14 best sights of Divnogorsk – description and photos

14 Sights of Divnogorsk worth seeing


On the right bank of the Yenisei, just an hour’s drive from Krasnoyarsk is a small town with an amazing name – Divnogorsk. To visit Krasnoyarsk and at the same time not to go to Divnogorsk, on your part would be an unforgivable mistake. Many people may find this statement strange.

Why go to this provincial town? What to look in Divnogorsk? First is the location of the famous Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station – not the most aesthetically pleasing, but striking by its size and interesting from an engineering point of view. However, the HPP itself would not be so attractive for tourists, if it were not for the magnificent background.

It is the desire to look at this combination of man-made landscape with the splendor of Siberian nature that motivates many to go. Marvellous mountains that gave its name to the city, the boundless sea of taiga, the beautiful Krasnoyarsk Reservoir … – how lucky are the residents of Divnogorsk, who have the opportunity to see these postcard views every day!




The quay in Divnogorsk is simple: the lower level with the descent to the river and the upper level with benches. After recent work on the improvement there appeared bicycle paths and playgrounds for children, which in general did not make the embankment less ascetic.

But whether to pay attention to absence of any special frills if such amazing views on picturesque Wild mountains on an opposite coast of Yenisei opens before you? You can just wander along the embankment and admire this beauty.

Address: Yenisei embankment, Lenin embankment, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Church of the icon of the Mother of God “Of the Sign of Abalakia”.

Church of Mother of God “Znamenie Abalakskaya”.

Colorful wooden building, located almost in the center of Divnogorsk, is the Church of the Mother of God “Znamenie Abalakskaya”. This church was built relatively recently, however, tourists do not neglect it. The view of the building is reminiscent of a traditional Old Russian church.

During the erection of the log cabin even used the old technology, which implies the laying of logs without the use of nails. People of faith will also be attracted by the fact that there are icons with parts of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov and Archbishop of Krasnoyarsk Theodore as well as a reliquary with parts of the relics of the Fathers of Kiev-Pechersk.

Address: Sunday School, Church of the Icon of the Mother of God of the Sign, Boris Polevoy Street, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Arboretum at Old Skete

Arboretum at the Old Skete

Arboretum at Old Skete.

Krasnoyarsk Znamensky monastery, founded in 1888, was located in the territory of Divnogorsk today. All that survived of the monastic settlement to the present day – the name “Old Skit” and dilapidated two-story building, a hundred years ago was the church of the skit, but now is used as an art studio.

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Behind the former orthodox temple begins an arboretum, whose creation was probably begun by monks. In addition to the usual Siberian pines, firs, cedars and maples, here grow linden, oak, Manchurian walnut, Altai cork tree, which are strange for these places.

A total of 43 species of trees, 23 of which are introduced, grow in the area fenced off from the natural forest area. In 1971, the first rose garden in Siberia with an automatic soil heating system appeared in the arboretum, allowing you to grow fastidious flowers in the open ground despite the harsh climate.

Address: Arboretum near the Old Skit, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Tsar-Fish Monument and observation deck

Tsar Fish Monument and observation deck

Tsar-Fish Monument and observation deck.

Not far from the entrance to Sliznevo, which is just downstream, there is a great panoramic observation deck. The place for it was chosen perfectly – right on top of the famous Sliznevsky cliff, a mountain about 100 meters high. The view opens from here is remarkable. Looking from hundred meters height at the river, which has made its way among these rocks, you begin to respect powerful Yenisei even more.

Not far from Sliznevo there is Ovsyanka village, which is the homeland of the famous writer Viktor Astafyev. That’s why the architects who created the observation platform decided to decorate it with a monument to one of the “heroes” of Astafyev’s works – the “Tsar-fish”. It seems to be the duty of every tourist who happened to be here to take a picture against a background of a huge Yenisei sturgeon, embodied in a stone.

Address: Viewpoint, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Divnogorsk Art Museum

Divnogorsk Art Museum

Divnogorsk Art Museum.

Divnogorsk Art Museum can not boast the presence of paintings of outstanding Russian or foreign painters: there are only the works of Divnogorsk painters L. M. Bezvyazikov, V. I. Nabokov, N. M. Khomaiko, V. A. Fedorov, G. G. Musin.

All of them painted Siberian landscapes including views of Yenisei and Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. However, this has its own advantage – you have the opportunity to look at the artistic representation of the panoramas you just saw with your own eyes, the opportunity to compare your feelings from the seen landscapes with the feelings of people endowed with the talent of the artist.

Address: Art Museum, Nagornaya street, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Krasnoyarsk hydropower station

Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power plant

Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.

In the Divnogorsk area the Yenisei channel is a rock canyon – high granite banks, granite base. No wonder that when the question of building the hydropower plant in Krasnoyarsk arose, geologists immediately paid attention to this part of the river bed. Almost 6 million cubic meters of concrete and 16 years of hard work were needed to block the powerful current of the Siberian river and build a dam 1065 meters long and 124 meters high.

