20 Best Sights of Lazarevskiy – description and photos

Attractions and attractions of Lazarevsky

The article lists the most popular attractions and entertainments of Lazarevsky with photos and descriptions, a map of their location. You will learn what to see in Lazarevskoye on your own in winter and summer, where to go with children, as well as what interesting places are available by car in the vicinity of the city: waterfalls and canyons, caves, dolmens, museums, family entertainment parks.

Lazarevskoye is a developed Black Sea resort with a succession of pebble beaches, family amusement parks and memorable sights, most of which can be seen during the vacation.

Traditionally, getting to know the infrastructure of the neighborhood starts with the promenade. In the summer season, it’s almost the busiest place in Lazarevskoye, along the promenade there are cafes, stores, amusement parks. An exquisite white balustrade separates the tiled embankment from the beaches. Tourists make photos near the quay, buy souvenirs and rush to have a rest by the sea or plan their further walking route to interesting places, buy excursions from Lazarevskoe – to Krasnaya Polyana, to the nature parks and other directions.

Among the most visited attractions within the resort village are amusement parks – with extreme and children’s rides, water slides or a show program. Lazarevskoye water parks and attractions near the seafront are so popular that tourists who stay in Sochi, Shepsie, Tuapse and other towns and small settlements come to the resort for them.

Natural attractions in Lazarevskoye, primarily waterfalls and natural caves, attract active, independent tourists. Often such objects are located not in the resort coastal part of the village, but in the Lazarevsky district, but are quite accessible on foot or as part of short trips by car.

All these and other tourist places can be found on the map of Lazarevskoye with attractions (in the page header).

Lazarevsky sights with photos and descriptions

Lazarevsky embankment is a landscaped promenade area, typical of Black Sea resorts and invariably attractive.

Lazarev Park of Culture and Recreation named after the 30th Anniversary of Victory. The central part of Lazarevsky microdistrict is occupied by the 30th Anniversary of Victory.

Dolphinarium “Sea Star” in Lazarevsky began its activities in 2005. During its construction were applied.

Sea Star Water Park has been operating in Lazarevskoye since 2003 and is compactly located in the developed center of the resort.

Water park “Nautilus” in Lazarevskoye is a favorite vacation spot for tourists and locals. It is a real water park.

National Culture Center at the Lazarevskoe resort is the central place of the resort for cultural and entertainment.

The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (sometimes called the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) is an Orthodox church.

Lazarevsky sights on the map

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    Top 20 Sights of Lazarevskoe

    What to see in Lazarevskoe first of all on foot and by car: from the center of the resort to the borders of the Lazarevsky district.


    The length of the well-appointed promenade in Lazarevskoye is about a kilometer, its main part runs along Yantarnaya Street. Along the embankment lined with cafes, restaurants, the most popular hotels (in fact – it is the first line of the beach).

    Attractions and Entertainment Lazarevsky

    The quay borders with Lazarevsky Park of Culture and Recreation named after 30 years of Victory, and from it you can clearly see the dominant attraction not only the park, but also the entire coast – Lazarevskaya Ferris wheel.

    Ferris wheel

    Lazarev Ferris wheel is the main attraction and viewpoint at the resort; besides, its height is 83.5 meters, which is a record among other Ferris wheels in Russia. From the cabins of the Ferris wheel when you climb up, you can see not only the territory of the Park of Culture and Recreation named after the 30th anniversary of Victory, where it is located, but you can also perfectly see the embankment, the beach, the sea to the horizon – the view is really top-notch.

    Attractions and Entertainment Lazarevsky

    The Lazarev Ferris wheel opened in 2012, and its feature is not only the height, but also the bright backlighting, thanks to which the wheel is visible from afar.

    30th Anniversary of Victory Park

    The Lazarev Park of Culture and Recreation named after the 30th Anniversary of Victory The park named after 30 years of Victory is situated in the center of the resort area and adjoins the central beach and the seafront. Its alleys are planted with exotic plants: palms, oleanders, lindens and plane trees from the Caucasus.

