14 best sights of Tivat – description and photos

14 places worth seeing in Tivat


The Bay of Kotor is the most beautiful bay of Montenegro, which is called the southernmost European fjord. On the hilly coast of the bay stretches the picturesque port town of Tivat. A few kilometers from it is one of the two international airports in the country, so many tourists see the city only as a transit point. And for good reason – the sights of Tivat are worth staying here for a while.

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro.

The luxurious Porto Montenegro complex consists of a marina (marina), fashionable hotels, a yacht club and elite residences with apartments. The project was conceived as a “city in a city”, which has absolutely everything for a comfortable stay and stay tourists, property owners and yachts.

The beauty of the picturesque Bay of Kotor, excellent conditions for yachting and the proximity to the international airport made Tivat an ideal location for the complex. The cost of the grandiose project exceeds one billion U.S. dollars. There is no equivalent on the Adriatic Sea and in Europe there are only a few similar projects.

The marina is designed for 630 berths, including 150 yachts over 150 feet in length. There is also a shipyard in Tivat, where the orders for the construction of yachts are fulfilled. Porto Montenegro complex covers an area of more than 10 thousand square meters. There is a conference center, sports complex, museum, art gallery, restaurants, bars, boutiques of the leading clothing and shoe manufacturers, stores, offices and much more.

Address: Porto Montenegro, Obala bb, Tivat, Montenegro.

Pine Quay

Pine Quay.

The magnificent embankment of Tivat is one of its main attractions and a favorite vacation spot for citizens and tourists. The waterfront stretches from the city beach to the marina “Porto Montenegro”. Its wide central section, which has been restored and improved, is called “Pine”.

Here are cozy cafes and mini-hotels, often held concerts, fairs and entertainment events. Among the attractions of the waterfront – a sundial, installation “Echo”, changing the voice, and an old sailing ship “Yadran”, moored at the pier. The promenade offers picturesque views of the Porto Montenegro complex and Kotor Bay with passing boats, sailing ships and modern liners.

Address: Pine, Tivat, Montenegro.

Buca Palace

Buca Palace

Buca Palace.

The landmark of Tivat is the medieval castle Buca, which traces its history back to the beginning of the 14th century. This historical heritage of the city is a summer residence of the influential Buca family, built of white stone.

The Buca family was known for successful members of the dynasty, and the family castle was considered one of the richest estates. The Buca Palace is what all history buffs want to see in Tivat.

Today it is transformed into a cultural center with a gallery, a park, a movie theater and an open-air summer theater. It hosts art exhibitions, film screenings, literary evenings and theatrical performances. Also in the castle operates Ethnographic Museum with free entry. Its halls skillfully recreate the atmosphere of bygone eras and exhibits found during archaeological excavations.

Address: Bucha Palace, Njegoševa, Tivat, Montenegro.

St. Mark Island

Saint Mark Island

Island of St. Mark.

This is one of the islands of the so-called Tivat archipelago. Stradioti is another name for the island of St. Marko. It is considered the most picturesque of the three islands. Almost 60 years ago here was built a kind of tourist settlement in the Tahitian style – with hundreds of houses without electricity and running water.

It was an exclusive “highlight” of these places, which attracted fans of “wild” recreation to the island. In the 90’s St. Marko island was abandoned and fell into disrepair: the tourist infrastructure was no longer maintained and it began to crumble.

Today the abandoned island attracts lovers of abandoned places with its atmosphere. However, according to some reports, the island has already been bought, and perhaps with the new owners its former tourist glory will be revived.

Address: St. Mark’s Island, Stradioti, Montenegro.

Island of Flowers

Monastery of St. Michael

Monastery of St. Michael.

The second island of the Tivat archipelago is called the Island of Flowers. He is only 300 meters long and 200 meters wide. Formerly the island was covered with dense vegetation: olive trees, palm trees and flowering shrubs, for which it got its name. In the Middle Ages there was the monastery of St. Michael, which was destroyed.

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After the military conflict at the end of the last century and the resettlement of refugees, there is little left of its former splendor. Today there are still monks living on the island and the old monastery buildings are gradually being restored. The ruins of the monastery and the picturesque beach are the main attractions that attract tourists to the island of flowers. There is also a cafe and a store at the monastery that sells souvenir products.

