23 best attractions in Tuapse – descriptions and photos

Attractions and Entertainments Tuapse

This section contains the main attractions of Tuapse and the surrounding area, listed and marked on the map nearest to the resort amusement parks for children, picturesque natural places and urban cultural sites. From the material below, you will learn what to see in Tuapse on your own, and will be able to make your own itinerary, where to go with children and relax with the whole family.

Tuapse is a quiet port town with a resort infrastructure that allows you to combine beach and cultural recreation, visiting family entertainment centers and walking (or driving) tours of historical and natural sites in the Tuapse region.

In the city itself you can diversify your resort leisure time by visiting museums, leisurely strolls along the longest plane-tree alley in Europe, recently restored city park and cozy squares, long central streets and wide embankment with a view of the pier and the sea, from where you can take pictures of the famous Rosmorport tower and city monuments. In summer, along this route, there are sites with children’s attractions and seasonal cafes open.

A special place among the attractions of the city of Tuapse are monuments to soldiers and memorials. The main military monuments are concentrated around the Seaport and Revolution Square: these include the stele “City of Military Glory”, strict coastal monuments to Soviet sailors and the squadron destroyer Kerch.

In the distance from the embankment are the Black Tulip Monument and the Monument to the anti-aircraft gunners. A must-see place is the memorial complex of the Hill of Heroes near the Museum of Regional Studies, including the monument to the unknown soldier, the eternal flame and the memorial staircase.

What to see in Tuapse

The Platan Alley is one of the most prominent sights in the resort town of Tuapse. It is a favorite.

The Tuapse City Park is one of the favorite places for walks of both tourists and locals, conveniently located.

Museum of Defense of Tuapse is dedicated to the period of the city’s defense against the invasion of the German invaders on its territory.

The Rosmorport Tower is a modern Tuapse’s landmark and one of its architectural dominants. It.

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    Top 20 Sights of Tuapse

    A detailed overview of the most interesting places in the resort with photos and descriptions.

    Embankment (Marine Boulevard)

    The main promenade in Tuapse is not the Embankment Street, which stretches along the Tuapse River near the Tuapse-Sortirovochnaya railway station, but the Marine Boulevard near the “Vodnik” Stadium and the Seaport . The length of this section is quite small – 400 meters, and you can not pass by.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    On both sides of the Boulevard are memorials to military and naval glory. The boulevard overlooks October Revolution Square – with an obelisk to the Fighters for Soviet Power, the Solar Clock, a chess corner, fountains, flowerbeds, benches for recreation. On the opposite side of the boulevard there is a monument to the “Kerch” destroyer crew. Farther in the direction of the Seaport: Heroes of the Soviet Union Alley, the obelisk City of Military Glory, Monument of Soviet sailors.

    Sycamore Alley

    The Sycamore Alley, which stretches along the boulevard on Karl Marx street, is one of the main tourist attractions of Tuapse, the central shady walking area.

    Sycamores have been planted in this alley since 1913. The alley begins just behind the October Revolution Square and ends near the house-museum of A. A. Kiselev.

    Museum of Defense of Tuapse

    Museum of history and local history of the Tuapse Defense dedicated to the history of the city during the Great Patriotic War, located on Karl Marx Street.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    The museum exhibition is divided into two halls and includes more than 1500 exhibits. Collection was collected for many years in the field search expeditions in the vicinity of Tuapse – the places of fierce fighting: the mountains Indyuk, Gunai, Dva Brata, Semashho, Sarai Mountain, Kruglaya, Kamenistaya and others.

    City Park

    Situated near the Marine Boulevard, the City Park is one of the favorite vacation spots for citizens and tourists, although it is quite modest in size – about a hectare. The park has enough flowerbeds and shady trees.

    The center of the park is a singing fountain, and one of the alleys is a monument to Alexander Pushkin. To the City Park adjoins Tuapse Concert Hall.

    Heroes Hill

    The highest point of the city, where in prewar times was visible from everywhere in Tuapse Cathedral. When the war began the church was destroyed, anti-aircraft guns were installed on the mountain in order to defend the city, so in peacetime it was decided to rename the former Pionerskaya Mountain into Heroes’ Mountain and erect a memorial on it.