    The sights of the park are monuments in memory of the Great Patriotic War. In the coastal part there are rides, including a huge Ferris wheel, in the green part of the park there is a rope entertainment park.

    Sea Star Dolphinarium

    Lazarev Dolphinarium, working since 2005, is big and modern, with a comfortable pool for animal-artists to perform, because it was built with the recommendations of the Utrish Dolphinarium.

    The dolphinarium “Sea Star” is situated only a block away from the beach of the same name and two blocks away from the district administration. Shows in its pool are held regularly: with the participation of bottlenose dolphins, beluga whales, walruses and sea lions. Additional services include dolphin therapy.

    Tropical Amazon Aquarium

    One of the largest oceanariums in southern Russia is also located in Lazarevskoye and even in the same building as the dolphinarium, it is the center of the city and at the same time the location near the bus station.

    Oceanarium “Tropical Amazon” © Magdalena

    In the oceanarium you can see both the inhabitants of the depths from different parts of the world and bright tropical fish, but its stars are still penguins, for which there is a separate pavilion with an exotarium.

    Sea Star Waterpark

    Water amusement park “Sea Star” in Lazarevskoye occupies more than a hectare, and 11 slides are available for its visitors.

    The peculiarity of this water park in the open air is the landscaped recreation area, the opportunity to spend time not only actively and extremely, conquering slides, or waltzing – sunbathing on loungers or in the shade of exotic trees.

    Nautilus Water Park

    Another water park at the resort is located near the Lazarev Bridge and the Psezuapse River, on Pobedy Street.

    In “Nautilus” 4 pools, enough extreme slides – 2 “Kamikaze” with and without a springboard, “Black Hole”, “Tsunami” – and family – “Pigtail”, “Multislide”, “Tobogan”.

    Lazarev Ethnographic Museum

    Located in a merchant’s mansion of the early 20th century, the Ethnographic Museum is a branch of the Sochi Museum of History. The permanent exhibition is devoted to the history of the indigenous Black Sea people – Adyghe-Shapsug.

    There are three halls in the Lazarev Ethnographic Museum which include artifacts relating to the history and culture of the people, the oldest of which are more than 4-5 thousand years old; national costumes – Circassian and embroidered costumes; household items, musical instruments, photographs and much more.

    Lazarevsky District Center of National Cultures

    The K.S. Mazlumyan Center of National Cultures is a concert hall and creative venue in Lazarevskoye, the central place in this resort microdistrict for cultural and entertainment events.

    It is located on Victory Street, in front of the concert building a fountain works in summer, the territory is well-groomed, one of the attractions – a genre sculpture “Good Angel of Peace”.

    Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    The spiritual and cultural center of the spa district is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is located in the center of the resort, on a hill, unofficially called “church hill,” near the railway station Lazarevskaya.

    Historical temple, founded in 1900, restored in the period from the mid-1990s to 2004: it was at the last stage he acquired and multi-tiered belfry with seven bells.

    Church of St. Nicholas in Lazarevskoye

    Lazarevsky Church of St. Nicholas, or Nikolskaya Church, was built not so long ago, in 1999, and is located away from the center of the village – the area of the beach Volna in the direction of Sosnovy Bor.

    The facade of the temple, built in the old Russian style, is decorated with mosaic icons. Since 2008 the church has a bell tower.

    Remains of the Lazarev fort

    Fortification at the mouth of the river Psezuapse was built in 1839, and in subsequent wars fort was repeatedly captured or abandoned. As a result, nowadays even the ruins, indicating that Lazarevskoye really was a fortress, is not easy to find.

    To see the remains of the fortress wall in Lazarevskoye you can, in particular, on Entuziastov Street, near the 1st City Hospital.

    Svirskoye Gorge

    A natural attraction of the Sochi National Park and at the same time within easy reach of the Lazarevskoe resort area.

