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Rotterdam, how to travel independently, what to see

Tired of the quiet comfort of small, perfectly polished old towns in the Netherlands? Then come to Rotterdam. This city is capable of blowing your mind with its strangeness, noise, hustle and bustle, modern architecture and design. Rotterdam is the second most populated city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam, there are more than 600 thousand people. Rotterdam is also the largest port in Europe and a major industrial center of Southern Holland.

But tourists do not come to Rotterdam for that. Rotterdam, with all its modern and very original architecture, claims to be the city of the future. And who doesn’t want to see the future? What’s more, you can even live in all of this future for a few days. In almost every landmark of the city there is a hotel or hostel for every taste and purse. I’ll give up all the links.

Santa Claus, Paul McCarthy (2001)

The ambiguous Santa Claus, Paul McCarthy (2001)

How to get to Rotterdam

Amsterdam is separated from Rotterdam by only 80-90 km on an excellent highway. This spread is formed by driving on different roads.

The train from Amsterdam Central Station costs 17€ one way. Travel time is 1 hour and 10 minutes and the train goes through Utrecht. Rotterdam is not necessarily a train from Amsterdam Central Station, you can get there directly from Schiphol Airport, which is closer and a bit cheaper at only 14€.

Perhaps an even better solution would be to arrive at budget Eidenhoven Airport, from this city the train to Rotterdam takes 1 hour and costs 19€. But it may be possible to find a plane ticket to Eidenhoven for the price of a transfer.

Rotterdam has its own airport, but planes from Russia and CIS countries never fly there. This may be of interest only to residents of Europe.

The train from the Central Station in The Hague costs 6€ one way. Travel time is 25 minutes.

If you intend to arrive in Rotterdam from another European city or the Netherlands, it is convenient to buy a ticket for land transport at Omio.ru. The site is available in Russian, it presents not only the national carriers of the Netherlands, but also international bus carriers and rail carriers in neighboring countries. By bus to travel in the Netherlands is two times cheaper than by train, and due to the small distances there is almost no difference in travel time.

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To build your own route by public transport in the Netherlands use the official route planner – 9292.nl. The site will show you the route only on the national carriers of the Netherlands. There are no international bus lines on the site, everything is in English only.

Parking in Rotterdam

The most attractive area in Rotterdam is around the modern central market building Markthal with a modern multi-level parking garage right under the market. The parking fee for 30 minutes is 1,5 € from Monday to Thursday and 1,7 € from Friday to Sunday. Maximum 30€ per day. The larger the city, the more expensive the parking fees, which is reasonable.

Public transport in Rotterdam

If you arrive in Rotterdam by train for one day, there should be no difficulty. The central train station is located in the city center within walking distance of the main sights. Rotterdam is realistic to see the main features of the city in one day and go back without using public transport of the city.

But if you plan to stay for a few days, you need to think carefully. First of all I would definitely not advise you to rent an apartment with MyCityLofts, read how these people cancelled our reservation 2 days before arrival during the Easter vacations. Their apartments are listed on many websites, if they think it is acceptable to behave this way, you should not trust them.

Secondly it is not possible to use public transport in Rotterdam without an OV-chipkaart which costs 7,5€ and cannot be paid back, which means that the first trip costs 11,5€, which is a bit pricey.

Solve the problem of transport for tourists in the absence of OV-chipkaart can be obtained with the purchase of the Rotterdam Welcome Card, its main feature is free travel on public transport only the city of Rotterdam without the water cab, as well as on it provides 25% and 50% discounts in many museums and restaurants in the city. From 13,5 € for a day.

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Rotterdam sights

Cubic Houses Cubic Houses Peter the Great Monument Euromast Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Skyscraper Delftse Poort Erasmus University

The site contains a collection of attractions in Rotterdam – photos, descriptions, and traveler tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to questions: what to see in Rotterdam, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places of Rotterdam.

Cube Houses

Cubic houses (photo)

Cube houses are located in the Netherlands, the city of Rotterdam and Helmond. They were built in 1984, designed by architect Peter Blom, represent cubes. He simply turned the parallelepiped of the house by 45 degrees and angled the house on a hexagonal pylon. There are 38 such houses in Rotterdam, all connected to each other.They are located on Overblaak Street and not far from the metro station with a similar name.

Some residents of cube houses in the Netherlands offer tours of their unusual houses to tourists. Cubic houses have three floors. The first floor is the basement, where the entrance to the house is located. On the first floor is the kitchen and living room. The second floor has bedrooms and a bathroom. Some people put a small garden on the top floor.

The windows and walls are sloped at an angle of 54.7 degrees to the floor. The total area of such a house is about 100 square meters. But a lot of space is left vacant, unusable, due to the fact that the walls are tilted.

Peter Blom planned to arrange stores, nurseries, cafes on the lower floors of his houses, and make living quarters in the upper floors.In one of the houses made a museum Show Cube, where photos, videos and 3D – panels with which you can learn about life in cubic houses.