    Now on the Hill of Heroes there is a monument to the Unknown Soldier and the Eternal Flame, a monument to the anti-aircraft gunnery Sergeant Grigoriev, the Church of St. Alexis.

    Singing Fountain

    A light and music fountain in Tuapse is located on October Revolution Square, near the Marine Boulevard. Water jets, illuminated in the evening, rise from the level of the promenade (fountain without a bowl) and reach 18 meters, the interval between the shows of singing fountains is 20 minutes. Musical accompaniment is different: classical or contemporary music.

    During the day the fountain also works, and between the jets you can freely walk and refresh yourself, all the technical part is underground.

    Rosmorport Tower

    A modern 60-meter tower has become an unofficial tourist symbol of the port city of Tuapse, because it is almost the first attraction that tourists see on the waterfront.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    The Rosmorport’s dispatch tower was opened in 2003. It is made in the form of a hexagonal column, topped with a blue ball. It is popularly nicknamed “chupa-chups” because of its similarity.

    The stele “City of Military Glory

    The 11-meter Doric column is the dominant feature of the Twin Cities Park, located in the heart of the city – the Marine Boulevard.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    The stele was officially opened on May 8, 2012 on the eve of the Victory Day. The monument is crowned with the gilded coat of arms of Russia. Next to it is the alley of the hero-cities.

    Museum of local history and local history named after Poletaev. Poletaev

    The museum, which grew out of a collection started by amateur local historians back in 1904, has now grown to over 45 thousand exhibits, including paintings and graphics, sculpture and small plastics, arts and crafts, numismatics, archaeological artifacts, ethnographic collection, historical weapons, photographs and much more.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    A separate hall of the museum is devoted to the nature of the Tuapse region and remains the most interesting and illustrative part of the exhibition for schoolchildren. Do not miss the open-air exhibition – “Museum Yard”.

    Tuapse Theater of Youth Theater

    The Tuapse Territorial Youth Theater is almost the first place at the resort, which is worth including in the cultural program of vacation with children. Its stage puts on plays for different age groups, and it is not only fairy tales for kids and staging of literary classics, but also adaptations of modern works, serious performances for teenagers and adults.

    The theater was formed from an amateur group in 1991, becoming at that time a unique theater for young people in the Krasnodar region.

    Kiselev House Museum

    Memorial Art Museum of painter A. Kiselev was opened in Tuapse in 1988 and operates as a branch of the city museum of local history. As you know, the painter’s life was associated with Tuapse for 11 years. A natural landmark – a rock over the sea, near his dacha – is even named after him. And there is a monument to him on the Platan Alley, a few steps from the house-museum.

    Kiselev made Tuapse famous in his paintings, showing the enchanting beauty of these places. In the museum you can see not only his masterpieces as part of the permanent exhibition, but also visit temporary exhibitions, which often feature paintings by contemporary local artists.

    Kiselev Rock

    Rising above the sea for 46 meters a rock at Cape Kadosh near the river Agoi is inextricably linked with the name of Alexander Alexandrovich Kiselev, who lovingly depicted these places.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    Earlier this place was called the Rock of Tears and was connected with a legend about tragic love. The rock is part of the protected area of Kadosh Forest Park, which is rich in spectacular natural views.

    Turkey Mountain

    A popular attraction of the Black Sea Forest Reserve, 40 km from Tuapse. Gora Indyuk, formed by rocks, reaches 859 meters, and there is still no single version of the origin of its name.

    Turkey Mountain (right) and Turkey Mountain (left)

    Mounts Turkey (right) and Turkey (left) © Natalia Semchina

    The place is interesting first of all for trekking, besides climbers conquer the mountain every year, and there are two favorable periods for this activity, skipping the hot summer heat and rainy season: from mid April to late June and from late September to late October.

    Perun Falls

    The picturesque 33-meter waterfall is only 13 kilometers from the center of Tuapse on foot, but you can almost reach it by local buses – the way lies at the stops “Krasnoye” and “Dachny.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    The waterfall is situated on the Kazenny brook, which dries up in the summer, so you’d better plan your visit for the full spring season – before the heat.

