22 best sights of Zelenogradsk – descriptions and photos.

Zelenogradsk sights – descriptions and pictures.

Zelenogradsk is a federal resort on the Baltic Sea coast, specializing in balneotherapy. The city, formerly known as Kranz, was founded in 1252 and belonged to Germany until World War II.

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The former village of Prussian fishermen in 1816 was turned into a resort by the decision of the German Land Minister Count Theodore von Schön. At the same time the first baths for men and women were built in the town. In 1844 Kranz was awarded the status of a royal spa town, which was a powerful impetus for the development of the town.

Due to the fact that Kranz practically unscathed during the war, the city is well preserved German architecture and many interesting artifacts. Many attractions of Zelenogradsk in Kaliningrad region, the description of which occurs in various regulations, have the status of historical monuments of regional importance.

What to see a tourist in Zelenogradsk and how long does it take?

Map of Zelenogradsk sights.

Map of places of interest in Zelenogradsk. Be sure to see our version of the map

Many tourists come to Zelenogradsk for a short time, so for many relevant question, what to see in 1 day? Given that most interesting objects are grouped in the area of the waterfront and the historic part of town, to see them does not require a large amount of time.

Before reading the article about Zelenogradsk sights, be sure to watch the exciting video from the quadcopter:

Zelenogradsk sights

We made a map of attractions Zelenogradsk , with which you can easily navigate around the city, exploring interesting places on the way:

Zelenogradsk Promenade

Zelenogradsk promenade

Zelenogradsk Promenade

What is the first thing to see in Zelenogradsk Kaliningrad region? Of course the promenade – stretched along the shore of the Baltic Sea, the main pedestrian street of the city, where the crowds at any time of year. Reconstruction of the embankment began in the late noughties, and today there is no trace of the narrow uncomfortable streets and dilapidated buildings. The rebuilt embankment has become a place of attraction for residents and guests of the city.

Along the waterfront are comfortable benches, sitting on which you can breathe the fresh sea air and admire the incredible views of the Baltic Sea. Here is everything you need for rest, active and relaxing pastime.

Zelenogradsk sea photo

Wonderful sunset on the promenade in Zelenogradsk

At the end of the promenade is a pump room with mineral water. The eastern part of the promenade Zelenogradsk is famous for its numerous cafes and restaurants with summer sites, where in peak season it is difficult to find a free place. Many establishments on the promenade work all year round, so if you visit Zelenogradsk in winter, you will always find a place to warm up and drink flavored mulled wine, thinking about where to go next and what to see.

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In the evening, thanks to multicolored lighting, the promenade takes on a festive and enchanting look.

Walking along Zelenogradsk promenade, you should definitely go to the pier, which offers a magnificent panorama of the city. Installed on concrete piles, the narrow platform extends 150 meters into the sea. For safety purposes, the pier is equipped with wooden railings, reliably protecting people from falling into the water. On the pier you can often see colorful fishermen catching flounder, using as bait pieces of squid and shrimp.

When you go for a walk along the promenade, take some bread with you for the seagulls. You can feed the birds and take great pictures.

The water tower is an ancient sightseeing place of Zelenogradsk.

Sights of Zelenogradsk

Panoramic view of Zelenogradsk from the water tower

Ancient Prussian tower is one of the tallest buildings in Zelenogradsk. The height of the structure is 40 meters. Built in 1905, the water tower was once an important element of the water system of Kranz. During World War II, the tower fell into disrepair. The repairs during the Soviet era were unsuccessful, as the new pipes, which were installed instead of the old German ones, were unable to withstand the pressure of the water. The tower was not used for its intended purpose and was gradually deteriorating.

By the end of the twentieth century the structure was in disrepair, but the authorities decided to preserve it. In 2006 the restoration of the tower began, during which the forged elements, stucco and brickwork were restored. Since it was not intended to be used as a part of the water system of the city, it was decided to modernize the German structure. The tower was equipped with an elevator, and on the place of the water reservoir at a height of 24 meters an open observation deck was created, from which a 360-degree panorama opens. Climbing up to the observation deck, you can see the whole of Zelenogradsk and the Baltic Sea from a bird’s-eye view.

Today the water tower has the status of an architectural monument of municipal importance. On the observation deck are constantly held cultural events and various meetings.

To find the old Prussian tower is very easy – it is located within walking distance of Kurortny Prospekt and towers over the buildings of the central part of the city. You may visit the observation deck daily from 11:00 to 19:00.

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What to see in Zelenogradsk: main sights of the Baltic resort

Zelenogradsk is a resort town on the Baltic Sea coast. The main attractions of Zelenogradsk are not only the sea, the beach and the promenade – unusual museums: the museum of cats Murarium, a museum of skulls and skeletons, the House of Angels, as well as urban architecture and monuments.

