26 best sights of Krasnodar – description and photos

Attractions in Krasnodar – TOP 30

Krasnodar is a beautiful city located on the banks of the picturesque river Kuban. It is close to two seas: the Black and Azov. The city is highly developed, cultured and has a rich history. Tourists should know that today in Krasnodar there are more than 80 hotels. But this will be forgotten in a moment when you see the sights of Krasnodar.

Historical sights of Krasnodar

1. Monument to Catherine II

Monument to Catherine II

The majestic monument erected in honor of the beautiful Catherine II has experienced a lot. The creator of the first sculpture in 1907 was the famous sculptor Mikhail Mikeshin. The composition of the monument depicts an empress standing proudly on the top and firmly holding a scepter in one hand and an orb in the other. At the bottom are Prince Potemkin and three atamans of the Cossack troops, and behind them you can see a blind kobzar. After the revolution, the monument was destroyed by the Bolsheviks and sent for melting. But in 2006 the monument was rebuilt again.

2. Chistyakovskaya Grove

Chistyakovskaya Grove

One of the oldest and largest city parks and today pleases Krasnodar’s residents and guests with its attractions, well-groomed alleys and open-air cinema. The park was named after city mayor Gavrila Chistyakov. He personally planted the first trees in the park: oaks, ash-trees, pines and birches. The greenery was seriously damaged during the Civil War. Nowadays, the Chistyakov Grove is proud to be called the best park in Russia.

3. memorial to victims of fascist terror

Memorial to victims of fascist terror

The monument, calling people to never forget their history, is located on the territory of the Chistyakov Grove. In the middle of the composition stands an old partisan, welcoming his death with head held high, and beside him are young boys, a woman sobbing on her knees and a little girl saying goodbye to her mother in the last moments before the terrible end. Written on the white marble slab are the screaming words, “Remember, remember, remember, people. The name of the murderer is fascism!”

4. Botanical Garden named after Professor I. S. Kosenko

Botanical Garden named after Professor I. S. Kosenko

Today this landmark of Krasnodar is a wonderful place for walks. Its clean alleys are gladly visited by both modern youth and elderly people. The first plantings, which are included in the list of unique plants of Eurasia and America, were made in 1959 by Ivan Sergeyevich Kosenko. The garden also has a variety of bird species, some of which are included in the Red Book. Until 2007, it belonged to the university, but then it was opened to everyone.

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5. Shukhov Tower.

Shukhov Tower

The structure is a steel water tower built in 1935. It received its name in honor of the Soviet engineer Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov. Today the tower is not used for its intended purpose, it is only a historical landmark of Krasnodar.

6. St. Ekaterininsky Cathedral

St. Catherine Cathedral

After the train crash, in which members of the royal family of Alexander III miraculously survived, they decided to build a five-domed cathedral with seven thrones. Tough times came for it after the revolution. In 1922 the cathedral was looted, it was prepared to be blown up, citing a shortage of bricks. Ivan Malgerb, the architect of this Krasnodar landmark, proved to the authorities that it would be wrong and pointless to destroy the cathedral. In 2014, St. Catherine’s Cathedral celebrated its hundredth birthday.

7. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral has its own unique and inimitable history. It took 19 years to build it, but, unfortunately, its beauty and splendor we can see only in old photographs and hear in the stories of local residents. The main reason for its demolition in May 1932 was the violent struggle against religion. In 2003, the famous Russian architect Valery Timofeyevich Goloverov began to reconstruct the Krasnodar Cathedral. Today’s temple is very similar to its predecessor.

8. Monument to the Kuban Cossacks

Monument to the Kuban Cossacks

The government and citizens of Krasnodar do not forget who they owe their city. As you know, Cossacks founded Yekaterinodar in 1792, and 213 years later, in 2005 the monument was unveiled on Krasnaya Street. The bronze monument is represented by a Kuban Cossack on his faithful warhorse. He has a hat on his head and a dagger on his back. The prototype of the work by talented sculptor Alexander Apollonov is a Cossack ataman and brigadier of the Russian army – Anton Golovaty.

