23 best sights of Abrau-Dyurso – description and photos

30 best sights of Abrau-Dyurso

Many tourists come to a small resort village for a tour of the museum complex of the world famous Abrau-Durso sparkling wine factory. Many other sights are connected with winemaking – the fountain “Tsar-Bottle of Champagne” and the fountain in the form of a monkey opening a bottle of champagne. At the factory there is a gallery with works of art on the topic of winemaking.

But Abrau-Durso is not only about champagne and wines. The famous fountain show on Lake Abrau is considered one of the best in the Krasnodar region, and bright and varied performances at KTK “Russia” will not leave any spectator indifferent. It is worth seeing the natural attractions – the lotus lake and the lake Maly Liman. In the list of places on a trip around the village should include a visit to the ancient dolmens.

What to see and where to go?

A list, photos with names and brief descriptions of the most interesting and beautiful places in Abrau-Dyurso. It will help you plan your routes and choose excursions to explore the top places of the city and its surroundings in 2-3 days.

Abrau-Durso Museum and Historical Complex

Original excursion object on the basis of champagne factory. It is situated in the building of the former canteen factory of 1907 among the mountains near Abrau Lake. Tourists on the tour will be able to walk through the wine tunnels in the mountains and taste the local wines and champagne. Professional guides will tell you about the history of world winemaking and the creator of the first sparkling wines in Russia Lev Golitsyn.


Lake Abrau

A large freshwater lake, the depth of which reaches 15 meters. It is a picturesque emerald blue lake surrounded by forests and mountains, which is considered one of the most beautiful lakes of Krasnodar region. On the embankment of the lake is equipped with several viewing platforms. There are places for beach recreation and fishing. The water temperature in summer warms up to 28 ° C. You can boat or catamaran on the lake.


Daytime Fountain on Lake Abrau

An amazing fountain is installed on the water pontoon 145 meters from the shore in the middle of the lake. The height of the water stream reaches 40 meters – it is the height of a 12-storey house, the stream is 1000 ml thick. It is a scaled-down copy of the Gé-Do fountain in Lake Geneva. The stream of water splits into hundreds of small sprays, creating a bright rainbow on sunny days. In the dark, the fountain is illuminated by the rays of illumination.


Art Park in Abrau-Dyurso

Located on the seafront of Lake Abrau. It is notable for a large number of art installations, left after the thematic festivals. The objects reflect modern trends in conceptual art, and many of them are interactive. There is a gazebo of wish fulfillment, a composition “Wind and music”, a barrel dance floor. You can make an original photo on the throne in the form of a giant bottle of champagne.


Abrau-Durso” sparkling wine factory

The history of the factory goes back to 1870. Today it is the most award-winning winery in Russia with 176 prizes of different international contests. The winery’s own plantations occupy several hectares and stretch as far as the eye can see. There is an observation deck for their observation. At the factory there is a restaurant and a wine boutique where you can buy the products of the factory.

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Fountain show on Lake Abrau

To visit the show of the famous “singing fountains” is an obligatory part of the tourist program. To look at the colorful spectacle often come guests from Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Anapa. The show lasts 30 minutes. Jets of water surge upwards under bright colored lights to the rhythm of classical and contemporary musical compositions. For the convenience of the audience is equipped with an amphitheater, where you can enjoy the show in comfort.


Abrau-Dyurso waterfront

Well-groomed embankment is a great place for leisurely strolls and enjoying the picturesque natural views. The pedestrian zone is lined with colorful tiles, installed benches and stylish lanterns. There are many places for interesting photos with original art objects – the snow-white arbor, an alley of roses, a sculpture “All lovers”, a monument to Leonid Utesov. There is an excursion ship.


The amphitheater .

Built in 2010 by the architect Andrey Ivanov on the embankment of Lake Abrau. The big half-sphere dome is supported by 8 columns. Flowerbeds are planted around it. In the amphitheater are often held concerts, arrange wedding ceremonies and parties. Many tourists consider the amphitheater a great place for romantic photo shoots. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the lake and the mountains.


