14 best sights of Saki – description and photos

14 places to see in Saki


The city of Saki in the Crimea is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The local territory was mastered by man more than a thousand years ago, and for such a long time, each generation has been able to leave an important trace for posterity.

There are a lot of curious museums and beautiful parks, picturesque alleys and ancient castles in the city, but the most important attractions of Saky are its mud lakes and numerous health resorts. Vacationers come here to improve their health and get real pleasure from contemplation of the surroundings.

Spa Park – the main green area of the city

Resort Park

Resort Park.

The park occupies a huge territory, about 50 hectares. The place for it was not chosen by chance: in the mid 19th century there was discovered a unique spring with pure artesian water. A marvelous botanical garden with many rare plants, brought from different corners of the world, was planted around it at once. The park is divided into wide alleys, where it is pleasant to walk in any weather. There are several artificial lakes and a pump-room with healthy mineral water.

Address: Saksʹkyy Kurortny Park, Saki.

Kara-Tobe ancient settlement has a history of 2.5 thousand years.

Kara-Tobe Mound

The Kara-Tobe ancient settlement.

This open-air museum is a unique archeological complex, which consists of the ruins of an ancient settlement. Scientists claim that the age of some structures is at least 2.5 thousand years. Fragments of some structures and stone sculptures have been preserved.

The museum doors are open to visitors, where you can get acquainted with the amazing findings of archaeologists. Once a hoard of Roman coins was found here – a trace of Roman garrison stay in this area.

The good location is another advantage that makes tourists come here. From the top of a large hill you can admire the views of the surroundings.

Address: Eupatoria highway, 2a, Saki, Crimea.

Banana Republic Waterpark – Territory of Fun

Water park Banana Republic.

This modern water park with numerous attractions is designed in the Latin American style. There are slides, pools, fountains and waterfalls on the vast area – interesting and safe entertainment for children and adults.

You can rest and eat in the cafe or cocktail bar. The water park has its own access to the sea, so at any time you can get off the slides, swim in the natural pond and sunbathe on the beach. Employees carefully monitor the order and safety of visitors.

Address: Aquapark “Bananova Respublika”, Kalamitskaya street, Evpatoria.

Best tours in Saki:

Museum of local history – an important cultural attraction

Local Lore Museum

Local history museum.

In a huge museum complex there are over 9 thousand exhibits of various topics. Each exhibit is presented in a separate hall. The first one starts with an exhibition devoted to the ancient period, where you can see ancient pottery made of clay, coins and anchors. Works by Crimean artists deserve a special attention. But most of the materials tell about the history of mud bathing in Saki, not without reason the second name of the complex – Museum of Mud Bathing.

The mineral composition of the local mud is unparalleled in the world. Guests will learn how silt mud was extracted in the 19th century and what procedures were carried out with its help. The guide also tells about modern discoveries in balneotherapy.

Address: Saki, 29, Kurortnaya str.

Lake Sasyk-Sivash is the largest salty lake in the Crimea

Lake Sasyk-Sivash

Lake Sasyk-Sivash.

The first thing that attracts the attention of Lake Sasyk-Sivash is its unusual hue. The whole palette of pink and red colors is reflected in the water. Amateur and professional photographers often come here to take original pictures.

But the main feature of the reservoir is the therapeutic mud, the curative properties of which are not inferior to those of the Dead Sea. In the northern part of the lake all year round live swans, which are not afraid of people. The maximum depth of the lake is 1.5 meters, the minimum depth is 0.5 meters.

Address: Lake Sasyk-Sivash, Crimea.

Sak lake is a source of therapeutic mud

Sak lake

Sak Lake.

Sak lake is unbelievably picturesque. But in addition to beautiful scenery, it is known for its healing muds, which have a healing effect on the body: remove swellings and inflammation, stimulate blood circulation, help fight joint diseases, etc.

Rapa and silt sediments of the reservoir are actively used in local health resorts and sanatoriums. The water in the lake is so saturated with salts that one can just lie on the surface. Interesting is also the history of Saki Lake: it appeared about five thousand years ago. First mud cure clinic was built here in the 19th century by the order of Nicholas I.

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Address: Saksky Lake, Crimea.

Holy Temple of St. Elijah – a shrine to the Orthodox

Holy Ilyinsky Temple

St. Ilya Temple.

The temple was built in the late 19th century. The bell tower was incredible for its time height – 33 meters. Because of that, the sound of the bells was heard in every corner of the city. During the Soviet era, the church was turned into a club; the beautiful frescoes, paintings and stucco were destroyed. It took almost 100 years for the church to be fully restored and renovated.