    Aquamir Dolphinarium

    Entertaining attraction for children and adults is not in Tuapse itself, but nearby – in the resort village of Nebug, about 19 kilometers away. Each dolphinarium artist is described in detail in social networks and on the official website. Dolphins Gosha, Yasha and Petrovich, sea lioness Alice and sea seal Toma perform in the pool.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    After the show you can swim with the dolphins and take pictures. In summer, the shows are held twice a day.

    Cape Kadosh

    The cape in the outskirts of Tuapse, in the direction of the village of Agoi, is remarkable not only for the rock of Kiseleva. Stands of ancient people and stone tools have been found in these places, the age of the oldest artifacts found in Kadosh exceeds 335 millennia.

    The cape and the lighthouse

    On the Cape operates a historical lighthouse – “twin” Sochi, but to get on it and even walk in the area is possible only with special permission.

    Guam Gorge

    The narrow and deep gorge in the upper stream of the mountainous North-Caucasian river Kurdzhips stretches for about 5 km and abruptly cuts 400-meter cliffs to the river valley.

    Tuapse Attractions and Entertainments

    In some places the gorge narrows to almost 2 meters, a section of the narrow-gauge railroad runs through it. Also in the Guam Gorge is popular rock climbing.

    Psynako Megaliths

    One of the largest dolmen complexes in the Caucasus is about 25 km from the center of Tuapse, just north of the village Anastasievka. The ancient man-made complex dates back to the III millennium BC.

    One of the Tuapse region dolmens

    One of the dolmens of Tuapse region © Maxim Ulitin, persons. CC BY 3.0

    The purpose of the megaliths on the mound Psynako is unknown, conventionally its central part is called the “Temple of the Sun”, nearby are the dolmens of the part “Psynako-2”.

    Waterfalls Dederkoi

    Along the course of the mountain river Dederkoi to the southeast of Tuapse, you can see the most beautiful waterfalls – a natural monument. The maximum height of falling streams in this area – 14 meters.

    Equipped route allows you to see the main beauties of the area – the Upper and Lower Waterfalls.

    Altubinal Farm

    The farm with the only street – Lesnaya – is known as a starting point for hiking and mountain climbing in the surrounding area. It is located in the upper reaches of the Pshish River, 60 km from Tuapse.

    From Altubinal go to the tract of the same name, Mount Shessie, Bee Cliffs, Eagle Rock.

    Where to go in Tuapse with children

    If you don’t leave Tuapse, you can arrange a cultural recreation with children: visit the Museum of local history, which has the most complete exhibition about the nature of the area, visit the military-historical Museum of Defense of Tuapse and thoughtfully look through an art exhibition in the house-museum of A.A. Kiselev.

    Several times a month there are performances of the Tuapse Youth Theater – one of the best youth theaters of the Krasnodar Territory. Theater performances will be interesting for both children and adults: its repertoire includes versatile productions.

    Hit holiday resort in the hot summer – water amusement parks, without which it is difficult to imagine a family trip to the Black Sea resorts. Vacationing in Tuapse, do not miss the chance to visit modern water parks and dolphinarium. And although all the major amusement parks are located outside the city, in the nearest resort villages, transport links with them are regular, and it’s easy to get to them.

    The two most popular destinations from Tuapse for the sights of the surrounding area are Nebug and Dzhubga. Nebug is nearest to the town dolphinarium “Aqua World” and sprawling under the open sky water park “Dolphin” – a visit to them is worth all day, the children will definitely love it. In Dzhubga is another water park in the Tuapse region, best known for its bright and extreme attractions, which teenagers love.

    Natural attractions of Tuapse and the surrounding area

    Picturesque sights of the Tuapse region, located within 35-50 km from the resort, attract the attention of independent tourists traveling by car. At the same time, some places can be reached with minimal cost – by passing buses or on foot as part of hiking.

    A real natural symbol of the city of Tuapse is the Kiselev cliff (or the Rock of Tears, according to the Adygeyan legend), not only immortalized on the artist’s paintings, but also managed to “star” in the cult Soviet film – in the fishing scene in “Brilliant Hand”. You can even reach the famous stone cliff on foot – 4 km along the coast to the northwest of Tuapse.

