23 best places of interest in North Ossetia – descriptions and photos

23 best places of interest in North Ossetia – descriptions and photos

Alania was one of the old centers of Christianity in the Caucasus. Once there were many Orthodox churches and monasteries. In the impregnable Ossetian mountains the monks offered prayers, performed feats of faith, and in case of danger – defended themselves against enemies.

The “City of the Dead” of Dargav

In Gizeldon gorge, among wild impregnable mountains surrounding it, there is an ancient town, which from a distance may seem like the most ordinary aul, or, conversely, an ancient fortress. However, it is neither the one nor the other. In this city you cannot see people in the streets and hear human speech.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is depicted on the coat of arms of Vladikavkaz and is perfectly visible from the city. It is also present on the coat of arms of the Republic of Ingushetia, as it stands on its border with North Ossetia-Alania. It is one of the greatest peaks of the Rocky Range of the Caucasus Mountains, and its height is about 3,000 m.

Tsey Gorge

North Caucasus is one of the most beautiful and mysterious corners of planet Earth. Fortunately, this mountainous area is not so far away, so everyone can go to explore it. Tsey Gorge beckons tourists with breathtaking scenic beauty and pure mountain air.

Vladikavkaz Zoo

The zoo in Vladikavkaz is small, but very cozy. It gathers animals from all over the world: lions, camels, bears, bison and many others. The zoo accepts and nurses sick animals even from other countries, thus enlarging its collection.

We invite you to spend an unforgettable vacation in the “pearl” of the Stavropol Territory. Rest in a country complex with water park, swimming pool and three meals included in the price.

Imperial Hotel in Vladikavkaz

Construction of the hotel “Imperial” in Vladikavkaz was completed in 1896. After the revolution, it briefly housed the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs, but soon the building was occupied by the hotel, only with a different name – “Intourist”.

The Zhukovsky Children’s Park in Vladikavkaz

A small children’s park named after the poet V. Zhukov in Vladikavkaz. I. Zhukovsky, was built in Vladikavkaz in the 1930s. of the 20th century in the place of the demolished temple, the city cemetery and Alexander Square. Once upon a time there were amusement rides and boisterous life.

Dzigis Rock Fortress

No one, even experts, knows exactly when Dzigis fortress appeared in Ossetia. There are many legends and myths associated with the fortress. But it is known that on the territory of the fortress were found the remains of soldiers, who lived presumably in the 13th century.

Cableway in Tsey Gorge

Tsey Gorge – a place of stunning beauty, with snow-covered peaks, raging mountain rivers and waterfalls, dense pine forests, alpine meadows and the cleanest air. And in winter, this place turns into a famous ski resort with the highest point of descent, located at an altitude of 2.5 km.

Karmadon Gorge

This gorge, one of the most beautiful in the republic, is situated about 1 km above the sea level. Up until the tragedy in 2002, the gorge with the Genaldon River at its bottom was known all over North Ossetia as one of the five most beautiful gorges and Vladikavkaz citizens used to come here for recreation.

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We will show the North Caucasus with care for each guest.

Mineral Lake in the Ardon River Gorge

In an amazingly beautiful land, in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania there are many wonderful places that are definitely worth visiting for the inquisitive traveler. Their range is very wide and begins with ancient temples and ends with non-human-made monuments.

National Museum of North Ossetia-Alania

The end of the 19th century in the North Caucasus was marked by the active archaeological work, as a result of excavations were found objects of the 20-4th centuries BC, corresponding to the Koban culture. The huge number of finds needed a place to be stored and displayed, and in 1893.

The Monument of Uastyrdji in the Alagir Gorge

Ossetians are quite religious people, there are many Muslims and Christians of different faiths, among which the Orthodox are very numerous. However, it is impossible not to notice the peculiarity of the local faith.

Kosta Khetagurov Park

The Central Park named after Kosta Khetagurov is the oldest and is considered the best in the North Caucasus. It was landscaped back in the first half of the 19th century, when the fortress of Vladikavkaz began to turn into a city.

