19 Top Sights in Abu Dhabi – Description and Photos

Abu Dhabi sights

The catalog contains the main attractions of Abu Dhabi with photos, videos and descriptions, a map of their location. The list below shows you what to see in Abu Dhabi on your own – monuments, museums, parks, places to go and places to visit with children in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi is a unique Arabian metropolis where ancient mosques coexist with high-rise buildings, the desert climate supports oases of green parks, and traditions coexist with the rapid modern pace of life.

Like any major Oriental city, it is impossible to imagine Abu Dhabi without a large and bustling bazaar with spices, sweets and ornaments, and shopping areas. In Abu Dhabi it is the Central Bazaar, decorated in classical Arabic style and combining more than 400 stalls and stores. As is customary, bargaining is not just appropriate, but obligatory as part of the ritual.

During the Spring Trade Festival guests will enjoy a variety of themed events, entertainment, discounts in major malls.

For an introduction to traditional crafts it is worth visiting the Heritage Village Museum Park. The real and original in this place is not much, but the technology itself has been preserved: weaving, blacksmithing and pottery.

What to see in Abu Dhabi

Al Husn Palace is considered one of the most important historical landmarks of the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The Corniche waterfront is located on the northwest shore of the main island of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The capital of the United Arab Emirates has long established itself as one of the best shopping destinations in the world.

Ferrari World Theme Park is an incredibly popular indoor touring and entertainment park.

Yas Waterword is a water park located on the artificial island of Yas in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi, UAE, is home to a local attraction, the Heritage Village, which.

Abu Dhabi sights on the map

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    Abu Dhabi’s main attractions

    An important historic landmark in downtown Abu Dhabi is Al Husn Palace. Today, the architectural complex, surrounded by skyscrapers, houses the Documentation and Research Center and a historical museum.

    The largest mosque of the capital and one of the most famous attractions in the UAE in Abu Dhabi is the majestic Mosque of Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahyan, officially opened in 2007. Entrance to it is free for all comers, unlike most mosques in Abu Dhabi accessible only to Muslims.

    Some skyscrapers are so unusual that they inadvertently grab the attention of tourists more than museums and historical sites. The Al Bahar skyscrapers, for example, combine modern construction with traditional Arabic Mashrabiya style, and the sloping Capital Gate Tower is one of the capital’s most photographed landmarks.

    A popular walking route runs along the Corniche promenade. It offers a picturesque view of the bay, and there are numerous restaurants and cafes on the street itself, with a beach park and bicycle rental station nearby.

    In addition to small but very cozy green parks, there is also a real national reserve – Eastern Mangroves Lagoon – within the city limits. You can take an eco-friendly kayak tour through the mangroves to see herons, flamingos, crabs, and other native fauna.

    Panoramic View of Abu Dhabi’s Sights from Airpano.com

    Things to see in Abu Dhabi with kids

    Entertainment in grandiose theme parks make the Emirati capital a popular destination for families. And it remains to be seen who enjoys the “children’s” route more: young travelers or their parents.

    The main attractions and entertainment for recreation are concentrated on the artificial island of Yas, which is relatively close to the airport.

    Universal destination for a vacation in a hot country – a day of fun at the water park. The island has a huge new water park Yas Water Park, decorated in Arabic style. On its territory there are 45 attractions (water and roller coaster, playgrounds for children) and a spacious pool.

    The luxurious Abu Dhabi is a center of attraction for all those who are not indifferent to races and cars. And it’s not just the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – one of the stages of Formula 1 races. On Yas Island, where the track is paved, in addition there is the world’s first theme park “World of Ferrari” with educational, interactive and extreme attractions, exhibition vehicles.

    One of the most famous museums in the region is also devoted to automobiles. It is located 50 km south of the capital in a pyramid-shaped indoor complex. The National Automobile Museum has a large and impressive collection of cars, even including cars from the Guinness Book of Records.

    Private Guides in Abu Dhabi

    Russian private guides can help you learn more about Abu Dhabi. On the project Experts.Tourister.Ru there are 4 registered Russian guides in Abu Dhabi.