    Not far from the resort (about 10 km), near the village of Krasnoe, is one of the highest waterfalls in the Krasnodar Territory – Perun , most spectacular in April and May, when the water is powerful and noisy, falls from a height of 33 meters. On the way to the waterfall do not miss the dolmens on the slope of Mount Bogatyrka. From Perun you can continue your tour of the region’s waterfalls: for example, drive through Anastasievka (where there are also ancient dolmens) to Shpichatsky Stream and overcome the route to the waterfall Fairy Tale.

    Interesting, but more distant sightseeing destinations – Guam Gorge with equipped hiking and climbing trails, green farmhouse Altubinal (“Six glades”).

    21 fascinating sights of Tuapse


    On the Black Sea coast between Sochi and Gelendzhik is the small resort town of Tuapse. It is known not only for its beaches and nature, famous since the days of the Soviet Union, but also for the status of an international commercial port. It is also a city of military glory. In general, Tuapse is full of surprises, sights and it is more than worthy of a visit.

    What sights to visit on vacation by yourself

    If you decided to get acquainted with the neighborhood on your own with a map, I recommend you to visit the Museum of History and Local Lore, the City Defense Museum and, of course, do not forget to pay attention to the house-exhibition of A.A.Kiselev. Do not forget that the main thing is to understand the city and get into its spirit. Explore the Heroes’ Hill, walk through the Main Park, and finally, visit the docks and watch the ships sail by.

    Where to go with children in Tuapse

    Family vacation – it’s always fun together. You just need to choose the right place to spend time and where to go.


    Let your child feel the caress of the sea waves and see his happy eyes

    Visit the following places of entertainment:

    • Take your kids to the Museum of History and Local History – perhaps they’ll be interested in the museum’s exhibit, and if the experiment succeeds, you can move on to the next museum.
    • If the experiment is a success, then you can go to the next museum.
    • Since Tuapse is a resort, don’t skimp on summer vacation. Take your child to the beach, and you yourself will appreciate the local beaches.
    • But of course, the main point of the program – a visit to a dolphinarium and a water park under the open sky in the village of Nebug. It is impossible to think of a better end of the day.

    What sights to visit by car

    It’s a shame that the most interesting sights are actually outside the city, and you can visit them only by private car.

    Where you can get to if you have a car:

    • To get to the famous Kiselev Rock, you have to drive about 5 kilometers northwest of town.
    • Large waterfall Perun is located 10 kilometers from the city, near the village of Krasnoe.
    • The village of Nebug is located 15 kilometers from Tuapse.
    • Guamsky Gorge – Apsheronsky area, about 130 km by car from Tuapse

    What can be seen in one day

    On horses

    Active recreation – horseback riding

    If you are passing through Tuapse and have only one day in reserve, then I recommend approximately the following urban route to master the local panoramas:

    Туапсинский морской порт > Диспетчерская башня туапсинского порта > Платановая аллея > Историко-краеведческий музей им. Полетаева > Поющий фонтан > Музей А.Киселёва>Museum of Defense

    If you have at least two days to spare, then be sure to see the Dolmens, visit Kiseleva Mountain, Perun Waterfall and waterfalls Dederki.

    Entertainments in winter

    The cold season is the heyday of trekking, hiking, rock climbing and extreme sports. That is why, in winter, the Guam Gorge, Turkey Mountain and other sights await you in the Tuapse area! There are unlimited opportunities for tourists to take beautiful pictures with them.

    Winter in the mountains

    Conquering mountains is a way of life that draws inspiration

    How to get to the city

    To get to civilization, if you get lost in the wilderness of the Krasnodar region, you can only on your own. Electric trains in particularly remote places simply do not go because of the peculiarities of the terrain, so it is always better to carry a navigator, and better – a guide who knows the area like the back of his hand.

    Kiseleva rock

    Kiseleva rock is not just a natural landmark of the city. This is a high steep cliff: 46 meters in height and 60 in width. The way to it is not close: from the beach called “Spider” about 40 minutes of road on crooked paths and boulders. But it’s worth it – you won’t be disappointed when you arrive, as the cliff offers a photographic view of the coast and surrounding area. And this natural wonder became famous for the Soviet film masterpiece “Diamond Arm”.