Khetag Grove

Khetaga Grove is a sacred place for Ossetians, and its emergence is associated with an ancient legend. It says that Khetag, a Kabardian Christian who refused to accept Islam, fled to Ossetia, but he had no strength to reach the forest and hide there.

Bestuzhev Russian Drama Theater

The history of the Russian Drama Theatre named after Bestuzhev began in the 1920s, when a travelling orchestra from Moscow came to Verkhneudinsk on tour. The troupe that traveled all over the country was offered to stay in Buryatia. The actors agreed and the town got its own drama theater.

The Rekom Sanctuary in the Tsey Gorge

One of the oldest and most revered sanctuaries in North Ossetia, located near Tsey, at an altitude of about 3 km above sea level – the sanctuary of Rekom. It stands on a glade, on the left bank of the Tsey River, directly opposite the gloomy Monk Mountain.

St. George’s Cathedral of Vladikavkaz

St. George’s Cathedral of Vladikavkaz is the biggest and the most beautiful Orthodox church in the North Ossetian capital, according to residents and tourists alike. Its construction began in 1996 on a specially allocated plot of land in the western part of Vladikavkaz, on the site of an old cemetery.

North Ossetian Opera and Ballet Theater

The theater in the capital of North Ossetia was founded in 1958 as a musical and dramatic theater, in 1972 it introduced a ballet and opera repertoire, and in 2017 it became a branch of the Mariinsky Theater. In 2012, the theater received the status of “National Treasure of the Republic.”

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Sunni mosque in Vladikavkaz

In the amazing city of Vladikavkaz in a relatively small area you can find many temples of different faiths. One of the city’s notable sights is an amazingly slender Sunni mosque, standing on the left bank of the Terek River, at the foot of the picturesque Table Mountain.

Alania or the Republic of North Ossetia is an amazingly beautiful land of mighty and, at times, very harsh mountains, green fertile valleys and gardens and, of course, a land that keeps many legends and stories. Numerous ancient temples, fortresses, ancient settlements and other unique monuments are living witnesses of which, many of them have the status of historical heritage sites. All this is not surprising, because the first settlement of people was founded in Alanya about 150 thousand years ago. It is difficult to imagine how many legions, armies and hordes passed through these lands. There were Scythians and Sarmatians, Alans, Byzantines and representatives of various Caucasian peoples, and in the 18th century Ossetia was part of the Russian Empire, whose representatives have left a big mark in the culture and history of the region.

With such indicators North Ossetia has excellent chances to become a very popular tourist destination for fans of excursions, for those who cannot imagine themselves without extreme sports, for ethnographers and historians. In a word – for everyone.

Of course, Ossetia is the land of beautiful mountains, rocky gorges, fast rivers. You can admire all these splendors endlessly, but in addition, the republic can easily boast of man-made sights. The more so that they are woven very organically into the landscape, as if by the hands of a skilful craftswoman. One of the brightest examples of this is a mighty rock fortress, which is located near the small village of Dzigis. The fortress is carved directly into the rock, and due to that it is extremely difficult to see it from a distance: it almost completely merges with the mighty rock on which it stands.

Once, these powerful walls fought off many a siege, and even such mighty conquerors as the formidable Shah of Persia Abbas I fell against them. Locals say the mountain is riddled with secret passages and passages, so necessary in the event of a long siege.

And not far from the village of Dargavs there is not so fortified, but certainly not less famous City of the Dead. It is not difficult to guess from the name that this glory is heavily flavored with mystical spirit. Indeed, it is nothing but a real necropolis, consisting of many small bright houses with a small window and a conical roof. The owners of this house will not invite you to the table and pour you a glass, because they have long been dead. Alans buried their dead here by ancient tradition until the 18th century, so even now it is easy to see the white bones in the green mountain vegetation.