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Thus Krasnoyarskaya HPP was born, the tenth largest hydropower plant in the world and the second largest in Russia. Many tourists come to see this impressive structure, which is undoubtedly the main attraction of Divnogorsk. You can see the hydroelectric power station from everywhere, but it’s more convenient to admire it from the bridge of Abakan highway, situated downstream. How many wonderful photographs are taken from this point, especially during the periods of spillway – it’s a sight no worse than Niagara Falls!

Address: Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.




From the structural point of view, Krasnoyarsk HPP is the most interesting due to its ship-lift. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else in Russia. This cyclopean structure with a 9-meter rail track is designed to let ships through to the other side of the dam. The locks normally used for this purpose were difficult to construct in this mountainous area.

The outlines of the ship elevator are clearly seen from the bridge over the Yenisei, but to see and appreciate this grandiose construction, you’d better get closer to it, which is possible only if you have a car. Of course, it is the most interesting when the ship-lift is working, but you hardly have a chance to observe it: ships don’t pass here every day.

GPS coordinates: 55.95142818855044, 92.28471526186735.

Krasnoyarsk Reservoir

Krasnoyarskoye water reservoir

Krasnoyarskoye Reservoir.

The Krasnoyarsk Reservoir which locals call by no other name than the Krasnoyarsk Sea, stretches for hundreds of kilometers from the hydroelectric power plant. Much of it is mountainous and therefore it is almost impossible to get close to the shore. The only exception is Shumikha Bay, right behind the hydroelectric station, but the great number of camping sites situated here will also make it difficult to get close to the water.

To appreciate the beauty of Krasnoyarsk Reservoir you have to rent a boat or find a boat trip organized by one of Krasnoyarsk tourist agencies. Only by water you can reach the most interesting places of the reservoir, including the famous Biryusinskie caves.

Address: Krasnoyarsk reservoir, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

The Biryusinskiye Caves

Biryusinskoye Caves

The Biryusinskiye Caves.

Along the coast of the Gulf of Biryusa in the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir there are so called Biryusinskie caves. There are 67 caves, big and small, on the karst territory of 50 square kilometers. It is easy to calculate that on average there are 1.3 caves per square kilometer of territory – a real paradise for speleologists.

Among the most famous local karst cavities are the Mamontovaya Cave, which is very easy to explore and therefore available even to novice explorers of the underground world; the Pearl Cave, striking the number of white, pink and yellowish stalactites; the Kuba Cave, which is considered the deepest in Krasnoyarsk region; the Geneva Cave, which is one of the largest in Siberia.

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Each cave of Biryusinskiy area is attractive in its own way and their great number allows to choose the one which will be interesting exactly for you and will correspond to your caving skills.

Address: Biryusinskiy Hall, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Tsar Gates

Tsar Gates

Tsar Gates.

Biryusa Bay, formed by flooding the valley of the Biryusa River during the construction of hydroelectric power plants, is one of the most beautiful bays of the Krasnoyarsk Sea. Steep cliffs, numerous grottos and caves, cracks and manholes… – popularly Biryusinsky Bay is called both “Siberian Switzerland” and “Stone city”.

The most famous karst formation of these places is a beautiful stone arch called “Tsar Gates” on the bay shore. One can always admire the beautiful photographs, which may be the reason why the Tsar Gates have become the most visited point on the reservoir. There is an opinion that if you go through the arch, making a wish, it will come true.

GPS coordinates: 55 °50’26.0″N 92 °09’46.0″E.

Monuments to builders

Monument to builders

Monument to builders.

Before 1956 the place of today’s Divnogorsk was just a small village Skit, which was the remains of a monastic settlement, pioneer camp buildings, where in the summer vacation of Krasnoyarsk schoolchildren, and a few houses near Filaretov brook. Divnogorsk town was turned into a God forsaken place by the construction of a hydropower plant.

Due to the hands of young boys and girls who came from different parts of the country to participate in the all-union construction project the cuttings that turned into streets and the first wooden and then – into stone apartment houses were built. In honor of those who created a new city near the Wild Mountains, those who went from canvas tents to reliable stone buildings, a monument in the form of a symbolic 4-meter tent was erected on Pioneer Square. The inscription on it reads: “Thus began our city.

By the way, in Divnogorsk, more precisely, near the road that leads from the town to the hydroelectric power plant, there is another monument – a monument to the builders of the hydroelectric power plant. This is MAZ-225 with a lifted body, one of those 25-ton dump trucks that on March 25, 1963 began to cover the riverbed with boulders.

Address: Russia, Krasnoyarsk territory, Divnogorsk, Pionerskaya square.

Divnyny ski resort

Divnyi Mountain Resort

Divnnyny ski resort.

If you find yourself in Divnogorsk in winter, then do not deny yourself the pleasure of a good time in the fresh air. Divnnyny ski resort is considered one of the most beautiful winter resorts in the country: gorgeous snow-covered slopes, pristine nature and at the same time all the conditions for comfortable recreation attract here not only citizens of Krasnoyarsk but also tourists from different parts of the country.

In Divnoye there are four ski tracks of different height, length and level of complexity, as well as a snow park for snowboarders and separate areas for children. In addition, you can ride snowmobiles, cross-country skis, sleds, and tubas here.