Sights of Zelenogradsk

And, most importantly, Zelenogradsk begins a unique natural monument, inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List – the Curonian Spit. The Curonian Spit is the most famous and popular attraction of the Kaliningrad Oblast. For most visitors of the region a visit to the Curonian Spit is a must in the tourist program.

Where to go and what to see in Zelenogradsk, description, photos and addresses, the most interesting and beautiful places.

About Zelenogradsk

Kurhaus Kranz

  • The city of Zelenogradsk is located in the northern part of the Kaliningrad Peninsula, on the territory where the narrow Curonian Spit passes into the mainland. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Kaliningrad region.
  • Zelenogradsk is positioned as a balneological resort.
  • The population of the town is 15.5 thousand people.
  • Zelenogradsk was part of East Prussia until 1946 and was called Kranz.

Administrative building of Krantz resort

Kranz spa administration building.

  • Krantz was founded in 1252.
  • The Soviet troops entered Krantz on February 4, 1945, the town almost did not suffer during the Great Patriotic War, despite the fierce battles on the Curonian Spit.
  • There is a version that when the military changed the names of East Prussia to Russian, they confused Zelenogradsk with Svetlogorsk. Svetlogorsk is a very wooded, green city, while Zelenogradsk is very sunny, they would suit each other’s names better.

Zelenogradsk railway station

The building of the station

  • The city has a railway station Zelenogradsk-Novy. From here you can take an electric train to Kaliningrad and the cities of Pionersky and Svetlogorsk.
  • The building of the station was built in 1885 and remained virtually unchanged.
  • The distance from Zelenogradsk to Kaliningrad – 37 km.


Zelenogradsk sights on the map.

Zelenogradsk sights

Building of the former post office

Former post office. Kurortny avenue, dom 29

Zelenogradsk is often compared with Svetlogorsk – the most popular resort of the Kaliningrad region. Svetlogorsk has a Yantar Hall, where concerts and a music festival KVN “Golosyaschy KiVIN” are held. It brings the city to life, while Zelenogradsk is more quiet and provincial. Those who are afraid of getting bored in silence should better go to Svetlogorsk, there is more drive. But the beach in Zelenogradsk is better and not on such high and abrupt coast.

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The main attraction of Zelenogradsk is the beach in Zelenogradsk.

Zelenogradsk beach

The most important attractions of Zelenogradsk sea are a sandy beach with a promenade and a 150-meter pier. There is a nudist unofficial beach and a surfing school. Near the embankment is the Queen Louise’s bureaus.

On the Zelenograd beach there are such sandy glades, surrounded by vegetation, where even on windy days the sand is very hot from the sun – they are called frying pans.


Zelenogradsk promenade

The promenade in Zelenogradsk is very long and wide, there are both cafes and souvenir shops, free exercise equipment with turnstiles, benches, a two-lane bicycle path.

In 2016 and 2017, the World Fireworks Championship was held here.

Local history museum

Zelenogradsk museum of local lore

Website: cranz-muzeum.ru Address: Lenin Street, 6. Working hours: from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday off. Ticket price: 200 rubles, pensioners, students – 100 rubles, schoolchildren – 50 rubles.

You can learn more about the history of Zelenogradsk in the Local Lore Museum. The museum expositions are placed in an old mansion of the XIX century. Once this building was owned by a lawyer Max Krell family, so it is often called Villa Krell. Later there was a children’s library fund.

Zelenogradsk Local History Museum

Within the walls of this attraction Zelenogradsk you can see many exhibits, which occupy an area of 550 square meters. The museum tells the history of the city and its district, from ancient times to the events of the present.

Zelenogradsk museum of local lore

There is a souvenir shop in the museum. Here you can buy amber, paintings, pottery, books and maps.

Water Tower

Water tower Zelenogradsk

Address: Saratovskaya ul. 2A

On the territory of former Cranz there is a 40 m high water tower, built at the beginning of the 20th century. For a long time it was used for organizing the water supply system of the city. In the middle of XX century the building was closed due to the changes in the water supply system, and in 1990 it was reconstructed.

To date, the tower is used as an observation deck, you can get on it if you take the elevator upstairs. You can get a good view of the city from here.

The Murarium Cat Museum

Cat Museum Murarium

Address: Saratovskaya street, 2A. Website: http://murarium.ru. Every day from 11 till 19 o’clock. Ticket price: 280 rubles, children and pensioners 230 rubles.

There is a museum of cats on the territory of former water tower. Its exposition is private art collection of felines family. There are about 4,500 exhibits made of different materials: wool, wood, metal and glass.

Zelenogradsk Cat Museum

Viewers can see cats from Japan and Egypt and Polynesia. The animals are represented not only in the form of figurines, they are depicted on badges, paintings, souvenirs, chocolate bars. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the country.