    Auntie's tears waterfall in the Svirskoye Gorge

    The Auntie’s Tears waterfall in the Svirskoye Gorge © Alexander Suvorov

    The length of the gorge is about 3 kilometers, the route is extremely picturesque, along it there are waterfalls and creeks. The largest and the most interesting waterfalls are Svirskiy, Teshchiny tears, Adam and Eva; you should also see the mysterious Moon Stone and the dolmen “Slava”.

    Crab Gorge

    Less than a kilometer from the outskirts of Lazarevsky to another gorge – Crab Gorge. The place is notable for natural fonts with transparent water and lush southern vegetation. Besides the natural attractions along the equipped route, the “Bridge of Wishes” is also interesting.

    Like Svirskoe, Crab Gorge is a part of Sochi National Park, so you have to pay the eco fee to visit it. And in the mountain stream flowing through the gorge, freshwater crabs do live, but cleverly camouflaged, and it is difficult to see them.

    Berendey’s Kingdom

    The 3 km long ecological route starts at the Mamedova Gap and the river Kuapse, it covers several beautiful waterfalls of Sochi National Park, most of which are named after the fairy tale “Snegurochka”.

    The highest waterfall of the eco-trope, the sign to which is clearly visible from the A-147, is the Beard of Berendey, 27 meters. It has an observation deck.

    Mamedova Gorge

    The beautiful natural monument is named after the hero of local legends, the elder Mamed, who saved the village. A hiking trail passes through the canyon, carved by the bed of the river Kuapse. The local landscape is very diverse and includes natural arches, niches, cornices.

    Attractions and Entertainment Lazarevsky

    In the canyon and surrounding area grows about 120 species of plants, including red-listed. Also of interest along the route are ancient dolmen, occult mounds and other artifacts.

    33 waterfalls

    The most famous cascade of waterfalls in Lazarevsky area is even called sonically, alluringly – 33 waterfalls – as an opportunity to see a maximum of waterfalls on one route.

    Attractions and Entertainment Lazarevsky

    Cascades are located on the creek Dzhegosh in the gorge of the same name, therefore another name – Dzhegosh waterfalls. Around the gorge is an oak massif, which grows and interesting southern endemics, including boxwood and tulip tree.

    Miracle Beauty

    The next waterfall place of the Sochi National Park in Lazarevsky District is the Miracle-Krasotka tract. There are three waterfalls on the cold spring river, about 10 km long, and two of them are open to the public – the eponymous Miracle-Krasotka (aka Laskovy waterfall) and Prokhladny waterfall.

    Both cascades are the most picturesque and full-flowing in the spring, Prokhladny is upstream.

    Sparkling Falls

    The waterfall on the Khekuai River near the village of Thagapsh is more remote from the center of Lazarevsky than the other top waterfalls, but is still among the accessible to tourists.

    On sunny days, a rainbow forms at the foot of the waterfall. Tiger Cave is worth a visit in its vicinity – and tours often offer them together.

    Tulip Tree

    Tulip Tree in Golovinka, Lazarevsky district, is a natural monument, planted back in 1840. Now the diameter of the trunk of the tree is about 2 meters and its height is about 35 meters. To photograph a tulip tree in full, you will have to go farther away.

    There are several legends connected with the tree, there is an information board and souvenir outlets near it.

    What to see in Lazarevskoe on your own

    Independent recreation in Lazarevskoye should not be limited to the seafront and beaches: of course, many of them are very picturesque, sections of the coast are different and entertainment infrastructure, but the sights remote from the coast can be no less interesting.

    Do not forget that Lazarevskoye has its own concert venue – the renovated Center of National Cultures, on the stage of which famous Russian artists perform with tours.

    Summer holidays can be varied by walking around the resort, visiting exhibitions and street shows. A nice entertainment will be a photo-shooting excursion in a small wax museum. An alternative for lovers of active recreation is a diving club.