Tourists come here to admire the external and internal view: the temple looks very sophisticated, with many details, thought out to detail. The interior decoration is impressive with bright colors and lots of light penetrating through the large, tall windows.

Address: St. Ilya Temple, Simferopolskaya Street, Saki.

Entertainment Aqua complex “Saksonia

Entertainment Aqua complex “Saksonia”.

Among all facilities for family holidays in Saki entertainment aqua complex “Saksonia” takes a special place. In the spacious, comfortable area there is a large swimming pool with mineral water, set comfortable deck chairs. Water into the pool comes from a source more than 900 meters deep. There is a separate swimming zone for children.

Besides the pool, the complex has many entertainments: sports grounds, trainers. Performances of artists, cultural events, parties are often held here. In the evening there is an open-air cinema.

Address: Entertaining Aqua complex Saksonia, Kurortnaya Street, Saki, Crimea.

Sergiev Posad Ethnographic Complex

Sergiev Posad Ethnographic Complex

Sergiev Posad Ethnographic Complex.

The cultural and ethnographic complex is often called an ostrich farm, and this is its highlight – on the vast territory there are many species of exotic birds, including some fairly rare species. In addition to ostriches, pheasants, poultry, you can often find noble deer here.

Visitors are offered a variety of entertainment: horseback riding, spectacular cockfighting, exciting fishing, archery. There is an opportunity to have a picnic, skewers and barbecue are available for rent. The souvenir shop sells beautiful ostrich eggs and feathers. Children will be interested in walking around the park with sculptures depicting fairy tale characters.

Address: Saki, 40 km of the highway Simferopol-Evpatoria.

Pushkin Square – a cozy place for rest

Pushkin Square

Pushkin Square.

The square is located in the central part of the city. In the postwar years, when tourists began to come back to Saki for the rest, there was a question of creating a green area, which could take cover from the hot, scorching sun. The square quickly became popular with locals and visitors to the city.

Lots of greenery, wide asphalt paths, and comfortable benches make it pleasant place to spend time. Metal sculptures, based on Pushkin’s fairy tales, add to the entourage. The open air often hosts concerts and performances of local artists.

Address: Revolution Street, Saki.

You can visit the beach Priboy – the rest that meets all expectations.

You can visit the beach Priboy.

Wide, clean, sandy beach “Surf” is considered to be one of the best in the area. Wooden paths and decking are provided for the convenience of tourists. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. Children are fascinated by huge game zone and trampolines.

The beach has good infrastructure: changing rooms, toilets, showers. All day long cafes, dining rooms and small restaurants are open. Cleanliness of the beach is monitored by staff: the territory is constantly cleaned. The entrance to the sea is gentle and smooth, a great place to relax with kids.

Address: Priboy, Morskaya Street, Saki.

Ancient pump room – a mineral spring that is available to everyone.

Ancient pump room

Ancient pump room.

In 1956 a source of mineral water was found in Saki, and immediately it was decided to build a pump room where everyone could come and get healing water for free. Buavet still functions, and water is still available to everyone.

The depth of the spring is 960 meters, and the name of the water is “Crimean”. The temperature of the water surprises many people. It is not cold, as it usually is, but warm, 45 ° Celsius. The pump-room is located in the local park, and a walk through it is also a great pleasure.

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Address: 4 Kurortnaya Street, Saki.

Solnyshko Entertainment Complex


Solnyshko entertainment complex.

A huge entertainment center offers the possibility of living. Cozy rooms, parking for cars, private beach – everything disposes to a quiet, pleasant recreation on the Black Sea. Infrastructure of the complex is carefully thought out in detail, tourists have at their disposal a vast area of 4 hectares, a surfing center, a diving club, sports fields, a variety of attractions.

The catering system is represented by many cafes and bars. In the evening begins to work disco, often arrange interesting concerts, all kinds of cultural events. The area is guarded round the clock.

Address: 35th kilometer of the highway Simferopol-Evpatoria.

The sculpture “Dinosaurs” is the most original monument in the resort park

Sculpture “Dinosaurs”.

The unusual sculpture “Dinosaurs” is the unofficial symbol of the town. Until now historians have not come to a consensus about why this monument was placed there. Perhaps architect Likhosherstov was inspired by a violent storm that washed away the remains of ancient animals. This was evidence that dinosaurs lived in this area several million years ago.

The monument was erected in the early 20th century, and even during the Great Patriotic War it managed to survive. At the end of the century the sculpture needed restoration, and talented architects managed to return the composition to its original appearance.