Address: Miholska Prevlaka, Montenegro.

Island of Gospa od Milo

Gospa od Milo Island

Island of Gospa od Milo.

Island Gospa od Milo is the third in the Tivat archipelago. It is the smallest and the most remote from the shore. It is only 147 meters long and barely 80 meters wide. There is a functioning nunnery, founded back in the XV century, and the Church of the Blessed Virgin.

In the temple there is a wooden sculpture of the Mother of God, whose creation is attributed to the XIV century. The monastery occupies the entire island, and its territory is surrounded by the perimeter of one and a half meters of stone wall. Gospa od Milo is of interest to tourists and pilgrims alike. You can see the island monastery as part of a boat trip from Tivat. There are also private boat operators who offer “water cab” services.

Address: Ostrvo Gospa od Milosrđa, Montenegro.

Village of Gornja Lastva

The Village of Gornja-Lastva

Village of Gornja-Lastva.

The distinctive village of Gornja-Lastva, located near Tivat, is a charming rural setting. This suburb, which was first mentioned in the 16th century, is located on the hillside at an altitude of 300 meters. There is a village square, houses made of stone in the typical style of these places, the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and other historic buildings.

Tourists have the opportunity, without going far from the city, to plunge into the countryside. This village is especially popular in August, during the traditional festival. At this event, the villagers introduce tourists to their traditions, present folklore and treat them to dishes of national cuisine. Guests of the festival can enjoy authentic music, take part in folk festivals, master classes and visit an exhibition of local artists.

Address: Gornja Lastva, Montenegro.

Tivat City Park

Tivat City Park

The City Park of Tivat.

This park, which is very much like a botanical garden, is recognized as one of the most beautiful in Montenegro. Its territory is protected by the state.

Here were collected plants from all over the world, including exotic and quite rare, brought from remote corners of our planet.

The park occupies a small territory, where it is pleasant to walk, especially in the heat of summer. There are benches where you can sit and have a rest, listening to the birds singing and breathe in the healing aromas of pine trees.

Address: Veliki gradski park, Jadranska magistrala, Tivat, Montenegro.

Museum of Naval Heritage

Museum of Naval Heritage

Museum of Naval Heritage.

The museum, whose exposition is devoted to the maritime history of the region, is located in the Porto Montenegro complex. Its collection includes more than 300 exhibits housed in a restored building. The largest pieces, including two submarines, are located in the grounds surrounding the museum.

Antique cannons are placed in front of the building facade. The exposition on the first floor includes weapons of Yugoslav and Austrian fleets, ship and diving equipment. The second floor is dedicated to the sailing ship Jadran, which is moored near the Pine embankment. There is also a playground with a pirate ship near the museum.

Address: Museum of Maritime Heritage, Tivat, Montenegro.

Panoramic Pool “Purabic

Panoramic Pool Purabic.

This modern landmark in Tivat is located on the territory of the fashionable complex Porto Montenegro. This 64 meter high building was designed by British architect Hywel Evans. The pool, which overhangs the Kotor Bay, is often included in the list of the most beautiful places in Europe.

There are sunbeds by the water, and right next to it is a restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and a bar offering designer cocktails. The pool is an ideal place for tourists who want to take fantastic pictures of the sunset over the Kotor Bay. It can accommodate 188 guests at a time. It primarily serves property owners from nearby apartment complexes and guests of Porto Montenegro, so poolside seating is best reserved in advance by phone.

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Address: PMYC Pool, Tivat, Montenegro.

Tivatska Solila Nature Reserve

Tivatska Solila

Tivatska Solila Reserve.

The unique bird sanctuary “Tivatska Solila” is located not far from the city. This ornithological park is a huge area inhabited by rare birds. There are special decks for tourists.

As they are located away from the birds’ nests, you can see the feathered inhabitants of the reserve with binoculars. All nature lovers will love it in the park. You can stroll along the walking paths in picturesque places and watch the life of birds, including flamingos and Javanese cormorants. You can visit the park as part of one of the excursion groups, accompanied by a local guide.

Address: Tivatska solila, Montenegro.

The Church of St. Sava

St. Sava Church

Church of St. Sava. | Photo: wikimedia.

