13 places to see in Rhodes. Greece

What to see in Rhodes: 42 places to see

It’s time to tell you what to see in Rhodes on your own and with a tour . It is the second largest Greek island, after Crete. Rhodes is located between the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea, 160 km from the Turkish Marmaris. By the way, the Turks were also here, and even ruled for a few centuries.

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Attractions in Rhodes on a map

Let’s start with the best places to visit on the island!

  • Medieval Town of Rhodes
  • Mandraki – the new town
  • The city of Lindos
  • The best beaches in Rhodes
  • The Castles of Rhodes
  • The Ancient City of Kamiros
  • The Valley of Butterflies
  • The springs of Califaea
  • Tzambika Monastery
  • Seven Springs
  • Villages of Rhodes
  • The Islands near Rhodes

Medieval Town of Rhodes

The medieval town of Rhodes is the main attraction of the island. It is the largest and best preserved fortified city in Europe and is protected by UNESCO. The old town has about 200 streets and alleys and is surrounded by 4 km long fortress walls. Old Rhodes was built by the Knights of Saint John, who came to the island in 1309. Nowadays the Old Town combines Greek, Ottoman and Italian heritage. Nowadays it is a fully touristy place, with stores, tavernas, souvenir shops – everything for tourists! What to see in old Rhodes:

  • The Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of Rhodes , also known as Kastello is one of the first castles built by the Knights. The palace was built in Gothic style and at different times had a military headquarters and a fort. The heyday of the castle came in the 14th century, when the Knights Hospitallers turned the fortress into their base and a luxurious residence for the Grand Masters of the Order. Inside is a museum dedicated to the history of Rhodes and the apartments of the Grand Master with mosaic floors. Unfortunately, much of the furniture and interiors were lost when the munitions depot exploded in 1856.

Attractions in Rhodes

Palace of the Grand Masters

  • The street of the Knights – it was once home to the famous Knights Hospitallers who ruled Rhodes. The street was divided into seven innings, according to the place of origin of the knights – France, Germany, England, Auvergne, Italy and Provence. Each of the knights was responsible for a different section of the fortifications of the city of Rhodes. The street, like the entire Old Town of Rhodes, is protected by UNESCO and little has changed over the past 700 years. Today there are restaurants of different countries, such as French and English.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is located in St. John’s Hospital, a late Gothic complex with an arcaded courtyard on two levels. Here, archaeological finds from Rhodes and the other islands of the Dodecanese are preserved. In front of the western arcade stands a late Hellenistic tomb with a lion holding between its paws the head of a bull. In front of it is a Byzantine mosaic from the early Christian basilica of Karpaty on the island of Karpathos. There is also a statue of Aphrodite from the 1st century B.C., vases and sculptures from Kameiros, mosaics, stelae, capitals, medieval tombs of knights and coats of arms collected from buildings all over the city.
  • The clock tower of Roloi is the highest point of the old city of Rhodes. At the top is an observation deck.
  • Byzantine Art Museum – numerous frescoes and icons from the Byzantine period are preserved here.
  • Church of Saint Catherine – It was here in 1522-1523, during the Ottoman occupation, that Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent said the first prayer for the incorporation of Rhodes into the Ottoman Empire.
  • Sulemaniye Mosque – built during the Turkish occupation of Rhodes.
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Medieval Town of Rhodes

Medieval Town of Rhodes


Once you leave the Old Town of Rhodes, you will get to the new modern town, or Mandraki . Best of all, there was once one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” – the Colossus of Rhodes (a rather huge statue of Helios the Sun god), built over 2000 years ago. It was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC. The main tourist street is Socrates Street with many cafes, restaurants and stores. Other attractions in Rhodes are the Bank of Greece, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Town Hall and the National Theatre of Rhodes. If you vacation with children, there is an aquarium in Rhodes. Located in a beautiful art deco building built in the 30s. On the slopes of Mount Monte Smith are the remains of the Acropolis of Rhodes. There you can see the ruins of a stadium, a theater, and the Pythian Temple of Apollo. Elli is the main beach of Rhodes. It is a very popular beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the Dodecanese islands. On the first line there are hotels, open taverns and cafes, you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers on the beach.