    You can find time for a cultural program with your family: go to the Ethnographic Museum dedicated to the history and culture of the Adyghe-Shapsugians, as well as peoples-settlers. Its permanent exhibition consists of over a thousand exhibits – historical artifacts, household items, clothing, collected the most detailed information about dolmens, which can be found within the resort. After the museum it will be interesting to find the remains of fortress wall of Lazarev on the right bank of Psezuapse on your own, without moving away from the center of the village, or get a map of the area, go to see the scattered in the vicinity megaliths.

    On your own go to Golovinka to see the famous Wide Tulip Tree, planted in the mid-19th century. The tree is often attributed medicinal properties, and has the status of a natural and historical monument.

    Center of National Cultures

    Where to go in Lazarevskoye with children

    The Lazarevskoye resort district as part of Sochi is traditionally perceived as one of the main holiday destinations with children on the Black Sea coast. Family tourists choose it for the variety of entertainment, clean, albeit pebbly, beaches, convenient location – you can book tours and travel throughout the Krasnodar region and to neighboring Abkhazia.

    Classical summer attractions in Lazarevskoye are in the central recreation park “30 years of Victory” located at the coast. There are merry-go-rounds, driving rides, new extreme slides, shooting galleries and kiosks with cotton candy without which it’s hard to imagine a family weekend in the park. In 2012, the main attraction in Lazarevskoye Park opened in the coastal area, and quickly found its place as the resort’s recognizable symbol – it’s a huge Ferris wheel, the biggest in Russia. During the season vacationers have time to ride it several times: in closed and open cabins, in the daytime (for the sake of the coastal panorama) and at dusk with beautiful lighting.

    Another indispensable component of a summer vacation in Lazarevskoye with children is a trip to the water park for a whole day. During the season from June to September there are two water parks with slides in the open air – “Nautilus” at the bus stop “Market” and “Sea Star” at the bus stop “Polyclinic”.

    Family visits to the dolphinarium “Sea Star” and the exposition of the nearby oceanarium “Tropical Amazon” is a fascinating program for at least half a day, and just as interesting for adults.

    Attractions around Lazarevsky

    The natural attractions of the Lazarev region are worthy of several well-thought-out itineraries.

    The first “forays” will be convenient to devote to the nearest objects: get on foot to Crab Gorge (from the end of Kalarash Street – about a kilometer by signs) or Svirsky Gorge (800 meters from Svirskaya Street, the northern outskirts of the resort).

    Having expanded the radius of the hike to 10 km, you can add to the list of places: to think about the route to the park “Berendeyevo kingdom” and Mammadov gorge, go to Volkonka for a rare monolithic dolmen and the natural beauty of local gorges, as well as a waterfall located nearby.

    The trip to the village of Thagapsh (distance – up to 20 km) will make it possible to see such remarkable places on the way as the waterfalls of Aquarius and Igristy, the picturesque corner of the Stone Fill, as well as the Tiger Cave.

    One of the most popular and excursion-saturated directions from Lazarevskoe – 33 waterfalls, a famous natural attraction in the Sochi National Park, about 30-32 km from the southern outskirts of the village.

    Excursions in Lazarevskiy

    Offers from tourist guides in Lazarevskoye are mostly dedicated to the surroundings and, first and foremost, to the beautiful nature of Sochi Park. However, you can also find less mass excursions or choose individual tours that tell about the history, culture and nature of Lazarevskoye including.

    Private guides in Lazarevskoye

    Russian private guides will help you get acquainted with Lazarevskiy in more detail. There are 1 registered Russian guide in Lazarevskiy on the project Experts.Tourister.Ru.

    Alexei Mankivsky 17 excursions

    Rent a Car in Lazarevskiy

    Lazarevskoye from above. Streets, parks, attractions

    20 best attractions and entertainments of Lazarevskoe


    Exotic aquariums with the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, a fabulous road to Berendeyevo Tsarstvo and the largest Ferris wheel in Russia.