    What to see in Abu Dhabi – Top Sights

    The United Arab Emirates is a unique state, which for less than half a century has become a successful country. Today, the Emirates is flourishing, as is its colorful capital. Abu Dhabi is the greenest city in the country, it is also called the “Manhattan of the Middle East. It is here where you can see with your own eyes the intertwining of Eastern traditions and modern architecture. Our review is dedicated to the most interesting places of the UAE capital. Abu Dhabi – sights, unique colour, luxury and wealth. For a trip to be fascinating and leave only positive emotions, take with you a map of Abu Dhabi sights with photos and descriptions.

    What to see in Abu Dhabi

    Photo: Abu Dhabi sights.

    What to see in Abu Dhabi on your own

    Futuristic Buildings

    A few decades ago, the capital of the UAE was a desert, but after the discovery of oil, the city began to develop rapidly. Today, in addition to the sights in Abu Dhabi (UAE) have grown up modern, futuristic buildings, created in accordance with innovative technology.

    Many tourists, who managed to see the capital of the UAE on their own, note that the city resembles a fantasy of a science fiction writer. And no wonder, because every attraction in Abu Dhabi on the map is invested a huge amount of money. Let’s figure out what you can see in the most expensive capital of the world on your own.

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

    The landmark is a symbol of Islam and the most visited place in Abu Dhabi. Construction of the mosque was completed in 2007, and a year later entry was allowed to representatives of all faiths. The attractive power of the mosque is expressed in the majestic architecture and rich materials – marble, colored crystals, semi-precious stones.

    Sheikh Zayed Mosque

    • It is located between the three bridges of Maqta, Mussafah and Sheikh Zayd;
    • The best way to get there from the bus station is to take bus #32, 44 or 54 and get off at the Zayed Mosque stop;
    • You can see the mosque every day except Friday from 9-00 to 12-00;
    • admission is free.

    For more information about the mosque, please see this article.

    Falcon Hospital.

    The locals have expressed their love for falconry in a rather interesting way – the Falcon Hospital is the only medical facility in the world where they treat, educate and train the birds of prey. Be sure to visit the attraction, especially if you are traveling with children.

    Falcon Hospital

    The medical center offers a full list of medical services for birds. Since its inception – since 1999 – more than 75,000 falcons have been treated at the hospital. Each year about 10,000 birds are admitted to the clinic for examination and treatment.

    An interesting fact! Today, the hospital’s services are used not only by residents of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, but also many Middle Eastern countries – Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait.

    Thanks to the powerful, modern technical base and high qualification of experts, one more medical establishment was opened on the basis of the hospital to render assistance to all birds. And in 2007, Abu Dhabi opened a center of care for all pets.

    Hospital Visits

    The center has special visiting hours and offers a museum for tourists, a walk through the aviaries with unique breeds of birds and fascinating stories about the life and habits of falcons. Be sure to take a camera with you to make unusual pictures.

    Please note! If you would like to have a snack, you will be hospitably invited to a traditional Arabian tent where you will be offered a hearty lunch flavored with oriental flavor.

    • The schedule for visiting the Falcon Hospital for tourists is Sunday to Thursday from 10-00 to 14-00;
    • If you want to see the hospital for birds yourself date and time must be booked in advance;
    • The hospital is located near the Abu Dhabi Airport, a few kilometers from the Swahan Bridge;
    • It is far and difficult to go by yourself, the best solution is to take a cab;
    • Official website: www.falconhospital.com.

    Ferrari World Theme Park

    The unique attraction is built on Yas Island and annually attracts millions of tourists who love speed, adrenaline and just want to see powerful sports cars. The park fully reflects the locals’ love for luxury and desire to live the high life.

    Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

    Good to know! There are three airports to get to the park – it takes 10 minutes from Dubai Air Terminal, 1,5 hours from Dubai Air Terminal and 2 hours from Sharjah Air Terminal.

    Scuderia Challenge

    The park is a covered structure with the area of 86 thousand sq.m. and a height of 45 meters. The main element of the attraction is a glass tunnel, and the most visited attraction is a simulation of the most famous race in the world – Formula 1.

