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Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden. It is located in the southernmost administrative region – Skåne and is its administrative center.

The commercial center of Southern Sweden, Malmo, like many other blue-collar cities in Europe, is forced to adapt to modern realities, as the previously developed heavy industry is declining and the enterprises require modernization in accordance with the latest technologies. A good example of this process is the creation of the “City of Tomorrow” in Westrahamnen, the site of a former shipyard transformed into a lively commercial and university center with modern homes planned by talented architects.

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Malmö’s oldest neighborhoods date back to the 14th and 15th centuries. A visit to the 13th-century St. Peter’s Church is a must on the tourist program. Major construction took place in the city from the middle of the 19th century until the 20th century, and the Art Nouveau style, so popular in the Scandinavian countries, was an important part of it. The intense pace of restoration since the 1960s has changed the face of the city center, but a good portion has been lost forever.

You can do your shopping and have a coffee or something stronger in the pedestrian areas and on the Lilla Torg and Möllevongstorget. Most stores are open on Sunday. For those fond of culture, it’s important to remember that theaters, museums, and art galleries are not far from each other and can be easily reached on foot. Stortoget Square is home to the historic town hall and the massive equestrian statue of King Charles X.


The first mention of Malmö dates back to 1259 – it was a small harbor in the shallow bay of Lomme, where later came the Hanseatic ships on their way to the herring fishery. The Danish King Erik of Pomerania built fortifications here. Malmö was ceded to Sweden in 1658 under the Roskilde Peace Treaty. The rapid flowering of the city in XVIII century, the city is obliged both to the port and the merchant Franz Suell (1744-1817), whose monument stands on Norra Vallgatan. In 1856 led the railroad to Stockholm. In 2005, on the site of the former shipyard in the Øresund Strait the Turning Torso building grew – a 190-meter skyscraper designed by world famous architect Santiago Calatrava. The 54-floor structure, which includes not only offices but also apartments, consists of nine cubes turning from the base to the top by 90°. A new city tunnel is under construction (2006-2011), which will connect the central station to the Eresund Bridge.

Attractions in Malmö

Old Town

Most of the city’s sights can be reached on foot. The center of the Old Town is Stortorget Square, where the equestrian statue of Charles X Gustav, erected in honor of the annexation of Skåne province to Sweden (1658), stands in the center. In the eastern part of the square among the impressive buildings of the early twentieth century stands a magnificent Renaissance town hall (1546). A little further is the residence of the head of the county government. Kyrkogata Street leads to the brick Gothic Church of St. Peter, built in the 14th century on the model of St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche) in Lübeck. The interior white plastered rooms are vaulted, and the columns are decorated with Renaissance epitaphs. Church treasures are displayed in an armored display case in the side aisle. The beautiful Lilla Torg square is framed by picturesque half-timbered houses of the 16th and 18th centuries, very unusual for Sweden – it is a real “Danish” heritage, but without these houses the Little Square (Lilla Torg) would not seem very cozy. In the summertime the outdoor cafes on the square are always crowded, and in winter the ice on the square is pirouetted by as many people as you can imagine.

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Art and Design Center

Through the gates leads to the former Hedmanska Garden barn, which in 1964 became the site of the Form Design Center. There are more than 50 Swedish companies exhibiting and selling their wares here: not only “veterans” of design such as Georg Jensen, Marimekko, Kosta Boda, Orrefbrs, but also talented young people (opening hours: Fri. to Fri. 11-17pm, Thu. to 6pm, Sat. to Sun. to 4pm).

The most magnificent burgher buildings in Malmö include Flensburgska Hus (1589) at Sodergatan 9; Jorgen Kocks Hus (1525); Rosenvingeska Hus (1534) at Vastergatan 2/5; Tunnelns Hus (1519) at Adelgatan 4; Diedenska Hus (1620) at Ostergatan 6 and a complex of two houses – Thottska Hus (1558) – also on Ostergatan. The bars and clubs in the alleys around Gustav Adolfs Torg (Gustav Adolfs Torg) are interesting. Malmö boasts its own Soho district – Mollevangen.

Hanseatic Museum

In the exposition of this museum (Medeltidsskeppen) – two sailing ships (koggi). There is a tavern in the museum that recreates the medieval atmosphere (Opening hours: January-May, September – December 22, Wed – Sat. 11.00-16.00, June-Aug. daily. 10.00-16.00).

Const Hall

In one of the largest halls of contemporary art Konsthall widely represented works of Swedish artists. Hours: daily (11.00-17.00, Wed – until 21.00).

Roseum Museum of Contemporary Art

“Rooseum, a museum of contemporary art, was founded in 1988 by Swedish collector and financier Fredrik Roos in the building of the former Malmö Gasworks (opening hours: Wednesdays 14:00-20:00, Wednesdays 12:00-18:00).

