.

Botanical Garden of Tver State University

Botanical garden of Tver State University

The monument of archeology and botany was founded at the end of the 19th century. It has been restored after being destroyed during the war and now belongs to the State University of Tver.

The garden features various types of vegetation, including a greenhouse with representatives of the tropics and subtropics. The exposition is available for visitors, suitable for studying the flora and for casual walks.

Address : 16 Shevchenko Lane, Tver, Russia

The Church of the Three Confessors

Church of the Three Confessors

The Church of the Resurrection on the embankment was founded in the middle of the 18th century. Dedicated to the memory of the three confessors – the keepers of the home of Samon, Aviv and Guria. In the 20th century, the valuable frescoes of the church and other relics were lost, and the building itself was given to children’s clubs.

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Now the church has been completely restored. In front of it there is a monument to Afanasy Nikitin.

Address : Athanasius Nikitin Embankment, 38, Tver, Russia

Church of the Transfiguration

Church of Transfiguration

The church of the city Catholic community. The church was built in the end of the 19 century. There was a large library, but in the postwar time it was ruined. The church was demolished and fully rebuilt only in the 90s.

The church is active. Services and music concerts.

Address: Sovetskaya Street 61-63, Tver, Russia

“The Living Museum by Anatoly Kamardin

The museum-gallery of ceramics in the house-workshop of the artist Kamardin is one of the most modern sights of Tver.

Ceramic panels and works of clay and porcelain are exhibited. Pre-registration for an excursion is obligatory.

Address : 25A, Trudolyubiya Lane, Tver, Russia

The St. Catherine nunnery

St. Catherine Convent

The women’s monastery was founded in 1924. The territory of the monastery and the bell tower are restored according to historical designs. Here permanently live 25 nuns.

At the monastery organized educational courses and Sunday school. It is possible to attend services.

Address : 24 Kropotkina St., Tver, Russia

Tver Academic Drama Theatre

Tver Academic Drama Theater

The theater in Tver was founded in 1745, but the building was reconstructed several times and the repertoire was changed. Today the theater is one of the sights of the Soviet period.

Theatrical troupe regularly tours and pleases the citizens with new productions. The leading direction of the productions is a psychological drama.

Address : 16 Sovetskaya Street, Tver, Russia

Goat Museum

Goat Museum

The goat is an unofficial symbol of the city and a specialized museum is devoted to it. The exposition is based on a variety of goat figures of different materials. The collection is regularly replenished by local craftsmen. Statuettes are also brought from different parts of the world.

This private museum is a representative of the class of modern attractions of the city – it has collected historical and local history facts about Tver.

Address : Zhigareva street, 5, Tver, Russia

Museum of Tver life

Museum of Tver way of life

The building was built in the late 18th century, and the museum itself was founded only in 1970. Both permanent exhibitions and temporary art exhibitions are organized.

Subjects of the museum are the facts of everyday life of inhabitants of Tver province and arts and crafts.

Address: Gorky Street, 19/4, Tver, Russia

Monument to Mikhail Tverskiy

Monument to Mikhail Tversky

Mikhail Yaroslavich Tversky was a prince who lived in the 13th-14th centuries and was executed by the Khan of the Horde in 1318. His relics are in the Transfiguration Cathedral of Tver, he was numbered among the saints.

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The monument is a figure of a prince – rider on a horse. The height of the monument is about 9 meters. It is one of the youngest attractions of the city – the opening took place in 2008.

Address : Mikhail Tversky Square, 4, Tver, Russia

Starovolzhskiy Bridge

Starovolzhsky bridge

One of the oldest bridges in the city, 215.5 meters long, was opened in 1900. In the pre-war time it was demolished. Complete restoration ended only in the mid 80s. The bridge connects the right and left banks of the Volga. You can see it from the embankments of Stepan Razin and Afanasiya Nikitin.

Address : Old Volga Bridge, from Peace Square to Sobornaya Square, Tver, Russia

City Garden

City Garden

One of the favourite sights of inhabitants and guests of the city. On the site of the park was formerly located the now lost Kremlin. The park was laid out in 1931 and rebuilt after the war devastation.

There are interesting author’s sculptures, recreational areas and places for children to play.

Address : Sovetskaya street, 5, building 4, Tver, Russia

Sights in Tver

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Monument to Afanasy Nikitin

Tver (Tver Region): Sightseeings Afanasiy Nikitin Monument

Athanasius Nikitin – merchant, author of “Journey Beyond Three Seas”, who began his journey from Tver in 1468.

Coordinates: N056 51.935, E035 54.274

Rating: 181.78

Architecture of Tver

Tver (Tver region): Sight Architecture of Tver

Many old buildings have been preserved – Sovetskaya St., Stepan Razin Ave. Stepana Razina, A. Nikitin Embankment. A lot of monuments – to A. S. Pushkin (Theatre Square), M.E. Many monuments – to A. S. Pushkin (Theatre Square), to M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, I. A. Krylov, Aphanasy Nikitin, M. I. Kalinin, Poklonnyi Cross to Mikhail Tversky (City Garden).