    • The park has a children’s training track with a professional instructor;
    • there are several restaurants on the territory of the park;
    • Single-day ticket price for a visit to the park: 295 AED for adults, 230 AED for children over 3 years old and senior citizens, free entrance for children under 3 years old.

    For more information about the park and its attractions, see this page.

    Formula 1 racetrack

    If you’re a fan of speed and racing be sure to book a tour of one of the world’s most popular Formula 1 tracks, Yas Marina. The company offers travelers different themed programs, depending on the level of training of the tourist and his wishes:

    The cost of a self-guided tour of the race track depends on the car you choose. If you want to drive a race car with an open cockpit, you have to pay 1200 AED. For true racing fans, the company offers a tour around the track in a real racing car. The price of the trip is 1500 AED. The race is recorded by cameras installed along the entire length of the track, so you can keep memories of your visit to the track.

    Race Car On Track Tour

    Another offer of the company is a maneuverable car, which will allow you to develop the maximum speed and pass all the turns of the track. The cost of the service is 1500 AED.

    An interesting fact! Various events are held at the track. One of the most popular is Yas Drift night. This is a night race, where everyone can demonstrate their abilities for two minutes. The event lasts for four hours. The ticket price is 600 AED. If you want to take part in the race, you need to register.

    • To see the race track on your own, you need to book a date and time;
    • guests are given free bikes to ride the entire track;
    • water coolers are available all around the course;
    • keep track of free trail days on the official website;
    • there are regular buses E-100 and E-101 to the island from the airport, there are buses to the island from the Al-Wadha stop, and you can also take a cab;
    • There are comfortable hotels near the track, a Formula 1 theme park and other attractions;
    • Tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket office;
    • official website: www.yasmarinacircuit.com/en.
    Louvre Abu Dhabi

    The attraction in the capital of the UAE, although it bears the name of the famous French museum, is not its branch. The project participants are representatives of the UAE and the Union of French Museums. Under the terms of the agreement, the famous French museum for ten years gave the Arab landmark its famous name and some exhibits.

    Louvre Abu Dhabi

    Interesting to know! Tourists who were lucky enough to visit the Arab version of the Louvre note that it is impossible to convey in words the luxury and atmosphere of the sight. Only once inside the museum, you can feel the magical beauty of the creation yourself.

    Louvre Abu Dhabi

    Outwardly the museum does not evoke bright emotions – the dome made of steel seems too simple and in some ways even unattractive. However, such an architectural and design solution was not chosen by chance. The external simplicity only emphasizes luxury and richness of the interior. Through the dome, decorated with lace carvings, the light is reflected and transforms the inner chambers, surrounded by sea water. Halls with exhibits are in the form of white cubes, between which there is water.

    The author of the museum project notes that the architecture of the landmark is as simple as possible, intelligent and related to nature and the cosmos.

    Exhibits in the Louvre Abu Dhabi

    The new museum in Abu Dhabi is an ambitious project, symbolizing the union of cultures and open space. In the halls peacefully coexist architectural and historical monuments from different eras.

    • The museum was built on Saadiyat Island;
    • You can see the exhibits on your own on Thursday and Friday from 10-00 to 22-00, Tuesday, Wednesday and weekends from 10-00 to 20-00, Monday – day off;
    • ticket prices: adults – AED 60, teenagers (13-22 years) – AED 30, children under 13 visit the museum for free;
    • Official website: louvreabudhabi.ae.
    Etihad Towers and Lookout

    What to see in Abu Dhabi? Experienced tourists will undoubtedly recommend the Etihad skyscraper. The landmark is a complex of five intricately curved towers, it is a unique project, where you can live, work, shop and fully enjoy life. The tallest structure, 300 meters tall, is residential, the other two buildings contain office space, and another tower is a luxury five-star hotel. Also a significant area of the landmark is devoted to shopping pavilions.

