17 Best Day Trips from Corfu, Greece

Top 10 excursions in Corfu

Excursions in Corfu

It is difficult not to agree with the Chekhov characters who suggested that Greece has everything. This phrase is especially true when it comes to vacations. And if you have chosen one of the paradise Greek islands for your vacation, from personal experience confirm the fact of Greek abundance. Chic beaches, generous sun, gentle sea, hospitable people and, of course, a rich collection of ancient sights, which will help to consider in detail the author’s tours in Corfu in Russian. That is how and where to choose the best tour in Corfu we will tell you, but first look at the remarkable places.

Located in the west of Greece, the serpent island Corfu counts history since antiquity, and therefore during the tour Corfu in Greece be sure to hear the names of mythical heroes Odysseus and Jason, who traveled to the shores of the Ionian Sea. The island is called the “earthly paradise”, and for the right to possess such beauty fought the Romans and Byzantines, and the Sicilians. The Byzantine Empire won, and because of that the island, unlike the rest of the Greek land, was never set foot on the Turks. In the 19th century the island was under the protection of the French and the British, and despite the fact that during World War II most of the historic buildings were destroyed, on a tour of Corfu tourists today can see the surviving masterpieces – the Cathedral of St. Spiridon, the ancient temples of Mouse Island, the palace of Achilleion, numerous forts and mountain monasteries. Travelling around the island is sure to be informative and rich, but provided that you choose a program to your liking.

Where to buy tours of the island of Corfu in Russian

If in the bustle of preparing for a trip to decide that you can buy a good tour on the spot, you run the risk of regretting that he did not find 15 minutes and did not book the best excursion to Corfu before you fly. It would be a pity to waste precious vacation time on the search, so you are likely to grab the first thing that will be offered. Not the fact that in this case, the price for a tour of Corfu will be adequate. It is highly probable that you will have to listen to an audio guide, rather than live speech of an experienced guide. And even if the attendant will be a live person :), there is no guarantee that he will broadcast in Russian.

To avoid all of these troubles, we recommend pre-booking a tour on Tripster. The popular portal for travel planning announces programs of Russian guides, each of which tries to bring something special to the trip, to stand out, to entice guests. Even at home, you can carefully study the content of the program and choose what is really interesting. And even before you book will be able to communicate with the guide and ask him any questions, compare prices, read reviews, so that in the end to choose the perfect trip.

Prices of excursions in Corfu in Russian in 2022

Before you go to all the trouble :), it is worth finding out how much are tours in Corfu, because if the cost exorbitant and mythical, then you have a hundred times to think – is it worth spending money to see the sights, many of which are in ruin. The price of tours depends on factors such as the duration of the program: short sightseeing tours are cheaper than tours around all day. Affects the pricing and format – individual tours are more expensive than group tours. The number of locations is another important factor: the more places are included in the program, the higher is its cost.

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Let’s look at the specifics offered by the two top portals for booking tours – Tripster and GetYourGuide. The cheapest program on GetYourGuide – full-day cruise “Corfu: Parga, Sivota and the Blue Lagoon” – from 27 € per participant. The most expensive on Tripster is a trip to “Corfu Historic Town” – 360€ per tour for 1-4 people. The fixed price of this tour in Corfu is fixed, but you can save money with fellow travelers – you can share, and each will pay only his part, not the whole amount.

Individual excursions in Corfu

If you want to get acquainted with the island at your own pace, and vacation budget – not a shoestring, it is worth choosing one of the individual excursions to Corfu in Russian. Even at the stage of booking will be able to discuss with the guide details and ask, if necessary, to adjust the route. During the trip all the guide’s attention will be focused on the guests (usually not more than 4 people), so you can hear every word, and ask all the questions. We recommend to choose a good individual tour on Tripster.

Group tours in Corfu

For a group trip you will pay less. You will not have to look for companions to spread the cost for all, and will not need to get out of your own purse about 200-250 €. In the eyes is enough, and 50. Of course, a group trip is not an individual pace – will have to adjust to the majority, to visit what is stated in the program, clearly adhere to the timing. Yes, and to relax too will not work – you will have to watch out not to fall behind the group, because, as you know, seven of us wait for one. Excellent on the content and price excursions to Corfu announces GetYourGuide – the full list of proposals here.