Rating: 177.23

Old Bridge

Tver (Tver region): The Old Bridge Sight

This landmark is a symbol of Tver. The bridge was built more than a hundred years ago. (built from 1897-1900 by Czech engineer L. I. Mashek) . Its prototype is in Budapest, namely the Freedom Bridge over the Danube. The first permanent bridge over the Volga in Tver. Panoramic views of the river and city.

Coordinates: N056 51.866, E035 53.969

Rating: 131.20

Monument to Alexander Pushkin

Tver (Tver region): Sight A.S. Pushkin Monument

The sculpture is located in the Park of Culture and Recreation, on the waterfront.

Coordinates: N056 51.798, E035 54.107.

Rating: 128.59

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Monument to Mikhail Krug

Tver (Tver region): Sight Monument to Mikhail Krug

The monument to Mikhail Krug was opened in 2007. Mikhail Krug is depicted sitting on a bench with a guitar. Sculptor Andrey Smirnov.

Coordinates: N056 51.425, E035 54.562

Rating: 124.84

Star Cinema

Opened in 1937. Architect V.P. Kalmykov. The style is post-constructivism.

Coordinates: N056 51.715, E035 54.394.

Rating: 116.74

Church of the White Trinity

Tver (Tver region): Sightseeings of the Church of the White Trinity

One of the ancient sights – the oldest preserved building in Tver – 1564. Inside – unique iconostasis and paintings (XVIII-XIX).

Coordinates: N056 51.374, E035 53.243

Rating: 109.28

Monument to Mikhail Tverskiy

Tver (Tver region): Sight Monument to Mikhail of Tver

Mikhail Tversky was a statesman of Medieval Russia, who died in the Horde. Ranks him as a saint. He is considered the patron saint of Tver.

Coordinates: N056 51.546, E035 55.043

Rating: 107.66

Tver Drama Theater building

Tver (Tver region): Sight The building of the Tver Drama Theater

Built in 1951, a sample of Stalinist classicism architecture

Coordinates: N056 51.614, E035 54.320.

Rating: 104.38

Tver Cathedral Mosque

Tver (Tver region): Tver Cathedral Mosque sight

Built in 1906. In Soviet times it was a storehouse. In 1992 it was returned to the believers.

Coordinates: N056 51.417, E035 55.668.

Rating: 102.64

Monument to the submariners

Tver (Tver region): Sight Sight Submarine Monument

A monument and an exhibition of mines and torpedoes. Sculptor Eugene Antonov.

Coordinates: N056 51.951, E035 54.088.

Rating: 98.03

Ascension Cathedral

Tver (Tver region): Voznesensky Cathedral Sight

The cathedral was rebuilt in the middle of XVIII century.

Coordinates: N056 51.578, E035 54.573

Rating: 97.02

Emperor’s travelling palace

Tver (Tver region): Landmark Imperial Palace

The traveling palace of the royal family. It was built in the late 18th century.

Opening hours: from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Phone: (4822) 33-71-68, 34-62-43

Coordinates: N056 51.735, E035 53.994

Rating: 94.10

Khristorozhdestvensky monastery

Tver (Tver region): Khristorozhdestvensky monastery sight

Only Khristorozhdestvensky (1820) and Voskresensky (1913) cathedrals, residential and household buildings have survived from the 15th century monastery. Nowadays the monastery is active and it is a convent.

Coordinates: N056 51.107, E035 52.363

Rating: 93.72

The St. Catherine nunnery

Tver (Tver region): Svyato-Yekaterininsky nunnery sight

It was founded in 1720th. Closed in 1933. Was opened in 1989. In 1996 it received the status of a convent.

Coordinates: N056 51.877, E035 55.332.

Rating: 88.13

City Garden

Tver (Tver region): The City Garden Sight

Developed after the fire of 1763 on the former territory of the Tver Kremlin. During the Great Patriotic War the City Garden was destroyed. In 1947-1948 the garden was replaned and planted anew according to the project of architect D.N. Melchaninov.

Coordinates: N056 51.660, E035 54.111

Rating: 86.17

“Morozovskiy Gorodok”.

The Morozovsky Town complex was built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for the needs of the Textile Factory. The town included barracks for family workers, barracks for singles, police station, fire station, medical unit, manufactory shops, stores, People’s Theater. Near the barracks there were houses for employees (these houses are now on Kalininsky Prospekt). One of the buildings may serve as a prototype of a commune, because there were buildings erected near housing and utilities (baths, kitchens, etc.). The later building (Paris Barracks, 1910, architect Terskoy) is decorated with Gothic elements. Also near “Paris” there are original gates on the railroad tracks that led to the warehouses.

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