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Mexican entertainments

Realizing the cultural and cognitive purpose of the visit to the Mexican Yucatan peninsula to explore the mysterious artifacts of the heritage of once mighty civilization of the ancient Mayans during a historical tour, forcing to think, analyze, doubt, seek answers to many questions, we decided to unload the mind a little, getting the opposite emotions – light and rainbow.

Since I have a weakness for colorful acts, I dreamed of visiting the Mexican Cirque Du Soleil. The permanent circus building was erected on the grounds of the Hotel Vidanta located between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. This is the second stationary circus Du Soleil in the world (the first was in Orlando). Performances are given here daily, twice a day (at 19:00 and 21:00).

Tickets to the circus can be reserved in advance. Bonus offers during a certain period have come up. For example, if you buy tickets by the end of September for any date until October 30 there was a discount of 10 to 15% (depending on the category of the ticket). But since we didn’t know the exact date when we could go to the circus, we booked tickets on the official site at a price of $100 per person.

A few words about the ticket categories. There are several ticket categories: tickets with a glass of champagne and a snack or with a bottle of champagne and a snack, v. I.P package (with dinner and unlimited champagne), and there are also regular tickets without food and drink (drinks if you want you can order from the wine list on the spot: champagne, wine, Coke, Sprite, coffee, water).

At first we thought about booking a v. I.P. package, but after indulging in the sin of gluttony for a few days in a row at the hotel restaurant, assessed the range and taste of dishes offered, the toad began to choke on both paws so specifically that resist it had no strength or meaning. Considering the unreasonable overpayment of $35-40 per person, we had dinner at the hotel and took a cab to the circus. The cost of a cab from the hotel to the circus is fixed, one way 400 pesos (about $21).

Mexican Entertainers

The circus area is not limited to just the main premises. It is a whole complex consisting of cash registers located at the entrance, restaurants, a gift store, and a pond with waterfalls surrounding the main building, on which a boat with Indians juggling lighted torches floats before the show begins. The entire area is beautifully illuminated, and the main building, which resembles the outlines of a huge ripe pomegranate, seems to burn in the night. You will be met by the circus staff at the entrance and then escorted through the territory. It is impossible to get lost here, but you can enjoy the festive atmosphere.

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Mexican Entertainers

The hall under the circus dome is not large – only 15 rows (this is not the Luzhniki Sports Palace where circus programs are shown while on tour in Moscow), so you can buy tickets for the back rows too – there is a good view from everywhere.

Mexican Entertainers

I do not recommend buying tickets only for the farthest row 15, which is formed by high (bar-like) side chairs. I think to sit on them an hour and a half will not be too comfortable. “Our” ninth row with comfortable upholstered chairs was quite satisfactory.

Before watching the performance, there is a half-hour pre-show: musicians play on the stage and a soloist performs to entertain the audience before the main action starts. I was able to experience the professional shows of Cirque du Soleil twice during the circus tour in Moscow (in 2012 we saw the show “Zarkana”, in 2014 – the show “Dralion”). I don’t want to seem like a strict judge, criticizing everything and everyone, especially since the show “Joya” that we watched here was very enjoyable, but I can’t help saying that the complexity and richness of the acrobatic elements demonstrated cannot be compared to professional ones. But do not dwell on the acrobatics, it is better to perceive the show “Joya” as a bright performance with acrobatic elements, then the score will be appropriate.

Joya” is performed in English. But even if you do not know the language, it is interesting to watch! The plot of the show, telling the adventure story of tomboy-girl with finely woven circus acts, allows enjoying the quite good acting, interesting costumes and decorations together with luxurious interior decorations and getting some positive emotions from watching the show.

You can’t take pictures of the show, but that’s even better. You do not get distracted by extraneous processes, focusing on the nuances of the contemplated action.

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During the pre-show, we were able to see how sumptuous the food was served to those who had purchased the v. I.P. package. Some dishes (judging by the smoke and smell coming from them, it was hot food) were served in dishes in the form of a chest, and desserts were “hidden” inside a huge book. So unusual and intriguing!

I should note that the general atmosphere in circus was appropriate: candles on the tables (even if you have usual seats), swift waiters “passing the mark” between the tables, dim light in the hall. If a trip to Cirque du Soleil is timed to coincide with a special event or a memorable date, I would even advise buying a v. I.P. package so that you can plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday.

Going to the circus was not the only thing we did, of course, as there are also plenty of amusement parks on the Yucatan Peninsula for the active tourist. Within Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel Island and Isla Mujares alone, there are dozens of them. Xplor, Xcaret Park, Selvatica Canopy Expedition and Adventure Tour, Garrafon Natural Reef Park, Xel-Ha Water Park, Parque Maya – just to name a few. Of the variety available, we settled on Park Scarecrow.

If you can enjoy a tropical evening in Cirque du Soleil, the park “Shkaret” should take at least a day.

Although I describe the park in a story with the word “entertainment” in the title, I can not call the park “Shkaret” solely entertaining. The Eco-Archeological Park (park site) is a kind of symbiosis of the Mayan and Mexican culture elements, which was a kind of fusion of two cultures – the ancient Mayan and Europeanized Spanish.

Don’t forget to pick up a map of the park from the information desk at the entrance (a Mexican flag flying just above the desk is a guide). It is not easy to navigate without one, given the size of the park. There are information boards indicating the zones, but as experience has shown, having a map in hand is much more reliable than looking for the same board.

There is no point in describing the whole park, the park map is quite informative. Since during the daylight hours (from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.) we had time to go around all the areas of the park, I will tell you about what impressed us the most.

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We started with the Xcaret Plus area. Exactly here in a huge room, reminiscent of the architectural forms of the Roman Coliseum, are located dressing rooms with lockable clothes lockers.