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What to see in Rhodes. Elli Beach


Lindos is one of the most beautiful cities of the island and one of the best places to see in Rhodes. Lindos is located in the south of the island 45 km from Rhodes city. In ancient times Lindos was an important prosperous town in Greece, due to its location along the sea routes between the Middle East, Europe and Russia. The main attractions here are the beautiful white houses built on the hillside and the Acropolis.

Things to see in Rhodes by car

Lindos from the observation deck

The Acropolis of Lindos is one of the oldest archaeological sites in Greece. It is built on a rocky cliff 116 meters high and is surrounded by powerful walls built by the Knights of Rhodes. Its history goes back to the Mycenaeans in the 7th century BC, who were the first to pray here, while the Byzantines, the Knights of St. John and the Ottomans used the rock for defensive purposes. Inside the fortress walls are the remains of an ancient theater, a propylaeum (gate) and the 4th century BC temple of Athena Lindia.

The Acropolis of Lindos

There is not much left of the buildings, just a few columns, but it is still worth a visit, if only for the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea and Lindos. If you go down from the Acropolis, you will reach a sandy beach. This is rare in Rhodes, because most of the beaches are pebbly. Today Lindos is a pedestrian city, so take comfortable shoes. If you don’t want to walk on your feet, you can take a tour of the paved streets on donkeys here.

Donkeys in Lindos

The best beaches in Rhodes

Most often come to Rhodes for beach holidays, so about them – a separate section. Each beach on the island differs from the other in landscape and views. The best beaches for swimming in Rhodes are:

  • Faliraki beach is located 10 km south of Rhodes city, it is one of the most famous and crowded beaches of the island. Here are the first line hotels with their own beaches. Some of them are “all inclusive”.
  • Tzambika is a beach with fine sand, ideal for children. Here you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, do water activities.
  • Anthony Quinn’s beach is named after the main actor of the movie “The Greek Zorba”, as it was his favorite beach! It’s a peaceful beach with huge boulders, pine trees, and greenish water. Here you can snorkel and look at marine life.
  • St. Paul’s Bay – There are two small beaches overlooking the Acropolis of Lindos. Most of the beach is privately owned. There is also a beautiful white chapel where wedding ceremonies are held. It is believed that St. Paul landed in this bay in 51 A.D., when he came to preach in Rhodes.
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St. Paul's Bay

St. Paul’s Bay

  • The beaches near Lindos are right near the town. Here you can freshen up after visiting the Acropolis.
  • Afandou is a beach suitable for holidays with children.
  • Prasonisi (on the southern tip of the island) is one of the most beautiful beaches of Rhodes. The beach lies at the confluence of two seas, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. At low tide, it turns into an islet, which connects the beach with the southern part of the island. It has frequent waves, making it a favorite destination for windsurfers.
  • Gennadi is a nice and quiet beach with coarse pebbles. The water is very clear here, so you can go snorkeling.

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  • Kiotari is a sandy beach with a few taverns.
  • Pefki is located 4km from Lindos. The beaches are much quieter than those around Lindos.
  • Agathi is a small beach which is mainly frequented by locals.
  • Vlicha is a nice beach for children. Here you can rent a deck chair and visit several restaurants.
  • Glistra – Rhodes beach with fine sand and clear water.

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Tzambika beach. What to see in Rhodes

The Castles of Rhodes

The island of Rhodes has several castles. Most of them were built in the 15th century by the Knights of St. John and were used as observation posts. Almost all the castles in Rhodes can be visited for free.