Sculpture “Shepherd of Abrau-Durso”

Installed near the amphitheater in 2011. The sculpture depicts the famous singer Leonid Utesov as a shepherd – the main character of the musical film “Merry Folks”. The sculpture was created by Andrei Aseryants. Shepherd-Utesov stands on a music record and plays the flute. It is noteworthy that Abrau-Dyurso has nothing to do with the shooting of the film, because it was conducted in Gagra. Leonid Utesov has never visited the resort.


Alexander II Square

This is the main square of the resort with its famous champagne bottle fountain. It was named after the emperor, on whose orders the sparkling wine factory was founded. The square is small, but there are always a lot of people here, because there is an entrance to the historical complex of the Russian wine house “Abrau-Durso”. Nearby there is an art-bazaar, where you can buy unusual souvenirs.


Fountain “Tsar-bottle of champagne”.

It is located on Alexander II Square. For the construction of the fountain you needed 1954 real empty glass bottles from under the champagne bottles. From the “neck” of the fountain periodically spew jets of sparkling water, as if you were opening a real bottle of champagne. The bowl of the fountain is made in the form of an octagon and has a small height, so that everyone can cool down under the jets of water.


Temple of St. Xenia of Petersburg

It is located on the northeast shore of Lake Abrau near the pier. Earlier on this place was located the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. New temple was laid in 1995, dedicated to Xenia of St. Petersburg – fool for Christ, which was considered blessed in the northern capital. The construction of the church was finished only in 2010. Above the main entrance is a mosaic icon of the saint, and there is a three-tiered bell tower.

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Grotto Shop

It is located in the depths of the rock and is a continuation of the famous Golitsyn corridors of the Champagne factory. Exactly in this store the excursion program ends, and tourists have an opportunity to buy drinks of the legendary winery. In addition to wine there are corkscrews, cheese, tea, sweets and special corks on sale. Professional sales consultants work.


“Gallery of Light Abrau”

An exhibition of contemporary art in an original format – using audiovisual installations. Paintings in the gallery change with the movement of the body, because the light installations are created with the help of thermal sensors, transmitting the movements and facial expressions of the beholder. Visitors can create their own paintings by interacting with the light. While dancing you can feel yourself in another galaxy and get unreal emotions.


Yoga House

This small two-storey pavilion is located on the 300 metres high cliff. It offers an excellent view of the sea and the neighboring village Ozereevka. The gazebo was built in 2017 from natural wood. You can get to the cottage on foot along the trail, on quad bikes or horses. Yoga classes are held at certain hours in the lodge, but the rest of the time anyone can get in.


Monkey Fountain.

Located in the courtyard of the Russian Champagne House. In the center of the small bowl of water is the sculpture of a monkey opening a bottle of champagne. It is believed that the founder of the winery, Lev Golitsyn, had a pet monkey who could open bottles. The fountain existed before World War II, but was destroyed during the occupation of Novorossiysk. It was reconstructed in 2008.


Sailing Club Abrau Sailing

An atmospheric place with magnificent natural views, where anyone can join sailing. Professional instructors lead courses with theory and practice for adults and children. Offers a wide range of water activities – sapsurfing, windsurfing, a wake park, water bikes for rent, water streetcar rides. There is a wine bar and cafe, and master classes are held.


Alley of fame of Russian winemakers

Opened in 2015 during the All-Russian Summit of Winegrowers. It is located on Alexander II Square. The Alley contains plaques with the names of seven people who stood at the origins of Russian winemaking. Three of them worked in Abrau-Dyurso: Frolov-Bagreev, Vedel and Golitsyn. Boris Titov, Russian Presidential Envoy for Entrepreneurs’ Rights said the welcome speech at the opening ceremony.


The fountain “Parts of the World

Located in the heart of the art park under the tree crowns. Streams of water pour out of a round bowl in the center of a small square. On hot days both adults and children like to splash in it. The height of jets is different – there are about 20. In the dark, the fountain is illuminated by the rays of illumination. To watch the light show around the fountain there are a few benches. Spectacular show will be a great end of a walk in the art park.