Carefully read the description – many programs provide audio guide (i.e. live accompaniment in Russian is not provided). Descriptions on the English-language site are translated by a robot, so you can read the program not only in English, but also in Russian, German and other languages. True, the English description is the clearest (for those who speak English, of course).

Corfu sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours of the island of Corfu

Corfu sightseeing tour is the best way to see the sights of the capital of the same name, to travel around the neighborhoods, enjoy the beautiful scenery, eat local delicacies and relax on one of the marvelous beaches. You can drive around the island or explore the towns, explore the architecture and ancient relics, or spend most of your time contemplating the beauty of nature. Explore all of our programs here. We’ll tell you about the three most popular and affordable Corfu sightseeing tours in walking and driving format.

During your 8-hour private tour, you’ll find yourself in different corners of the island to learn about the major events in its history and to enjoy the pristine beaches and extraordinary natural beauty. The trip will start from Kanoni, the cape where tourist boats and planes land, but your goal will be a visit to the monastery of Blachernae, surrounded on all sides by the Ionian Sea. Then you will continue by private car with a guide who will take you to Paleokastritsa to see the monastery, picturesque coves and deserted beaches. A break at the Canal of Love will give you the opportunity to enjoy the coolness of the rocky gorges and listen to the legend of Sidari and swim at the beach of Agios Gergios.

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At the village of Pelekas you can climb the rock to sit on the Kaiser Wilhelm II Throne and admire the stunning panorama of the eastern coast of the island. Then there is Mount Pantokrator from which you can see neighboring Albania. On Pantokrator you will see the ancient Temple of Transfiguration. You will also visit the Byzantine fortress of Angelokastro, be sure to walk around Kerkyra to visit the Museum of Banknotes and Oriental Art, Darrell Park and the Church of St. Spiridon. During the trip, you’ll have plenty of time to taste homemade liquors and wines, olives, koumkuat and other traditional Greek goodies, and to meet local farmers.

The six-hour adventure begins at Achilleion Palace, commissioned by the Austrian Empress Sissi. A walk through the park and the magnificent panoramas from the observation decks will help you understand why this place was so beloved by the Bavarian princess with a tragic fate. In the ancient town of Kanoni, visit the Blachernae Monastery, the godforsaken island of Pontikonisi, and see how planes land right in the sea. Next stop is the cape at Paleokastritsa, from which you can watch how the Ionian and Adriatic seas merge. Then a trip to Kerkyra, where you will visit the Cathedral of St. Spiridon and the monastery of Zoodohu Pigis. The trip will end in the authentic village of Makrades, where you will be introduced to the local cuisine and the life of farmers.

The goal of this private tour is to explore Kerkyra, the island’s capital, for 4.5 hours, with its legendary shrines and important historical sites. The walk will begin in the main square of Liston, which is often compared to the Rivoli in Paris. After learning why there is a monument to Admiral Ushakov in the center of the Greek city, go to the suburbs to find traces of Crusaders, pirates and Turks in Kanoni. On the cape you will “hunt” for airplanes and admire the tiny Pondikonisi. In Corfu visit the church of St. Spiridon and see the faces of the miracle worker. You will see the majestic Blachernae Monastery, “drowning” in the sea, and the Monastery of Our Lady of Kassopitra, where 75 fragments of saint’s relics are at rest. Guide will pick you up by private car from the hotel, will take you to Corfu and then return.

Excursions from Corfu to Albania

Excursions from Corfu to Albania

Once the exciting excursions to Corfu are behind you, and you have toured all the interesting places, we recommend not to miss the opportunity to visit Albania. The trip will take a whole day, but you are unlikely to regret the time spent, and the price for excursions from Corfu to Albania will fit even in the most modest budget. It is only important that you need a Schengen visa for the trip (however, you will certainly have it for a holiday in Greece). And now – one of the most popular reviews tour from Corfu to Albania on GetYourGuide.