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Address: Divnogorsk Ski Resort, Divnogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia.

Ovsyanka village

Ovsyanka village

Ovsyanka village.

Halfway between Krasnoyarsk and Divnogorsk there is a small village Ovsyanka, known since the XVII century. We advise you to stop there. Why? Firstly there is excellent viewing platform with famous “Tsar fish”. Secondly, Ovsyanka is the homeland of the famous Russian writer Viktor Astafyev, who wrote about the Siberian nature, including the Yenisei.

Predictably, the village has a museum dedicated to him, which includes three buildings – the house of Victor Petrovich’s grandmother, where he grew up, a summer house, where the writer spent the summer months when he moved to Krasnoyarsk, and a building, not directly related to Astafyev, but which has a good exposition, including his. Thirdly, it is worth visiting Ovsyanka for the sake of the views of the rocky shore of the Yenisei.

Address: Ovsyanka, Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia.

Paleolithic site Listvenka

The lands where Divnogorsk is located today, were inhabited more than ten thousand years ago, as evidenced by the ancient people’s sites found by archaeologists. The most significant of them is the Late Paleolithic site Listvenka, found on the southwest outskirts of Divnogorsk on the right bank of Zarechnaya Listvyanka – a tributary of the Yenisei.

The site is multi-layered – 25 cultural layers have been recorded here! Remains of dwellings and hearths, bones of mammoth and bison, products of stone, horns and tusks found in this place allowed scientists to conclude that ancient people settled in these places about 16.5 thousand years ago and lived continuously for 6 thousand years.

Why ancient people left this well-populated area is unknown, but the fact remains – when the Russian Cossacks at the beginning of the XVII century came to conquer the Yenisei land, these places were deserted.

Instructions for exploring. What and where to see in Divnogorsk?

Divnogorsk was founded 63 years ago.

Divnogorsk was founded 63 years ago, in 1956. But the oldest building is twice as old – a gray log cabin at the eastern entrance to the town is 131 years old. How did this happen?

At the place of today Divnogorsk monk Filaret founded Znamensky hermitage – a monk settlement, back in 1888. Over time, the church and several cells turned into a village Skete – with brick, tar, candle factory. In 1920 the settlement of monks was dispersed. Of all the buildings have survived only the old church, rebuilt into a two-story apartment building.

Now there are art workshops, around the arboretum with the monument “Rose. In socialism the entrance to the city was decorated by a huge flowerbed with exotic flowers for Siberia.

Where to look for : Stary Skit, 2

Railway station

Several years ago there was an idea to create here a museum of railway transport, with carriages and locomotives. Although local vandals successfully destroyed it, the station is worth a visit. It blends very nicely into the landscape.

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Where to look for it: Student’s avenue, 6

Water discharge at Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.

Local history museum

A very good exposition of short but bright history of Divnogorsk. Here you will learn that Yuri Gagarin really put the first cubic meter of concrete in the trench of the hydroelectric power station. And he worked both with his “Gagarin’s” shovel and his “sailor’s” one. The builders included the Heroes of the Soviet Union, including the Spaniards Ruben Ibarruri and Alexander Matrosov, in their teams, and paid their salaries to the Peace Fund. Unique shovels – on a place of honor in the museum.

Where to look for: Komsomolskaya ul. 2

Pionerskaya Square and the embankment

Landing place of the first builders of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power plant and the city. There is a tent – one of the most stylish monuments in the world. The embankment – the main place for walks. Previously beautiful by nature, now it is decorated with MAF – benches, pavilions, pavilions are called so in the “bird’s” language of officials.

Where to look for: in fact, on the embankment st.

Krasnoyarskaya HPP and monument to builders

The second most powerful power plant in Russia is located on the far west side of the city. On the way to it on a high pedestal is a giant truck “MAZ” from which the Yenisei was blocked – a monument to labor, or simply a monument to builders.

On weekend routes to Divnogorsk comes 17 thousand tourists a year.

The most majestic view of the dam 128 meters high – in the morning hours and during the release of excess water from the reservoir. Then up to 10 thousand cubic meters of water per second fly from the crest of the dam into the Yenisei. That’s like three railroad trains, or two Niagara Falls.

If you have a desire to sweat in nature, in a couple of hours of wandering along Zarechnaya Listvyanka creek you can see the hydropower station’s dam from a bird’s-eye view, to be exact – from about 400 meters.

It’s a pity, now there are no open tours to the hydropower station itself. The view from the crest of the dam there is spectacular.

Important! Hydroelectric power station employees drive their cars or buses at a strictly defined time. Therefore, the route to the dam is considered purely tourist, and local cab drivers charge an increased fee for the trip.

Residents appreciate the beauty, comfort and clean air here.

Art Museum

One of the most interesting in the region. The collection of works includes paintings from “Bouquet of flowers” by A. Pozdeev to “Poacher” by F. Sevostyanov, with killed swans in a boat, and “Siberian still life” with cobwebs by E. Shepelevich.

Where to look for : 12 Nagornaya str.

Divnogorsk was founded in 1956, it was granted city status in 1963. Population in 2019 – 33,100 people.

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