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Cultural and tourist complex “Russia”.

One of the best entertainment complexes on the entire Black Sea coast. On a large indoor arena held a variety of performances – fire shows, fiery dancing, extreme stunts, gladiatorial battles. There is a horse club on the territory, where you can ride on a closed platform or go on an excursion. Shooting gallery, a cafe, a contact zoo and an attraction “House upside down” also work.


Contact Zoo “Jolly Farm”.

One of the favorite places for children on the territory of KTC “Russia”. In the wildlife corner, children and adults can interact with birds and animals from different parts of the world – goats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, raccoons, calves. The animals can be stroked and fed with special food, which is sold by the zoo staff. Each animal has its own house and a name. The area of the zoo is designed in the style of a fairy-tale town.


“House Upside Down.

An unusual attraction, where the floor and ceiling have switched places. An upside-down one-story house consists of five rooms – bedroom, living room, kitchen, children’s room and bathroom. They are all furnished, and the coziness of the real house is created by the details – dishes, toys, appliances, mats. All of them are also located “out of place,” which gives room for imagination and the opportunity to make bright and original photographs.


Art Bazaar “Abrau-Durso”.

A large area near the entrance to the winery united craftsmen and needlewomen. In the pavilions, kiosks and stalls you can buy unusual souvenirs and handmade goods. Here you can find paintings, dishes, furniture, toys, pottery and rag dolls. A special place is occupied by the “flea market” pavilion, where rare items such as figurines, jewelry and badges are for sale.


Venetian Carousel

Popular all over the world, ride created more than a century ago by masters of “Lamborghini” factory. Children on horses and in carriages move around in a circle illuminated by bright lights and joyful music – it’s a great opportunity to feel like a prince or princess. The smart tent of the attraction is located near the beach area of Lake Abrau. Nearby there are tents with ice cream and lemonade.


Abrau-Durso Horse Club

Located on the territory of the estate “Round Lake”. Here live good-natured horses of Icelandic breed – their height is not high, temperament is calm and friendly. These horses are perfect for family horseback riding which even children can ride. Among the services of the club – learning to ride with an instructor, photo shoots with horses. Riding tours of varying difficulty levels lasting up to 120 minutes are offered.


Art Gallery “Abrau-Durso”.

It is located in the premises of the winery. The fee for visiting the gallery is small, but there will be a lot of impressions from its visit. There are works of modern art – sculpture, paintings, installations, graphics, posters, author dolls and photographs. All works have a common theme and are devoted to the wine industry. The gallery opened not so long ago and its funds continue to grow.


Lotus Lake

This romantic name was given by tourists and locals to the lake Bam located near the farm Lesnichestvo. The locals were the first to plant red-looking lotuses in the lake. Surprisingly, they not only took root, but also grew. Now the surface of the small lake is completely covered by lotuses, creating an unusual view during the blooming period. There are several places on the shore from which the entire lake is perfectly visible.

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Mysterious dolmens near Vasilevka village fascinate with their ancient history: they were created about 5,000 years ago to serve as burial structures. To get to them is not difficult – from Vasilevka drive along the river Ozereyka and dacha community, and then turn right of the road that leads to the mountains. Tourists will see dolmens of different designs – warm and cold, where the level is below ground level.


Maly Liman Lake

Is separated from the Black Sea by a narrow strip of rocky spit. The height of the spit, caused by an earthquake, is 35 meters. The lake is more popularly known as the Sweet Lyman. Its length is 200 meters, width – 108 meters, depth – 5.5 meters. A small beach landscaped area belongs to the hotel, but on the shore there are many “wild” places for recreation with tents.