Toy Museum

Barbie, Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter: more than 10,000 toys from the last half-century are on display at the Leksaksland Museum on Frederiksberggatan 16E to the delight of visitors of all ages. The museum also has its own “secret room” (opening hours: Wed-Sun 11 a.m.-4 p.m.).

What else to see

The “Turning Torso” is a magnificent new residential skyscraper that has quickly become a landmark of the city. The Malmö City Library, a glass-fronted building soaring above the lake, boasts a striking light show at night. The curved Ersunde Bridge connects Malmö with Copenhagen not only by road but also by rail. Traditional summer holidays at the magnificent Renaissance Malmöhus Castle (worth a visit at any time of year).

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Romantic sculpture “Tragos” and fountain with 22 theatrical characters are situated near the opera house.

Beach life in Malmö

Local “Copacabana” is called Ribersborg – it’s a magnificent 2 km long sandy beach. The extra hardy can swim in the sea water all year round, take a sauna with a wood stove, and then sit in a cafe and enjoy the view of the strait. And all this – at Kallbadhus (Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8.30-19.00, Saturday, Sunday 8.30-16.00).

Ticket “Eresund” Malmo Ticket

At Malmo Turism (at the central station) you can buy a single “Malmokortet” ticket for 1,2 or 3 days. It entitles you to free travel on the city bus, free parking, free entry to the city’s museums, free guided tours of the city, and discounts on canal tours and cultural events as well as in restaurants and stores. Those wishing to explore the capital of Denmark recommend the train: it takes only 35 minutes to reach Copenhagen from Malmö Central Station.1 The ticket “Øresund” includes one trip across the strait by ferry and one over the bridge.

Canal tours

Opposite the Central Station is a pier, from which a pleasure boat departs several times a day from April to September. It’s a great tour of the canals and the palace park.


The main shopping area in Malmö is the Sodergatan pedestrian zone and the surrounding streets. On Lilla Torg is the shopping center Form Design. There are a total of 800 stores and 7 shopping centers, such as Hansa on Stora Nygatan. Fiskehoddorna sells freshly caught fish (opening hours: Tuesday to Friday, Sunday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.). Fans of flea markets on Sundays flock to Sodra Promenaden.


For the third week in August the city’s cultural highlight is the annual Malmofestival. Malmö Festival is 900 hours of free entertainment, music and culinary delights. The guests of the grandest festival in Sweden are up to 1.5 million citizens of the world.

Attractions Malmo

St. Peter’s Cathedral Eresund Bridge Royal Park House of Nils Kantze Restaurant in Kockka huset Lilla Square Lemongrass Restaurant Anno 1900

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St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral (photo)

St. Peter’s Cathedral is located in the central part of the Swedish city of Malmö. It is the main church of the city, built in the Gothic style, is popular not only among believers, but also among tourists interested in historical monuments of architecture.

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St. Peter’s Cathedral was built in the middle of the 14th century. This majestic structure is impressive in its size: it is 105 meters high. The church was built in the German Gothic style, and the choice of this architectural style has its historical roots. The fact is that since times immemorial, German merchants have visited Malmö, who, having made their sales in this city, preferred to settle down here. Since they paid taxes on a regular basis, and were able to conduct business, city officials were interested in attracting German visitors, and therefore architectural influences in the construction of St. Peter’s Cathedral are not accidental.

Thanks to its excellent acoustics, the cathedral is famous for its organ music. Even people far from religion come here to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages, forgetting for a while the daily hustle and bustle. All visitors can leave their gratitude and requests addressed to the higher powers in a book at the entrance.

Coordinates: 55.60694400,13.00361100

The Øresun Bridge

The Øresun bridge (photo)

The Øresund Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Europe, spanning the Øresund and connecting cities in two different countries, Malmö in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark. The bridge connects the two-lane railroad and the four-lane highway.

Construction of this impressive structure began in 1995 and was completed in August 1999. The official opening ceremony was held in July 2000 with two august personalities as guests of honor: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and King Carl Gustav the Sixteenth of Sweden. Immediately after the ceremony the bridge was put into operation. The total length of the bridge is 7,850 meters, width – 24 meters, and the height of the main span – 58 meters.

Despite the fact that the Øresund Bridge crosses the border between the two Scandinavian states, it is possible to cross without passport control thanks to the Schengen Agreement. The only formality required for passengers entering Sweden is a customs inspection (not required for entry into Denmark).

Coordinates: 55.57527800,12.82694400

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Royal Park

Royal Park (photo)

The Royal Park, located in central Malmö, is the oldest park in the city. It was originally called King Oscar Park, but the name was soon shortened to its current version.