Coordinates: 51.92008200,4.49006100

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Cube Houses

Cubic houses (photo)

The idea of building such original cube houses came from architect Pete Blom in the 1970s. The complex consists of 38 cube houses. Inside the concrete footings is an entrance and stairwell.

The wooden cube is divided into three levels. The Street House (Kitchen and Living Room), the Heavenly House (Bedroom) and the Green House (Garden). The windows, located in the beveled walls, have a large area.

One apartment in the complex is unoccupied, fully furnished and turned into a museum. Each visitor of the museum can feel the atmosphere of real life in the “Cubic Forest”.

Coordinates: 51.92016000,4.49071800

Which Rotterdam sights did you like? Next to the photo there are icons, by clicking on which you can rate this or that place.

Monument to Peter I

Monument to Peter I (photo)

Russian Tsar Peter the Great had business relations with Holland. It was the place from where he brought his maritime knowledge and skills to his homeland. Therefore a monument to the tsar in the Dutch city looks quite appropriate. By the way, the idea to erect a monument to Peter in Rotterdam came not to the Dutch, but to the representatives of the Russian elite. The tsar was embodied in bronze by the sculptor Leonid Baranov.

The light, slender and impetuous Peter the Great – as he appears in his sculptural incarnation – is reminiscent of the famous monument by Shemyakin in the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg. This slightly scandalous fact, however, cannot overshadow the artistic merits of the sculptural portrait. The bronze Peter looks at Rotterdam calmly and joyfully and obviously feels at home here.

Coordinates : 51.90657800,4.47836300

In photo mode you can view the sights in Rotterdam by photo only.


Euromast (photo)

Euromast is part of the World Federation of High-Rise Towers. It is not difficult to guess what merit you can get there – you only need to be one of the twenty-eight tallest towers in the world. Euromast in this list takes a modest twenty-fourth place, but in the city of Rotterdam it is always first!

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After climbing to a height of 96 meters, visitors to the tower find themselves in the so-called ‘Crow’s Nest’. But don’t be alarmed – there are no crows here – it is just a name for the breathtaking observation deck.

But the journey is not limited to the observation deck. After that, they go up in transparent cabins along the walls of the tower to the very top – and that is, no less than 185 meters above sea level! The lucky ones in these cabins are as if they are floating above Rotterdam, and in addition to the extreme experience, they have the opportunity to see all the sights of the city from a bird’s eye view.

The tiny Erasmus Bridge, the Nieuwe Maas River, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam are just a small part of what the Euromast allows you to see. It’s hard to imagine a more exciting tour of the city.

Coordinates: 51.90545800,4.46667100

Boijmans van Beuningen Museum

Boijmans van Beuningen Museum (photo)

The museum was established in 1847, after Frans Jacob Boijmansan bequeathed his extensive private collection to the city. Almost a century later, in 1958, it was enriched with objects from the collection of the wealthy businessman Daniel Georg van Beuningen. After that, the museum got its modern double name.

The central exposition of the museum includes works by world-famous artists: Hieronymus Bosch, Jan van Eyck, Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh.

In the pre-war years, the museum became infamous for the numerous acquisitions of forgeries masterfully made by Hahn van Meegeren.

Coordinates: 51.91428200,4.47280700

Erasmus Bridge

In the background, the Erasmus Bridge or ErasmusBruch :) stretches across the New Meuse connecting the northern part of Rotterdam with the southern part. It has a nice illumination in the evening :)

Delftse Poort skyscraper

The skyscraper Delftse Poort (photo)

Despite the similarities, there is something that distinguishes these skyscrapers. Above all, it is the height. The first skyscraper rises to 151.35 meters, while the second rises to 93 meters.

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Until May 2009, the “twins” were the tallest office buildings in the Netherlands. Their total area is more than 106000 square meters, more than half of which is occupied by offices. The entire complex is equipped with 28 elevators and is connected to the nearby railway station.

The erection of skyscrapers lasted 3 years, from 1989 to 1992. Owing to the fact that trains pass under the building the most modern construction methods were used.

Coordinates : 51.92391500,4.47199300

Are you curious to know how well you know the sights of Rotterdam?

Erasmus University

Erasmus University (photo)

This university is one of the largest academic medical and trauma centers in the Netherlands, and its economic, business and management schools are leading in Europe.

In its present form the university exists since 1973. Its history, however, begins in 1913, when the School of Commerce in the Netherlands opened on private initiative. By the 1960s the school had grown, which attracted the appearance of faculties of law and social sciences, and a little later of philosophy, art history, medicine and business administration.

The university library deserves special attention. It provides all the scholarly information students, faculty, and researchers need. It stands for customer orientation, innovation and efficiency.

Coordinates : 51.91680400,4.52646200

The most popular attractions in Rotterdam with descriptions and photos for every taste. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Rotterdam on our website.

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