Beach Dyurso

The main beach of the village is 300 meters long and 40 meters wide. Water in a small bay of the Black Sea in summer warms up quickly and the bathing season lasts from May to October. The entrance to the water is gentle. The shore is covered with smooth pebbles, no sharp stones. There is a rental of deck chairs and umbrellas from the sun, operate water attractions. Many say that the water here is the cleanest compared to the other beaches of Novorossiysk.

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About 4 km from the Central beach of Dyurso is the lake Maly Liman. If you move towards it along the coast, you will see a couple of wild beaches where nudists and people looking for privacy like to relax.

“Diana” is one of those beaches. Look for it behind the lookout, on the east side of the bay. The site at the foot of the mountain stretches for 2 km. The width of the shoreline varies from 1.5 to 10 meters. The beach is covered with large pebbles and sharp stones. Some tourists even build from them a semblance of a wall and put a tent inside.

Immediately behind the beach “Diana”, closer to the lake Maly Liman, there is a nudist beach. You can rest naked in the shade of the mountain. The beach is small and has coarse pebbles.

There are also beaches near the lake Liman: the well-organized “Abrau Beach” with piers, lounge areas, cafes and other conveniences, as well as the beach “Limanchik”.

Entrance cost to Abrau Beach

A few years ago the beach organizers only took money for renting the sun beds, and the entrance to Abrau Beach was free and free of charge. Now you can use the territory and infrastructure only after paying the entrance ticket, which costs 500 rubles. This cost includes delivery of tourists to the beach on an air-conditioned bus, use of locker rooms, showers and toilets. Soft drinks and food at beach cafe are paid separately. Free towels for visitors, but take a deposit of 500 rubles. The beach is open daily from 09:00 to 22:00.

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Mode of operation of the beach on the official site

Nature and surroundings

The resort area of Abrau-Dyurso on the Black Sea coast has a mild, Mediterranean-like climate. It is formed by a unique combination of mountains, relict forests and the sea. Summer here is dry and sunny, with an average temperature of +26 … +28 ° C. At peak season in the second half of summer the water in the sea warms up to +26 ° C.

Abrau Beach is located between two mountains breaking into the sea in a small valley. The slopes of the mountains are beautiful and offer magnificent views of the sea. There are equipped hiking trails, viewing platforms, and the usual paths that are pleasant to walk and admire the surroundings. On the mountain approaching the beach to the left is the famous Yogi’s House. This is a popular tourist viewing platform, on which the wooden pergola was erected. It got its name from lovers of meditation on the background of an unusually beautiful panorama that opens with a bird’s eye view.

Rocky shore, Alexei Suvorov

Immediately behind the narrow isthmus, on which the beach infrastructure is located, is a small freshwater lake Maly Liman. At the bottom of the lake there are springs, so the water is always cool. But it is not suitable for swimming, its shores are heavily overgrown with reeds. The area near the Small Limanchik is used for recreation and health for many years. Here is a boarding house “Zvezdny”, which is used for rehabilitation of cosmonauts returning from flights, and teams of athletes come to rest. Nearby is located tourist base “Limanchik. It is possible to rent houses for recreation or stand in a tent camp. Many visitors Abrau Beach leave their cars at the base – parking costs 200 rubles.

Maly Liman Lake, Vera Lubenskaya

Central beach of Dyurso

The main beach of khutor Dyurso has a length of about 300 meters. Its width reaches 40 meters. Entrance is flat, the beach and the bottom are covered with pebbles, without sharp stones. The area is constantly cleaned. On both sides of the towering mountains, they not only give the bay a picturesque view, but also shelter it from the wind. Entrance to Dyurso beach is free.

At the height of tourist season on the coast begin to operate water attractions, rental items deck chairs and umbrellas, souvenir stores. There are comfortable zones with awnings, locker rooms, showers and toilets, children’s playgrounds. Swimmers are watched by lifeguards and there is a medical assistant’s office. All this ensures the safest and most comfortable stay, which is especially important for families with children.

For accommodation you can choose to stay in local hotels, rent a guest house or stay in the camping. To assess the state and congestion of the beach, weather conditions will help online cameras Durso beach, broadcasting video in real time.

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