13 things to see in Copenhagen, Denmark

What to see in Copenhagen in one day

Tourists go to Copenhagen to see the royal palaces, modern art and design museums, scenic harbor and canals.

I’ve been to Copenhagen three times and I know it’s not a boring place to spend an entire vacation. If you’re in the Danish capital for just one day, on a transfer or on a cruise, you’ll have time to see the main sights.

I made a route of 8.3 km. The walk begins and ends at Copenhagen Central Station, Københavns Hovedbanegård in Danish. On the way we will see Town Hall Square, the Round Tower, the Little Mermaid statue, the residence of the monarchs Amalienborg, the New Harbor, Christiansborg Palace, the Royal Library of Denmark and the new Karlsberg Glyptothek.

On Town Hall Square is a monument to Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, a column with Viking figures, and the Town Hall, Copenhagen’s city hall. Entrance to the town hall is free. It is interesting to walk up the stairs and corridors decorated with carvings, sculptures, mosaics and paintings. Inside the building, to the right of the entrance, there is the world’s most accurate astronomical clock.

A statue of the Little Mermaid, the heroine of Andersen’s fairy tale, is the sculptural symbol of Copenhagen. Over the past 50 years, the Little Mermaid has been the victim of several vandals: her head was blown up, sawn off and covered with paint. To protect it from attacks city officials are thinking of moving the sculpture away from the coast. While this has not happened, it can be seen from a distance of a couple of meters.

Denmark’s national currency is the Danish krone.

The sculpture is small, only 125 cm high. In my opinion, it is designed for a quiet and chamber-like setting. I admired the Little Mermaid early in the morning, in silence and solitude. But when the nearest stones are occupied by a noisy crowd of tourists waiting in line for photos and trying to scramble closer to the sculpture, it seems unassuming and overrated.

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Instead of a staircase, the Round Tower has a gentle spiral ascent. Legend has it that Peter the Great rode up the tower in 1716. Photo: David Jones/Flickr

The new harbor was dug almost 350 years ago. Sailing boats and barges are moored there, and the colorful, picturesque facades of the buildings line the waterfront. Tourists are attracted by the spectacular views for photos and the large number of restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops.

Christiansborg Tower is the highest in Copenhagen. Its height is 106 meters. From the observation deck of the tower offers an excellent view of the Old Town and the palace complex. Most of the ascent is by elevator, the entrance to the tower is free.

The Royal Library of Denmark consists of the historic building and the Black Diamond, a new building on the harbor. Through the glass facade of the Black Diamond you have a panoramic view of the harbor and the drawbridge. In my opinion, this is the best place to appreciate innovative Danish architecture.

The museums ask you to deposit your belongings in the luggage room. It is locked with a 20 kroner coin, which is later returned. If you don’t change cash, ask to borrow a coin at the museum cashier’s desk

An unusual part of the exposition is the nasotheca. It contains a collection of beaten off noses and ears of ancient sculptures


Currency. In Denmark there are kroner (DKK). One krone costs approximately 10 R . It is not profitable to exchange euros and dollars for kronas: the exchange rate in exchange offices can differ from the Central Bank rate by 15%. To save money it is better to pay by bank card.

Kronborg Castle. If you have more than one day in Copenhagen, you can go to the castle Kronborg. It is located 50 km from the city and is known as the setting for Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

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Iceland Bruges beach is an enclosed part of Copenhagen harbor where locals and tourists swim. The pools are open from June to September, and the administration checks the water quality every day. Entrance to the baths is free, so there are a lot of people there. There are no individual sun loungers – you should bring a towel.

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