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Monument to Zelenograd cats

Monument to Zelenograd cats

Address: Crossing of Kurortny prospect and Pogranichnaya street.

Monument to Zelenograd cats rotates in different directions and you can ride on it. The most popular place in Zelenogradsk for photo sessions. Cats are a favorite theme in the city.

Museum of skulls and skeletons.

Museum of skulls and skeletons

Address: Saratovskaya street, 2A. Website: http://m-ch-s.com Working mode: every day from 11:00 to 19:00. Tickets: 200 rubles, for children and pensioners 120 rubles.

Museum of skulls and skeletons – a collection of a variety of skulls: medical, humorous, subcultural, ritual, and other topics. If you are not a fan of such topics, it is better not to go to this museum. The creators of the museum do not recommend that children under 6 years old visit, and under 13 years old only with an adult.

The museum has a ribbon maze. You can take pictures with skeletons and skulls.

House of Angels

Little House of Angels

Address: Pogranichnaya Street, 12a Website: http://homeofangels.ru Ticket price: 200 rubles, 120 rubles for children, 120 rubles for pensioners. – For children and pensioners, 50 rbl. – for disabled people. Working hours: every day from 11.00 till 19.00.

Little house of angels is one more unusual museum of Zelenogradsk. Here you can find a collection of angels: jewelry with angels, objects decorated with angels, angel attributes (wings, trumpets) and other angel objects.

Little House of Angels

Here you can take photos against the background of large white wings. Enjoyed by angel lovers and children. Located next to the church of St. Adalbert. Angel donors receive free admission to the museum.

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

In agreement with the citizens of St. Petersburg the monument to Adam Mickiewicz – the poet who had a great influence on the formation of the literature of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania in the 19th century – was erected near the Literary Path in the City Garden. Mickiewicz was on his way to St. Petersburg and on his way he stayed several days in Kranj in autumn 1824.

Monument to Adam Mickiewicz

The idea of the monument was suggested by local historians and the sculpture was made by Valery Kovalev, a resident of Kaliningrad. The work was financed by local businessmen and the regional department of culture also allocated money.

St. Adalbert Kirche

St. Adalbert Church in Zelenograd

Address: 40a Moskovskaya St.

St. Adalbert Kirche was built in Kranj in 1897 in Gothic style of red bricks. The tower height – 42 meters. The parsonage was built next to the church.

The church has not changed its original appearance, as during World War II it was not damaged. During the Soviet times the church was used as a gym and warehouses.

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The St. Adalbert’s Kirche was given to the Russian Orthodox Church and now it is used as an orthodox cathedral of Transfiguration.

Church of St. Andrew

St. Andrew the First-Called Church Zelenogradsk

Address: 13A Moskovskaya Street.

Originally it was the Catholic Chapel of St. Andrew. It was built in 1904. At present the church is Orthodox and has been operating since 1991. Renamed in harmony with the first name – the Church of St. Andrew. It is an object of cultural heritage of local importance.

Buvette Queen Louise

Queen Louise Budget

Address: Friendship Alley

On the territory of Zelenogradsk there are not only old attractions, interesting places appear even today. Thanks to the funding of a local patron recently appeared a place where you can try mineral water, it contains many useful substances. Mineral water “Zelenogradskaya”, which you can take for free and take with you, is extracted from a depth of more than 200 meters.

The pump-room is named after the beautiful Queen Louise. She used to come to Kranj in the beginning of XIX century when she was hiding from Napoleon army.

Queen Louise Square

Queen Louise Square

The city of Zelenogradsk, as well as Sovetsk, loves Queen Louise. Here and the pump room is named in her honor, and the public garden, and hotel, and there is a bust of her. Queen Louise was an iconic figure for the Germans. By the way, she is the mother of Princess Charlotte, wife of Russian Emperor Nicholas I.

Queen Louise Square

The square named in honor of Queen Louise was laid out in Zelenogradsk at the beginning of the XXI century. According to legend, here is where the ruler of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm IV planted a tree in honor of Queen Louise, his mother. It happened in 1843, when he came to Kranz.

Queen Louise Bust

In 2007, a royal bust added to the grounds of the park. It was donated to the city by the administration of the German town Bad Doberan. The bust is made of bronze and is a copy of a work that was made by a sculptor from Germany Rauch in the 19th century. Today it is in the National Gallery of Berlin, and its copy is in the city park of Zelenogradsk.

Tortilin pond and city park

Tortillin pond

Near the beach is the city park of Zelenogradsk and Tortilin pond with water lilies. Here you can feed the ducks and swans, walk along the paths, hiding from the heat, ride a bicycle. There are benches, playgrounds and cafes. On the original water path in the form of many circles love to be photographed.

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