Address: 4 Kurortnaya Street, Saki.

Warm climate, clean sea, curative muds – everything disposes to quality recreation with benefits for body and soul. It was here in the mid-19 th century was opened the country’s first mud baths. If you have time and desire, you can always go to nearby cities: a convenient transportation system allows easy access to Evpatoria, Yalta or Simferopol.

Saki: attractions and entertainment

Saki is a small town in the Crimea, located 20 km from Evpatoria, on the shore of Lake Saki. It is primarily a balneological resort and is known for its therapeutic mud and salts.

What to see in Saki on your own?

Interesting places and main attractions of the city and surroundings: photos with descriptions, tips on where to go, where to go by car, what to see in one day.

Banana Republic Water Park

Located between two resort towns, Saki and Yevpatoria, the water park “Banana Republic” is considered to be one of the largest complexes of water attractions.

Since “Banana Republic” is located near the coastline, its territory offers beautiful scenery of the Black Sea, in addition, the water park has its own exit to the sea, allowing wishing to swim.

On the territory there are a lot of attractions, among which everyone can choose the appropriate one. There are eight pools and 25 slides of different levels of extreme. The peculiarity of the territory is its design, which is created in the style of Latin America. There are also several cafes and a restaurant, so visitors can have a snack.

  • Address: Kalamitskaya 14, Pribrezhnaya village. Pribrezhnoye

Resort park

Saky Resorts Park, founded in 1890, is an ideal place in the city to hide from the bustle of the city in the shade of a variety of plantings. The park, located on the shore of Lake Saksky, covers an area of about 50 hectares.

There are plants from every corner of the globe collected here. There are more than eighty kinds of bushes and about eight thousand different trees. On the territory of the park there is a cozy gazebo, where you can relax, and beautiful benches.

One of the main pride of the park, is a pump room with mineral water, which is located in its territory, everyone can not only quench their thirst, but also to improve their health with its water. Spa Park is well-groomed, walking around, you can see the beautiful flower beds with rare flowers.

  • Address: 4 Kurortnaya Street, Saki.


Here you can see the traces of the first settlers’ epoch, which was later replaced by Scythian dugouts, and the remnants of Greek fortifications.

In the I-II centuries AD the fortress had a Roman garrison, as evidenced by a hoard of coins found here. There is an ancient cemetery discovered next to the fortress, which existed until the 15th century.

After the Great Patriotic War in this place on the hill military equipped communications center and an observation point of the coastal defense of the Black Sea Fleet. Excursions are conducted by the head of the museum, all the facts he tells in an interesting and impassioned way, the total duration does not take more than an hour, after which those who wish can walk around the territory on their own and take pictures.

  • Address: Evpatoria highway, 2A, Saki.
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Local Lore Museum

Saksky Museum of Local Lore, a unique place in the CIS, almost all the exhibits of the museum are devoted to the history of treatment with the use of therapeutic mud. The museum was founded in 1909, but during the Great Patriotic War, almost all the exhibits were lost.

In 1955, it was decided to restore the local history museum of the city. The director of the museum was A. Kosovskaya, who spent 40 years of her life there. The territory of the museum is divided into several thematic zones, dedicated to different periods.

The first reveals the history of ancient times, then a zone dedicated to the Russian Empire, followed by a hall, revealing the history of the Great Patriotic War. The two remaining halls are devoted to the flora and fauna of the Crimean peninsula and the life of Crimean Tatars.

  • Address: 29, Kurotnaya Street, Saki

Church of St. Elijah

The Church of St. Elijah began its history in 1894, when a thirty-three-meter chapel was built by the architect A. Karapetov. The sound of the bells was heard in all, even the most remote corners of the city. Only after six years, it was decided to build a temple, next to the chapel.

In 1903, the church was fully completed and consecrated in the name of the Holy Prophet Elijah. The Church became the most important spiritual object of the city, from the first days after its opening. In the early 90’s, the last century, the church completely fell into disrepair and needed a complete renovation.

In 1990 it was decided to carry out major repairs and a few years later, the Church of St. Elijah again restored its original appearance.

  • Address: 38 Simferopolskaya Street, Saki

Saky Lake

Saksky lake is famous for its healing properties, and thousands of people come for Saksky mud. It is a unique natural site that is known outside the country. The lake is small, its area is 10 square kilometers and the average depth is only 60 cm, but it is considered the most famous lake in Crimea.