  • Kritinia Castle is located near the village of the same name. The castle in Venetian style was built in the 15th century on a steep slope. You have to climb the steps, go inside, and from there you have a beautiful view of the sea. There is a 16th century chapel of St. John, decorated with frescoes of the period.
  • Monolithos Castle is located 5 km from the village of Siana, about 70 km from Rhodes city. It was erected in 1476 on a mountain, 236 meters high, to protect the area from enemies and pirates. There is also an observation deck, which overlooks the bay, the mountains and the island of Halki. There is also a small church and a beautiful stone arch.
  • Feraklos Castle is a medieval castle located near the village of Charaki and Agathi beach. This huge fortress was erected on top of a hill overlooking the bays of Agathi and Malonas. Wear comfortable shoes, as the road is steep and rocky.
  • Archangelos Castle is located 27 km north of Rhodes, in the village Archangelos. It was built by knights on the ruins of a former Byzantine castle. The castle is in a poor state of preservation and has only a few walls, two towers and the temple of Saint George.
  • Asklipio Castle is situated 15 km from Lindos. It was built in 1473 by the Knights Ioannis.

Castles of Rhodes

The Ancient City of Kamiros

Fans of the ancient history of Rhodes (before the knights) should visit Kamiros . This archaeological site is situated 35 km southwest of Rhodes city at the foot of Akramitis mountain. Together with Lindos and Ialissos it is one of the 3 ancient cities founded by the Dorians. It was built on 3 levels. On the top there was the Temple of Athena, the Acropolis, and a 600 m3 water reservoir with terracotta pipes that was used to supply water to the residential quarters. On the middle terrace was the main part of the city with the houses of the inhabitants and below was a later Hellenistic temple, the Fountain House, the Agora and a wall with inscriptions dedicated to Zeus, Poseidon and Artemis. Entrance to Kamiros costs 6 €. There are a lot of tourists here, so it is best to arrive early.

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The Valley of Butterflies

In Rhodes you can visit the Valley of the Butterflies . It is located in the north 26 km from Rhodes, between the villages Paradisi and Theologos. From June to September you can see hundreds of butterflies literally covering all the trees, as the climate and environment of the valley is ideal for their reproduction. Callimorpha Quadripunctaria butterflies live here. A rare species of sycamore grows in the valley, and butterflies love its sap! That’s why there are so many of them. The park itself is quite large, you can walk the trails in the woods and near the river. In the Valley of the Butterfly there is a Natural History Museum, here you can learn more about the wildlife of Rhodes. The ticket costs 5 € from June to September (other times 2 €, but you won’t see any butterflies). After visiting the Valley of the Butterflies, check out the village of Psynthos, it has great Greek tavernas.

The Valley of Butterflies

The Baths of Kalifaeum

The springs of Kalifaea are located east of the island, 9 km from Rhodes. They were discovered in 1929 and were famous for the healing properties of the spring water of Kalithea. The complex was designed in a combination of Neo-Baroque and Moorish styles by architect Pietro Lombardi and the gardens were planted with exotic trees and shrubs. People came from all over the world to be cured of arthritis, diabetes or asthma. Then the springs were abandoned and only reopened in 2007, the Moorish pavilion and gazebo were restored and began to be rented out for various events. There is now a small beach with sun loungers and a restaurant. It is one of the most famous private beaches in Rhodes. In Kalifaia there are art exhibitions and concerts, and on several occasions films were shot here. Entrance costs 3 €, for 5 € you can rent a deck chair with a soft drink included.

Tzambika Monastery

Tzambika Monastery is another place to see in Rhodes. It is a small Byzantine church built on top of a mountain in the Dodecanese style, with hollow tiles on the roof. The church itself dates from the 18th century and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. To reach it, you have to climb 300 steps. The church overlooks the beach of Tsambika, the small resort of Kolimbia and the Acropolis of Lindos to the south, located 20 km away.