High among the white mountain peaks is another unique settlement called Tsamad. It is quite alive, at least in summer, although it is quite sparsely populated. Tsamad is notable for the fact that quite a large part of representatives of Ossetian surnames originated from this ancient highland settlement. Here, on the tops, blown by all imaginable and unimaginable winds, there are silent witnesses of many glorious events These are the ruins of ancient towers, which withstood many sieges. The most famous of them is the family tower of the Cherchesovs, a family that has inhabited these places since time immemorial. In times immemorial, these towers were used for defense against enemies and for dwelling.

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Perhaps the kaleidoscope of confessions and faiths is one of the remarkable features of Alanya. So it is not at all surprising that the republic’s main city, Vladikavkaz, has Orthodox, Gregorian, and Muslim religious buildings.

In addition, Ossetia is famous for its many ancient churches and monasteries, because Orthodoxy appeared here during the Byzantine Empire. As you know, monks seek solitude, and there is no better place to achieve this goal. In these parts there are many monasteries that belong to different eras. But one of the most famous and also the youngest is the Alans Assumption Monastery, located on the hillside of a steep mountain, like the famous Greek Meteora. The very architecture of this monastery evokes such associations.

The grayish stone, brightly tiled roofs, staring into the incredibly blue or gray sky of the local peaks. This monastery is a place of pilgrimage not only for the residents of Ossetia, but also for the inhabitants of all of southern Russia. Perhaps the kaleidoscope of confessions and faiths is one of the remarkable features of Alanya. So it is not surprising that in the main city of the republic, Vladikavkaz, there are Orthodox, Gregorian, and Muslim religious buildings. Among others, it is impossible not to mention the amazingly beautiful Armenian church, consecrated in honor of the Enlightener Gregory. It was built at the turn of the century before last and was reconstructed several times before it acquired its present majestic style.

This church, which was built at the expense of believers, is visited not only by representatives of the local Armenian diaspora, but also by pilgrims from the other side of the Caucasus mountain range.

Another striking architectural work is the Sunni mosque, located in an incredibly picturesque place, on the bank of the swift Terek River, near the high, powerful mountains. This mosque is very similar to the religious buildings of Cairo, the capital of Egypt, and in terms of richness of decoration it is considered almost the most magnificent in the country. You can endlessly list the attractions of this wonderful region, but words can not convey all the color, hospitality, cooking and other advantages of this region. So the best option is to see everything with your own eyes. Welcome to Alanya!

Photos and description of the most beautiful places of North Ossetia

North Ossetia-Alania is a republic located in the North Caucasus. The hospitable land attracts the beauty of nature, architectural and historical monuments. This is the land of endless mountain ranges, fascinating gorges, pristine nature. Every tourist will leave a piece of his heart here.

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Monument to St. George the Victorious

Monument to St. George the Victorious photo

Full title of the sculpture: “St. George the Victorious jumps out of the rock. It was sculpted by sculptor Nikolai Chodov in 1995. It is located at the entrance to Vladikavkaz.

The monument is made of iron. According to the idea St. George is attached to the rock with the outer part of his cloak. The sculpture is located at a height of 22 meters, and from the side it seems that the rider is flying through the air. The weight of the monument is 28 tons, the palm of St. George can hold several people.

Armenian Apostolic Church

Apostolic church photo

The Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator is located in Vladikavkaz, on the right bank of the Terek River. It is the only Armenian church in the city. Construction was completed in 1868.

The church welcomed parishioners even during the Soviet time and was nearly blown up in the thirties. In 1960 the church was given the status of a monument. It is still active. Nowadays, the church underwent restoration work.

Sunni Mosque

Sunni mosque photo

Mosque located on the left bank of the Terek River, near the foot of the Table Mountain. It has become a symbol of Vladikavkaz. It was built in 1908. The mosque is a monument of architecture.

The second name is the Mukhtarov Mosque (patron of the arts). In Soviet times, the mosque housed a museum of local history. In the 90s, the house of prayer was given to the Muslim administration. Today it welcomes all Mohammedan believers.

Holy Dormition Monastery

The Holy Dormition Monastery photo

Photo of the Holy Assumption Monastery

Orthodox male monastery, located in the village Khidikus of Alagirsk district. It was founded in 2000 by Bishop Theophan. The priest-archimandrite – Leonid (Gorbachev).