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After reaching the Albanian port city of Saranda from Corfu, you will have time for a coffee break. Then by comfortable bus you will drive 20 kilometers along the southern coast through small villages and see the vast plains, a huge lake and the UNESCO-protected Butrinti National Park. See the ruins of an ancient Greek city, the Venetian tower, the theater and the temple of Asclepius, the gymnasium and the Roman baths with mosaic floors. After returning to Saranda you will have lunch and a sightseeing tour of the city. Please note that tours in Russian are offered on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Sea excursions from Corfu to other islands

Sea excursions from Corfu to other islands

Excursions from Corfu to the most beautiful islands will give a stunning experience. Not only will you see the wonders of the Corfu countryside, but you will swim in the deserted lagoons, snorkel, explore the caves and have an unforgettable day. At GetYourGuide, we’ve found two great programs to help diversify your vacation.

A boat cruise around the islands of Paksi and Andipaxi with a visit to the legendary Blue Caves will take all day. Along the west coast of Paksi, past white sandy beaches and rocky shores, you’ll sail to the Blue Caves, home to monk seals. You can swim at the cozy beach Andipaksi. Then you can swim along the narrow isthmus to Panagia and Agios Nikolaos. Mooring is scheduled in the village of Gayos, where you will have time to walk around the village and have lunch. Note that in reviews this sea excursion from Corfu is rated quite high, although there are a few negative comments. Tours in Russian are held on Tuesdays.

To visit the unique caves, to see the snow-white cliffs of Erimitis and panoramas with castles of the old part of Corfu, just book a place on this sea tour. On the way to Asprokavos, you will sail past the palace of Mon Repo and several small towns. Stopping at the village of Lucky will allow you to spend time at your own discretion: eat, walk around the village, swim at the beach. Swimming (including snorkeling) will be possible at Paradise Beach Andipaksi. Back you will travel along the eastern coast of Paxos to see the plethora of tiny Greek islands. Excursions in Russian are offered on Saturdays.

Excursions from Corfu to the Blue Lagoon in Russian

Excursions from Corfu to the Blue Lagoon in Russian

Wouldn’t you like to be in the Greek Caribbean during your vacation? This is an opportunity to give an excursion from the island to the Blue Lagoon, which is not limited to serene admiration of the beauties that you will meet on the way. The program of any tour includes and active entertainment – hiking in the picturesque corners, swimming on deserted beaches, exploring the sea depths during snorkeling. The many positive reviews of excursions to the Blue Lagoon from Corfu have motivated us to pick for you on GetYourGuide three of the most interesting programs.

The first point of the itinerary will be the ancient Papanikolis Cave. You won’t stay there for long, but you can take great pictures. On the other hand, you can spend more time on the beach of Blue Lagoon. You can snorkel, walk along the beach or swim for an hour. The third stop is at Bella Vraca Beach, where it’s hard to resist a swim and homemade wine. The final stop is at the fishing village of Sivota on the Greek mainland. You will have 45 minutes to walk around the village, drink great coffee or try the local ice cream. All information about the history and sights of the region you will get from the Russian audio guide.

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At the beginning of the journey you will see the green expanse of Canoni. You will pass Mon Repo and go to Plataria and Sivota to disembark at Parga, visit the ruins of the Venetian fortress, admire the architecture of the houses in the cozy streets, eat at one of the local taverns and swim at the beach. On your way back to Corfu, you will sail around the islands of Sivoti, to reach the Blue Lagoon, a place used by pirates in the Middle Ages. There will be time to swim, swim, snorkel, and take a series of great photos.

This cruise takes you through the legendary lagoon, the ancient seaside town of Siwotu and the birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh. You’ll enjoy swimming in the emerald waters of the lagoon, passing Mont-Repaud Palace, Plataria and then Siwot. On its shores you will see the islands where the battle that marked the beginning of the 27-year war took place. In Sivota you will have enough free time to walk around the city and look in the stores you liked, to swim in the Ionian Sea or to have a snack in one of the cozy cafes.