    Lazarevskoye is a village in Greater Sochi. Today it is a resort with a rapidly developing tourist infrastructure. Here you can find entertainment for all tastes: water parks, promenades, parks, museums and concert venues.

    Where to go and what to see in Lazarevskoye

    The settlement is famous for its natural beauty. Famous sights of Lazarevskoye and its surroundings are waterfalls, gorges, caves and picturesque river valleys.

    But the rest here is not limited to staying on the beach and country walks. For everyone who wants to have fun, we will tell you what sights and entertainments of Lazarevskoye are the most popular.

    Ethnographic Museum

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The mansion, which now houses the museum, was built of stone and covered with red tiles back at the beginning of the last century. It used to belong to merchant Popandopulo’s family, which used to occupy the second floor. After the revolution the house was used for different purposes, and at the end of the 1980s it was turned into a museum. Its exposition is devoted to a small indigenous people of Caucasus – Adygs – Shapsugs.

    Today the museum contains three halls. Here you can learn about the features of everyday life and culture of Shapsugs, see their national costumes, preserved photographs and documents, hear stories about the family way of life and religious beliefs of these people.

    The cost of the entrance ticket: For adults – 100 rubles. For schoolchildren and students – 50 rubles.

    Central beach

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    All beaches of Lazarevsky are recreation areas with pebble bottom. Pebbles on the beaches are fine and smooth, so it is very comfortable to have a rest there. Descent into the water is gentle, the depth along the coast is shallow, so it will be comfortable for tourists with children.

    The central beach is the most popular recreation spot of the village that opens early in the morning. If you want to have a comfortable rest, you’d better book a seat early in the high season.

    Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The Orthodox church is situated in the center of the resort village on a hill known locally as the “church hill.” It was built in the early twentieth century, survived the hard times in the 30s, at different times was used as a warehouse, museum and even a radio room.

    Today the Orthodox church has been returned to the faithful. The church has new gilded bells and a multi-tiered bell tower. Services are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and on church holidays.

    Ruins of the Lazarev Fort

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    At first glance, this landmark is not of great interest and is completely unremarkable. In fact, the preserved remains of defensive structures are an important historical site. The formation of the current village took place here, when in 1839, the Russian landing force landed on its territory.

    Fierce battles were fought for the Lazarev Fort more than once, and only in the late 60’s it lost its importance. Unfortunately, the historical landmark has been poorly preserved – today you can see only ruins in its place. The former fortress wall is located in the park on Entuziastov Street.

    Temple of Nicholas the Wonderworker

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The temple was built in our time – a little more than 20 years ago. It is a building in the form of a cube, built in the style of ancient Russian architecture. To decorate the facade, mosaics imported from Greece were used. The temple was built in record time, just in 4 months, with the financial support of Gazprom.

    The church has its own sacred place: fragments of relics of Saint Nicholas, as well as a beautiful wooden iconostasis. Since 2008, the church has had a bell tower.

    Attractions and attractions of Lazarevsky

    There is never a dull moment in Lazarevskoye: here you can always find where to have a fun time for both adults and children. Prices for paid attractions in Lazarevskoe may change depending on the season, so before visiting them it is better to clarify the cost on the official website.

    Nautilus Water Park

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The water park on Victory Street occupies 2 hectares and can accommodate up to 2,000 visitors at a time. A distinctive feature of “Nautilus” is its location on the beach, on the other side there is a view of the picturesque hills.

    There are extreme slides and descents with parallel tracks, 4 swimming pools (including children’s), areas with sun beds and umbrellas, food courts. The water park is open during the beach season from June to September.

    The nearest bus stop is “Market”, you can get there by buses and route cabs along Lazarev street. The distance to the complex is approximately 200 meters.

    Dolphinarium “Sea Star”.

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    Dolphin show in “Sea Star” operates all year round. During the performance the audience will see various tricks performed by dolphins, will be able to see their ability to dance, sing and even draw pictures. Ticket prices vary, but the performance is perfectly visible from any row, so there is an opportunity to save money.

