26 best sights of Udmurtia – descriptions and photos

26 best sights of Udmurtia – descriptions and photos

The National Museum of the Udmurt Republic named after Kusebay Gerd, or Izhevsk Arsenal, is one of the largest museums in Udmurtia with a rich exposition. Near the building of the former Arsenal there are many attractions: the memorial “Eternal Flame”, a monument to the Udmurt poet Kuzebay Gerd.


Ludorvai is an architectural and ethnographic museum-reserve and a village of the same name. Every year a lot of holidays and colorful events are held here. A visit to Ludorvai is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Udmurt people.

Kalashnikov Museum

The Mikhail Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Complex is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of Russian small arms. In the museum you can see not only weapons, but also numerous gifts and souvenirs that were given to the designer.

Museum Estate of P. Tchaikovsky

A small Ural town Votkinsk is the birthplace of the famous Russian composer Peter Tchaikovsky. No wonder that one of the city’s main attractions – Tchaikovsky’s Estate Museum – is dedicated to this cultural figure.

Museum of the Stage in Bachkeevo

The building where the museum “Etapny Post” is located today was built in 1837 and was intended for prisoners’ dormitory. There are four chambers in it: they were used for overnight stays of prisoners.

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St. Michael’s Cathedral in Izhevsk

Svyato-Mikhailovsky Cathedral, located in the Central district of Izhevsk, is considered a hallmark of the city and a symbol of the revival of spiritual life of Udmurtia and all of Russia. This majestic church building blends very harmoniously into the architectural look of Izhevsk.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Izhevsk

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built in strict Russian classicism style stands out spectacularly against the background of traditional architecture of Izhevsk. Its facades are decorated with 18 snow-white columns, and the building itself has a symmetrical axial composition and a clear volume-planar form.

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State Russian Drama Theater of Udmurtia

The State Russian Drama Theatre of Udmurtia is a theater with an amazing history, which was created by bright and talented actors and directors. High professionalism of the team, full dedication and immeasurable love to their work won the audience’s loyalty.

Izhevsk Zoo

Izhevsk Zoo is one of the main attractions of the capital of Udmurtia. Izhevsk zoo is considered one of the largest and richest in the Volga region. The total area of the zoo is as much as 16 hectares. The symbol of the zoo is a bronze wolf – a statue near the main entrance.

Izhevsk Machine Building Plant

The Izhevsk Machine Building Plant is often confused with the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which gave the world the IZh hunting rifles, as well as the Makarov and Yarygin pistols. The arms focus of both factories also adds to the confusion, although they separated over 70 years ago.

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Mikhailovskaya Column in Izhevsk

St. Michael’s Column, which is located on the bank of Izhevsk pond, is one of the main symbols and sights of the city. Its austere and solemn outlines invariably attract eyes. The monument is inseparably connected with the history of Izhevsk and its famous and glorious traditions of arms making.

Museum of Izhmash plant

In the heart of Izhevsk next to the monument to gunsmiths there is one of the most favorite museums of the townspeople – Izhmash Plant Museum. For more than a century and a half of its existence it has collected an amazing collection of exhibits.

Museum-reserve “Idnakar

In Museum-reserve there are two main expositions “Medieval settlement Idnakar of 9-13 centuries” and “Nature of Northern Udmurtia”. Also there are 2 exhibition halls in the museum where up to 20 exhibitions are held every year.

Nechkinsky National Park

There is a national park “Nechkinsky” in Udmurtia, which occupies a huge area – more than 200 sq. km. It’s a specially protected territory preserving the most valuable treasures of the wild nature and it’s been under the “wing” of the state for 20 years already.

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Pokrovsky Convent in Kamenny Zadel

About 200 kilometers from Izhevsk, near the village of Kamennoe Zadelje, right in the middle of the forest stands the Pokrovsky Convent. Ordinary tourists will enjoy this place with its picturesque views and interesting history, and pilgrims – a special spiritual atmosphere.

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Udmurt State Philharmonic Society

Any philharmonic hall is a wonderful place where a spectator is alone with music and tries to comprehend this most emotional and mysterious kind of art, which defies analysis and penetrates straight to the heart. The Udmurt State Philharmonic Society has become the home of music for residents of Izhevsk.

Tol Babai’s Estate

Did you know that Udmurtia has its own Santa Claus, and his name is Tol Babai. He lives in his own residence, which is located in a picturesque place in the village of Sharkan and is popularly called “Udmurt Switzerland”.

Art and Exhibition Complex “Bashenin’s Dacha

A must-see place to visit in the small town of Sarapul in Udmurtia is “Bashenin’s Dacha”. It is an exhibition complex that includes a 20th century manor house, a museum, a park with rare trees and much more.

Cheganda Caves

There are many places in Udmurtia that are shrouded in mysteries and secrets, among them is the Cheganda Caves. These are two underground passages on the bank of one of the largest rivers in Russia, presumably created by human hands. There are several versions of the origin of the Cheganda Caves.

For many years, the Udmurt Republic has been famous as the birthplace of the famous arms factory, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and dumplings, and, more recently, also of the clockwork old ladies from Eurovision – “Buranovsk grandmothers”.