Tzambika Monastery

Seven Springs

Seven Springs is located 4 km from the village of Kolimbia, near the monastery of Tsambika. In addition to the springs themselves to bathe in, there are hiking trails or a restaurant by the water. Many tourists and locals come with children, bathe with them in natural pools, visit the playground. In the complex of seven springs there is a “magic” tunnel, 180 meters long. They say that if you go through it, you will wash away all your sins. Tourists line up in front of this attraction. The tunnel is dark and narrow, can pass literally one person, and ankle-deep in water. After “getting rid of sins”, you will come out to a small lake. You can combine a trip to the seven sources with a visit to the village of Archangelos and the ruins of the castle of St. John, built in 1309. They are not far away.

Villages of Rhodes

Apart from Rhodes and Lindos, there are also other villages and towns on the island:

  • Emponas (or Embonas): Built on the slope of the highest mountain in Rhodes, this village is famous for its excellent wines.
  • Archangelos is a Rhodes village with colorful old houses and a castle on a hill.
  • Koskinou is a picturesque village with authentic Rhodesian houses.
  • Yalissos is a resort on the west of Rhodes on the Aegean Sea and the beaches are rough.
  • Afantou is one of the oldest villages of Rhodes.
  • Krithinia is the village with the castle of the same name.
  • Kattavia is the nearest village to Prasonisi beach.
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The Islands near Rhodes

Simi Island is the most famous island near Rhodes and one of the closest. The island hosts music festivals, has some nice beaches, you can visit different museums, from folk art to archaeology. Simi is also known for its rustic fish tavernas serving traditional Greek seafood dishes. To get to Symi, you can take a ferry or book a 1-day excursion. The boat trip from the port of Mandraki to Symi island takes 1 hour and 45 minutes. Here you should see the beaches of Pedi, Marafunda, Agios Nikolaos and the old town of Symi. Or you can stay overnight, there are 132 hotels on the island. If you want to visit Simi, you can book a day cruise from Rhodes here or here. The first stop is the 18th century monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis by the bay of St. George. Then free time on the island of Symi. And at 12go you can buy a ferry ticket to Marmaris, our favorite Turkish resort. Other Dodecanese islands around Rhodes:

  • Halki is an island with no crowds of tourists (yet). Suitable for lovers of silence.
  • Kos – the third largest island of the Dodecanese, famous for its sandy beaches and developed nightlife.
  • Leros is a nice island for hiking lovers.

Simi Island

Now you know what to see in Rhodes . The medieval old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the clean blue flag beaches, the butterfly parks, and the healing springs. It is possible to come here for a week and see everything at a glance, but even a month is not enough to see absolutely all the sights of Rhodes.

What to see in Rhodes

Rhodes, one of the most popular Greek islands, attracts tourists with its beautiful coast, magnificent nature and plenty of historical sites, most of which are included in the UNESCO list.

For many visitors to Greece, the best way to get to know the area are the excursions in Rhodes, which are equally interesting for adults and children. They all take place using comfortable buses and at a fairly lively pace. In addition, in Greece is quite easy to find a tour that interests you with a Russian-speaking guide.

Best hotels in Rhodes

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The cost of excursions depends on the number of objects in the program and the duration of the trip. So, the half day tours cost about 30 euros, and if the walk takes the whole day, it’s worth 60 euros. The price of children’s tickets (under 12 years) is usually half or two-thirds of the full price. So, what to see in Rhodes?

Panoramic view of Lindos RhodesRhodesThe beaches of Rhodes island

The Valley of Butterflies

In one of the most picturesque places of the island, you can hide from the exhausting heat and see many yellow and black butterflies, completely covering the centuries-old tree trunks with their flocks. Tourists usually combine their visit to the Valley of the Butterflies with a tour of a nearby beekeeping company. Here you can see the process of collecting honey from the apiaries and obtaining various bee products.