Reviews of excursions in Corfu

To choose a great tour in Corfu or to make an unforgettable trip to the surrounding area, reviews will help. The reviews on Tripster or GetYourGuide are only submitted by those tourists who have already bought a tour and experienced the advantages and disadvantages. We strongly recommend you to read the reviews on Tripster on this page. This way you will understand which tour does not disappoint, because you can get a lot of useful information from the reviews.

If the reviews on the road, bus and walking tours are mostly positive, then the cruises caused a lot of criticism. For example, to the declared “highlight” of the program the Blue Lagoon from 9 am tourists got only to 5 pm, than were greatly disappointed. Someone thought that the boat “too crowded”, but otherwise sea cruise to the islands of Corfu was quite decent. Some got caught in a small storm, so on the way had to listen to the unintelligible moans of people who “vomited on deck. And someone thought he was a hostage – most of the time had to spend on the boat – more than 5 hours, with stops and stretching their legs on land were kept to a minimum. So read the reviews, book the best excursion for you and travel so that you don’t feel bad for your ruined vacation

Greece, Kos – review

Experience of a day trip to Kos from Turkey. Had a lot of fun on the road and rest.

I want to tell you about the trip to the island of Kos (Greece) from Bodrum (Turkey). Organizing a trip like this is easy: you just have to buy tickets to Kos in Bodrum. Tickets are sold at kiosks, one of which we saw on the promenade, and one more at Cevat Şakir Cd. You can buy tickets online, in my opinion it is a little bit more expensive.

We are citizens of Ukraine, we have visa-free regime with EU countries, so we have nothing to worry about except the ticket. before the covid era.

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Our attempt to go to Kos was a success the second time. The first time we arrived too late and they didn’t sell us tickets. We just would not have had time to run from the kiosk on the waterfront to the ferry to Greece.


The second time was lucky! We bought tickets, went through customs, and went for a walk Goodbye, beautiful Bodrum!

The road to Kos is very beautiful. There are mountains of all kinds of interesting shades, fanciful rocks protruding on the surface of the water. The passing sea traffic is simply dazzling in the soft morning light!


The sea, the ships. You can admire and admire it

After we went through customs procedures, a few important things came to light:

  • My daughter wants to go to the bathroom, eat and bathe.
  • We want to see the island.
  • We also forgot our euro money at home, and we only have dollars to change! And some small euros in our pockets.


We proceed to the compromise after counting the euro coins and bills that we still have in our pockets, and then we realize that we have enough money for a cafe. So, we go wherever we can see, looking for food and money exchange. A map of the island, noticed at the entrance to town, is a great help!


Personally, I admire the plants and the resort architecture.

The transport on the streets is mostly bikes, scooters, and small cars. The most crazy riders are the bicyclists. There are lanes for them everywhere. I envy them so much!. And it’s those lanes that you have to pay most attention to when crossing the road — they’re like racing. Moreover, as I understand it, when dealing with conflicts with pedestrians, the cyclist has priority over the pedestrian. But that’s not accurate, but from the word of the locals.

The delicious smells of food can be heard coming from the cafe. We go into the cafe we liked for breakfast. The food is delicious. In addition, the contrast plays a role: we are 2 weeks in Bodrum. And the transition from Turkish cuisine to European – very nice variety! (I love Turkish cuisine, but I want something else!). At prices – average, not expensive, and not cheap.

We ate, and the question of currency exchange is still as sharp as ever. There are currency exchange machines all over the island. But something with them did not work out, so we find a travel agency where we change everything without any machines.

My husband and I want to rent a car and drive around the island. But my daughter has her own plans: she wants to swim, immediately! We, of course, are not against it either. We come to a compromise: we go swimming, and later, instead of car, we drive around the island in such a fun vehicle:


The beaches on Kos are fine pebbles. I like it, I like a foot massage The water is very gentle. From time to time big, gentle waves come up, all of a sudden.

Our belongings and documents “floated” in a little trip on one of these waves. But all managed, went home, wrapped in towels and slightly wet passports have already dressed in Turkey A little bit marred my idyll and here’s a picture, right next to the beach:

After water procedures we go for a ride on the “steam train”. Map of trips:

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