The Royal Park was opened in 1872 on the territory of the old cemetery. Many citizens (and especially the clergy) were skeptical at first, but after the opening everyone was so enchanted by the beauty of the park that they forgot about the aesthetic side of the issue. The development of landscape design (not that people used such terms in those days, but the essence of the work boiled down to this) was entrusted to Danish specialist Uwe Hansen, who was largely inspired by the beauty of English parks. As a result, the arrangement of gardens and hedges in many ways resembled the design of parks in Foggy Albion.

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At present, there are many exotic trees growing on the territory of the Royal Park. There are also beautiful fountains and sculptures to admire. The park was renovated in 2006-2010 at a cost of SEK 11 million.

Coordinates : 55.60318100,12.99175700

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Niels Kantze’s house

Niels Kantze House (photo)

The wealthy mayor of Malmo, Jep Nelsen, built a brick house in the 1530s for his daughter Anne, whose husband Nils Kantze became its owner. A few years later he took over as his father-in-law. This ancient two-story building has preserved beautiful examples of various interior styles and some elements of the exterior.

The facades of the house were decorated with borders of limestone and stone. The street &#214 stergatan faced two large windows through which merchants could offer their goods. The stepped pediments of the house and the large arch still stand.

Inside the house a wall divided it into two parts, one of which was occupied by Niels Kantze and the other by his wife Anna. The cellars were used as storage rooms and had access to the street. On the first floor there was a store, a big hall and a vestibule. A painted ceiling from the late 1600s has been preserved here. Upstairs were the master bedrooms, living room, and vestibule, decorated with beautiful drawings on the walls, plaster putty. There was a brewery and stables in the courtyard.

Coordinates: 55.60782800,13.00735600

Restaurant in Kockka huset

Restaurant in Kockska huset (photo)

One of the best restaurants of Swedish Malmo is located in the heart of the historic city, in an old house built back in the sixteenth century. Built in 1523 of red bricks in North German style, the building originally served as a residence of Malmo’s governor. Today, the restaurant’s halls are now housed under its low vaulted ceilings and in an interior reminiscent of medieval castles.

Agstiterna translates from Swedish as “the four seasons”. The restaurant offers four seasonal menus, each of which includes both Swedish and international dishes. For starters, try goat cheese in a honey glaze with beets and arugula or Norwegian lobster and cauliflower soup with egg roll stuffed with lobster fillet and basil. Continue with grilled veal chops with Dutch tarragon and tomato ravioli. For dessert, try the lemon sorbet with champagne, raspberries and almond cake.

Coordinates : 55.60685900,12.99887200

Lille Square

Lille Square (photo)

Lilla Tori Square (literally “Little Square”) was laid out in the city of Malmö in 1592 in order to expand the shopping area. Trade has been boiling here for centuries, and continues to do so today. It is one of the centers of nightlife in the city – bars, restaurants, cafes, pubs and dance floors open their doors to you.

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Around the square are medieval half-timbered houses, which have been preserved in their original state. In the various shops you can buy folk handicrafts. There is also the Form Design Center, which holds themed exhibitions devoted to design and crafts of Scandinavia, and sell books, toys, ceramics and glassware.

If you go to Malmö on Christmas Eve, visit the Lilla Torj square to see a huge table lamp, the height of which reaches 6 meters. At the bottom of the lamp there is a kind of benches where you can sit comfortably under the luminous lampshade and listen to how the lamp can talk.

Coordinates : 55.60513000,12.99885600

Lemongrass Restaurant

Lemongrass restaurant (photo)

The Lemongrass restaurant in the Swedish city of Malmo is a surprising fusion of Scandinavian and Asian cultures. This is evident even in the interior, which lacks the opulence expected of an oriental restaurant. Laconic and modern design is made in warm sandy tones. On the background of beige walls bright spots stand out exotic plants, among which you can see the lemon tree, which gave the restaurant its name.

The menu harmonically combines Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes. As an appetizer, try the miso-marinated pork ribs with kohlrabi salad, shrimp croquettes served with plum sauce or tuna and tilapia tartare. For a hot meal, order chicken curry with satay sauce or roasted salmon with savoy cabbage, leeks and sprouted beans in black soy bean sauce. For dessert, choose ginger ice cream with mandarin cream liqueur.

Coordinates: 55.60362800,12.99649000

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Restaurant Anno 1900

Anno 1900 restaurant (photo)

The restaurant Anno 1900, located in an old cottage on the outskirts of the Swedish town of Malmo, offers its visitors a taste of traditional, almost home-style Swedish cuisine in historic interiors. As it is easy to guess from the name, the restaurant is decorated in the spirit of the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, in its interior you can see a lot of antique wooden furniture.

The menu of the restaurant offers simple, time-tested dishes. Try cauliflower soup, fried herring marinated in vinegar with sour cream and cheese, grilled entrecote with French mustard sauce or boiled halibut with horseradish. For dessert, order the creamy parfait with chocolate and cognac.

Coordinates : 55.61066400,13.03603700

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