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The Kalashnikov Museum in Izhevsk is one of Udmurtia’s calling cards. The exposition of the museum complex tells about the life of the famous Russian gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov, it presents all the models that have ever come out of the machines of the Izhevsk Arms Factory and continue to do so. Occasionally thematic exhibitions are held, usually timed to commemorative dates.

Those who are interested in the culture of everyday life of the indigenous Udmurt people should definitely go to the ethnographic museum-reserve Ludorvai. This museum is a village with 21 national buildings, including several homesteads and a windmill, which you can climb.

Udmurtia is considered the birthplace of dumplings. To commemorate this fact a monument to this dish, loved all over Russia, was placed in Izhevsk in 2004 – a huge fork with pelmeni stuck on it.

Buranovo village also became a popular place of tourist pilgrimage in 2012. Although there are no sights here, people also come to Buranovo to get acquainted with village life and famous singing old ladies. Buranovo grandmothers, by the way, are happy to give concerts (including unscheduled ones) and take pictures with all comers. The goals of this hospitality are quite pragmatic: thanks to their popularity, the grannies want to raise money to build a church in the village.

There are many churches and cathedrals in Udmurtia. They are treated with extreme care and reconstructed whenever possible and necessary. One of the most famous and beautiful is St. Michael’s Cathedral in Izhevsk. In the beginning of the 19th century it burned down almost completely, but 100 years later it was restored and painted by the best Palekh masters.

With the help of tourists, the Buranovsk grandmothers want to raise money to build a new church in their native village.

Udmurtia is a very picturesque land. On its territory there are many natural attractions, the main of which is the Nechkinsky National Park. It is located on the bank of the Kama and occupies a total area of about 20 thousand hectares, most of which are old pine forests.

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The harsh climate of the region has never been an obstacle for tourists wishing to admire the pristine beauty of nature in Udmurtia. But this is not the only thing the region is famous for, there are unique healing springs, historical and architectural monuments and a huge number of museums on the territory of the region.


Museum Estate of P. Tchaikovsky

The main historical and cultural monument of the republic is situated in Votkinsk. The estate was built in 1806, where Pyotr Tchaikovsky was born and spent his childhood and adolescent years. The lake, on the shore of which the house stands, inspired the great composer to write music for the ballet Swan Lake. The rooms of the museum have several expositions devoted to the life and works of the composer; one of the exhibitions is devoted to the interior furnishings of the early 19th century. Tourists can not only visit the museum, but also take a walk through the magnificent garden and park of the estate.

Udmurtia-Museum-Estate of P.I. Tchaikovsky

Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve Ludorvai

There are more than 20 ancient structures on the territory of 700 square meters: Yamschikov and Vostrikov estates, family pagan sanctuary – a log cabin with earthen floor and present, huts, outbuildings, workshops of Southern Udmurt ancestors. Guests are offered to try herbal tea made according to ancient recipes and traditional national dishes. The museum is located near Izhevsk, 15 minutes by car.

Udmurtia-Architectural and Ethnographic Museum-Reserve Ludorvai

St. Michael and Archangel Cathedral in Izhevsk

On the highest point of the city rises the most important temple for Izhevsk residents. The first cathedral was erected in 1905 on the site of the stone chapel of Archangel Michael. It was built in 1855 at the expense of the local population in honor of the patron saint of the head of the arms factories – the Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. After the revolution, the Regional Museum of Local Lore was located in the church building, and in 1937 the shrine was demolished. Construction of a new St. Michael’s Cathedral began in 2004. The majestic temple, which is 67 meters high, was opened to parishioners three years later. Under the cathedral work an educational center, a workshop of icon painting and a choral studio.

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Udmurtia-Mikhail Archangel Cathedral in Izhevsk

Izhmash Museum

The initiator of the opening of the museum was Tsar Nicholas I. The grand opening took place in 1847. The museum did not stop working even during World War II, but after it was closed for 30 years. In the exhibition halls one can see carbines, rifles made at the Izhmash factory in the early 19th century, a collection of cold steel arms, cannons, anti-tank guns, and machine guns. In a separate hall there is an exhibition devoted to the famous designer M.T. Kalashnikov. Several years ago the museum opened a new exhibition hall, whose main exhibits are motorcycles made in Izhevsk.

Udmurtia-Museum Izhmash

Museum of the Stage in Bachkeevo

An unusual museum was opened in 2000 in the village of Bachkeevo. It is in a building, erected in 1837, which served as a transit point for political prisoners traveling along the Siberian Trakt to their place of exile. The organizers succeeded in creating an atmosphere that conveyed all the horrors and hardships of the prisoners. In the rooms with bunk beds and shackles you can even taste prison food, but instead of coarse oat porridge, guests are treated to millet porridge with butter and braised meat.

Udmurtia-Museum Stage Point in Bachkeevo

Zueva Klyuchi

The springs are located in the south of Udmurtia, 100 km from Sarapul. There are 7 springs in the territory of the Zueva Keys, but the most popular ones are Gremuchy and Svyatoy. Both of them are considered to be curative, the water from Svyatoy is suitable for drinking, and in Gremuchy only for washing (spring water helps to treat skin diseases). Near the springs stands a small Chapel of Florus and Laurus.

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