This church, one of the largest in Tivat, is located near the city park. The Neobyzantine style church was built for almost 30 years, from 1938 to 1967. Sava is one of the saints most revered by the locals.

The height of the temple is 65 meters and the diameter of the dome is 35 meters. The church is located at a distance of 1 kilometer from the central embankment. The interior decoration of the temple is notable for its modesty. Today St. Sava Church is active and tourists can attend the service and place candles.

Address: Crkva Svetog Save, Tivat, Montenegro

Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua Church

The Church of St. Anthony of Padua.

One of the ancient sites in Tivat is a Catholic church built in 1760 in the Baroque style. At the time of its construction the power in Tivat belonged to the Venetians, so the church was consecrated in honor of Anthony of Padua, a preacher and missionary, numbered among the saints.

This church is one of the most visited in Tivat. It is situated on a hill from which there is a marvelous view of the Bay of Kotor and the outskirts of the city. The frescos are by the Italian artist Francesco and the two altars are regarded as impressive examples of applied art.

Address: Crkva Sv. Antuna Padovanskog 1734, Tivat, Montenegro.

Park “Župa”

Beach “Župa”.

Tivat City Park “Župa” is located near the city center. There are a lot of greenery, especially cypress trees. The park is a pleasant place for rest, where you can take shelter from the summer heat.

There’s a small beach adjoining the park, and the hill on which it is situated offers a view of the islands and mountains framing Kotor Bay. Lovers of abandoned places will love it here.

Walking along the paths, tourists can find a neglected architectural complex. This is a summer residence of the Bisanti family, built in the XVI-XVII centuries. The territory of the manor is overgrown with grass, and several preserved buildings look abandoned and mysterious.

The sights of Tivat: what to see and where to go

Many tourists say that it is difficult to imagine a more rich and interesting vacation than a vacation spent in Tivat. This small town of Montenegro does not occupy the leading positions in the guidebooks, but vacationers here do not have a question what to devote their free time. There is always something to do and see here, because Tivat – attractions, sea with organized beaches, cozy cafes and restaurants, shady parks.

City of Tivat

In most cases Tivat is the first of the cities in which tourists arrive to Montenegro. After all, it is Tivat airport usually receives travelers who are going to relax in the resorts of Montenegro. However the city itself is located 4 km from the airport, and not everyone decides to stay there for some time, rushing to leave in a hurry to the numerous resorts of the country. And completely in vain.

Tivat is located in a very picturesque place – the Vrmac peninsula, on the southern slope of the mountain range with the same name. It is on the shore of Tivat Bay Boki Kotorskaya – the largest bay in the Adriatic Sea.

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This is how Tivat looks like from high up

The area that Tivat occupies is 46 km² and the population does not exceed 13,000 people. Only in terms of area and number of inhabitants Tivat is inferior to large metropolitan areas, but otherwise it is quite a modern and very comfortable city with a well-developed infrastructure.

So, what are the first things to see in Tivat and the surrounding area?

Pine promenade

The wide, landscaped promenade is the “highlight” and one of the main attractions of Tivat. Its spacious central part is known among the locals and tourists as “Pine”. By the shore here are only palm trees and under them comfortable benches, sitting on which you can admire the Bay of Kotor and the mountains, look at the passing yachts, pleasure boats, sailing ships, white multi-deck liners.

All the buildings are “pushed” behind the promenade. There are mini-hotels, stores, many good restaurants and cafes.

On the waterfront, there are attractions-attractions that are interesting to watch: the “changing” voice installation “Echo”, a sundial, an old sailing ship of the Navy of the former Yugoslavia “Jadran”.

There’s always a lot of people here, although there’s never pandemonium. And there are also often various concerts and fairs.

The promenade “Pine” begins with a narrow pedestrian sidewalk near the city beach of Tivat, and ends at the marina “Porto Montenegro”.

Porto Montenegro Marina

“Porto Montenegro” is not just a luxury marina, it is the most expensive marina in Montenegro. It is a city within a city that is often referred to as the “Monaco of Montenegro”. Many tourists claim that seeing Porto Montenegro in Tivat and walking through its territory is like being in a fairy tale.

