26 best sights of Sukhum – description and photos

Attractions of Sukhumi

This section lists the main attractions and entertainment in Sukhum with photos, videos, detailed descriptions, map location of tourist spots. From the article you will learn what to see in the capital of Abkhazia during the vacation, where to go with children. Find information about unusual places in the city in the reviews of tourists about the sights of Sukhum.

For a walk and the first acquaintance with the city, guests of Sukhum usually choose the Makhajirs embankment, passing into the Dioscuro embankment. Here are the unusual city sculptures (“Chik with a chicken”, “Nika and a gramophone” and others), lined with architectural monuments, restaurants and cafes. And a couple of kilometers from the main route, on Cape Gumista, rises Sukhumi Lighthouse, established more than 150 years ago.

Beautiful buildings and parks are located around the prospect of Peace Avenue, up to the intersection with Leon Avenue, which you can get to Lenin Park, Museum and Botanical Gardens.

On Abazinskaya Street are located the Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church and the Cathedral Orthodox Church – Annunciation Cathedral.

Among the attractions of the city center are also Freedom Square and the Park of Glory, places that are inextricably linked with the tragic military history of the country and its independence.

A panoramic view of the city, its parks and architecture, opens up from Sukhumi Mountain (its Abkhaz name is Samata).

Where to go in Sukhum, what to see

The Kelasur Wall, another name for which is the Great Abkhaz Wall, stretches from the Kelasur River to .

The Sukhumi Monkey Hatchery is the oldest attraction in Abkhazia. In addition to the fact that this place enjoys .

Sukhumi Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the city, not far from the sea, and borders the main .

Sukhumi lighthouse is an interesting historical landmark of the city. The lighthouse was manufactured by Ernest Couin.

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Pshu-Gumista Reserve is located in the central part of the country. It includes the basin of the river Gumista.

The capital of Abkhazia, Sukhum, is notable for its mineral springs, botanical gardens, forts and walls. Here.

Annunciation Cathedral is the cathedral of Sukhum. Its construction was carried out from 1909 to 1915 by .

Sights of Sukhumi on the map

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    The main attractions of Abkhazia in Sukhum

    The ancient sights of Abkhazia are another reason to visit Sukhum. Just five kilometers from the city center, majestic ruins of a medieval boulder tower rise – this is the starting point of the Kelasur wall, also called the Great Wall of Abkhazia. Created in the XVII century the defense structure surrounded Sukhum, but only rare ruins of individual towers and fortresses have survived to this day.

    No less interesting is Bagrat’s Castle, the ruins of an early medieval fortress in the northeastern part of the town, not far from the sea. The castle remains a site of archaeological research and irrefutable evidence of the prosperity of the ancient Kingdom of Abkhazia.

    The capital is also home to the country’s main museum, the Abkhaz State Museum, which has a huge collection of historical and cultural treasures. The exhibition, which includes artifacts dating back to the 3rd millennium BC, is not only of national but also of international importance.

    The surroundings of Sukhumi are rich in natural sights: tourists are attracted by mountains, passes and caves, waterfalls and other picturesque places. From the city is not far to get even to Pshu-Gusimi Reserve, located in the center of the mountainous Abkhazia.

    Arch on the waterfront in Sukhum © Masha Malinovskaya

    Arch on the waterfront in Sukhum © Masha Malinovskaya

    Sightseeing and entertainment of Sukhum for children

    The walking route through the Abkhazian capital for children covers the main attractions of Sukhum and includes as many park sites as possible.

    Holidays in Sukhum are unthinkable without a visit to the Sukhumi Monkey Institute, or monkey nursery, which has long become one of the most famous attractions of the city. In the nursery on Mount Trapezia, which contains about three hundred monkeys, there are regular excursions. There is a monument to the monkey on its territory, and there is a museum.

    At the foot of the mountain Trapezia botanical garden – one of the oldest in the Caucasus. On the area of more than 30 hectares grows almost five thousand varieties of plants, including 250-year-old linden, which grew on this site before the arrangement of the garden.

    A memorable tour of the arboretum, located in the eastern part of the city. Of course, the diversity of plants, he is inferior to Sukhumi Botanical Garden, but also attracts the attention of the beauty of nature. In the park you can take pictures in the alley of South American elephant palms and see Stalin’s dacha, surrounded by flowerbeds and century-old trees.