9. The sculpture “The Cossacks are writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan”.

Painting lovers will probably wonder, “What to see in Krasnodar?” They will get their answer in the city center, finding a monument, created based on the picture “The Cossacks are writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan” by the famous artist I. Repin. Back in 1888, Ilya Efimovich visited Ekaterinograd to find inspiration for his new painting. The artist headed for the Pashkovskaya station, where the great-grandchildren of the Zaporozhye Cossacks lived. There, immersed in the atmosphere, he made sketches for his work.

10. Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve named after E. D. Felitsyn

Felitsyn Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve

The museum can boast a huge number of exhibits, stored within its walls – more than 428 thousand! Yevgeny Dmitrievich Felitsyn, a Russian scientist, historian and archaeologist, gave his name to the building he founded in 1879. At first it was the Voivoy ethnographic and natural-historical museum, which received the official status almost 30 years after its foundation, in 1907. During the Great Patriotic War very little is known about its activities, but after the war it opened its doors to visitors again.

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26 best sights of Krasnodar – description and photos

Bridge of kisses in Krasnodar

The world is full of examples of how an unremarkable building or structure can become one of the most important landmarks of the city. So Krasnodar and decided to take the initiative and turned a beautiful, but still fairly trivial engineering structure in the city symbol of love.

Monument to Catherine the Second

This monument already stood in Krasnodar – more precisely in Ekaterinodar – at the beginning of the 20th century. Its opening was timed to coincide with the centenary of the relocation of the Black Sea troops in the Kuban. For the city the monument became a major symbol.

St. Catherine’s Cathedral in Krasnodar

In the main and largest city of Kuban, which after the Bolshevik overthrow in ’17 was named Krasnodar, and before that had the sonorous name of Ekaterinodar in honor of Empress Catherine II the Great, rises a majestic St. Ekaterininsky cathedral.

Fountain of Krasnodar

This magnificent construction delights the citizens around the clock. Transforming water jets create such bizarre entanglements that you can admire them for hours on end. During the day they sparkle with the rays of the sun, and in the evening, when the lights are turned on, a real show begins.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Krasnodar

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yekaterinodar was built for the army money, which was not so much, so the construction took almost 20 years. For the same reason the first stone church in the city is still called an army church.

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Krasnodar City Garden

The oldest natural and historical monument of the city is the city garden, which celebrated its 160th anniversary. An ancient settlement was found on its territory, findings from which date back to the I century and are stored in the city’s history and archeology museum.

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Ataman Bursak’s house

Kuban land is firmly associated with the Cossacks, who settled and developed these lands after joining the mighty Russian Empire. Kuban has many interesting museums, monuments and other places of interest that are associated with the Cossacks.

House of Vysotsky Creativity

The House of Vladimir Vysotsky Creativity – one of the brightest sights in Krasnodar – was created within the project “Russian Glory Alley” at the initiative of its head Mikhail Serdyukov. The grand opening of the house took place on January 20, 2013.

Krasnodar Academic Drama Theater

Looking at the modern building, covered with golden panels, of the Krasnodar Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky. M. Gorky, it is hard to imagine that it is almost 100 years old. But this is a new building – the old one was killed by bombing during World War II.

Krasnodar Historical and Archaeological Museum

Krasnodar Historical and Archeological Museum was founded in 1879, it is considered one of the oldest museums in Kuban, and recently it received the status of state museum and was put on the list of federal objects.

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Krasnodar Regional Art Museum

Krasnodar Regional Art Museum is considered to be one of the oldest in the whole North Caucasus. It was opened as far back as 1904 and just recently celebrated its 110th anniversary. The museum is named after Fyodor Kovalenko.

Krasnodar Municipal Concert Hall

The Municipal Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music, which has a wonderful-sounding organ created by specialists from Hamburg, also operates within the association “Premiere”.

Krasnodar Planetarium

Krasnodar Planetarium is a unique scientific and educational institution created to involve young people in the scientific and educational process and to awaken interest in learning. Thanks to the rounded design of the hall the planetarium is often called a dome theater.

Krasnodar Ballet Theatre

The Yuri Grigorovich Ballet Theatre became the base for the Krasnodar Ballet Theatre, it was here that the outstanding ballet master got a wonderful opportunity to realize his ideas, and Krasnodar got an opportunity to see all his ballet performances.