The Valley of ButterfliesThe Valley of ButterfliesThe Valley of Butterflies

Mount Filerimos

On the top of the hill there is an architectural reserve that includes the monastery of Filerimos Mother of God and the ruins of the ancient city of Ialissos. It is crowned by a large cross, which can be accessed through the spiral staircase. From this original observation deck there is a beautiful view of the island. In the souvenir shop on Mount Filerimos you can buy an unusual greenish liquor made by the local nuns.

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The Monastery on Mount FilerimosThe Monastery on Mount FilerimosThe Monastery on Mount Filerimos


The east coast of Rhodes has been known since ancient times for its thermal springs. Nowadays, many tourists enjoy dipping into the healing waters and treating skin diseases in the local sanatoriums.

Beaches of KalifaeaTherapeutic Springs of KalifaeTherapeutic Springs of Kalifae

Rodini Park

A cozy and peaceful place where you can stroll in the shade of the alleys and watch the walking peacocks. There are beautiful ponds with wooden bridges and archaeological sites such as an aqueduct and an ancient cave tomb.

Rodini Park, Rhodes Island RhodesRodini Park, Rhodes Island RhodesRodini Park, Rhodes Island Rhodes

City of Rhodes

You can touch ancient history even within the capital of the island. Almost all excursions on Rhodes Island begin at the city port, where, according to legends, the Colossus of Rhodes once stood. The giant statue of Helios, one of the wonders of the world, was destroyed in an earthquake. From the port you can walk to the gate of the old city, surrounded by high fortress walls. Here is also well-preserved Fortress of the Knights Hospitalers of the Order of Malta. The construction was so well thought out that even a small number of defenders was able to repel the attack of whole hordes of the enemy. A visit to the Palace of the Grand Masters, where in the early twentieth century the local municipality was located, arouses a lot of emotions among tourists. In the well-preserved building you can see the furniture and household items of those times, as well as beautiful statues of the inner courtyard. The shopping street of Old Rhodes is full of souvenir shops and colorful taverns, and ends the square of Hippocratus with the pink mosque of Suleiman and the decorative fountain. An excellent continuation of any tour is a visit to Monte Smith Hill, which offers a magnificent panorama of the old and new city. Here is a huge ancient stadium and ancient theater, where Cicero studied oratory at one time. Nearby you can see the ruins of the temples of Apollo and Aphrodite.

The Fortress of the Knights, Rhodes RhodesPalace of the Grand Ministers, RhodesThe Fortress of the Knights, Rhodes Rhodes

The city of Lindos

The second most important tourist site on the island delights the eye with an abundance of snow-white fishermen’s houses, narrow winding streets and a majestic fortress located on a hill. Behind its defensive walls are the ruins of the ancient Acropolis and the temple of Athena, which was one of the most revered in ancient Greece. The rock on which the acropolis rises is washed by the Gulf of St. Paul . According to tradition, it was here that the Apostle came ashore and brought the Christian faith to the people of the island. In memory of St. Paul, a chapel bearing his name has been erected on the shore. On the way to the town of Lindos, many travelers stop at the mountain park “Seven Springs”. Where one can walk through a dark tunnel with an icy stream and taste the healing water.

Lindos, Rhodes RhodesSt. Paul's BayEvening Lindos, Rhodes Rhodes


The ruins of the ancient Acropolis, which is on the same scale as the ancient Pompeii, are located in the town. Most of the buildings date back to the 6th century BC. There are water tanks and a temple of Athena. Kamiroos was destroyed by an earthquake and it was not until many centuries later that local peasants discovered some tombs. This find has been a great stimulus for archaeologists to dig and reveal to the world a vast ancient city.


Lovers of outdoor activities will also love the excursions from Rhodes to Santorini, during which you can appreciate the unusual architecture of the Cyclades and learn about the rich history of this Greek island. And in between the stories of the guide you can stroll through the many souvenir shops or drink a cup of hot coffee in one of the local cafes. The flight from one island to another takes only 35 minutes, and the journey by ferry takes 14 hours.

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