    Waterfalls on the Dederkoi River

    Two small waterfalls, which can safely be called one of the local attractions, can be already found from afar, by their characteristic gurgling. Formed by two streams called Dederkoi, these hissing and gurgling water masses evoke a strange sense of relaxation and inspiring inner harmony. Perhaps that’s why this place has become so popular with photographers.

    Perun Falls

    If you are going to come here, please be sure to have comfortable and sturdy shoes, because you will need to overcome fallen trees, slippery boulders and small streams.

    If the waterfalls of the Dederkoi river cause some inner peace and attract artists and photographers because of its soft landscape, then the 33-meter high Perun cascade is their exact opposite. It is the largest waterfall in Kuban and a true natural treasure. Located on the creek Kazenny, in the northeast of Tuapse, with its almost exploding roar, which reverberates far into the neighborhood, it immediately makes it clear who the real master of Kuban is.

    Central City Beach

    Central City Beach attracts the main mass of tourists and city residents in the summertime. All thanks to a favorable climate, the Black Sea coast and a decent infrastructure, including water entertainment, cafes and playgrounds for children. The beach is clean and pleasant to visit.

    Tuapse seaport

    Since you came to Tuapse, how can you miss the local pride – one of the largest commercial ports of the country, opened here back in 1898. From here you can see huge ships that transport oil, grain, vegetables and even passengers. The port is about 3.2 kilometers along the entire coast.

    Dispatch Tower of the Port of Tuapse

    Dispatch Tower of the port control is a large 60-meter long construction, built near the Seafarers’ House of Culture on the central square of Tuapse. It is a large lattice ball of blue glass adorning a vertical column of concrete, so that the tower has a nickname “Chupa-chups” among the locals. The top of the tower is equipped with a dial, always displaying the time and the current temperature.

    Seaside Boulevard

    The boulevard is home to many local attractions, like the control tower, the Caravelle Hotel, the amusement park

    Want to just breathe in the seaside air and stroll along the clean, green promenade, along cafes, monuments, and fountains? Then hit the seaside boulevard. This place essentially separates the city and the city port, although the length of the seaside near the city is about ten kilometers, and the length of the square itself is about 400 meters, from the port to the local stadium.

    Sycamore Alley

    Meet the longest avenue in all of Europe, which is two kilometers long. The first trees were planted here in 1913, in honor of the 300th anniversary of the royal family. The alley runs along almost all the central street of the city – Karl Marx street. And this street stretches through the center of the city. There are many tourist attractions, cafes, restaurants and stores. It’s nice to stroll here with family or friends, as well as alone.

    City Park

    The city park is made in the traditions of modern urban development, but not without its zest. Since Tuapse is a port city, the more so a hundred meters from the coast, the park never gets tired of showing marine symbols in the form of anchors, ships and other symbols of the city. Otherwise, the park attracts the same as other city parks: perfect green lawns and flower beds, fountains, cute benches, children’s attractions and playgrounds, cafes and restaurants.

    Singing Fountain

    A marvelous light and music fountain, located on one of the most passable places of the city’s embankment

    Today, the repertoire of the piece of architectural art includes dozens of classics, retro music, as well as modern, popular tracks. The popularity of the singing fountain among guests of the resort is so high that he has already come up with a folk name: “Tuapse Lighthouse.

    Fountain “Stone Flower”

    “Stone Flower,” located on the October Revolution Street, is considered one of the oldest city fountains. The composition and architecture of the fountain was designed based on the tales of Pavel Bazhov and perfectly reflects the fairy tale colors, depicting Danilo the Master from the “Malachite casket”, working under the supervision of the mistress of the Copper Mountain in the form of a stone lizard. In the evenings, the fountain lights up brightly with all the colors of the rainbow. It is a favorite place for tourists and local couples.

    Heroes Hill

    Every year on May 9, representatives of the district and city authorities, the public, veterans and young people gather.