    Etihad Towers

    In addition, it is equipped with one of the highest observation decks – Observation Deck at 300. You can look at Abu Dhabi and the Persian Gulf from the height of the 75th floor of the second tower of the complex. The observation deck belongs to Jumeirah Hotel. There is a café and a relaxation area and telescopes are installed.

    Observation Deck at 300

    Observation Deck at 300

    Avenue at Etihad Towers is a collection of the most luxurious boutiques. Come here to shop in the peace and privacy of special VIP rooms.

    Interesting fact! The landmark is ranked third in the list of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world. The architectural complex received a prestigious international award, which has been given exclusively to skyscrapers since 2000.

    View from Observation Deck

    • You can see the observation deck on your own every day from 10-00 to 18-00;
    • Ticket price: 75 AED, admission is free for children under 4 years;
    • located next to the Emirates Palace Hotel;
    • Official website: www.etihadtowers.ae/index.aspx.
    Mushrif Central Park

    What to see in Abu Dhabi is a landmark located in the heart of the Emirates’ capital, Mushrif Park. Today the landmark is called Umm Al Emarat Park – it is the oldest park area in Abu Dhabi.

    Central Park Mushrif

    Interesting fact! Originally the park could only be visited by women along with their children, but after the reconstruction the park area is open to all.

    There are many interesting places to see in the park:

    • Cool House, a structure for unique plant species for which a special microclimate is created;
    • Amphitheater – an open-air stage for 1,000 people;
    • lawn for recreation;
    • evening garden;
    • children’s farm, which is home to wonderful animals – camels, ponies, goats.

    The park is equipped with two viewing platforms, where you can see the entire park and surrounding areas.

    Interesting fact! More than two hundred trees, planted for the opening of the attraction in 1980, have been preserved in the park.

    • The park has excellent infrastructure;
    • entrance fee – 10 AED;
    • the park hosts a fair-like event every Friday and Saturday, as well as free yoga classes;
    • visiting hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m;
    • Address: Corner at Al Karamah Street.
    Yas Waterworld Waterpark

    An entertainment complex built on Yas Island, more like a futuristic structure. Here you can perfectly relax with your family. On an area of 15 hectares there are more than 40 attractions, five of them are unique, they have no analogues in the world.

    Yas Waterworld

    The schedule of the park depends on the time of year. The price of an ordinary ticket is 250 AED, children under 3 years old are admitted free of charge. More information about the cost of admission, types of tickets and attractions can be found here. Before visiting be sure to learn the rules of the park.

    Emirates Zoo

    Located in Al Bahi, the attraction has been welcoming visitors since 2008. This is the first private zoo in the country. The area of the zoo is more than 90 thousand square meters. Here you can see the wild animals and even feed them yourself.

    Emirates Zoo

    For your information. For a nominal fee you can buy food and treat the inhabitants of the zoo. Our guides will tell you about the habits of animals and advise you how to take care of them.

    You can buy food and treats for the zoo inhabitants

    The area of the attraction is divided into several zones:

    • Where the primates live;
    • park zone;
    • the territory where flamingos and giraffes live;
    • a zone for predators;
    • an aquarium.

    Interesting fact! In total, the zoo is home to about 660 species of animals.

    Comfortable living and visiting conditions have been created for animals and visitors – cooling systems are installed throughout the territory. There are also souvenir shops. Next to the zoo there is an entertainment zone Funscapes.

    • The zoo is located in the north-eastern part of Abu Dhabi;
    • On your own can see the attraction from Thursday to Saturday from 9-30 to 21-00, Sunday to Wednesday – from 9-30 to 20-00;
    • Tickets cost AED 30 adults, AED 95 for tickets which entitle you to attend the show, and AED 15 for food for the animals;
    • official website: www.emiratesparkzooandresort.com/.

    Prices on the page are for September 2018.

    The capital of the UAE covers about 70% of the country. It is a real garden city, a little New York City. Abu Dhabi – sights seasoned with oriental spices, Arabian traditions and luxury. Now you know what you can do in the capital, and what to see on your own when you get bored resting on the beach.

    All the attractions of the city of Abu Dhabi described in this article are marked on the map below.

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