Considering that the Xcaret Plus package we purchased included the rental of two clothes lockers, flipper/mask kits, and lunch at one of four restaurants of our choice, we avoided additional costs. Buying souvenirs, renting towels ($3), taking pictures with critters, riding water recreational vehicles, swimming with stingrays, dolphins and sharks are the additional expenses that can arise during a visit to the park.

The eyes at the park run in different directions:)

Even before you make the first steps, I advise to make a plan for moving, otherwise the spontaneous rushing from zone to zone will not lead to anything positive.

Not having had time to decide in what direction to direct not yet tired feet, I had to, showing lightning quickness of reaction, to jump aside from the footpath, because a “herd” of flamingos approached us promptly.

Do you think this is a joke? Well, no. With a periodicity known only to the Park’s employees they take flamingos out of cages for walks. And the bright pink birds announcing their coming with barely audible “croaking” march on the lanes in such harmonious formation that army ranks would envy them.

Mexico Entertainment

Entertainment in Mexico

Some people go to Mexico for a beautiful beach holiday or an amazing scuba diving. Some are more interested in history and the remaining evidence of the Maya Empire. But any activity is boring if it is monotonous. What else can you do? What kind of things to do in Mexico? Let’s find out!

The most popular Mexican resorts are located on this peninsula. Therefore, and a variety of entertainment can be found here more than anywhere else in the country. This is where the most famous theme parks in Mexico are located:

  1. Explorer Park, or Explorer, is one of the most popular extreme parks in Mexico. An underground river on which you can travel on a raft, a cable car with obstacles, a rally through the impassable jungle – this is an incomplete list of what Explorers offers its visitors. It is located near Playa del Carmen.
  2. Skaret is another park near Playa del Carmen that is known far beyond Mexico’s borders. It is an eco-park that offers an introduction not only to the nature of the country, but also to Mayan life and traditions.
  3. Shel-Ha Park, or Shel-Ha, is one of Mexico’s eco-preserves for both adults and children with a variety of activities to enjoy. Here you can visit the karst caves and swim in the lagoon with dolphins, wander through the ruins of a Mayan settlement and swim in the karst lake. The natural aquarium, which is home to exotic fish and turtles, is also popular.
  4. Selvatica Park is another popular extreme park in Mexico, challenging the superiority of Explora. It is considered more extreme than Explor (which, by the way, can also be visited with small children).
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Other attractions in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and other popular Riviera Maya resorts in Mexico are:

  • Dolphin Discovery, one of the best in the country; Wet’n Wild; ;
  • The Rio Secreto Secret River is a 600-meter journey with water flowing through caves, tunnels, and other obstacles. Rio Secreto itself is known for the amazing purity of its water, which is used in the production of cosmetics. Therefore, everyone who wants to get their dose of adrenaline on this attraction first take a shower, and then dressed in special wetsuits and shoes.

Another very original amusement park in Mexico is Echo Alberto in the city of Hidalgo. In addition to the standard rides, the same as in other parks in Mexico, it offers something completely unexpected: an “illegal” border crossing to the United States.

Paying $350, “migrants” can experience all the delights of such a “journey”: a long night crossing, during which it is necessary to walk 12 km, spending the night in an awkward place on the bare ground, when there is a great chance to face not only poisonous insects, but also snakes, to overcome the barbed wire, and, as a result, a meeting with the “U.S. police”. We must say that this attraction is in great demand especially among the Mexicans themselves, who, having received such an experience from the attempt to cross the virtual border, then many times will think about whether it is worth it in reality.

Echo Alberto Park

Also noteworthy are such attractions:

  1. Herpetario Patrulla, an animal park in Veracruz, where you can see many exotic animals. There are more than 60 species of reptiles alone in the terrariums here. There are also more cute animals living here.
  2. The Lost Mayan Kingdom Aquatic Park in the city of Mahahual.
  3. A biopark in Mexico City, where you can observe animals (and there are about 400 species of mammals alone!) in their natural habitat.
  4. Aquaventuras Aquatic Zoo and 2 adventure parks (Canopy Bay and Paradise Adventure Park) in Puerto Vallarta.
  5. The city of Queretaro has 2 very interesting entertainment complexes: Bicentenario, an amusement park, water park and bio-park, and Exxi Challenge Extreme Park.
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We should tell separately about the island of Cozumel, located in the Caribbean Sea. There are parks where you can get a complete relaxation, learn about the history of Mexico and its culture. In the south of the island is Chankanaab National Park, which protects not only unique endemic plants and animals, but even the national traditions. For example, they make chocolate according to the same recipes that were used by the Maya at the height of their empire.

The newest park on the island is Discover Mexico. Here you can see all the major attractions of all the cities of the country. People with an active imagination, visiting the park and listening to the guide, can easily imagine they have traveled around the country and seen its most important historical and cultural monuments “live”.

Discover Mexico Park on the island of Cozumel

Due to its geographical location and climate Mexico is a state with a unique nature. These are deserts and active volcanoes, green tropical forests and swamps, diverse fauna and flora. Getting to know the natural treasures begins with the national parks.

Mexico is a country that you can get acquainted with for a long time, but do not fully explore. Tourists here are waiting for a lot of interesting things. Learn the most interesting facts about Mexico, its inhabitants, history and modernity, nature and culture will help you in our article.

Mexico is a country whose visit is an exciting adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime. There are mysterious Mayan pyramids, fire-breathing volcanoes, picturesque nature, luxurious beaches, piquant cuisine and fun festivals.

Mexico is a paradise for lovers of water fun, particularly surfing. It attracts wave climbers from all over the world. Two ocean shores of this country offer excellent beaches with high and not so high waves, developed infrastructure and pleasant climate.

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