It is famous for being the highest monastery in Russia. Services are conducted in Ossetian and Church Slavonic languages. The monastery in every way contributes to the development of the Ossetian language and translates liturgical texts into it.

The cast-iron Olginsky bridge

Cast iron bridge of Olginsky photo

The bridge is located in Vladikavkaz. It leads across the Terek River and connects the center of the city with the outskirts.

The bridge was established in 1863. It was cast in Britain of cast iron. It was named “Olginsky” in honor of the wife of Mikhail Romanov (governor of the Caucasus). In 1958, the bridge was demolished and replaced by a reinforced concrete bridge. On the bridge were placed figures of leopards. The streetcar traffic was opened on it.

Monument to Mikhail Bulgakov

Monument to Mikhail Bulgakov photo

The sculpture was opened in 2012, it is located in the central part of Vladikavkaz, at the intersection of Mayakovsky Street and Prospekt Mira. Monument was sculpted by artist Vyacheslav Tavasiev.

Next to Bulgakov is a cat Behemoth, and over the head of the writer are hanging sheets of manuscripts. The sculpture was not placed in Vladikavkaz by chance. It was in this city that the Ossetian doctor made his first steps into literature, and his writing activities began.

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The City of Angels

City of angels photo

The memorial cemetery in Beslan. The victims of the 2004 terrorist attack are buried there. From September 1-3, guerrillas took pupils, teachers and guests of Beslan School No. 1 hostage. During that time, 266 people died, all of whom are buried in the City of Angels.

On the territory of the cemetery is a monument, the “Tree of Sorrow,” a khachkar, which was donated by children from Yerevan. There is a monument to the special forces fighters who died in the storming of the school.

Sword of bloodsuckers

Sword of bloodsmen photo

The monument is located in Kardavagan Canyon. In Kurtati Gorge there is a stylized Trail of Miracles, on which there is a stone, split into two parts. The sword of the bloodsuckers is driven into the stone.

According to the legend, a hunter was walking along a narrow road and saw a traveler who was in trouble. The wayfarer was his blood enemy, the hunter was supposed to kill him for revenge. But after the rescue, the hunter and the wayfarer made up, and in honor of their friendship, they stuck the sword of the blood enemies in the stone.

Dzigis rock fortress

Dzvigiskiy rock fortress photo

Dzigis Rock Fortress is a fortification located in the village of Dzigis. The fortress consists of six caves of different preservation. There are stone fortifications attached to the caves. Assumed time of building: from the 13th to the 16th century.

Dzigissa caves differ from each other by their size (in some of them can fit up to a hundred people). They are built of stone, overgrown with grass and it seems that the fortress is one with the mountain Kariu-hoh.

City of the Dead

City of the Dead photo

Located in the village of Dargavs in Prigorodny district of North Ossetia. It consists of 97 different crypts. The City of the Dead is an Alanian burial ground, where people are buried as early as the 1st millennium B.C.

Near the necropolis are combat towers – symbols of Ossetian stone architecture. They played a role of well-defended houses-fortresses.

Karmadon Gorge

Karmadon Canyon photo

The gorge is situated in North Ossetia. Through it passes the river Genaldon, there are geothermal springs and outlets of mineral water. In the upper reaches are located Kolka and Mayli glaciers.

The Karmadon Gorge is often visited by Vladikavkaz residents, who consider it a good vacation spot. It is famous for the fact that in 2002 there was a catastrophic collapse of the Kolka glacier, under the ice and snow a film crew led by Sergey Bodrov Jr. died.

Tsey Gorge

Tsey Gorge photo

The gorge in which the Tsey ski resort is situated. It is situated in the Tsey district. It impresses with pristine nature and mountain massifs.

The gorge stretches for 23 kilometers. 18 of them can be passed by tourists without any mountaineering skills. Before entering the gorge stands a monument to St. George the Victorious. Tourists can see the Recom complex of two sanctuaries, Monk’s Mountain and several waterfalls.

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