    Water rides, trampolines and other entertainment for children in Sukhumi are mainly concentrated on city beaches, but in the city itself you can find playgrounds for children.

    Private guides in Sukhumi

    Russian private guides will help you learn more about Sukhumi. On the project Experts.turister.ru registered 2 Russian guide and company in Sukhumi.

    13 unusual attractions in Sukhum

    When I told a friend I was going to go to Abkhazia, he tried to talk me out of it.

    “Everyone who has been to Abkhazia posts the same pictures on social media – Lake Ritsa and lush vegetation. There is nothing else to see there,” said a friend. It turned out that he was mistaken.

    My family and I went by car from Crimea to Abkhazia for a few days to extend the summer. Abkhazia in October is like the Crimea in September: the sea is very warm, there is no wind and waves, and the sun is even hot. Of course, on the way we stopped at the mountain lake Ritsa and bathed in its cool water.

    We also visited a thermal spring, where the water is so hot that you can boil an egg, wandered through the fabulous jungle along the mountain river, took pictures of the waterfall in the gorge, visited a temple with an ancient history, saw a real dolmen and how to grow Abkhazian mandarins.

    In the article I will tell you about the sights of Sukhum and what to see near the city.

    How to get around Sukhum and the surrounding area

    Public transport in Sukhum is well developed, unlike in other cities of Abkhazia. In the city there are buses and trolley buses of three routes. The fare on the bus – 10 R, on the trolleybus – 5 R. Public transport of Sukhum works from 06:30 to 20:30. To be sure to get off at your stop, it is better to ask the driver to drop you off at the right place. We settled in the center of Sukhum, so we moved around the city on foot. All the main attractions are close to each other.

    The cheapest and most extreme way to get around the city is to catch a minibus on the road. There is no fixed fare: it is called by the driver. For example, in 2019, a ticket from Gudauta to Sukhum cost 150 R , from Gudauta to Gagra – 100 R .

    Car. On the outskirts of Sukhum it is more convenient and cheaper to travel by car. But there are some peculiarities – one must be extremely careful. Cows often suddenly appear on the roads, you have to bypass them. Locals drive dangerous and fast and violate traffic rules. And there is no hurry to change the signs with prices at gas stations – in fact, you can fill up with more expensive gasoline. On average, fuel will cost 2-3 R cheaper than in Russia. About the cost of renting a car T-J told in another article about vacation in Abkhazia.

    Cab. In Abkhazia you can arrange a driver-guide, who will take you to any point where there are roads, and will stay with you all day for 5000 P . A cab will be cheaper. I did not find a mobile app to call a cab correctly, so I suggest ordering a car by phone. The numbers will prompt a local or an ordinary pole in the street.

    Sukhumi Botanical Garden

    When to go: at any time of year, but better in June and August Time of visit: 2 hours Working time: from 09:00 to 18:00 How much does it cost to enter: for adults – 250 P, for children under 14 years – 50 P, for children under 7 years – free of charge Details: at the site

    Sukhumi botanical garden was founded in 1838. The oldest linden tree in the garden is more than 350 years old. Over time, its part decayed, so the trunk was strengthened with stones. There are also sequoias, bamboos, palms, eucalyptus, bananas, tangerine trees and other plants. Most of all we remember the mimosa, whose leaves curl at the touch.

    The entire garden area is divided into sections with paths running between them. Some plants have nameplates.

    To learn more about the botanical garden and its inhabitants, you can order an excursion. It lasts about 1-1.5 hours and is often part of a city tour. Individual tour of the botanical garden costs 700 P . It seemed to us that it is better to walk on your own. We were not limited in time and saw everything in detail.

    You can visit the garden at any time of year, but it is better in June – August, when everything is in bloom. The air in the park is saturated with oxygen, it is very easy to breathe there, so you want to stay in the garden. We took our time and walked around in a couple of hours. The rest of the time we just sat on a bench in the shade of a bamboo grove and watched a squirrel. It was afraid of us and did not come close, so we could not feed it.

    The price of a ticket to the botanical garden.

    It seemed to me that in some places the garden is not well maintained. The second minus – there are not many unique plants: eucalyptus, palm trees and bamboo can be found in the city or in the wild. At the entrance to the botanical garden is a shop that sells drinks, ice cream and souvenirs. In general, the infrastructure in the botanical garden is underdeveloped: there are no cafes or playgrounds for children, and the only toilet we saw was a paid toilet.

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