    After the show for an additional fee you can take pictures with dolphins and other sea animals, as well as swim with them in the pool. There are special corrective programs for children with special needs to communicate with the animals.

    If you take tickets to the performances in the front rows, be prepared for the fact that the dolphins will douse you in water while performing tricks. It is advisable to bring jackets or raincoats.

    Center of National Cultures

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The center is the main venue for musical ensembles. Regular concerts of local performers and stars of Russian culture, thematic evenings, festive shows, as well as festivals of cinema, children’s art and choreography are held here. Over 40 groups of different nationalities are engaged in the Center.

    It is easy to find the building: it is located at the intersection of Victory Street and Kalash Street, on the square with fountains. There is a bus number 70 to this place. The stop is called “Lazarevskoe Center”.

    Oceanarium “Tropical Amazon”

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The Oceanarium first opened its doors to its guests in 2005. In the two-level complex you can see exotic sea inhabitants. The most popular of them are predatory sharks and piranhas. There are special hours when you can follow the process of feeding animals and fish. To do this, an employee dips into the water wearing a scuba gear.

    Papuan penguins, huge 100-kilogram tortoises and three-meter-long fish from the Amazon waters are the real pride of the place. On the second level are caimans, sloths, monkeys, varanas and poisonous toads.

    Natural attractions

    Lazarevskoye is rich in natural attractions. Most of them are located in the suburbs or in the immediate surroundings. These are gorges, waterfalls. Interesting tourist routes are also laid out in the national park.

    “Berendeiev’s kingdom”.

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    This is the name of the hiking route in Sochi National Park. It got its name from Ostrovsky’s fairy tale “Snegurochka”. Man-made objects on the territory represent the acting characters of the fairy tale. The length of the route is about 3 km.

    The path to the “Berendeiev’s Kingdom” runs along the gorge along the stream with clear water. On the route you can admire the waterfalls, forest paths, wooden figures of the characters from the fairy tale “Snegurochka”. This is the king Berendei, carefree shepherd boy Lel, merchant Mizgir, Snow Maiden’s girlfriend Kupava and, of course, the main character of the fairy tale – the daughter of Frost and Spring.

    The entrance to the park is free for children and adults are charged an ecological fee of 200 rubles.

    Mamedova Gorge

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The natural attraction is located not far from Berendey’s Kingdom – in the valley of the river Kuapse. The route goes along the bottom of the canyon, above which the snow-white limestone mountains rise. A visit to these two attractions is convenient to spend in one day.

    The flora of the canyon is represented by more than 120 species of plants, many of which are listed in the Red Book. Just above is a waterfall of three cascades. Locals say that the water in it has healing powers.

    It is not recommended to visit Mammadov Gorge in rainy weather or immediately after heavy showers, as it is slippery and unsafe at that time.

    33 waterfalls

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    From Lazarevsky you can go on an excursion to the waterfalls on the river Dzhegosh near the village of Golovinka. They look best during floods in spring and autumn. The waterfalls are about 30 kilometers from the southern outskirts of the village.

    The height of the cascades is different and ranges from 1.5 to 17 meters. Tourists can visit 17 of them – the rest are in an unsafe place. Those who wish can even swim.

    If you plan to visit the waterfalls on your own, it is better to do it before 12:00, because in the afternoon will begin to bring organized tours and near the waterfalls will be unnecessarily crowded.

    Tulip Tree

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    Another attraction near Lazarevsky, which is located in the village of Golovinka. A plant from the magnolia family got its name because of the unusual shape of flowers, resembling tulips.

    The tree is impressive in size: it reaches 35 meters in height and almost two meters in diameter. The tulip tree blooms at the end of May and beginning of June. It is believed to have been planted in 1840 by General Nikolai Rayevsky, who was fond of growing exotic plants.

    There are many different beliefs and legends associated with the tree, which the locals will be happy to tell you about.