Built on the place of the Yugoslavian naval base, Porto Montenegro includes 5 pontoon piers with a berth for 450 yachts. It’s not just the size of the marina that impresses, but also the yachts moored there – you can say it’s a thematic museum with luxurious and sometimes unique exhibits.

Moored yachts

On one of the piers of the marina, by the illuminated pool of the Shore House Yacht Club, you can see a unique landmark: a full-size copy of the sculpture “The Wanderer” by Jaume Plens, the original of which is installed in France, in the Port Vauban bastion. “The Wanderer” is a man who sits with his arms around his knees pressed to his chest, looking out to sea. This man has no face, and the 8-meter-hollow figure is a grid of letters of various alphabets made of stainless steel and painted with white paint.

The fact that this place has a military past is evidenced by the installation of two real submarines and the Naval Heritage Museum.

Maritime Heritage Museum

Maritime Heritage Museum occupies the premises of the arsenal, which itself is already a landmark of Tivat and Montenegro: the building exists since the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Fleet Museum

The museum does not have a very rich exposition: several models of ships, tools from shipyards, diving suit, anti-aircraft guns, shells, torpedoes, a small two-seater subversive bathyscaphe. It is noteworthy that all the exhibits can not only look, but also touch and even climb into some of them.

Two submarines

There are more sights that are outside in front of the museum building. There are two submarines: the small P-912 Una and the big one, reaching 50 meters in length, P-821 Heroj. The small one can only be viewed from the outside and the big one is visited on guided tours. The Heroj was used as a submarine from 1968 to 1991, and now a door is cut into the side for visitors and all the equipment inside is fully preserved. You can touch all the machinery, twist the helm, and look through the periscope at the shoreline. It is convenient that the guide does not lead with the usual tour, but simply answers questions, though in English or Serbian.

Next to the Museum of the Navy is equipped with a “sea” playground for children, the main pride of which is a pirate ship. But, as the tourists who have been there say, the whole playground is just one ship.

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The Museum of Naval Heritage is located at Porto Montenegro Promenade, Tivat 85320, Montenegro.

Tours of the submarine start every hour.

The children’s attraction, The Pirate Ship, is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with a break from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Cost of admission ticket (sold at the museum ticket office):

  • Fleet Museum – for adults 2 €, for children 1 €;
  • Museum and submarine tour – for adults 5 €, for children 2,5 €.

Buca Palace

Where to go and what to see in Tivat from the historical heritage, because there is no Old Town like in other cities of Montenegro? The ancient castle Buca is one of the main historical sites and visiting card of Tivat.

Buca Palace

This majestic construction was built in the XVII century as a summer residence of the noble family Buca. Nowadays the reconstructed castle acts as a cultural center of Tivat, with an art gallery, a park and a summer theater. It hosts art exhibitions, literary evenings, theater performances and various events.

  • Castle is located in the city center, very close to the waterfront, at Nikole Đurkovića b.b., Tivat, Montenegro.
  • Entrance to the castle grounds is free.

Church of St. Sava

Not far from the waterfront (at a distance of no more than 1 km), near the city park itself, there is another landmark of Tivat, but of a religious nature. This is the Orthodox Church of St. Sava of Serbia, which in Montenegro is considered one of the most revered saints.

St. Sava Church

The temple of St. Sava, the largest in Tivat, was constructed for a long time – from 1938 to 1967. Its construction was interrupted by the Second World War and the difficulties of the postwar period.

The Neobyzantine style church is astonishingly large: its height is 65 meters, its area is 7570 square meters, and the diameter of its dome is 35 meters. The interior decoration is different from the usual Orthodox churches: everything is very modest, without excessive luxury, there are very few icons.

Interior decoration of St. Sava church

St. Sava church is functioning, so you can go inside during the service to see the icons and to put candles.

The address of the religious site is Prevlacka, Tivat 85320, Montenegro.

Tivat City Park

The City Park of Tivat (Captain’s Park) is located next to the Church of St. Sava, behind the waterfront. Its coordinates are: Istarska bb, Tivat 85320, Montenegro.