This fame the lake brought her sulfide mud deposits and brine – a highly concentrated salty surface water, absorbing a huge amount of minerals and chemical compounds. These muds and brine have a huge therapeutic potential accumulated over many, many thousands of years.

Scientists say that by its therapeutic properties Saki Lake is several times better than the famous Dead Sea. The area around the lake is not landscaped, so when you visit it, don’t forget to take fresh water to wash your skin from the salt.

  • Address: Kurortnaya street, Saki.

Entertaining Aqua complex “Saxony”

Aquatic complex, although it has not been functioning for a long time, after reconstruction, but has already managed to win the hearts of visitors. The main feature of the complex, is considered a large swimming pool, which is filled with mineral water.

Water temperature is heated by nature and does not drop below 27 degrees above zero, even in winter. Therefore, “Saxonia”, will be a great place to relax at any time of year. The pool has three lanes for swimming, as well as a shallow Jacuzzi for children, where the water temperature is kept at a higher level.

The area has comfortable deck chairs for relaxing by the pool and sunbathing. There are also cafes and restaurants, where you can not only have a bite, but also a full meal.

  • Address: 4 Kurortnaya Street, Saki.

Pushkin Square

Pushkin Square is undoubtedly the most popular place of the resort town. It is located along the pedestrian Frunze Street. Here you will find many cafes, souvenir stores, kiosks of ice cream and soft drinks, a tasting room of Crimean wine.

In the park you are met and greeted from the pedestal of his monument to the great Russian poet. Here in the evenings the locals and guests of the resort come to relax, there are a lot of children and mothers with baby carriages, lots of benches in the shade of trees, smooth asphalted lanes, sculptures of fairy-tale characters.

Here you can just relax, sit on the bench and eat ice cream. If you come to Saki, you should definitely visit its main park.

  • Address: Revolution Street, Saki
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Sergiev Posad Ethnographic Complex

Saki is an excellent health resort, but if you are tired of a monotonous rest, lying on the beach, there is an opportunity to diversify it. Just five minutes from the city, you can find a piece of Africa, on the Crimean peninsula. In the complex “Sergiev Posad”, you can see the real great ostriches, who live here for many years.

The area of the complex is 50 hectares, it can meet, not only ostriches, but more than 50 different birds, among which many rare and Red Book, and there is also a settlement of red deer.

Guides will be happy to tell you about the characteristics of each species, their habits and activities. It is interesting to walk around the farm not only for adults, but for children as well.

  • Address: Saki, 40th km of Simferopol-Yevpatoria highway

Lake Sasyk-Sivash

Lake Sasyk-Sivash is considered to be a unique place of Saki district. The first reason for its popularity is that during the clear night the lake has a beautiful pink shade, which allows visitors to take amazing photos. The pink color appeared due to the accumulation of salts and chemical minerals in the lake.

It is possible to swim in the lake, thanks to the high concentration of salt, it is almost impossible to drown here, and the shallow depth allows the water to warm up to a comfortable temperature in mid-May.

Another reason why the lake is visited is the therapeutic black mud. People take mud baths, right on the shore of the lake, or take the mud with them. Everyone should visit such a unique natural object.

  • Address: Lake Sysak-Sivash, Saki. Saki

Beach “Priboy”

The beach of Saki is endless, it consists of a natural beach strip of sand and pebble with hotels, bases, boarding houses and wild beaches. The surf is roughly in the middle of this huge beach.

The waters of the bay are not deep, the maximum depth is 2 meters. The bottom is sandy without any special vegetation and wildlife and the surf is flat, this makes the beach safe for swimming during storms. Here there is everything you need for a comfortable holiday.

On the beach there are many stores, outlets, market with souvenirs and fruits, pharmacies, medical center, beauty salons and spas, there are areas for children, a gym and a place for beach volleyball. Everyone will find a desired entertainment without going out of the beach.

  • Address: Morskaya Street, Saki

Restaurant “Magic Mill”

This place is very cozy and colorful, where you can not only have a tasty meal, but also have a pleasant rest. The territory of the cafe is decorated in the style of Ukrainian taverns, national Ukrainian cuisine, each dish has its own special serving and excellent taste.

The cafe is also very conveniently located in the center of a pedestrian street. There are many dishes on the menu, aimed at different financial capabilities of visitors. The waiters work quickly and are attentive to each guest. Often arrange live performances of singers and bands, which will brighten up your evening and gladly perform any song ordered especially for you.

  • Address: Revolution Street, 21, Saki.