    Once upon a time, an Orthodox cathedral stood on a small hill that was called a church hill in pre-revolutionary years. But the years went by, and first the Soviet government changed the name of the hill, and then the war itself changed the fate of the city. Today, it’s no longer a church hill, but a memorial to heroes. Here lie the remains of the heroes of Tuapse, who died defending the town from the Nazi invaders, the monument to the unknown soldier, and the eternal flame. This is where the town comes on May 9 to remember its heroes.

    Museum of local history and local history named after Poletaev. Poletaev

    The cultural institution is located in the former estate of the surveyor Volchanetsky, built on his project in 1893

    Historical and local history museum was founded in 1946, by a group of amateur local historians. During this time the museum exposition has grown to unprecedented sizes. The greatest period of success the museum experienced in the 50-60s, when from a small provincial museum, it has grown to a serious tourist facility. The museum has an extensive collection of archaeological and ethnographic research on the Black Sea coast and adjacent areas.

    Museum of Defense of Tuapse

    The exposition of this museum is fully dedicated to one of the episodes of the Great Patriotic War and a key historical moment in the history of the city – the so-called Tuapse defensive operation of 1942. Another interesting exhibit is a large detailed map, showing the ratio of forces at the time of 1942. Besides you can look at weapons, soldiers’ personal belongings, awards and other artifacts of the war.

    The house-museum of Alexander Kiselev

    Museum of landscape painter Alexander Alexandrovich Kiselev, created right in his own estate. In his works, the artist showed the beauty of landscapes Tuapse as it was seen by each resident of the city, and thus won the love of the inhabitants. Now you can trace the entire life journey of the maestro, get acquainted with his work, as well as look at personal belongings and documentation.

    Tuapse Railway Station

    The Tuapse railway station is related to the SKZhD that stretches from the Azov and Black Seas in the west to the Caspian Sea in the east. The architecture of the station is typical of the provincial style of the early 20th century – typical modernist arches and columns, figured columns and balustrades. It is located on Victory Street. During its history the building of the station was repeatedly reconstructed and moved, due to the devastation after WWII.

    Dolphinarium “Aqua World” in Nebug.

    After the show viewers have the opportunity to spend time with the animals and take pictures.

    Dolphinarium “Aqua World” is located outside the city limits, in the village of Nebug, just fifteen kilometers from the city. Needless to say the village is very popular with tourists. In the summer a whole stream of tourists arrives in Nebug to look at dolphins, as well as to visit the water park, equipped in the same village. In the dolphinarium you will show their hospitality to the local stars: a trinity of the Black Sea dolphin-aphalins, sea lion and seal. Don’t forget to take a memorable photo with the actors.

    Dolphin” Aquapark in Nebug.

    If you ask a local: “What is known of the village of Nebuga near Tuapse”, the answer will certainly be one: “Dolphins”. Dolphins have become the trademark of the village, and it’s not just about that trio from the dolphinarium. Another local attraction – a water-entertainment complex in the open air, also called “Dolphin”. This is a beautiful water park with a full range of entertainment: extreme and ordinary descent, all kinds of slides, swimming pools, food courts, cafes and bars.

    Dolmens of Tuapse

    Tuapse dolmens are not fully studied mysterious structures of the ancient inhabitants of these lands. There are about 400 preserved monuments in the area, dating back to 2400 – 1300 years BC. These monuments are large vertical stone slabs, covered with another one, thus forming a semblance of a roof. On one side is a hole. The function of these megaliths is as a burial site, and burial was carried out in accordance with pagan rites.

    Turkey Mountain

    The most favorable time of year for the conquest is the middle of April – end of June and September – end of October.

    The summit of the 859-meter Indyuk Mountain is located about forty kilometers from Tuapse, on the territory of the Black Sea Zoological Reserve. This mountain has become a real candy for fans of mountain climbing and extreme sports, who have completely taken a fancy to this place from the beginning of the spring season until the beginning of winter, with a small break in July. Also, because of the abundance of trails that have long been laid by tourists, this place is great for hiking.

    Guam Gorge

    The entire gorge stretches for more than 3,330 meters. Inside, rare species of trees and shrubs grow in the local geosphere, and from the highest point, if you find a comfortable place on some open rock, just a stunning view of the surroundings of Krasnodar Krai opens up.

    Monas National Monument
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