City park walk

Many tourists try to see this park in Tivat, because in Montenegro it is recognized as the most beautiful. Especially because it is not a park, but rather a botanical garden. On its territory there are collected a variety of plants from all over the world, among which there are many quite rare. For example, here you can look at mimosas, bougainvilleas, oleanders, firs and larches of different species, palms, magnolias, cedars, eucalyptus. The real attraction of Gradsky Park are the two Araucaria bidvilla trees – they were brought to Montenegro from Australia, and there are no other trees anywhere else in Europe.

Along the parkway there are benches

But some of those travelers who have already seen Tivat’s Captain’s Park say it’s pretty, but not original at all. And it is also small – you can walk around it in 20 minutes. Apart from plants (although rare and beautiful) and a few monuments there is nothing else: no playgrounds, no swings, no toilets. Although, there are still a few benches where you can sit and relax, listen to birdsong and breathe in the pine scent.

Island of Flowers

When you are done exploring the sights of Tivat, what to see in the nearest city suburbs?

The Island of Flowers

Not far from Tivat airport, in the Bay of Kotor, there is a small (only 300m x 200m) island. But, it would be more correct to say that it is a peninsula: it is connected with land by a narrow isthmus which is covered with water only during very big tides. The isthmus is quite possible to get to the island by car, and for pedestrians there is a handy bridge about 10 meters long.

Very often this island is called “island of flowers”, although the old name sounds differently: “Miholska Prevlaka”. The name “Island of Flowers” comes from the period of Yugoslavia, when there were so many beautiful plants, planted there to decorate the military sanatorium. The sanatorium houses, where the Bosnian refugees settled, have long been dilapidated, and the vegetation is markedly diminished, and even that completely untended.

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Ruins of St. Archangel Michael Monastery

The main attraction of the island are the ruins of the ancient monastery of St. Michael the Archangel. Unfortunately, for several decades, they are in a state of sluggish reconstruction. For all the time of work have restored only a few cells, which now live monks.

Church of the Holy Trinity

In the XIX century, the Church of the Holy Trinity was built near the ancient shrine and is still active.

The island of Flowers is fancied by beach lovers. The water in the gulf is always warm and the beaches are always crowded.

The village of Gornja Lastva

The first mention of Gornja Lastva (Gornja Lastochka) can be found in the written sources of the XIV century. Even 100 years ago the village was prospering, but after World War II it began to slowly decline as people moved in search of work to more promising places.

Gornja Lastva village

Now Gornja Lastva is deserted, although it is not considered completely gone. Most of the dwellings are abandoned, many of them have rotten wooden roof ceilings that have fallen in with the tiles, and windows and doors are overgrown with vines. You can go into the surviving houses, wander through the rooms, and see what remains of the simple household items of the former locals: surviving TVs and radios, old newspapers, kitchen utensils.

Abandoned house

Amidst all this decay and decay, there are several residential and well-maintained houses that people come to in the summer – for a while, as a vacation home. By the way, in Gornja Lastva there is one luxurious villa with a swimming pool, which is rented out.

Villa with a swimming pool for rent

The most famous landmark of Gornja Lastva is the medieval church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the altar of which is made of colored marble. The church is still active.

Gornja Lastva is located on the hillside of Vrmac, at a distance of about 5 km from the center of Tivat. It is possible to get there on foot, but it is 3 km uphill and it is very tiring to walk there in the heat. It is much more convenient to use a car, the more so that the road is very decent. From Tivat you first need to go to the village Donja (Lower) Lastva, following the coast to the north. In Lower Lasta by the hotel Villa Lasta you will need to turn up the road – there will be about 2.5 km more.

Church of St. Vida

If you have the strength and desire after the walk in Gornja Lastva, you can walk even higher up the mountain to the Church of St. Vid. There is a paved path that leads up to the church at 440 m above sea level and there are signs pointing the way. From the platform on which the church stands, there are picturesque views: you can look at Boko Kotor Bay and Mount Lovcen. Most of the time the church of St. Vitus is closed, but on June 15 the service is obligatory, because on this day the feast of St. Vitus is celebrated.


We are sure that the most popular attractions of Tivat described here will help you decide what exactly you want to see. And let your impressions be bright and positive! After all, impressions are the most valuable thing you can take with you from any trip.

Video: a brief overview of the city of Tivat and useful tips for tourists coming to Montenegro.

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