Sculpture “Dinosaurs”

This monument is worth seeing, because it is quite unusual: first, this is the first monument to dinosaurs in the world, which was erected in 1932; second, it is remarkable, because at the time of its opening there were monuments of a different kind – to the leaders of the revolution, the heroes of the Civil War, the country leaders.

The official name of the monument is “Fight of brontosaurus and ceranosaurus”. And surprisingly, the monument caught on and fell in love with the locals, and over time it was depicted on the coat of arms of the city.

A few years ago, the monument was a pathetic sight: peeling and cracked paint, overgrown with dead wood island, dried up, in some places boggy lake. But today, after the reconstruction, the monument and the area around it have been improved and are in need of a visit.

  • Address: Kurortnaya street, Saki.

Cafe “Ellas”

According to the history, the Crimea and Greece have often had points of contact that are lost today. But in the center of Saki, opened a cozy Greek restaurant that does not let the connection break off completely. Traditional Greek cuisine reigns here, although a few dishes from Russian cuisine are presented.

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Service is fast, courteous, and always helpful in resolving any issue. The menu may seem too varied, but everything that is cooked here is always fresh and delicious.

The interior is set up in such a way that from the hall you can see two male chefs working in the kitchen, whose movements are precise and accurate, and sometimes simply artistic, it is a real pleasure to watch them. The cafe is located in the city center, not far from the Church of Elijah the Prophet.

  • Address: Pionerskaya street, 17, Saki.

Palace of Culture

This is a great place to diversify your leisure time. Outwardly the palace looks like a typical Soviet building that survived until nowadays. Inside you will find a beautiful interior of the lobby and a ceremonial hall, where concerts and performances are often held.

Here local artists perform, organize themed celebrations, as well as hosting touring corpses. In resort towns very often such places are left unattended, but a visit to the palace, will make your vacation not only richer in culture but also leave a lot of pleasant memories.

  • Address: Revolution Street, 2, Saki.

Ancient pump room

The pump room was opened in 1956, after the source of mineral water was found at a depth of 960 meters. Mineral water, flowing from the source, was called “Crimean. It is used not only as drinking water, it is considered medicinal, and take a bath with it, as well as used for rinsing after mud baths.

Old pump room is located in a park in Saki, to try and take water from it everyone can, it is free and is located in the open area. Surprising to many is the temperature of the spring water, which reaches 45 degrees above zero.

  • Address: 4 Kurortnaya Street, Saki.

Black Sea Aquarium

A real sea fairy tale in the town of Saki. In a huge pool, the volume of which reaches three and a half tons. In the aquarium you can see a variety of representatives of the marine world. There are fish, starfish, plankton.

On the territory there is also a terrarium, where live crocodile named Kroki and two adorable turtles. Walking around the territory will be interesting to all, both adults and children. There are guides who will tell you about all the inhabitants of the aquarium “Black Sea”.

  • Address: Aquarium “Black Sea”, Nikolaevka village

Solnyshko Entertainment Complex

Solnyshko entertainment complex in Saki is an excellent resort attraction. Located on the seashore, the complex occupies an area of about 4.5 hectares. For everyone is available a variety of entertainment: beach attractions, beach volleyball, mini-golf and tennis courts.

Visitors are also offered a billiard zone and jet skis and catamarans rent. Animators with great entertainment program are always working in Solnyshko. There is a playground and a small pool with water slides for kids. Children are looked after by experienced educators.

  • Address: Saki, 35th km of Simferopol-Yevpatoria highway

Restaurant Livadia

The restaurant is located on the pre-waterfront Kurortnoy street of the city, near the military sanatorium. There is both a summer terrace and an indoor hall. The interior of the restaurant is quite stylish and tasteful. Freshly renovated, comfortable furniture and decor of the room contribute to the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The cuisine corresponds to the level of the restaurant. Meat dishes and snacks are especially good, as well as many char-grilled dishes. Attentive and conscientious staff, responds quickly and pays attention to all guests. The restaurant is clean and cultured. The price/quality ratio fully meets the expectations of guests.

  • Address: 4 Kurortny Lane, Saki

Tasting Room “Seventh Heaven”

It is an ideal place for having a dinner with a glass of good wine or cognac. Here you can not only visit the tasting, but also choose a great bottle of wine, which came to your taste, in the adjoining store. The quality of the wine is confirmed by many awards and certificates received at international competitions.

For those who would like to know the history of winemaking on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula, you can take a tour guided by an experienced staff, who have devoted their lives to winemaking. During the tour you will be told how and when winemaking evolved, what kinds of wine produced from a particular grape, the conditions for storage and consumption of beverages, as well as answer all your questions.

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