    Crab Gorge

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The unique natural landmark is located in the suburbs, in the northern part of the village. Many millions of years ago, this was part of the world’s ocean. Limestone beds were formed from the crushed shells of mollusks, and the stream of water that eroded them formed the gorge.

    There are two hiking trails to get here: one is less challenging and the other involves ascents and descents, but the effort will be rewarded with stunning views.

    On the way tourists pass the Bridge of Wishes, where it is recommended to tie a ribbon. The place has a unique energy, so the desire is sure to come true.

    Miracle Beauty

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    One of the waterfalls in Sochi National Park is called so. Its origin is associated with the farm “Miracle-Krasovka”, which was headed by Athanasius Solyanik-Krasa. After the revolution, the land was nationalized and the name of the river gradually changed.

    The area is known for its clear waters, healing mountain air, rich flora and unusual wildlife, such as huge dragonflies.

    The entrance fee is symbolic – only 200 rubles. The fee is charged to support the reserve in good condition.

    Svirskoye Gorge

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    Located on the territory of the national park – on the small but powerful river Svirka. Since direct sunlight does not reach the depths of the gorge, even in hot days the water temperature here does not exceed 15 degrees.

    This area is popular among those who love hiking in remote places. Despite the paved hiking route and signs, in some places the road is really difficult – you have to overcome the descents and ascents.

    The main attractions of the gorge: waterfalls Svirsky, “Adam and Eve”, “Mother-in-law’s tears. There are also many beautiful places where you can picnic.

    One day itinerary

    If you do not have much time for sightseeing, it is recommended to start acquaintance with the resort from the center of the village, where the busiest and most popular places of entertainment are located.


    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    The embankment of Lazarevskoye is a landscaped area for pedestrian walks. It is separated from the sea coast by an elegant white balustrade.

    There are many cafes and restaurants, stores and souvenir shops, beautifully decorated photo zones, flowerbeds, places to rent boats, bicycles and gyroscooters. In the evening you can watch artists performances.

    Park of Culture and Recreation named after the 30th anniversary of Victory

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    After a walk along the quay and admiring the sea scenery, you can go to the central park of the village. It is known for its picturesque alleys and luxurious plants, among which are many palm trees, plane trees, sequoias, oleanders and eucalyptus trees.

    Active recreation lovers and families with children are attracted by amusement rides, wax museum, art object “Upside-down House”.

    During the beach season, the rides are open from 10 am till 11 pm, but during the rest of the year they are closed at 6 pm.

    Ferris wheel

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    It is impossible to miss this attraction – the wheel is clearly visible from any point of the central part of the village. Its height is 83 meters (which is a record of our country). From the highest point the nearest resorts of Greater Sochi are clearly visible.

    In 28 cabins can simultaneously take 130 people. One circle of the wheel covers for 8 minutes. In the evening the attraction is illuminated by bright lights that periodically change their colors.

    Cost of one ride:

    open booth – 350 rubles (persons above 135 cm are allowed);

    closed cabin – 300 rubles.

    Children under 5 years old and under 110 cm tall – free of charge.

    The Ferris wheel operates daily throughout the year. It opens at 11 o’clock and closes at midnight. Children under 11 years of age can ride only if accompanied by an adult.

    Water park “Sea Star”.

    Lazarevsky Top 20 Sights and Entertainments

    One of the main attractions of Lazarevskoye for independent visits with children or family is the Sea Star water park. Its territory is equipped with 11 water slides of different length and complexity. The most extreme and popular of them are high-speed “Kamikaze”, tubes “pigtails”, closed-type slide “Black tube”.

    For the youngest visitors there are shallow pools and specially equipped playground. Visitors are provided with deck chairs and tubing for riding. There are cafes and retail outlets for the hungry.

    You can get to the water park by bus № 69, 70 to the bus stop “Polyclinic”. From the station you can walk – the water park is located 350-400 meters, if you move up the street Lazarev.

    The 25 best sights of Dombai - descriptions and photos
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