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Kuban Embankment in Krasnodar

Krasnodar embankment is a vivid and large-scale example of these trends in the life of the city. A few years ago, in place of the modern embankment was an ordinary descent to the water: there is little beauty, but it is easy to slip on the wet grass into the Kuban water.

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Literary Museum of the Kuban

The Literary Museum of Kuban was opened in September 1988, it is situated in Krasnodar and belongs to the structure of the Krasnodar Historical and Archaeological Museum. Since the moment of its opening the Literature museum has been acquainting its visitors with the works of the most prominent Kuban writers and poets.

Museum of military equipment

The museum is located in a picturesque place in the park of the 30th Victory Anniversary. Around a lot of greenery, flower beds, flowers. Here is just a pleasure to wander in the spring or summer, to hide from the scorching sun. For Kuban this museum is unique – the only one in the open air in the region. From time to time schoolchildren are brought here for lessons of patriotism.

Museum of the Cossacks in Krasnodar

Kuban Cossacks is one of the most famous armies in Russia, tracing its history back to the end of the 17th century. It was the Kuban Cossacks who were given the Kuban land by Empress Catherine, and since then their prowess, love of freedom and colorful way of life have become a proverb.

Samson museum of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding, better known to some as bodybuilding, has a very interesting history of its emergence and development in Russia. And the only bodybuilding museum in the country is located in Krasnodar, it was founded on the basis of the gym “Samson”.

New puppet theater in Krasnodar

The New Puppet Theatre was established as part of the Krasnodar Creative Association “Premiere” in 1993. The theater productions involve not only puppets, but also live actors who perfectly play their roles.

Once you are in the famous Kuban capital – the city of Krasnodar – it is impossible not to pay attention to the amazing architecture of the southern resort. Yet not without reason in the beginning of the last century, Krasnodar was called “Little Paris”. Charming historical buildings are concentrated mainly in the center of Krasnodar, which, however, only to the benefit of visitors to the city. Walking along Red Street and the surrounding area, you can admire the St. Ekaterininsky Cathedral, the “green house” post office, a luxurious building of the art museum, as well as a number of remarkable monuments. The Kuban River embankment, the famous “kissing bridge” and the nearby amusement parks have a special atmosphere. Do not forget that Krasnodar – a resort town, and consequently, everything here is arranged so as to conquer at first sight.

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Once in the famous capital of the Kuban – Krasnodar – it is impossible not to pay attention to the amazing architecture of the southern resort. It is not for nothing that at the beginning of the last century Krasnodar was called “Little Paris”.

And to touch the centuries-old culture of Kuban, it is enough to visit two or three museums or galleries, of which in fact the city has a surplus. At your disposal you can visit the Regional Museum, Literary Museum of Kuban, Art Museum, Vysotsky House of Art, Museum of Military Equipment and much more. In turn, the cultural life of the city is reflected in the art gallery “Art Union”, musical and puppet theater, the Palace of Arts “Premiere. Remarkably, Krasnodar has one of the largest cinemas in the country “Aurora”.

Natural attractions of Krasnodar can be found in the city parks. For example, in the Gorky Park are preserved unique three hundred year old oaks and bipedal ginkgo. But you can visit Sunny Island Park with your kids: be sure you will find something for them to enjoy. There are a lot of attractions, cafes and even a modern planetarium in the park “Sunny Island”. By the way, right from the park you can go on a boat or boat trip on the river Kuban.

Separate mention should be made of the beautiful temples and churches, which perfectly complement the architectural look of the city. Note that some of them are considered cultural monuments and have historical value. So, in Krasnodar you can visit the Temple of Nativity, Church of the Icon of the Mother of God, Holy Trinity Cathedral and others.

To summarize, we can say that Krasnodar life is booming at any time of year. In summer the city is full of colors and fruit aromas, and in winter the city lights up with colorful Christmas lights. If the city center is always bustling and crowded, then moving to the outskirts, you can fully enjoy the serene rhythm of the private sector. In short, everywhere has its charms.

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